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Best Kidney Food For Cats

Low Amounts Of High Quality Protein

Top 5 Best Cat Food for Kidney Disease in 2020

The ideal diet for a cat with kidney disease should have a restricted protein content. The protein should be high quality to make it easier to digest and metabolize.

Cats with kidney disease accumulate a build-up of toxic by-products in the blood as a result of protein breakdown, so feeding a reduced protein diet will help to minimise this. Too little protein can be extremely detrimental to general health, so it is important to get the balance exactly right.

It is recommended that foods for cats with kidney disease contain between 26% and 35% protein .

What Treatments Are Available

Depending on the results of blood tests, your veterinarian may be faced with several problems that require different treatments. Dont worry if the list below seems so long that you will never be able to administer all of the medications. The majority of cats can be effectively managed with diet change, including supplementation and one or two other treatments.

  • Antibiotics these may be beneficial if your cat has a urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection may be diagnosed by culturing the urine..
  • Potassium supplementation cats in renal failure tend to lose too much potassium in the urine. This leads to muscle weakness, stiffness and poor hair quality. Low potassium levels may also contribute to the worsening of the kidney failure. This may not be evident initially, either in the bloodwork or by the way your cat acts. Often it may occur once SQ fluids are begun, so potassium levels will be checked regularly after SQ fluids are given on a steady basis. There are a few ways to supplement potassium, either in their SQ fluids as well as orally with a liquid, gel, or tablet form.
  • Treatment of low body temperature cats with advanced CRF can have difficulty keeping their body temperature up to normal. Providing them with soft bedding in a warm, sunny location is helpful. We carry a product called Snuggle Safe that provides hours of warmth without needing electricity.
  • Can You Substitute Any Of The Supplements In This Recipe

    Dr. Wall hails from Australia and thus has chosen to use supplements readily available in that country. While you can find Thorne, NOW Foods, and Country Life supplements online directly from the brand, a significant number of them are available on Amazon as well.

    Wall notes that while the initial investment in the recommended supplements may be high, theyll last you through many batches. Dr. Wall cautions her readers against using any supplements other than the ones listed, but you might be able to find similar options if you cant find the right product in stock.

    None of the alternative supplements I found were a perfect match for the supplements Dr. Wall suggests, but here are a few options that come close.


    • This product is available on Amazon but because it contains only vitamin E oil there are plenty of alternatives. When shopping, however, you should be careful to choose a pure, undiluted vitamin E oil like Cocojojo 100% Pure & Undiluted Full-Spectrum Vitamin E Oil. The dosing may be tricky, however.
    • The NOW Formula requires just 2 drops, or about 63 IU . The Cocojojo formula comes in an 8-ounce versus 1-ounce bottle and, at 75,000 IU per bottle, averages about 13 IU vitamin E per drop. Youd need about 5 drops of the Cocojojo formula.

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    Homemade Cat Food Recipes For Cats With Kidney Disease

    If your cat has recently been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure, you might be thinking of ways that you can improve your little furry ones quality of life. The main function of the kidneys is to remove waste from the blood, in addition to managing blood pressure, produce necessary hormones, stimulate the creation of new blood cells. Improper diagnosis or if untreated for a prolonged period of time, kidney disease can lead to a series of health problems. This is why regular vet appointments are crucial as your kitty ages.

    What To Look For In Foods For Cats With Kidney Disease

    The 6 Best Commercial Cat Food For Kidney Disease

    Since there is no cure for kidney disease, medication and careful management of your cats diet are the only ways to manage the disease. It is done with a specialized diet that is low in phosphorous, protein, and sodium, as the disposal of these is what is limited by kidney disease. With this in mind, youll need to look for food with the following aspects in your cats food.

    Giving your pet the highest quality nutrition is a top priority, so why not give them a food and water dish to match? The Hepper Nom Nom Bowl is our product, but its too good not to share.

    Made from food-safe stainless steel, you can ensure that your pet is consuming the best nutrition out of the finest bowls on the market. to get yours.


    The food that you choose will need to have fairly low protein levels, as the breaking down of protein can produce excessive waste products that need to be dealt with by your cats kidneys. While protein is vital to the health of your feline, theyll need a reduced protein intake or preferably, a low concentration of high-quality proteins. Since they are getting a reduced amount of protein, its essential to give them the best protein source possible.

    Low phosphorous

    Low sodium

    High moisture content


    Its common for cats with kidney disease to lose their appetite and thus, body weight. This is why tasty and great-smelling food is vital because it helps encourage your cat to eat.

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    Hills Prescription Diet Feline K/d

    This food contains chicken, but the dominant ingredient is brewers rice. It really appalls me that a diet aimed at keeping your cat healthy has a waste product making up most of the food. Corn gluten meal isnt the best ingredient either, but this will provide a lower phosphorous source of protein. Theres also a lot of wheat in the food which isnt good to see, being one of the cheapest filler grains available.

    The Benefits Of Therapeutic Kidney Diets

    • Controlled Phosphorus Levels

    Several studies have shown that controlling the levels of phosphorus in the blood via diet management can slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. Therefore, choosing a low phosphorus cat food for your feline will not only improve his condition but it can also prevent the onset of other diseases. Secondary hyperparathyroidism is one example of such a disease that occurs when the parathyroid gland releases too much hormone in order to increase the amount of calcium in the blood. Too much calcium in the kidneys leads to high concentrations of phosphate. This, in turn, can cause more compilations such as heart disease and joint paint.

    Protein consumption comes at a price, and this price is none other than the waste produced as a result of the body breaking down protein into amino acids. This process releases toxic substances into the blood and the kidneys are responsible for flushing these harmful toxins out of the body. Cats suffering from kidney disease will have a hard time getting rid of this waste and may lose their appetite for food and become tired as a result. Introducing a low protein diet to your feline can have a domino effect on its body since less protein means less toxins released into the bloodstream and this eventually reduces the stress on the kidneys.

    • Controlled Sodium Levels
    • Essential Fatty Acids
    • High Moisture Content

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    How Much Raw Food For Cats

    Every pet is different when it comes to feeding. Pay attention to your cats body weight and if you notice them gaining or losing weight consult your holistic vet or contact us directly. Weve broken down the feeding guidelines from kittens to senior cats before, but you want to base their feeding on their ideal body weight. We always advise checking with your holistic vet before switching your cat with kidney disease to a new diet.

    Could The Renal Failure Have Been Diagnosed Earlier

    Kidney Disease Dry Cat Food Review/Taste Test/Nutritional Analysis!

    Unfortunately, this is very difficult as neither clinical signs of renal failure, nor rises in BUN and creatinine are evident until significant loss of kidney function has occurred. In earlier stages of disease, there are no clinical signs to indicate that sophisticated renal function tests, which can pick up early renal damage, are required. We recommend that all senior pets have at least annual blood chemistry profiles, including BUN and creatinine, and a urinalysis to diagnose kidney disease at its earliest detectable level. A low urine specific gravity may indicate that at least two-thirds of the kidney tissues are damaged. An inappropriately low urine specific gravity is often the first sign seen.

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    Instinct By Natures Variety Raw Boost Indoor Recipe With Real Rabbit Dry Food

    If your cat simply wont eat canned food, you can try this Instinct by Natures Variety Raw Boost Indoor Recipe with Real Rabbit dry food. It consists of high-protein kibble mixed with freeze-dried bites of raw meat, so you know it is full of nutrition and natural meat flavor. Real rabbit is the main ingredient with supplemental proteins from turkey, salmon, and fish. This formula is complete and balanced with vitamins and chelated minerals, not to mention fresh fruits and vegetables as natural sources for key nutrients. It also contains probiotics to help your cat digest and absorb as much nutrition as possible.

    What Do My Cats Kidneys Do

    The kidneys have many functions. They principally act to remove protein waste products from the blood stream, retain essential nutrients such as potassium and protein at the correct levels, maintain hydration, and remove waste in urine. They also help regulate red blood cell production, blood pressure and body temperature.

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    Buyers Guide: Choosing The Best Cat Foods For Kidney Disease

    What are the key factors to keep in mind when deciding on the best cat food for renal failure? The most important thing is to follow your veterinarians recommendations.

    • Most cat food for kidney disease requires a prescription. This is because cats with impaired kidney function have unique nutritional needs that are very different from cats with normal kidneys.
    • Therapeutic kidney diets contain controlled amounts of phosphorus, protein, and sodium, but amounts vary from brand to brand. If your vet prescribes a particular food for your cat, be sure to follow the treatment plan.
    • Cats with kidney disease often have small appetites so finding a food that your cat will eat is important. Talk to your vet about alternative foods to try if your cat doesnt like the first one.
    • You can choose dry, wet, or a combination of both, but be sure to provide plenty of water if your cat prefers dry food. With some patience, you and your vet can find the right kidney diet for your cat.
    • If you have multiple cats and only one has kidney disease, make sure to feed your cats separately so that they dont eat each others food.
    • Be sure not to confuse kidney/renal care cat food with urinary care cat food. Veterinary diets for urinary health are designed to prevent the formation of crystals in your cats urinary tract. It is a different dietary formulation than food for kidney disease.

    Instinct By Natures Variety Limited Ingredient Diet Grain

    Best Cat Food for Kidney Disease

    Best Cat Food for Kidney Disease and Sensitive Stomach: Kidney problems are a serious health concern in cats. If your cat has kidney trouble, the quality of the ingredients in his food matters greatly even more if he has a sensitive stomach. The best option may be a limited ingredient diet made with a single source of novel animal protein like this Instinct by Natures Variety LID Real Rabbit canned food. It features fresh rabbit as the main ingredient, a rich source of novel animal protein. This grain-free recipe contains peas as the only carbohydrate ingredient and is supplemented with vitamins and chelated minerals to ensure complete and balanced digestion. If your cat doesnt like rabbit, there are other protein options to choose from.

    • Pros: Single source novel animal protein, rich in real protein and flavor, complete and nutritionally balanced, chelated mineral supplements
    • Cons: Contains plant protein , somewhat expensive compared to average

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    The Best Homemade Cat Food For Cats With Kidney Disease

    This recipe was developed by Dr. Meredith Wall, BA, BVSc. Wall completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney in 2012 and a combined clinical nutrition residency and PhD at Massey University in 2022.

    In an in-depth article published in January 2020, Wall answers the question: Should I feed my cat with chronic kidney disease a raw diet. The article discusses the potential problems with protein restriction and explores the subject of supplementation as part of a raw diet for cats with kidney disease. After testing and evaluating the nutritional content of several recipes, she settled on the following recipe as her primary recommendation.

    NOTE: Wall recommends using a digital kitchen scale to ensure accurate measurements. Measure all quantities precisely do not estimate.

    • 470 grams raw chicken thigh
    • 30 grams canned pink salmon
    • 90 grams salted butter, softened
    • 220 grams cooked short-grain white rice
    • 100 grams raw pumpkin, chopped
    • 60 grams raw spinach
    • 1 gram iodized table salt

    Nutritional Management Of Kidney Disease

    When it comes to managing kidney disease through dietary modification, there are three primary factors to focus on:

  • Restricted high-quality protein
  • Low phosphorus content
  • Relatively low sodium content
  • Increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins may help as well. Its also important to ensure that your cat gets plenty of moisture in his diet. Cats with kidney disease often experience an increase in urination which may lead to dehydration if the cat doesnt drink more water or have enough moisture content in their diets to compensate.

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    Cat Food For Cats With Kidney Failure Buying Guide: How To Make The Right Decision

    The cat food for cats with kidney failure is, in my opinion, the one that will guide you. You should buy the best item you can to make your life easier. Finding the perfect fit is not always easy, but it is worthwhile when you do. Choosing one product from among the numerous on the market can be challenging, but dont panic. Find the perfect product by following these four steps.

    • Compare the costs and features of various product brands.
    • To contrast them, read the reviews for several samples in the same product category.
    • Obtain the necessary funding to buy the cat food for cats with kidney failure.

    Lets take a closer look:

    Experts advise that you know what to search for when purchasing the cat food for cats with kidney failure. What does best product mean to you? Is it the most expensive one? The one with the better ratings on Amazon or Google Shopping? Or perhaps no other things, other than your personal preferences, affect it. Whatever your requirements, there are many things to think about before picking. In this cat food for cats with kidney failure shopping guide, well touch on a few topics so you can shop confidently for yourself or someone else.

    Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Nf Kidney Function Advanced Care

    RENAL CAT FOODS REVIEW | Taste-tested wet diets for CKD cats + feeding method
    • Best suitable for adult cats
    • Great taste and flavor

    This kidney food for cats with feline formula and controlled levels of sodium along with phosphorus promotes good health. Purina Pro Plan veterinary diet cat food contains feline formula food that is available in dry consistency. We got a bag of 3.15-pounds on purchase. This meant that cat food would come for long before choosing another pack. Whole pack promises advanced care for cats especially designed to cater to their kidney health. Felines on eating Purina Pros food will show good levels of mobility with good energy. Unique feature which we noticed was the addition of B-complex and potassium. Our cats get wholesome nutrition with a good and flavorsome taste when consumed with the meal.

    Whole food appears in the shapes of small pebbles, much-needed for easy munching. Digestion is another perk when eating these pebbles. While reviewing it, we observed that this food in our cats created considerable change in their lifestyle, helping them achieve good strength and mobility. Pussies are free from developing any ill effects after feeding these small pebbles. Besides, it is best to try them out in smaller quantities first before getting the meal as their staple food. After a careful conversation with its manufacturers, we came to know that Purina Pros dry cat food for kidney disease comes cooked in collaboration with nutritionists, veterinarians, etc. Thats one good reason to buy it blindly.

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    Can Dehydration Cause Kidney Failure In Cats

    Due to their low thirst drive , cats usually drink little water during the day. While they may be dehydrated, they wont feel thirsty. Therefore, our feline companions depend on food for water.

    Wet food contains more water than dry food and is more similar to what kitties would dine on naturally. Extra moisture encourages better bladder and kidney health in cats, whereas prolonged dehydration can lead to irritation in the urinary tract and potentially lead to kidney disease.

    Have a cat that prefers dry food? Sprinkle some water on the food to encourage them to drink more. This way, they get the benefits of wet food without actually switching meals. For advice geared to your catâs circumstances, our vets can offer nutritional consulting services, and develop a custom dietary plan to fulfill your catâs needs.

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