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What Happens If A Cat Gets Pregnant By Her Brother

Brother And Sister Cats Sister Cat Is Pregnant By Another Cat

My Pregnant Cat Diaries: Ep. 2 First Kitten Birth!

antjar said:We have brother and sister cats Titus and Tamora. They are both incredibly friendly and also affectionate with each other. Titus has been neutered but Tamora hasn’t as we feel a female cat should always get the mothering instincts of nature, at least once. Our concern obviously rest with Titus. He’s quite a big Tom and have obviously heard that male cats aren’t great with kittens. Especially if they’re not their own.Any advice would be much appreciated.Thanks.


antjar said: Hi. I didn’t actually make clear in my post that Tamora is actually pregnant now. It’s interesting that you said that we’re effectively imprinting our human emotions onto the cat. I guess they are domesticated animals and the mothering instinct isn’t as important. I will mention it to my wife and we’ll take heed next time, we will be getting her neutered as soon as she has this litter.In the meantime I guess splitting the Titus and her up is probably a good idea once the kittens arrive?Thanks for your advice.

When Cat Owners Get Pregnant

When a woman finds out she’s pregnant, it’s time to start asking questions about how the pregnancy and resulting baby will affect her relationship with her cat. Many young mothers may also be concerned about whether a cat can be a danger to the unborn baby.

While cats usually adapt quickly to a new baby in terms of behavior, there are some precautions that must be followed to manage the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis — a parasite that can be transmitted from cat feces. An expectant mother should change and clean cat litter boxes and food dishes while wearing disposable gloves and even a surgical mask, or, better still, another member of the family should take over this job until the baby stops nursing.

Toxoplasmosis can be a danger to the fetus, especially during the second half of pregnancy. But it’s no reason to shun your cat or worse, get rid of her altogether. If a fresh infection is immediately detected, it can be successfully treated with drugs. Plus, 40% of woman are actually immune to toxoplasmosis. If you own a cat and become pregnant, tell your gynecologist to run a blood test to check for this immunity. And indoor-only cats who eat prepared pet food don’t usually transmit toxoplasmosis .

If you’re pregnant or nursing, you don’t have to stop touching your cat. However, you should take precautions and wash your hands carefully after touching her, especially if you’re breast-feeding your baby.

Guide To Cat Mating And Reproduction

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Cats mating may seem simple to the casual observer: they mate loudly, frequently, and indiscriminately the female cat becomes pregnant, then gives birth to a bunch of kittens. The truth is not quite as clear-cut as that, however. For instance, did you know that cats do not ovulate until they mate? Or that a female cat may give birth to five kittens, each from a different father? That whole male cats have barbed penises to stimulate the female cat to ovulate?

Learn here the truth of these matters and much more about cats mating.

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Do Cats Think Were Their Parents

Cats treat humans as their mothers. No, your cat doesnt actually think youre the mama cat that birthed it. And cats reserve their affectionate behavior usually for the humans in their homes. Researchers found that cats were more relaxed and content around their humans, but more on high alert around strangers.

Care Of Your Cat During Pregnancy

Cat Needs Place To Give Birth, Then Pregnant Dog Shares ...

Whether you’ve adopted a pregnant stray, or your own cat has become pregnant, you’ll want to provide all the things your pregnant cat needs, both for her health and for the health of the unborn kittens. Except for nutritional considerations, especially for a stray pregnant cat, most of the things you’ll provide for her are the same things you give any cat in your care: shelter, a place to sleep, litter box, scratching post and toys.

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How Much Does It Cost

It is usually slightly more expensive to neuter female than male cats, however help with costs is available. If you rehome a cat from a rehoming centre, they should already be neutered, and this cost will be incorporated into the adoption fee.

There are various schemes across the UK which provide financial support to owners wanting to neuter their cats such as Cats Protection, Blue Cross, The Mayhew Animal Home and RSPCA.

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Pregnant

If you havent had your cat neutered it is fairly likely she will become pregnant at some point unless you keep her inside constantly. There are some cat pregnancy signs you can look out for to tell if she might be pregnant.

Your cat will not show signs of heat when you would usually expect her to, although this may not always be the case. If your cat has been in heat and has been outside, pregnancy could be very likely. At 15-18 days into her pregnancy your cat’s nipples will become enlarged, and red. You will notice her swollen abdomen. She may have more of an appetite, and you may notice nesting behaviour. She will find a quiet place, usually a cupboard or under a bed, and make a nest. Your cat may also display maternal behaviors such as more purring than usual and she may be more affectionate.

A pregnant cat sitting outside on the snow

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Controlled Exposure To Daylight

DVM360 shares interesting facts about the feline’s reproductive cycle and mating. For example, did you know that the age a kitten first comes into heat is influenced by the length of daytime? A young female cat needs around 12 hours of daylight in order to trigger her reproductive cycle. In the wild, this means cats don’t become pregnant in the winter. However, house cats live in artificial lighting and this effect is lost, so they can get pregnant at any time during the year.

For summer kittens, you can try limiting their exposure to artificial light in the autumn and winter. This is to mimic the shortening days outside, which naturally delays the female’s estrus cycle. Instead of coming into heat in the autumn, you may postpone things to the following spring. Be aware though, given that the kittens are well fed and warm, the influence of light is reduced and this option isn’t foolproof.

Animal Centres Are Expecting Biggest Ever Kitten Season

Mooching Pregnant Soon To Be SIL Threw Away My Cat From My Home, So I Made Her Homeless… AITA

Awareness of cats and their litters is more important than ever this year. The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown rules have made it more difficult for cats to be neutered. Therefore we’re expecting to see an increase in unwanted pregnancies and kittens coming into our care.

Kittens add an extra burden to rescue shelters which already have thousands of cats waiting for homes.

Knowing some key facts around the reproductive behaviour of cats can help you, your cat and us!

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Why Are My Cats Fighting All Of A Sudden

If your cats start hissing and clawing out of nowhere when they used to be friends, you might find yourself wondering, “Why are my cats fighting all of a sudden?” What was once a happy friendship has now turned into bullying and flying fur. Whether they’re fighting because they smell differently or got spooked, your cats probably won’t stay enemies for long. Here are some reasons why your cats don’t get along anymore, as well as steps to help ease them into a friendship again.

What Happens If Cats From The Same Litter Mate

If cats from the same litter do mate, theres every chance that their kittens will be born healthy with no obvious genetic issues.

With luck, the litter produced will have all the desired physical and personality traits without any major defects. Inbreeding can be a huge risk, and theres usually no way of knowing whether health issues will occur until the litter is born.

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Helping Your Cat Through The Birth Process

Chances are that you will not need to do anything to help with the birth process except to be with your cat to encourage her–sort of a “cat doula.” You may even wake one morning to discover that your pregnant cat has given birth during the night, and is comfortably nursing her kittens. However, you should know how to spot potential problems and what action to take, should she need assistance with the birth process.

Do Cats Mate With Their Siblings

Hiding a Pregnancy on Television

Brother and sister cats do mate with each other. Like all mammals, mating is a basic instinct for cats.

When a female goes into the estrus cycle , a male cat will follow its instinct to pass on its genes. The cats body chemistry will tell it when to mate and when its the right time for female cats to reproduce. So, cats will mate, even if theyre from the same litter.

Thats not to say that inbreeding always occurs naturally, though. A study in Brill looked into the female control of paternity during copulation. Researchers found that overall, female cats avoid inbreeding with their close kin during copulation but not with their distant relatives.

When looking at feral cats that are isolated from other colonies, they have no choice but to breed with their siblings and other family members to keep the colony going. However, the report shows that feral cats prefer to find a mate that is not within their direct bloodline if other cats are available.

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Can Brother And Sister Cats Have Kittens

Kittens can be sexually mature as early as 4 months old. Female kittens can conceive from around this age, while male kittens can impregnate a fertile female. This can be bad news if you have 2 cats from the same litter that havent been neutered.

If a female kitten becomes impregnated at 4 months old, theres every chance that the cat could produce its own litter at only 6 months old. This is because a cats gestation period is just 63 days. Experts believe that this is far too young for a cat to be producing its first litter.

Cats are also indiscriminate creatures. This means a brother may mate with his sister because he doesnt recognize her as family. More than anything, they are playmates.

To prevent sibling inbreeding, its best to get brother and sister cats neutered before reaching puberty. Or, if youre looking for a couple of cats to become household pets, you could choose same-sex cats from the same litter. That way, youre reducing any risk of sibling mating while still providing a playmate for one another.

According To Quora User : Answer 1

My youngest cat Cupcake has a bro-dad. Thats what my daughter calls him. Her brother is also her father. Her mother obviously mated with her own son. Incest isnt a taboo in the feline world.

I had no idea about Cupcakes paternity until after we had brought her into our home and bonded with her. I honestly dont know if it would have made a difference or not had I known prior. I think I still would have taken her, but I would have been cautious about her health.

She has no deformities of any kind and no behavioral problems that are apparent. The only issue is her dental health. I brush all my cats teeth regularly, but her teeth are decayed even so. At 4, most of her back teeth have been pulled. My 14 year old Phoebe died with all of her teeth intact, and my nearly 15 year old Sam also has healthy teeth. Im not sure if her tooth issues are due to inbreeding, but its the only difference between the cats.

I realize that I went into a little more than the question was asking, but I figured Id let people know my experience. No matter what, shes just Cupcake and shes loved.

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When Does A Female Cat Have Her First Estrus Cycle

Cats have their first estrous cycle when they reach puberty. The estrous cycle is better known as a cat’s heat cycle. On average, puberty, or sexual maturity, first occurs in cats at about six months of age, but this can vary slightly by time of year.

“The estrous cycle is better known as a cat’s heat cycle.”

Each cycle consists of several stages the stage called estrus refers to when the female is sexually receptive, or in heat.

At What Stage Of The Estrous Cycle Is The Cat Able To Get Pregnant


The queen can be bred at any time when in heat. Cats are induced ovulators, which means that the act of breeding stimulates the release of eggs from the ovaries. Most females require three to four matings within a 24-hour period for ovulation to occur. It only takes a minute or two for cats to mate, and cats may mate multiple times in a short period of time. Queens may mate with several different tomcats during this time, so it is possible that a litter of kittens may have several different fathers. Once ovulation has occurred, the queen will go out of heat within a day or two.

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Do Cats Know Their Name

Cats Recognize Their Own NamesEven If They Choose to Ignore Them. Cats are notorious for their indifference to humans: almost any owner will testify to how readily these animals ignore us when we call them. But a new study indicates domestic cats do recognize their own nameseven if they walk away when they hear them.

Potential Problems In Cats’ Pregnancy

In general, any unusual symptoms during gestation should be followed through with a call or visit to your veterinarian. This is an important part of the care of a pregnant cat.

Although many pregnant cats go through gestation trouble-free, there are potential problems that can occur. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

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It Sex With Dogs Immoral

This is where it becomes hard for me to avoid sounding judgmental. While there are a lot of people out there who would say no, Im not sure Im one of those people. Theres the issue of consent. Is a dog really able to consent to whats going on? Im going to have to say no on that one although I guess thats not really my call to make. If youre in a relationship with someone and are having sex with your dog because you dont feel youre sexually fulfilled in your relationship then, like it or not, you are cheating. Talk to your partner about your needs. Try different things with your partner. Buy a sex toy. There are other solutions.

Beyond the moral implications, there are legalities involved. Bestiality is a crime. There are a lot of laws on the books I dont necessarily agree with. I think people should be legally entitled to grow and smoke pot if they want to. I think people should be able to stroll to the corner store and buy a pack of spliffs should they feel so inclined. I also believe a person should be able to take those spliffs to a brothel and spend time with a prostitute if theyre in to that sort of thing. The laws about having sex with animals though they make sense to me. I am a strong supporter of animal rights and Im just not sure legalizing dog sex falls in line with my beliefs on the subject.

Choose The Responsible Option

Adorable Kitten Chooses Her Own Forever Family When She ...

Whatever you decide, keep the cat’s welfare at the front of your mind. Know that pregnancy carries risks to the female and male cats are more prone to fighting and FIV infections. Medical control of mating through the use of hormones is not risk-free and there can be side effects.

In contrast, surgery is an outpatient procedure from which your fur friend will recover quickly. Remember, cats don’t think in the same way as people, and they will not miss the loss of their reproductive organs, instead they will become happy, contented pets.

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Signs Your Cat Is Pregnant

Cats in heat will go to any length to find male cats to mate with, and male cats have sometimes been known to tear down screens to get to a female in heat. If your cat was in heat and had access to a tom cat, the likelihood that she is pregnant is very strong.

A pregnant queen will show both physical and personality changes which will first become more evident around three weeks after mating. Learn to recognize the signs your cat may be pregnant.

When To Phone The Vet During Kittening

With a problem in delivery, youre facing a life or death situation. This guide can do no more than urge you to speak to an animal medical expert before your cat gives birth.

If any of the following occur, phone the vet at once :

  • Contractions still taking place after 24 hours, but no sign of the cat straining to give birth
  • Straining for more than 30 minutes with no sign of the kitten
  • No further kittens, one hour after the appearance of the first one
  • The cat becomes exhausted and weak
  • kitten partly-delivered, but stuck
  • The gory stuff – excessive bleeding, lots of greenish discharge when there is no sign of a kitten, or a prolapse
  • Mastitis
  • Abandoned kittens

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