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Kittens For Sale In Wisconsin

Bigluv Maine Coon Cattery

Persian Kittens For Sale: Kittens For Sale In Wisconsin-Persian

BigLuv Maine Coon Cattery has bred show-quality Maine Coons for quite some time. The cats from this breeder have won regional and grand champion awards. When you work with BigLuv, you have the possibility of a wide range of potential coat colors and patterns, as they have produced red, blue, silver, brown, black, and other colors in the past.

Their cats are DNA tested and screened for potential genetic disorders before being bred, which helps prevent the passing of disease from parents to kittens.

How Much Should You Pay For A Siberian Cat

Siberians cats and any exotic or rare pedigree for that matter are expensive.

I pulled up the prices listed on several breeders websites, and it looks like youre currently going to spend somewhere in the region of $1,500-$4,000.

Its normal for breeders to ask for a large non-refundable deposit, too.

This is because there are a lot of costs associated with caring for a litter, and they will want some reassurance that theyre not going to get out of pocket if you pull out.

How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost

If you cant find any breeders with litters due in your area, you can help an adult Siamese by adopting and rehoming a cat in need.

There are various shelters and rescue centers across the US, I recommend doing a little research and saving an older cat from a life in a shelter.

You will generally pay a lot less for an adult Siamese than a kitten, especially if youre adopting from a rescue shelter.

I recommend taking a look at This site is one of the largest online databases that connect you with around 11,000 animal shelters across the country.

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Cat Rescues And Shelters In Wisconsin

If you are looking for a rescue animal rather than a kitten from a breeder, then you should check out one of these organizations in Wisconsin. Some organizations deal with purebred cats only while others service any cat in need. You might find a Sphynx or other hairless cat breed through a rescue organization or shelter.

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Rock Hill Maine Coon Cats

Snowshoe Cats For Sale

This small breeder is family-owned and breeds their cats out of their home. The small size of their breeding operation hasnt kept them from obtaining awards from the Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association .

The in-home breeding process produces well-loved kittens that have been socialized and are accustomed to living in a home. Rock Hill also tests their cats for genetic disorders and feline immunodeficiency virus .

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Siberian Cats For Sale Near Me

Polydactyl Siberian Forest Kittens. Observable 7-week-old polydactyl Siberian forest kittens are ready to go to their new homes. They have beautiful fluffy fur and gorgeous blue eyes. They get along with other animals and children. They are a wonderful addition to any home.

Polydactyl Siberian Forest Kittens. 7 weeks old $200. They are litter trained and eating solid foods. They get along great with other animals and children. They will have long beautiful fluffy fur and will keep their beautiful blue eyes.

Siberian kittens. Beautiful blue eyed purebred Siberians hypoallergenic located in Wisconsin

SIBERIAN KITTENS IN WISCONSIN!! READY NOW. Dam- Russian import KALIPSO SIBIRSKAYA RAPSODIYASire- Russian import SHANCE SIBIRSKAYA RAPSODIYA2 females! Ready now! We are a proud breeder of 100% imported and champion pedigreed siberian! All kittens come up to date on shots and deworming, vet checked and microchipped. They come with a2 year health guarantee. They are raised with kids and other animals and are litter trained before leaving.Kittens are TICA registered, buyers get papers once proof of spay/neuter has been received.We can meet/deliver/ship.We can take credit cards.You can visit us on Facebook

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Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Appleton Wi

If you are looking for Maine Coon kittens for sale in Wisconsin, you will likely have already discovered that this can be a tricky state to find the cat of your dreams.

If you live in Appleton, Wisconsin, you might be disappointed to discover that many breeders, even those located in Wisconsin, live several hours away from you.

For those of you having trouble finding Maine Coon kittens for sale close to your home, below is the complete list of Maine Coon breeders located 100 miles or fewer from Appleton, Wisconsin:

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Sphynx Kittens For Sale In Wisconsin: Breeders List 2022

Excited Cats advocates for adopting before shopping, though we fully understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder. So, we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally visited or investigated all of the breeders below. We have put the top-recommended all in one place for you to get in touch and make the best decision for you. Learn more about our stance and how to choose the right breeder here.

The Sphynx cat is unique in appearance and personality. They love people and want to be with their owners at all times. The Sphynx loves to snuggle and is very affectionate. They are known for their hairless bodies that are soft to the touch. Their lack of hair makes the Sphynx sensitive to cold temperatures.

Perhaps this is why it can be difficult to find these cats in Wisconsin. With harsh, cold winters, Wisconsin is not an ideal climate in which to breed these cats. However, the Sphynx can be a good pet for Wisconsinites as long as they are kept warm. Weve put together a list of Wisconsin breeders, along with some options in neighboring states, and cat rescues. Keep reading to learn more about where you can find your next feline companion.

Ragdoll Kittens For Sale In Wisconsin: Breeders List 2022

Gorgeous Applehead Siamese and Balinese Kittens Available in North Carolina!

Excited Cats advocates for adopting before shopping, though we fully understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder. So, we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally visited or investigated all of the breeders below. We have put the top-recommended all in one place for you to get in touch and make the best decision for you. Learn more about our stance and how to choose the right breeder here.

Ragdoll cats are known for their sweet, friendly, and cuddly disposition. They love to be around their people and will happily follow their owners around the house. These positive traits make the Ragdoll a popular breed.

If you think a Ragdoll would be a good choice for your family, there are plenty of breeders to be found. Lets look at some of the best Ragdoll breeders in Wisconsin.

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Zeus Pride Maine Coon Cattery

Zeus Pride is a family-operated breeder. They are TICA certified and have a long history of producing show championship-winning cats. When they retire their cats from breeding, they donate them to organizations that use the cats as therapy cats. This speaks to the gentle nature of these cats.

Although this breeder does not do genetic testing on their cats, they do have an option for potential buyers to pay for testing on specific kittens before purchasing them.

Short History Of The Persian Cat

The Persian cat is one of the oldest and most popular breeds of domestic cats. It was named after its native country, Iran, which developed sometime before 300 BC. This is the only breed name passed down through history without any changes or additions to its name.

The Persian cat has a long silky coat up to 3 inches long when appropriately groomed. They have highly developed muscles in their necks and shoulders, giving them an elegant appearance and strength for jumping onto furniture or windowsills when they want something specific inside their homes, such as food or toys!

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We Welcome The Bigelow Tea Litter

Blue Mackerel Tabby with whiteMale
Brown/Black Mackerel Tabby with whiteFemale
Blue Mackerel Tabby with whiteMale
Brown/Black Mackerel Tabby with whiteMale
Blue Mackerel Tabby with whiteMale
Brown/Black Mackerel Tabby with whiteFemale
Blue Lynx Point with whiteFemale
Brown/Black Mackerel Tabby with whiteFemale
Reserved for Alessia and GraceVanessa Vancouver
Brown/Black Mackerel Tabby with whiteMale Reserved for Mike and MirandaVincent Vicenza
Seal Lynx Point with whiteMale
Seal Lynx Point with whiteMale
Seal Lynx Point with whiteFemale
Seal Lynx Point with whiteFemale
Brown Mackerel Tabby with whiteFemale
Blue Lynx Point with whiteMale
Paisley Paris

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Why Buy A Siamese From The Breeder

Pure Breed Persian Kittens For Sale in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Once youve decided on a Kitten of a particular breed, be sure to buy one from a good breeder. A good cat breeder is registered in a breeders association and breeds according to the rules and guidelines of the respective breed association. In addition to participating in beauty and performance shows at cat shows, this also includes health checks on their breeding cats.

In addition, the Kittens receive pedigree papers, also known as pedigree. These papers show which ancestors were involved in the development of the Kitten and whether inbreeding was carried out.

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What It Means To Be Tica Or Cfa Certified

When deciding on a breeder, its always a good idea to do some of your own due diligence. After all, youre going to be spending thousands of dollars and making an important decision.

There are two main things you can do to reassure yourself that a breeder is operating ethically and professionally are:

Look online for reviews This isnt always easy and will often come up short as a lot of breeders will not have that many previous customers.

Look for TICA or CFA certifications The CFA and TICA are professional organizations that oversee pedigree cats.

Any cattery or breeder that is a member of these organizations should be operating to a high standard.

You will almost certainly see them displaying their badges on their website if theyre members. You can always ask them, too, they will have heard of these organizations Im sure.

How Much Will A Sphynx Cost

There is no set price for a Sphynx. In fact, the price of a Sphynx can vary a lot depending on how well-bred it is, if its a cross-breed, and some other factors.

However, to give you a general idea, I took a look at the price lists for a few breeders and catteries across the country.

Most are priced in the range of $1,500-$4,000. They dont come cheap, but theyre worth every penny!

Dont be surprised if youre asked to put down a large deposit when you want to reserve a kitten. This is to cover some of the breeders costs in case you change your mind.

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Knowing Your Cats Personality

When purchasing a kitten from a breeder, there is no way to know for sure what its personality will be like.

Most Maine Coons surrendered to Maine Coon rescues, however, are adults.

This means that you will be able to learn about their personality and whether or not that cat will be a good fit for your home.

Maine Coon Rescue Wisconsin

persian kittens ð?¾ for sale | 919495897472|9846459155|quality|lowest price|kerala

Most people think of reputable breeders as their first choice when it comes to adopting Maine Coons. However, another potential option is Maine Coon rescues.

Maine Coon rescues are rescue centers that only take in mixed and/or purebred Maine Coons. This can include kittens, adults, or even senior cats.

Unfortunately, there are no Maine Coon rescue centers located in the state of Wisconsin.

However, an American organization known as Maine Coon Rescue takes in Maine Coons from all over America. This Maine Coon rescue midwest location is based in Kentucky, and people from all over America can adopt Maine Coons from this organization.

Maine Coon Rescue is located in Woodstock, Kentucky, and you can contact them by emailing Alternatively, check out their website.

While rescue centers typically do not have many Maine Coons available, there are many benefits to adopting a cat from one of these centers.

Below are some key benefits to adopting a Maine Coon from a Maine Coon rescue center:

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Siberian Cats With Children And Other Pets

From Russia with love: thats the Siberian, a glamorous native cat from the taiga of Siberia, a forested area with a subarctic climate that no doubt contributed to this cats long, thick, protective coat.

The Siberian has a bold temperament, and nothing much ruffles his composure. These characteristics make him an excellent choice for a family with kids. No nighttime monsters will get past the Siberian on guard at the foot of a childs bed. He is happy to live with other cats and cat-friendly dogs, too, as long as they recognize that hes in charge. Introduce pets slowly and in controlled circumstances to ensure that they learn to get along together.

Teddy Siberian kittens for sale.

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Welcome To Teddy Siberian Kittens For Sale

Owning a Siberian cat is very pleasurable rewarding and life changing experience. The Siberian will become your best friend, confidante, problem-solver, and your house clown. Siberians are one of the most ancient breeds, began as the Russian forest cat.

We Love the Siberian Breed and enjoy sharing our knowledge by helping familes bring a Siberian into their home. What is more rewarding than all the joy and happiness you encounter when families are able bring that Special addition home.

We raise happy, healthy socialized kittens in a clean, loving, environment with our family. Our Breeding Siberians are screened by ultrasound for HCM and DNA tested for all other none cat dieases. Our Siberian Kittens Health Guarentee- 2 year genetic, 1 year FIP, and 3 day general health.

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Giant Maine Coon Kittens For Sale

Fully grown Maine Coon cats can range between 8 to 25 pounds in body weight.

The male of the species tends to fall within the 15 25 lbs weight bracket, whereas the female of the species is more likely to weigh 8 -15 lbs.

If you are looking for a Maine Coon in the upper weight range, however, you might have a harder time finding the cat of your dreams.

Unfortunately, even though many breeders claim to produce giant cats, there is no way to guarantee the size of a fully grown Maine Coon cat.

If you are determined to bring home a giant Maine Coon though, look for breeders that specialize in European Maine Coons, and consider adopting a male too, as they typically grow larger than their female counterparts.

Other Cat Breeds To Check Out:

Selkirk Rex Cats For Sale
Kurlian Bobtail
American Wirehair

If you have never owned a Siberian before, or are interested in reading more information on these amazing cats, check out our Siberian Cat Breed Information page.

Our goal is to help you locate the perfect cat breeder near you one who is reputable, trustworthy, and honest. However, please keep in mind that while we have the largest cat breeder directory on the internet, we cannot personally vouch for any individual breeder that is listed here. Make sure you thoroughly check them out each cattery yourself to make sure they are ethical, honest, and raise healthy, happy kittens!

We are honored and privileged that you have chosen us to help you on your journey to cat ownership! In addition to visiting this website often, you can check us out on , , and for more information, pictures, and cute kitten videos!

We also highly recommend reading checking out our latest news articles at our blog. Find information on Cat health, nutrition, holistic healing, basic care, toys, and much more!

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How Much Do Siamese Kittens Cost

This is a hard question to answer. Like a lot of exotic cat breeds, the price can vary a lot depending on the lineage, any noticeable features, and so on.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere between $600-$1,000+.

But as I said, this really depends on the breeders and the exact type of Siamese youre buying.

Dzcoonz Maine Coon Cattery

Registration Body: CFA, ACFA, TICA, CFF

Address: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

KosmikCattery provides Maine Coons in a variety of colors, including:

They also plan to produce shaded and shell cats, as well as blue chinchillas. These rare patterns can be difficult to find.

While this companys Maine Coon kittens are on the more expensive side, KosmikCattery is devoted to producing high-quality Maine Coons with minimal health problems and beautiful coat coloration and patterns .

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Beyond The Valley Ragdolls

Beyond the Valley Ragdolls is another TICA-certified cattery located in Wisconsin. Their cats come with a health guarantee and are raised inside the family home. Theyve been raising Ragdolls for over 20 years. And when you decide one of their kittens is right for your family, the breeder will send you photos of your future furry friend as it grows older until youre ready to bring them home.


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