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What Cat Food Do Vets Recommend

What Makes A Best Cat Food For Urinary Crystals

These are the worst cat food brands

As I mentioned earlier, food plays an important role in your cats urinary health. High-quality cat food with the right ingredients can prevent such issues and might even help in treating urinary problems by pairing along with the treatment prescribed by the vet.

Here is a quick lay down on the ingredients that make cat food good for urinary health:

Wet v Dry Urinary Cat Foods

Both wet and dry best urinary cat food options are designed specifically for urinary health contain nutrients and minerals necessary to combat infections and inflammations. However, there is one important factor we cannot ignore- moisture.

If your cat drinks adequate water, there is no reason why dry food wouldnt work. But in case your cat doesnt have the natural drive to drink water often, wet food might be a good option.

Berberis Vulgaris

Common Barberry, or Berberis Vulgaris, is known to promote healthy bladder and urinary tract. It has an immunity-boosting effect on humans as well as feline health.


This is a homeopathic strain obtained from beetles and is considered useful for acute cystitis attacks. Cantharis provides quick relief from urinary crystals.


This is another natures gift that helps provide comfort to cats suffering from urinary infections and soothes the urinary tract.

The Components Of Wet Food

The individual analytical values of canned food can be used to determine whether it is high-quality food. We give you some examples of this:

Components Important to know

  • reflects the protein value in wet feed
  • the value should be between 5 15
  • make sure that they come from animal or plant materials
  • for animal proteins, the value may be higher than 15


  • shows the amount of inorganic substances


  • the value should be between 1,5 2

Crude fibre

  • Raw fibres are dietary fibres are indigestible for the cats
  • a high value may indicate many plant ingredients
  • the value should be kept as low as possible and be less than 1,5%


  • the value should be between 50 70

Minerals Additives And Vitamins What Should And Should Not Be Included In Canned Food For Cats

That should be included


Taurine plays an important role in your cats metabolism and additionally strengthens the eyesight of the animals. It also strengthens the heart.

Taurine is contained in meat as well as in the intestines. However, veterinarians disagree on how high the taurine value of cat food should be, so opinions range from 400 2500 mg per kilo of cat food.


Of course, vitamins are also very important and are also contained in the intestines as well as in the meat. However, these can be destroyed by excessive heat during the production of food.

Calcium and phosphorus

Calcium and phosphorus are important for the bone structure and kidneys of cats. These should be in a ratio of 1.2 to 1 .

Potassium and Sodium

These ingredients are also very important and should be listed in all canned foods. The ideal ratio here is 2.1 potassium to 1 sodium.

This should not be included

Sugar and flavour enhancers

Flavour enhancers have the task of distracting the cat from the poor quality of the ingredients, as is often the case with some cheap products.

Sugar also leads to caries and obesity. If the food is high-quality food with a nice high meat content, additional flavour enhancers are not needed.

Colouring agents

High-quality cat food does not need colouring, because the main purpose of colouring is to make the cat food look more valuable and appetizing, which is not intended for the cat, but for the cat owner.

Gelling agents

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Royal Canin Especially Royal Canin Veterinary Diet

Royal Canin is currently owned by Mars.

Royal Canin owns several research centers around the world, allowing it to formulate recipes targeting specific health conditions and needs. The company has also published numerous scientific veterinary texts, including a scientific quarterly magazine called Veterinary Focus.

Ingredients Needed For This Homemade Dog Food Recipe:

Top 10 Best Vet Recommended Dry Cat Food of 2020 Review  Best Pet Pro

This DIY dog food made at home is filled with rich protein, vegetables, and healthy grains. Heres what youll need:

  • Coconut oil provides a variety of health benefits for dogs, such as improving the skin and coat, increasing energy, aiding digestion, and reducing allergic reactions, just to name a few. And just like us, your dog needs healthy fats in their diet.
  • Ground turkey will add necessary protein to your dogs diet, as well as important vitamins and minerals.
  • Veggies this homemade dog food recipe uses a mix of zucchini, spinach and carrots. All are safe for dogs and will provide your baby with a variety of nutrients.
  • Turmeric a dog-safe seasoning that also provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Egg for extra protein and nutrients.
  • Rice a complex carb that provides energy and aids in gastrointestinal function.

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The Bottom Line On Wet Food Or Dry Food For Cats From A Vet:

So: Canned food and dry food appear roughly equal in the world of dental disease. Canned food appears better for urinary health. Dry food appears better for thyroid health. In the end its a toss-up.

I have been criticized in the past for not providing clear-cut answers to questions such as whether it is better to feed wet food or dry food. If you were hoping for a definitive answer, then Im sorry to disappoint you. But were not talking about religion. Were talking about cat food, and I dont believe that cats are well served by dogmatic answers to such questions.

Although I cant provide a clear-cut answer to the wet food vs. dry food question, I can provide some clear-cut advice. If your cat is healthy, pick a high-quality food, wet or dry, that your cat finds palatable and that works for you. Feed it in meals, not an all-you-can-eat megabowl. And brush his teeth.

Read more about cat food on

Dry Cat Food Versus Wet Or Canned Cat Food

Dry cat food is a popular choice partly because it is more convenient than wet cat food. Dry food is cost-effective, odorless, and it can be stored for long periods of time without spoiling, says Ferris.

But Julien notes that dry cat food can also be higher in carbohydrates than wet cat food. Just as you think about all the sourdough youve been eating while baking at home, you should also consider the amount of carbs your cat is eating. An active cat can absolutely use carbohydrates as an energy source, says Julien, adding that a sedentary aka indoor cat will store extra carbs as fat.

Wet food requires a bit more effort it has to be refrigerated once the can or pouch is opened and can be more expensive. But it may also help cats get more water in their diet . Canned or wet food has higher levels of protein and fat, making it a great option for cats of various lifestyles and ages, says Kornreich.

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Kitten Adult Or Senior

Cats are roughly divided into three age groups kitten, adult and senior when it comes to cat food.

While you might have a good idea of which bucket your cat falls into, Julien recommends consulting your veterinarian about your cats specific dietary needs in conjunction with age, and to get an expert read on what needs or restrictions your cat might be exhibiting. Kittens need more energy-producing nutrients like proteins and fats and more vitamins, minerals and water than adult cats, says Ferris. Formulas made specifically for kittens provide these nutrients in the right amounts.

Most cats will move from kitten kibbles to adult food on their first birthday. Ferris tells pet owners its important to gradually work in new food over a week to help avoid upsetting your feline friends stomach. Adult cat food likely has less calories than kitten cuisine, while senior food will likely be geared toward the specific health of your cat they might have trouble chewing or a reduced ability to smell and taste.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Best For Urinary Health

Pet Nutritionist Ranks Wet Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan has developed this food to protect your cats urinary tract. If youre looking for the best Purina cat food for urinary tract health, this food has been formulated to produce a low urine pH, which Purina has proven reduces the occurrence of some crystals in the urine. This means its less likely that your cat gets the most common types of bladder crystals or stones. They also reduced sources of dietary magnesium this should reduce the chance of struvite crystal formation.

Although this diet has lots of great benefits, its not a replacement for a prescription diet, which can actually treat urinary conditions. If your vet recommends a prescription diet that your cat wont eat, you should ask them for alternative suggestions to ensure your cat is still getting the benefits they need. Its also often best to increase water intake for cats with urinary issues, so a wet diet is preferable to a dry one.

Whilst the vast majority of cats do not need to gain weight, elderly cats or those recovering from illness may benefit from extra calories to regain condition. And just giving them extra portions of their usual diet wont necessarily be enough- sometimes their tiny stomachs cant take in all the nutrients they need unless the food youre feeding is calorie-dense. Kitten food is higher in calories and can be fed to adult cats for a short time to help them gain weight.

  • Not suitable for long term feeding

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Some Cats Drink Too Little When Given Dry Food

Because dry food contains only about 7 to 10% water, cats must drink an additional 200 ml of water when fed dry food, depending on the size and activity level of the cat and the environmental conditions.

However, as former desert dwellers, many cats drink little by nature and are able to save water by excreting very concentrated urine. This can promote the development of urinary stones and can also be a problem in kidney disease.

Therefore, in the case of such diseases, it is sometimes advisable to switch affected cats to wet food. However, you can also encourage your cat to drink, for example by offering him several water bowls distributed around the house or by purchasing a cat fountain.

Sheba Perfect Portions Wet Cat Food Best Grain

The Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food on our list is another amazing quality canned cat food with amazing nutrition, taste, and healthiness of your kitten.

If you are not satisfied with the Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Feast or your feline does not like it, its the best-wet cat food that you can get in this condition.

The Sheba Perfect Portions is nutrition-rich, with the integration of all the required minerals. There are no grains or corn used in this wet cat food, which makes it amazing for a feline with an allergy to the grains.

The Chicken, Turkey, and Tuna in this canned food are covered with a flavor-rich gravy that your feline will fall in love at the first bite. The delicate gravy used in this canned food is full of taste, which makes the feline go nuts.

Unlike other canned food, serving this food is completely mess-free. It comes in 24 twin packed single-serving packages that are easy to peel and serve. Moreover, the food is designed in a way that there are minimum chances of food leftovers.

If you are looking for the best grain-free wet canned food for your feline, you cannot go wrong with this product, absolutely amazing.



  • Poor Packaging Difficult to Open

The Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts is amazing quality wet canned food perfect for people seeking quality grain-free wet cat food.

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Final Thoughts On Best Dry Cat Foods

So, when it comes to feeding your kitty with dry food, many things can be considered. These 10 dry cat foods are great to feed to your pet.

Our number one recommendation is Hills Science Diet Dry Cat Food. This diet meets all nutritional needs and our standards. It is our choice for the best dry cat food made in USA. This diet contains a great source of protein and contains all the vitamins and minerals for your kitty to stay healthy and happy. Having a very picky eater, he loves this diet and has been very healthy and happy with our food choice. This makes this our number one choice of dry foods for adult cats.

Feeding a quality diet that contains quality ingredients to ensure your cat receives all its necessary nutrients is always recommended. Always talking to your vet about what diet is best for your cat. Especially if your pet is being treated for things like kidney or liver disease that require special diets, by feeding a good diet, you can help keep them around for years to come.

Article Sources:

Best Dry Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health

The 5 Best Cat Foods for Constipation In 2021

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, overweight and middle-aged cats are more prone to have urinary tract disease. There are recipes for healthy cats that can help minimize the risk of developing urinary problems. Dr. Bernals best dry food for cats urinary health is Wellness CORE Adult grain-free recipe. It supports a naturally acidic urinary pH with a higher proportion of animal-based proteins. The recipe includes cranberries as a key ingredient alongside lower amounts of minerals such as calcium and phosphorus to help prevent the development of mineral plugs or stones in the urinary tract. If your cat is using the litter box more than usual, consult with your vet, it could be a subtle sign shes not feeling well.


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What You Should Consider Before Buying Cat Food

When Kim Williams-VanDuzer, DVM and owner of Prettyboy Veterinary Hospital in Freeland, Maryland chats with pet parents about the best dry food for cats, she works with them to make the healthiest choice for their specific needs, including any urinary issues, allergies, obesity, or age. Its also important to be upfront with your vet about your pet food budget so you can work together to find the healthiest option for your budget. Finally, Dr. VanDuzer doesnt recommend any pet food without the Association of American Feed Control Officials label. Pet food is not regulated by the FDA so this voluntary approval guarantees that if a problem is found with the food, a recall will be issued and announced to the public. The food company will then typically pay for a diagnostic needed for the pets care. If your cat is in need of medical care, learn how to give your cat a pill.


Hills Prescription Diet T/d Dental Care Cat Food Best Overall

It might surprise you that my number one dry food for cats is a dental care diet, but dental problems are very commonly encountered in cats and have now been proven to affect heart and kidney health. So what could be more important than looking after kittys teeth? Whilst most dry foods dont seem to have any impact on dental health, the Hills t/d diets are clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. The kibble shape, size, and texture helps to clean your cats teeth, therefore reducing the occurrence of dental plaque. Its got the Veterinary Oral Health Council Accepted Product seal, too- so you know its clinically proven and a vet recommended cat food to help with dental problems. If youre going to feed dry food to your cat, Id strongly recommend you buy a food that works as hard as this one at keeping them healthy. The only catch is the price tag- as a clinically-proven diet, it costs a lot more than the average bag of pet food at the supermarket! Its also a prescription diet, which means it needs veterinary approval- but most vets will not hesitate to provide your supplier with the correct authorization.

To sum up, we believe this one is the best dry cat food available today.

  • Requires veterinary authorization

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Kibble Recipe

Chicken is the first ingredient in this Rachael Ray Nutrish dry food, making it an affordable but quality dry food. U.S. farm-raised chicken is combined with wholesome brown rice, vegetables, essential vitamins, minerals, and taurine. Find it in 3-, 6-, or 14-pound bags.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Kibble Recipe

Farm-raised chicken provides protein and flavor in this dry food with brown rice and veggies.

Lifestage Of Your Cat

10 Vet Recommended Dog Food Brands (That are Inexpensive) (2022)

Cats at different life stages will have different nutritional needs. For instance, fast-growing young kittens will need to consume more protein and fat in their diet than an adult cat will. Elderly cats will need less protein but simultaneously require a diet with high-quality protein.

When buying wet or dry cat food, you should always consider what stage of development your cat is at. Getting the right food for your cats stage of life is essential to maintaining good health.

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What Were Looking For

Life stage: The most important part when youre buying food for your pet is looking for the nutritional-adequacy statement and making sure its for the appropriate life stage for your pet, says Martha G. Cline, a certified veterinary nutritionist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey. All pet food should have a nutritional-adequacy statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials noting whether it meets the standards for growth , adult maintenance , or all life stages .

Nutritional breakdown: Unlike with human food, you generally wont find a nutrition label on your cats food breaking down the specific quantities of carbohydrates, fat, and protein it contains. For the most part, McKenzie says thats okay since all food that meets AAFCO standards will provide a sufficient amount of all macronutrients. There is a range within which cats can thrive, and individual cats all have slightly different needs, he says, adding that nearly all commercial diets fall within these ranges.


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