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The West Is In His Heart

Kevin Costner wife: Who is Yellowstone’s John Dutton star married to?

With the formation of his country-rock band, his ranch in Colorado, and his directorial debut in “Dances with Wolves,” it’s clear that Kevin Costner has a love for the West. He himself has admitted that his favorite movie genre is Westerns.

Additionally, he has a love for horse riding and did all of his own riding scenes in “Dances with Wolves.” And now, you can see him in the Western drama, “Yellowstone!”

Yet Another Love Affair In 1995

Remember Cheryl Tiegs? She was the American supermodel whose modeling success invented the concept of the supermodel. From her super successful modeling career came a line of signature brand sportswear. On the way, she graced the covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as well as Time magazine. Obviously, Costner found her irresistible.

During the hot August nights of 1995, he made room for romantic rendezvous with the fashion beauty who seemed to find the ‘Field of Dreams’ star stunning. Including his wife, the only models he dated were super!

Costner Wanted To Go His Own Way

People believed they had a great marriage. He seemed to be a caring and loving and honest man. He and Cindy even owned a racehorse named Proudtobetogether, what else were fans to think? However, there were other interviews. In 1987 he was not subtle when he said, I have a big thirst.

A big taste for things . . . I hate the fact that Ive lived by somebody elses rules and Ive somehow missed out on something. People in the business and close friends were not fooled. But fans were disappointed with the contradiction to the straight-shooter image they loved.

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Christine Has Four Stepchildren

Baumgartner is by default Kevin Costners stepmother because Costner has seven children total from three different partnerships. The Bodyguard actor had three children with Cindy Silva during his first marriage to her: Joe was born in 1988, Lily was born in 1986, and Annie was born in 1984.

After a combined 16-year marriage, Costner and Cindy separated in 1994. The actor welcomed his fourth child with ex-girlfriend Bridget Rooney after divorcing Siva. They gave their son the name Liam.

Baumgartner is no stranger to the spotlight and cameras as a model. She has appeared on the big screen several times thus far. She has previously made appearances on programmes like E! Live from the Red Carpet, Inside Edition, and Entertainment Tonight.

Christine is not on any social networking sites, in contrast to Kevin. Keep checking back with us for the most recent information from the entertainment industry.

Being a binge-watcher himself, finding Content to write about comes naturally to Divesh. From Anime to Trending Netflix Series and Celebrity News, he covers every detail and always find the right sources for his research.

Christine Baumgartner Husband Marriage & Kids

Christine Baumgartner Bio, Affair, Net Worth, Height, Relationship, Salary

Baumgartner is a beautiful and smart girl. According to the sources, she began dating Kevin Costner at the end of the 90s. They made their relationship public in 2000 and got wedded on 25 September 2004 in Aspen, Colorado. Their wedding was attended by a lot of family members, friends, and relatives. Their wedding became the most discussed topic on the internet after the wedding when Kevin showed his disagreement with having kids with Christine.

Anyhow, she has 3 kids with her husband. The name of her daughter is Grace Avery Costner. Furthermore, the names of her sons are Cayden Wyatt Costner and Hayes Logan Costner. Kevin has 4 kids from his previous wedding and relationship as well.

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She Married Costner In 2004

Baumgartner’s 2004 wedding to Costner was a storybook affair. The ceremony took place on Costner’s 160-acre ranch, The Dunbar, in Aspen. The actor arrived in a horse-drawn carriage while Baumgartner came to the ceremony in a green vintage truck, PEOPLE reported.

The Dunbar, named after Costner’s Dances with Wolvescharacter, is still owned by Costner and is now available as a private wedding venue.

Second Wife Of Kevin Costner

Christine Baumgartner came into fame after she started to date Kevin Costner in 1998. The couple married in 2004. The duo met at the golf course in the 1980s when Kevin was in a marriage relationship with Cindy Silva. Even though Costner was married, he kept searching for the love that he never had.

Later, four years after Costner divorce with his first wife, the duo shared their number. The love birds got engaged in 2003. Similarly, in 2004, they got married.

Age is just a number, this is what Kevin and Christines relationship has proven. Well, we must say, despite having 22 years of age gap, the couple has been highlighted in the media for the bond they shares. Even more, with the passing days, their relationship is going in a flow.

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Owns Handbag Line ‘cat Bag Couture’

Christine Baumgartner is a handbag designer and owns a handbag line ‘Cat Bag Couture’ where you can find a collection of fashionable and highly functional carrier bags. She sells her products online, as well as in stores. One of her stores is Hidden Jewel in Aspen.

In 2005, she was featured on the opening episode of the ABC comedy-drama series Desperate Housewives, starring Samuel Abiola Robinson, Joseph Benjamin, Ozzy Agu and Kehinde Bankole.

She has since appeared in multiple television shows and documentaries such as Primetime, Biography, Die Johannes B. Kerner Show, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, and Extra. She has attended numerous red carpet events with her husband Kevin Costner.

She Has Three Children

Finding Money While Dumpster Diving

Albert L. Ortega / Contributor / Getty Images

As a busy mom of three, Baumgartner has learned how to successfully balance her personal, professional, and family life. She and Costner welcomed their first child, a son, Cayden, back in 2007. Their second son, Hayes, was born in 2009, while their daughter, Grace, was born in 2010. The family of five resides on a stunning and sprawling 160-acre ranch in Colorado.

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Career As A Handbag Designer

Christine Baumgartner started her career as a handbag designer by accident. While talking about it, she told Denver Post,

I didnt start because I loved handbags I started because I was missing something. I use a computer quite a bit and travel a lot. I looked for a computer bag, and they functioned, but I didnt find anything that was right for me. When I came up with some samples, I showed them to Kevin, and he said they were beautiful and amazing. He told me I should take it to the next step and hed help me.

She launched her company, Cat along with her friend, Tamara Muro. As of now, the company is run by Baumgartner and a few employees. Her Cat Bag Couture label features stylish laptop cases.

/8 Christine Baumgartner Makes Several Tv Appearances

A post shared by Kevin Costner Fan Elke

Baumgartner has been seen severally making TV appearances on various shows and documentaries. Taking the role as herself, she has appeared on Extra with Billy Bush, originally called Extra: The Entertainment Magazine.

Baumgartner has appeared on Primetime, a news magazine television program. She also was in a documentary, Biography, which is a documentary television series and media franchise where each episode discusses the life of a notable person. Other appearances include on the popular E! Live from the Red Carpet episode in 2015.

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A Father Of Seven Kids

In 2009, the new Costner family was blessed with a second child. Their second son Hayes was two years younger than his big brother. Then came their daughter, Grace, born in 2010. Family life treated the couple well.

In 2011, Costner shared his perspective about his family saying, Theyre really good children and I see them making steps every day, and the one thing I pray for in life is not success but being able to raise my children and that nothing happens to me in the next 20 years.With his first three from his marriage with Cindy grown, and adding his son Liam with Bridget Rooney, Costner was now the father of seven children.

Shes Not Afraid To Speak Her Mind

Who is Kevin Costner Married to in 2022? Learn his Relationship History ...

Baumgartner and Costner broke up in 2003 after a disagreement over having childrenbut that didnt stop her from speaking her mind. In 2012, Costner spoke to Parade about Baumgartners reaction to their shocking split, in which she told him: “‘Im going to wait for you, but not long. When you come to your senses, come back to me.'”

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Christine Baumgartner Bio Et Wiki

  • Noms complets: Christine Baumgartne r
  • Populaire comme : Christine Baumgartner
  • Race / origine ethnique : À mettre à jour
  • Religion : À mettre à jour
  • Orientation sexuelle: Droit
  • Âge / Quel âge? : 47 ans
  • Signe du zodiaque : Cancer
  • Date de naissance : 4 mars 1974
  • Lieu de naissance : Californie, États-Unis
  • Date d’anniversaire : 4 mars

Was A Good Year For Costner

Two successful films lifted Costner into the coveted realm of actor accolades. He was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his outstanding performance in ‘Tin Cup’ and was honored with a nomination for a Saturn Award for his 1997 film ‘The Postman’. And then the year got a little better.

He met news anchor Tawny Little. He dated the Miss America pageant winner secretly in 1997 and 1998. Costner wasnt the first celeb Little dated. She had relationships with Ron Silver and Burt Reynolds, as well.

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Who Is Kevin Costner’s New Love

Kevin is married to Christine Baumgartner. They dated for four years before settling down together. Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner got married on 25th September 2004.

However, before they got married, the couple called it quits because Kevin wasn’t interested in having more children. During an interview, he stated that his wife told him that,

I’m going to wait for you, but not long. When you come to your senses, come back to me.

Christine Baumgartner’s wedding took place at Kevin’s 165-acre ranch in Aspen, Colorado, and only a few friends and family members were invited.

Costner also revealed how he makes his marriage work. He stated that,

Maybe its the ability to say youre sorry. I know that sounds so simple. If youre willing to tell somebody that you love them, are you also willing to say youre sorry? You need to, even when you think youre in the right.

Previously, Kevin got married to Cindy Silva in 1978, but they divorced in 1994. They had three kids together, namely Annie, Lily, and Joe. After the divorce, Kevin dated American actress and model Bridget Rooney for two years then broke up. They have a son named Liam.

Christine Baumgartner Poux Kevin Costner

MAY 2022 FASHION ROAST (what was kourtney kardashian thinking?)

Christine Baumgartner a eu une brève rencontre avec Kevin Costner, sur un terrain de golf à la fin des années 1980. Pendant ce temps, Costner était toujours marié à sa première femme . Kevin et Christine se sont rencontrés à nouveau après une décennie plus tard en 1998 dans un restaurant. Ils ont finalement commencé à sortir ensemble à partir de ce moment-là, il avait déjà divorcé de sa femme.

Le couple s’est fiancé en 2003 et s’est donc marié le 25 septembre 2004. Le mariage était une cérémonie étoilée qui a eu lieu dans son ranch de 165 acres à l’extérieur d’Aspen, au Colorado. Costner est venu sur les lieux dans une calèche, tandis que la femme est arrivée dans une camionnette verte vintage.

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When Did Christine Begin Dating Kevin

In the year 2000, there were speculations that Baumgartner and Costner were dating. Before getting married, they dated for about four years. On September 25, 2004, at his ranch in Aspen, Colorado, they exchanged vows.

Kevin Costners wife Christine is 19 years younger than him. Three kids altogether are shared by the couple. Their first kid, a son named Cayden, was born in 2007, and then in 2009, their second son, Hayes, was born.

In 2010, their third child, a daughter called Grace, came to live with them. Currently, this lovely family of five resides in Colorado on a magnificent and expansive 160-acre ranch.

Costners First Marriage Seemed Perfect

His first love was Cindy Silva, a raven-haired beauty who played Snow White at Disneyland and was a homecoming queen nominee at California State University, Fullerton. Thats where they met. While studying together at CSUF, they fell in love and then tied the knot in 1978.

In a 1989 interview, Costner said, She was beautiful, she was sweet, she was smarter than me. Adding, She represented everything about women that I like. The happy couple had three children together Annie, Lily, and Joe. But the marriage did not stay happy.

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Early Life And Education

Christine Anne Baumgartner was born on, in California, the United States of America. As of now, she is 48 years old and her sun sign is Pisces.

She holds American nationality and belongs to Swiss and German descent. She was born to her parent Jim Baumgartner.

But, the name of her mother has still kept a secret. She has a brother and a sister but the name is not disclosed. She attended California State University Fullerton. And, she graduated with a degree in business.

She Has Three Children With Costner

Kevin Costner Divorce With First Wife Cindy â Know Relationship Details ...

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Three years after tying the knot with Costner, Baumgartner gave birth to son Cayden Wyatt, followed by son Hayes Logan and daughter Grace Avery. The family walked the red carpet to support Costner at his The Art of Racing in the Rain premiere in 2019.

Baumgartner is also a stepmom to Costner’s children from previous relationships: Liam, whose mother is Rooney, and Joe, Lily and Annie from his marriage to Silva.

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Who Is Kevin Costners Wife Christine Baumgartner

Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

Kevin Costner has been a Hollywood heartthrob for decades. The two-time Academy Award-winning actor, who is best known for his roles in The Bodyguard, and, most recently, Yellowstone, has been married to Christine Baumgartner since 2004. The pair actually met in the 80s . However, at the time, the actor was married to his first wife, Cindy Costner.

In the late 1990safter Costner finalized his divorcehe and Baumgartner reconnected at a restaurant and their chemistry was undeniable. Shortly after that initial encounter, their romance began to blossom. While the pair ended up tying the knot in 2004, they briefly split in 2003 after failing to agree on whether or not to have children.

And, while Costner is relatively open about his personal and family life , his wife appears to be more private, except for some red carpet appearances every so often. Keep reading for more interesting facts about Baumgartner.

Mother Of Costner’s Children With His Divorced Wife Cindy Costner

Kevin Costner was still married to his now ex-wife Cindy Costner when Christine Baumgartner met him at a golf course in the late 1980s. They again met later in 1998 at a restaurant, four years after his divorce from Cindy, and eventually started dating. Kevin and Costner exchanged wedding vows in 1978 and got a divorce in 1994.


Baumgartner is the stepmother of Kevin and Cindy’s three children, son Joe Costnerand daughters Annie Costner and Lily Costner. Kevin previously briefly dated his now ex-girlfriend Bridget Rooney. Baumgartner is also the stepmother of Costner’s son Liam Costner, with Rooney.

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Christine Baumgartner Is Also A Handbag Designer

Christine Baumgartner is not just the wife of a pretty famous actor, but she’s been making a name for herself in fashion. With a business degree from California State University, Fullerton, Baumgartner is also a handbag designer for the line Cat Bag Couture.

According to The Denver Post, Baumgartner found herself in the world of design when she couldn’t find a laptop bag that suited her. She shared, “I didn’t start because I love handbags I started because I was missing something. I use a computer quite a bit and travel a lot. I looked for a computer bag, and they functioned, but I didn’t find anything that was right for me.” With the help and motivation from her husband, Kevin Costner, the model took her sketches to the next level and launched her designer handbags in 2004.

With her laptop cases a hit, she was asked to make women’s handbags. “Some of the girls I know would ask me to make a bag, so I started sketching styles for day and evening,” Baumgartner stated, adding that she named her bags after “strong” women she knew. Her bags have also been seen in “Desperate Housewives”!

Age Height Weight & Body Measurement

Baby Clothing Haul!

So, how old is Christine Baumgartner in 2022 and what is her height and weight? Well, Christine Baumgartners age is 48 years old as of todays date 26th November 2022 having been born on 4 March 1974. Though, she is 5 10 in feet and inches and 178cm in Centimetres tall, she weighs about 121 lbs in Pound and 55kg in Kilograms. Her eye color is Hazel and hair color is Blonde.

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