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Where To Surrender My Cat

My Pet Is Showing Signs Of Aggression

2 Juveniles Surrender After Dogs Attack Philadelphia Family’s Cat

If your pet is displaying signs of aggression, depending on the level of severity, it may be possible to successfully treat and manage these issues. It is crucial to diagnose the type of aggression and its triggers, so what provokes this behaviour can be identified.

We strongly recommend contacting a force-free trainer to see if they can support and help you.

I Think My Pet May Have Behavioural Problems

If your pet cries or howls when left home alone digs, chews or destroys your house or would simply benefit from basic manners and house training, training may help. Behaviour modification programs are often successful in enabling owners to keep their pets, and enjoy a long and fulfilling relationship.

We strongly recommend contacting a force-free trainer to see if they can support and help you.

We also recommend trying some or all of the following tips:

  • Prevent boredom. Its important to keep your dogs active mind entertained. Freeze dog treats so your pet has to work to get them. Turn on the radio or television, or search Through A Dogs Ear on YouTube for exciting footage for your dog to enjoy.
  • Increase social time. Expand your pets world and increase social time by going for walks, teaching it tricks and/or rotating its toys.
  • Consider dog-walkers or sitters. If you are short on time, consider force-free dog walkers and pet service providers online.
  • Consider your pets environment. All pets benefit from environmental enrichment. Regular new toys to keep your furry friend stimulated while youre away will make a difference to their everyday life.

Tips For Finding A New Home For Your Pet

No one knows your pet better than you. You know his or her likes, dislikes, interests and temperament, therefore you have a far greater chance of finding a successful new home than anyone else. Talk to your friends, share the information on social media, or even get adoption cards made to share with people you meet at the dog park or walking down the street. Helping your pet find a new forever home can be rewarding for both you and your pet.

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Can I Drop My Cat Off At A Shelter Or Is It Illegal

It depends on what you mean by dropping them off. Shelters are an option if you are unable to make suitable arrangements through other channels. Just make sure to research the shelters in your area and get a better idea of how they run. Some places may have an open admissions policy where you can go and take your pet at a convenient time. Others may have an appointment process.

What you cant do is just leave a cat somewhere without meeting with another person and signing all the necessary paperwork for the shelter. Make that appointment and do this responsibly. You need to tell the staff about your cats needs and be sure that they are in safe hands. Dont leave them alone just to avoid the stress of dealing with the shelter staff.

Im Moving And Unable To Take My Pet


Keeping a pet while renting can be difficult. Very few leasers specifically state that they allow pets, however you might find theyre open to negotiate.

Dont rely on rental ads often landlords and real estate agents will consider pets if you approach them directly. Offer to sign an agreement or pay a deposit and encourage the owner/landlord to meet your well-behaved, well-groomed flea-free pet.

A pet resume may also be your key to success. Consider keeping a veterinary history, up-to-date vaccination certificates and a behaviour profile for your pet. This can then be handed to prospective real estate agents or landlords during your application process, helping them get to know your pet and make an informed decision.

For more information and tips, visit our pets in rentals page.

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Home To Home: Shelter Bypass Service

The Home to Home: Shelter Bypass Service assists people who are looking to keep their pet out of the shelter system by re-homing them privately. Through this free service, The Anti-Cruelty Society creates a courtesy adoption listing on pet owners behalf to include on our website.

The Anti-Cruelty Society is an open door shelter. We accept animals:

MondayFriday: 10 am.4 p.m.SaturdaySunday: 10 a.m.6 p.m.

The Animal Intake Department is located at 157 W. Grand Ave. and is accessible by taking the elevator to 1R. Free parking is available in our garage on Wells Street just south of Grand Avenue.Please note:Due to COVID precautions, only one family member/person may be present during intake services. We ask that other family members wait in their vehicle or in the 157 W. Grand lobby near the elevator.

Important animal relinquishment information:

  • We ask anyone looking to surrender a pet to call us in advance to schedule an appointment to help us provide the best service possible. While we do accept walk-ins, it is in your animal and your best interest and benefit to schedule drop-off in advance at 312-644-8338.
  • A current drivers license or state identification is required to surrender a pet.
  • A $35 surrender fee at the time of intake helps the Society cover the cost of this valuable service.
  • Pet owners are asked to complete a personality profile for each pet to bring to the intake appointment. These forms provide crucial information about the animal you are surrendering.

Can You Guarantee That My Pet Will Be Placed For Adoption

No, we cannot. The Seattle Animal Shelter accepts all animals from residents of the city of Seattle, regardless of species, breed, age, condition or behavior. While we are typically able to adopt out 90 percent of dogs, cats and critters that come through our doors, some pets will not be placed for adoption. Our staff will perform behavioral and medical evaluations to determine if your pet is an adoption candidate. Pets that are determined to be a health or safety risk to humans or other pets will not be placed for adoption. Additionally, pets that are unable to be helped by reasonable veterinary care may also not be placed for adoption.

We are not able to notify you of your surrendered pet’s status, but you are welcome to email to inquire about their status. We cannot give out information about the pet’s new adopters.

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Do Cats Get Sad When You Surrender Them

This is a good question and one that may stop some people from going through with surrendering their cat. They worry that giving up the cat is worse than keeping them because the cat will become resentful and depressed, and things may only get worse at the shelter. However, any distress caused by the surrender is short-lived compared to the damage caused by keeping them in an unsuitable home. Your cat may be confused and stressed at first, but will soon settle in with the right owner.

There May Be Other Options

How cat surrender the fight?

We are committed to helping you keep your furry friend in your family, forever. Before proceeding, please check out the resources below.

I am looking to surrender because of:

If you are considering re-homing your pet, here are some suggestions on how to do so.

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What Do You Do With A Cat You Dont Want Anymore

You have options when it comes to rehoming a cat, and you can learn more about this in this other guide:where can I surrender my cat for free. Open admission shelters are a common choice because they have skilled staff that can care for the cat and work on finding new owners. If you would prefer, you can surrender your cat to friends or family in a better position than yourself. This could be easier on you both as it is a quick transition and you can see your cat again. Or, you can set up a profile on an online adoption site.

What To Bring To Your Pet Surrender Appointment:

  • A drivers license or other government-issued ID.
  • Your pets up-to-date veterinary records.
  • Your pets surrender fee, listed below. The cost to care for and rehome pets can be hundreds of dollars or more for each animal. As a local private nonprofit organization, we ask for a fee to help subsidize this cost. The fee is non-refundable and is not dependent on the outcome you choose for your pet after its evaluation.
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    Check With Your Local Experts

    Many local animal shelters and rescue groups offer a wide range of resources for struggling pet owners, including temporary foster care, help finding pet-friendly housing, assistance with veterinary expenses, free or low-cost training and more. Find your local shelters and rescues by visiting The Shelter Pet Project and entering your zip code.

    Returning A Cat From Purrfect Pals

    Surrender oh fuzzy one hilarious

    PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need an appointment to return a cat or kitten you adopted from Purrfect Pals at our Arlington facility. Even if we are not accepting new cats, we will always take back a Purrfect Pals cat. You can return your adopted cat to our Arlington facility between 10am and 4pm, Monday through Saturday.

    We would appreciate it if you could let us know to expect you, though, so we can prepare for your kittys arrival. You can reach us at 652-9611 or .

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    Is Surrendering A Cat Bad

    Not necessarily. It is all too easy to focus on the negatives when it comes to surrendering animals to shelters or alternative homes. You may feel as though you have failed the cat because you cant provide for them or have given up on them. But, wouldnt you be failing them more by keeping them in a home that is no longer suitable, or neglecting their needs?Sometimes surrender is in the best interests of the cat. If you can honestly say that this is the case here then surrendering the cat isnt a bad thing.

    Surrendering Your Pet To The Maryland Spca: Steps And Requirements

    Surrendering a pet to admissions is by appointment ONLY.

    Requirements for surrender appointment:

    • You must be at least 18 years of age in order to sign the surrender contract.
    • You must be the legal owner of the pet.
    • On the day of the appointment you must bring ID and cash or credit card for the surrender fee.

    There is a surrender fee of $30 per pet or per litter , which is due at the time of surrender. This fee represents a small fraction of the total cost incurred by the shelter for the care of each pet. The Maryland SPCA does not receive government funds, nor do we receiving funding from national organizations. The work we do is paid for by public donations and the fees we charge for our services.

    To discuss surrendering your pet and to schedule an appointment, please contact our Admissions Department at 410-235-8826 x100 or by email at .

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    My Pet Keeps Escaping

    Animals attempt escape for many reasons: loneliness, boredom, territorial roaming, mate-seeking, an underlying curiosity or anxiety.

    We recommend these tips:

    • Keep your pet entertained. If you are short on time, consider force-free dog walkers and pet service providers online.
    • Increase social time. Expand your pets world and increase social time by going for walks, teaching it tricks and/or rotating its toys.
    • Look at your fencing. Ensure your fence is secure and high enough to safely contain your dog. You can also bury chicken wire under the ground at the base of the fence so your pet cant dig underneath.
    • Bring your dog indoors.
    • Have your pet desexed. If your pet is neutered or spayed it will be less likely to go in search of a mate. The National Desexing Network helps you find vets in your area at discount rates. Learn more here.

    I Think Im Allergic To My Pet

    Holistically healing through Qi balancing my cat | Lessons in surrendering

    Begin by testing. Believe it or not, many people think they are allergic to their pets, but the cause of the reaction comes from something else such as flea treatment. The only way to verify your allergy is through a quick test from your local GP.

    If you have a confirmed allergy, love your pet and just need some good advice on how to live happily ever after, try these tips:

  • Create a pet-free zone in your home, such as your bedroom, and do not allow your pet to access this area. Often, it is not a small exposure to an allergen that triggers a reaction, but increased exposure over time.
  • Wash your pet regularly, ensuring you use pet-safe shampoos. Bathing them and trimming their fur helps prevent the build-up of old and loose hair.
  • Groom your pet regularly. Having your dogs hair trimmed has some great advantages. It vastly reduces the amount of hair and shedding around the house, hence the quantity of allergens as well and during the summer it can be a life-saver for the longer-haired ones! Investment in a good pair of pet shears means you can do it from home. Find out more at RSPCA PetVille.
  • Keep your home clean and invest in an air purifier. Regularly wash your bedding, carpet and curtains. If your pet rides in the car with you, consider using washable covers.
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    Do You Have To Pay To Rehome A Cat

    This is an important question for anyone looking to surrender a cat due to financial difficulties. There are cases where shelters will charge you for giving up an animal. Some costs could be minimal, around $30 or so, while others may be closer to $100. This could be too high a cost, which is why you might consider a free adoption website or finding a home yourself. It is also worth remembering that some cat owners charge rehoming fees to make sure that new owners are serious and responsible. But, this could limit your options.

    What To Expect During Your Appointment

    If we agree to take your cat, we will schedule an appointment with you. It is critical that you arrive at the required time, or call us if you are going to be late . The surrender process takes between 30 minutes and an hour on average.

    So that we can set them up for success and provide the best care possible, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire about your cats background, medical history, likes and dislikes and any insight you would like to share with our staff and potential adopters. We also encourage you to provide any past medical records that you can. You can bring copies of the records to your appointment or ask your veterinarians office to email or fax them to us.

    Please also be aware that, during your surrender appointment, you will be given an opportunity to donate to Purrfect Pals to help with the care of your cat and the other cats at the shelter. Purrfect Pals spends, on average, about $375 per cat at our shelter. When surrendering your cat, we encourage you to make a final gift to your cat to ensure that your kitty and all the other kitties at Purrfect Pals continue to receive the best care possible. Donating is NOT a requirement and the amount of your gift, if any, will have no bearing on our decision whether to accept your animal.

    If we are unable to accept your cat at this time, please check out our list of other Puget Sound shelters and rescue organizations that might be able to help.

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    I Need To Surrender My Pet

    If you have exhausted all your options and feel you must surrender your pet, please fill out the appropriate form below, but please keep in mind that it can take up to 7 days to receive a reply email once a surrender form has been submitted.

    Please also keep in mind the following:

    • If you must find placement immediately for your pet, please contact your local open access, animal control facility.
    • An evaluation of your pet by a PAC representative is needed prior to the Center accepting for adoption.
    • A lifesaving fee will be required to assist with the care of your pet while they wait for a new home.
    • Your pet may require Vet care prior to surrender, such as:

    About Our Admissions Department

    Where Can I Surrender My Cat For Free In Arizona
    • The Humane Society of Utah works with our community to find the best possible solution and outcome for both you and your pet.
    • Please read the information on this page before scheduling your pet surrender appointment below. Pet admissions are handled by appointment only through our Coordinated Entry System.

    Watch this video about our Admissions Department.

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    When You Bring Your Pet For Your Scheduled Surrender Appointment At Hslm You Will Be Asked To Bring The Following:

    • One cup of your pets food and mention of any potential dietary restrictions we want to avoid an upset stomach when feeding the animal at the shelter.
    • Favourite toys or blanket these items ensure that the animal is happy and comfortable while at the shelter.
    • Your pets medical records .
    • A piece of photo identification for yourself.
    • Proof that you are the owner of the pet such documentation or receipt from your veterinary clinic.

    With an overview of medical and behavioural history of each animal upon the time of surrender, we are able to ensure that the pets become available for adoption and find their new homes within a much faster time frame.

    If you are considering re-homing your pet to HSLM because of allergies, behavioural issues, house soiling, etc, please first visit: to download and review our helpful pdf brochures.

    If you have any further questions, or need to make an appointment, please call 519-451-0630 x232 or x233 or email using the form below.


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