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A Game Of Cat And Mouth

A Game Of Cat And Mouth By Exploding Kittens

Introducing “A Game of Cat & Mouth”, in 30 seconds.
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  • 10.5 x 3.23 x 10.5 inches
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    • Portable, Open-And-Play Kitten Paw Slingshot Catapult Game – The box IS the game board! Get the whole family involved in a fun ball slinging tabletop game, purr-fect for game night
    • 100% Magnet-Powered, No Batteries – Includes 16 catapult-able balls and 2 magnetic, human-powered Kitty Paw Flickers
    • Catapult balls through a Rainbow Ralphing âCat Mouthâ Centerpiece – Set up your colorful center barrier, and 6 optional wall bumpers
    • Highly Addicting, Pinball-ish Gameplay – Fun Family Games for Family Game Night, great for ages 7 and up
    • Start a Tournament – Include more than 2 players and keep the fun going with the whole family using our tournament app! One of the best Board Games For Family Night

    A Game Of Cat And Mouth

    Number of Players:;2 – 7Playing Time:;10;MinutesRecommended Ages:;7+

    A Game of Cat & Mouth;is a two-player game in which players use a magnetic cat’s paw to shoot balls at one another.

    In more detail, to set up, you lay the box open on the table, place the “cat head” dividing screen upright in the center of the board, place the black “nose” ball in the center of the cat’s face, set the three white “teeth” balls in the cat’s mouth, divide the eight yellow balls between the two players, and lock the magnetic cat’s paw into place on each side of the game board.

    In a round, you use your cat’s paw to shoot balls through the cat’s mouth at your opponent, or you aim for the nose and teeth to knock them out. As soon as all the balls of one color the one black ball, the three white balls, or the eight yellow balls are on one side of the board, the round ends and the other player scores a point. Reset the board, and start shooting at one another once again!

    What Is A Game Of Cat And Mouth

    Use your magnetic cat’s paw to shoot all the balls of one color at the enemy.;

    A;Game of Cat & Mouth; A;Exploding Kittens Inspired;Game

    A;fiercely competitive magnet-powered, highly-addicting pinball’ish game from the creators of Exploding Kittens.

    • Family-friendly and easy to learn.
    • It’s;like playing pinball with slingshots; A;Cat Paw Slingshot.
    • Send balls flying with magnetic paws flickers.
    • The box is the game, just open to play.

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    Overview Of A Game Of Cat And Mouth

    A Game of Cat and Mouth is a wonderful, exciting, new spin-off of Pinball. Players attempt to get all the balls of one color onto their opponents side of the board using magnetic paddles to throw the balls through the cats mouth. There are no turns, so speed is important. Flick those balls as fast as you can!


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