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What Do Cats Symbolize In Dreams

Common Cat Dream Symbols

What does cats dreams mean? – Dream Meaning

Now that youve given some thought about how the cat relates to your waking life, reading some of the possible dream symbols below might help provide further insight for you into the meaning of your dream.

Abuse/Neglect: Dreaming of an abused or neglected cat/kitten may symbolize abuse or neglect you may have experienced, or it may symbolize your need to care for something or being in a codependent relationship.

Independence: Cats are very independent animals. To dream of a cat may symbolize your own need for independence.

Affection/Companionship: Cats make for popular pets, and also can be a symbol of the need of affection or companionship in ones life.

Femininity: Cats are often seen as a feminine symbol in dreams. Ask yourself if that cat resembles any females you may know.

Survival: Cats are said to have 9 lives and can sometimes be a symbol of survival for some. If you have been going through a particularly hard time in your life, dreaming of a cat can symbolize a second chance or surviving the rough patches in your life.

Dreaming of Kittens: Dreaming of kittens in your dream may suggest there is a part of your life that needs nurturing or cared for. It may also be helpful to look at the meaning of the dream symbol baby. Could these kittens be a sign of a new development in your life?

Hissing/Scratching/Biting/Attack Cats: To dream of a cat attacking, scratching, hissing, or biting you often means that someone in your life is being destructive toward you.

Killing A Cat Dream Meaning

Dreams about killing a cat in the dream are one of the most mysterious dream symbols. Quite often, this dream symbolizes that, in reality, the troubles will pass by, and there will be opportunities to solve existing problems.

If you managed to kill a big and aggressive cat, this could be an indication that in the future, more significant dangers lie ahead, and you might underestimate the scale of the problems, but you will still be able to get over them.

If you dream of how someone killed your cat in the waking life, you should reconsider a relationship with this person. Perhaps, in real life, you do not realize how much he does for you and what a significant role he plays in your life.

To dream about killing your pet cat, even this sounds terrible and can be quite an upsetting dream in reality, this dream will bring the end of quarrels with loved ones. So do not worry, your cat will be fine, and you will have a good relationship in the family and with your loved partner.

Biblical Meaning Of Cats In Dreams Interpretation

It can be read again and again that cats are not mentioned in the Bible. But this is not true. Ive found three places in the Bible where cats play a role.

In the apocryphal Book of Baruch, chapter 6, verses 19-22, states, It is their like a bar at the temple: their interior is, it is said, eaten away. But they do not notice the worms that come out of the earth and consume them with their robes. Their faces are blackened by the smoke rising in the temple. On her body and on her head, bats, swallows and other birds settle down, as do cats. By this you realize that they are not gods. So do not fear her!

The prophet Isaiah proclaims in the 34th chapter of his book a judgment of God concerning the Edomites: Then Edoms brooks will turn to bad luck and his earth into sulfur yes, his land will become burning pitch and thorns will grow in his palaces, nettles and thistles in his castles and that will be a dwelling place for the Jackal and wildcats will meet with hyenas, and one demon will meet the other.

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Biblical Meaning Of Cats Interpretation

Cat is an animal that is a symbol of beauty, tenderness, care and emotion. Throughout history, however, this animal had different interpretations.

Different cultures interpreted cats and their appearance in various ways.

In the Christianity, the cat did not always represent a positive phenomenon, it was sometimes believed that the cats are animals originated from the devil, especially in the case of black cats. It was believed that there was a demon in them that could leave their body and ancestors in the cats body.

In addition, it was believed that cats had a great influence on the mind of people and that through them a demon could establish communication with humans.

However, we must note that there is no record in the Bible that would lead to the thought that cats are evil animals and that they are inflicting negative and evil energy.

In ancient Egypt, cats were symbol of beauty. People believed that cats are sacred animals and that they are a gift from God.

If there was a catastrophe in Egypt, cat will first be saved and then people.

Dead Cat Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of cats in a dream

If you dream about a dead cat, consider this dream as a warning, your relationship might be in danger. It is up to you to decide, but a dead cat in the dream usually means a dead relationship. And you understand this deep inside of you, but just afraid to change anything. Try to finish an unwanted relationship as soon as possible do not worry life will bring you new love opportunities.

If a loved one kills a cat on your hands in a dream, then this is an indication that he wants to apart from you. It is better to let him go, and if he is the right person for you, he will always come back. A dream about a box with a dead cat is a warning about the enemy who might harm you.

If you dream about a dead cat, which began to decay, you should look for the roots of all lifes problems in the old life situations and the unfinished arguments with family and friends. Try to realize these situations and resolve them as soon as possible.

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Dreaming Of A Blue Cat

Blue cats symbolize illusions and lack of clarity in real life. It represents haze and unclear issues of waking life. You might believe in something that is actually untrue or you are unsure of whether it really exists. Example: your views on afterlife but realistically you may not be sure of its existence.

Spiritual Meaning And Analysis Of Seeing Different Colored Cats In Dreams

Seeing a white cat in your dream indicates that you are going to face difficult times ahead.

Dreaming of a black cat may symbolize your fear regarding the trust you have in using your intuition. If the cat has green eyes, then it is a message for you to be observant regarding matters concerning love.

To see a gray cat is a hint to pay heed to some hidden message in the dream, as it provides valuable guidance.

If you see a ginger cat in your dream, monetary matters and business will flourish.

A brown cat implies that shortly you will receive good news.

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Dreaming Of Cats In Different Cultures

When analyzing dreams that involve cats, it’s important to rely on your relationship with these animals because different people feel differently about them and few animals elicit more contrasting emotions.

For example, the ancient Egyptians worshiped the cat as it relates to Bastet, the Goddess of Cats, so they saw cats as a symbol of happiness and celebration. On the other hand, the Puritans condemned cats as demonic heralds.

In Islam, cats are admired for being clean, unlike dogs, so they’re allowed to enter homes and mosques.

In Arabic and Islamic interpretations, a cat is portrayed as a symbol of the thief. Fighting or killing a cat symbolizes the dreamer’s triumph and avoidance of getting cheated in his/her waking life. A skinned cat means that a thief or a cheat got what they deserved. Feeding a cat means that the dreamer is aware they’re owed something and that that they will get what they deserve.

In Thailand, Siamese Cats are usually kept as temple protectors, so dreaming of a Siamese Cat symbolizes spirituality and protection.

In Celtic and Japanese cultures, cats symbolize bad luck and devious craftiness. As with many other cultures, they believe black cats symbolize the occult, unknown, and mysterious.

In Hinduism, dreaming of cats is a warning that the dreamer needs to be more aware of bad people in their life. A cat which bites or scratches is a sign that the dreamer needs to protect themselves and their possessions from present danger.

The Color Of The Cat Matters

What Do Dreams about Cats Mean? – it is good to see cat in dream? – Dream Meaning Interpretations

Although some people only dream in black and white most of us dream in vivid color, so you need to research the color associations and see if they speak to you. Is it a white cat? You might be facing âdifficult times.âIs it black? You might have an unresolved fear about something. Black cats are often incorrectly considered to be signs of bad luck so this could suggest that youâre not trusting your intuition enough. If you dream of an orange cat, this is a sign of rampant creativity in your life.

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Cat Meaning In Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians revered animals, yet no animal was quite so revered as the cat. Not only did the Egyptians think cats were beautiful, they also saw them as magical beings who brought good luck to a household.

The Egyptians dressed their cats in jewels, and they were important members of the family. When a pet cat died, the family had them mummified, so they could join their human companions in the afterlife. In addition, when a family cat passed away, all members of the household would shave off their eyebrows to express their grief.

The ancient Egyptians viewed the cat as a protector because they killed snakes, insects, and other dangerous creatures. In fact, archaeologists have found the skeletal remains of many cat companions in the tombs of pharaohs and other nobles.

You Are Ignoring Your Intuition

Your intuition could be telling you things that you dont want to accept. However, those things could be the ruin of your life. Start paying close attention to your intuition as much as it is telling you things that you dont like.

It could be time to heed what your intuition is asking and rely less on your own intellect which might seem so stable in your eyes.

If your intuition is telling you that it is wrong to go into business with your long-time trusted friend, or telling you that you should wait a while longer before marrying your new found love then, by all means, heed it.

You might have seen signs of unpleasant things in certain situations but your mind refuses to accept them and take note hence the cat dreams.

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Dreaming Of Cat Chasing A Mouse

This dream denotes an unruly and chaotic family life. Maybe your waking life has a lot of family issues to be resolved and its getting manifested in dreams.

There is always confusion and disagreements at the home front that never settles down well and you always chase things to settle it out correctly but all in vain.

Dream About White Cats

Black Cat In Dream Spiritual Meaning

As mentioned above, cats dreams have different meanings. A lot of which also depend on the context of the dream. However, some believe the white cats dream are a sign of purity, cleanliness and angels, hmm, While some also think its related to some health issues. But more often than not, white cats still belong to the cat family, which is very bad when you come across them in the dream. A child of God that usually experience white cat dream is at great risk. The risk will be felt majorly in the spiritual life. A dream about white cats means there is an evil dedication somewhere.

Have you ever asked your mother if she has recently dedicated you to the gods? Because this dream is closely related to that. If you dream about white cats as a child of God, it also shows there is an connection between you and ancestral powers. Unlike black cats, white cats dream also signify deception, temptation and forces. Similarly, black cats and white cats are different but share some dream meanings. If you dream of black and white cats in separate dream, Biblically, it means there will be sorrow and gnashing of teeth.

The while cats dream also signify you will experience stubborn problems that will hinder your breakthrough. For example, the cats in Nigeria are different in character with the cats in USA. The interpretation of this dream cats can be associated with the practices of wickedness in your family.

Dream Interpretation.. Cats

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Dreaming Of Wild Or Aggressive Cats Being Afraid Of Cats Talking Cats

Seeing wild cats in your dreams may symbolize solitude or a lonely existence, along with ferocity, sexuality, and survival instinct.

Dreaming of an aggressive cat could be interpreted as the inability to accept reality and stay objective.

Dreaming of a cat attacking you could mean that you’re struggling with that part of yourself and you’re intimidated by your femininity in some way. Being afraid of a cat in a dream means that you have irrational fears without any basis.

Dreaming of a cat’s claws is a sign that you’re holding onto something, showing aggression or harboring a desire to hurt someone.

Dreaming of a cat that can speak or communicate with you is a sign that you’re able to express your femininity or sexuality, you’re being made aware of your hunger for something, or acknowledging your intuition.

Dreaming Of Cat Dying

When you dream of a dead cat, it means a variety of things. If you have killed the cat because it attacked you, it means you have successfully overcome the unresolved issues of your waking life. You have managed to let go of the fear that was disturbing you.

But if you see a dead cat whom you have not killed, it may mean loss of personal freedom, independence, and lack of self-confidence.

If the cat has drowned and died, it means innate suffocation, feeling of confinement, and anguish. It also represents the conflicts of waking life that were difficult to face and deal with.

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Pregnant Cat And Cat Giving Birth Dream Meaning

To dream of a pregnant cat promises intrigues and gossip around. You need to look carefully at your environment the offender may be the one you suspect the last.

If you dream about a cat giving birth to kittens, this dream means that you may have more responsibilities in the future, and you will like it. It is going to be a positive change in life. New phases of life are being born or started into the world.

If a woman dreams about holding a just-born kitten, even this dream sounds like a nice dream in fact, consider this dream a warning. This can be a sign of engaging in something bad. Keep a watchful eye before accepting any offers. You should proceed with caution when dealing with new acquaintances as this may create problems.

Spiritual Meaning Of Cats

How I find a cat? What do cats dream about? – Kitten Dream Meaning

Ancient Egypt

Bastet is the Egyptian goddess worshiped as early as the Second Dynasty . She played a very significant role from protecting the home from bad eye, evil spirits and sickness, especially diseases connected with women and children. Bastet was the daughter of the sun god Ra and is affiliated with the concept of the Eye of Ra and the Distant Goddess linking to transformation.


The ancient Persian religion that may have originated as early as 4,000 years ago had their own theory on cats. The cat Gurbag claims to have been created by the Evil Spirit, and in the Pahlavi texts it is classed in the much despised wolf species.


The Cat Sìth is a fairy creature from Celtic mythology, said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its chest. Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands was not a fairy, but a witch that could transform into a cat nine times.

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Black And White Cats In Dreams

Black cats featured in dreams are extremely lucky. It indicates you have a hidden sense of intuition. The black cat can also symbolize a rational and logical way that you are going to make decisions in the future from Greek mythology the black cat is considered a lucky omen. The black cat can also symbolize sticking to your guns and going for broke in life.

Dreams About Cats: Tiger Dreams

Dreams about Tigers symbolize powerful energy, determination, and sensuality. Tigers prowl in the Dreamtime with a constant gaze and deliberate steps. Walking or sitting, Tigers symbolize this energetic potential for you and the immediate situation, but dont jump without looking. The Tiger considers every angle before that first pivotal move.

Crouched and preparing to attack, Tigers symbolize an unwavering persistence and commitment to see the hunt all the way through. What are you pursuing in your dreams and in the real world? Follow the Tigers gaze in your dream and make sure that what is in sight is really where you need to put your energy.

In Chinese symbolism, Tigers hold a place of honor and respect. You are reminded to pause and consider your highest goals, the highest good in your action.

Tigers crossing your path or attacking symbolize the need to face challenges to your way through in the dream. Tigers observing or lounging suggest the time is not right to act.

Following a Tiger down a deep forest trail or where you have the Tiger by the tail in your dream symbolizes that you are at the whim of the situation or the person the Tiger represents.

In India, Thailand and Japan, Tiger dreams symbolize a touch by elements of the spiritual or sensual. There is more symbolized in Tiger dreams than just raw power there is energy for going deeper, farther, faster than you have before.

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