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Big Cat Habitat Gulf Coast Sanctuary

This Is Nothing More Than An Antiquated Carnie Circus

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Thankfully, in this more enlightened age of animal compassion, the market for these animal abusive displays is dwindling. Most people realize that there is nothing educational about seeing infant or adultwild animals caged, transported from venue to venue, tamed using abusive methods, existing solely as a profit center for a business.They watch Animal Planet, they visit truly accredited rescue sanctuaries, they are more aware of the reality of life for these imprisoned animals. In short, they are more educated and will look at anyone promoting them as irresponsible.

Kay Rosaire s organization is not accredited and has been cited by the government for the abusive conditions in which their animals are kept. At a USDA Big Cat Symposium in Fort Worth, Texas on March 26, 2003, Kay Rosaire made this statement on stage: To keep a tiger off you, you just poke em real hard with a pitchfork a time or two and show em whos boss. Then theyll get the message.

These two articles will give you background on what the Rosaire s are really about.

http://www.bigcatrescue.org/ s/0articlesbybcr/2008DyingToBeHeld.htm

http://www.bigcatrescue.org/circus tigers.htm

http://www.bigcatrescue.org/ s/0articlesbybcr/claws_and_effect.htm

The animals have no voice, but you do, and you can still do so much to put an end to their abuse.

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Big Cat Habitat Conservation and Education Center entrance gate is open at noon and closes at 4 p.m. Bird show is at 1 p.m. and animal demonstrations in the air-conditioned arena is at 2 p.m. Shows are free and subject to change.

Admission fees: Adults $25, Children ages 3 to 12 years of age $10, Children 2 and under are free . Active military and veterans are always free.

Parking is free.

Big Cat Habitat Holiday Hours: Open Christmas Eve, Closed Christmas Day, Open daily December 26, 2021 January 2, 2022.

Five Generations Of Circus Acts That Exploit Tigers And Other Big Cats

8/31/17 Leonardo DiCaprio asked to Help Save Wolf of Wall Street Co-Star from Rosaires of Big Cat Habitat

Rosaire Taunting Tiger with Baton

You can pretty much tell how much a person has to hide by how many names they operate under. Finding USDA reports on this facility and the Rosaire family has been one of the hardest because they keep changing names, changing locations and changing license numbers. To further exacerbate the situation Rosaire uses a P.O. Box for her USDA entity that houses the big cats making it hard for the average person to find anything on her without knowing her USDA license number. The following is just the beginning of an effort to bring all of their past into one time line to the best of our ability given the lack of government oversite and dismal record keeping.

Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of this research has been how the public can pay to see her forcing the cats to perform and then believe her when she claims that her tigers were rescued. She rescues from herself. They are tigers bred by her for use as props who are then relegated to tiny, barren cages. Most of these only have a tarp for shade. In 2009 she claimed on her USDA renewal to have 18 tigers, 8 lions, 2 leopards, 1 cougar and 1 bobcat as well as an assortment of other exotic animals. If you go to her facility you will see that all of these animals are crammed into a very small patch of her property.

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Usda Whistle Blower Report

Richard Botelho Jr, Animal Care Inspector for the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal Plant Heath Inspection Service, Animal Care agency, has filed a whistle blower complaint against USDA with the US government Office of Special Counsel, dated January 4, 2005.

As an animal care inspector and citizen of the United States, Richard Botelho Jr, believes the public needs to be aware of the prohibited practices by the Animal Cares management at the eastern regional office. The OSC whistle blower complaint alleges multiple violations of federal regulations and law, gross mismanagement and waste of funds at Animal Cares eastern regional office in Raleigh, NC.

This lack of enforcement has caused more prolonged health and welfare problems for animals that AC is required to protect by the federal Animal Welfare Act. The lack of enforcement has also caused more incidents with potentially dangerous animals and the public. Animal Care in the eastern region is failing to enforce the Animal Welfare Act, which is endangering the animals we are responsible to protect to ensure adequate care and treatment. Failing to enforce the minimum standards and regulations of the AWA, has harmful risks to the animals and to the public. Potentially dangerous animal are being allowed to be exhibited to the public without direct control of a handler, sufficient distance or barrier between the animals and the public.

Kay Rosaire takes her circus act to Bermuda and the cats on barges

Palmer Boulevard Sarasota Fl 34240

Big Cat Habitat &  Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota

Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary is a non-profit safe haven for big cats, bears, and native wildlife. World-renowned educator and behaviorist Kay Rosaire and her son Clayton present training demonstrations with their rescued big cats in an educational forum. During the demonstrations they gently encourage the cats to show off their magnificent natural behaviors. You will be enthralled and entertained by these majestic animals as they demonstrate their characteristic athletic ability and unique individual personalities.

Volunteers are also a critical part of the support of the sanctuary. We need people with all types of skills. You can contribute to the expansion of the habitat and ongoing care for the animals by contributing in the following ways: Intermittent donations Monthly sponsorship of the animal of your choice Planned giving Volunteering your unique skillsCome join our big cat family! Your donations are tax deductible. The sanctuary is a 5013 nonprofit organization EIN #65-0659177. To donate, volunteer, or attend to our wish list, contact us

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My only fear is suggesting your place too often and not having any vacancies when I need another one.

We were able to relax and enjoy ourselves in the gulf, pool, and porch

Never once been disappointed! We stay for a week with our friends every year!!

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Public Education About Big Cats

The Big Cat Habitat is not only a unique place where visitors come in close contact with big cats and other exotic and domestic animals and birds, but it also endeavors to educate the visitors about these animals. The people who come to the Big Cat Habitat are not regular zoo-goers, these are people including both adults and kids who want to learn about the animals, their habitat, their eating habits, environmental effects, etc. Here the staff and reliable volunteers educate them on all these things and also showcase the training demonstrations for various acts taught to the animals.

Animal enthusiasts who want to learn about the exotic animals or who want to bring home a wild cat or any other exotic animal or bird find this sanctuary very informative. They get ample education to know what entails in taking care of these animals and helps them to understand the wild cats and their requirements better. People who want to work as volunteers as in this sanctuary or any other sanctuary can also enroll for the volunteer work and get hands-on training for taking care of the wild cats.

This sanctuary is a good place for kids to learn about treating the animals well whether wild or domestic. It generates ample awareness about animal mistreatment and environmental issues too. The sanctuary aims to foster appreciation in its visitors about the wild animals and their environment to maintain the ecological balance.

Ticket And Opening Hour

The Big Cat Habitat is open for public viewing every week from Wednesday to Sunday. Monday and Tuesday are holidays. The Big Cat Habitat opens at 12 pm and the closing hour is 4 pm. Visitors can enjoy the sanctuary and the wild animals for these four hours. The ticket or pass is valid for a single visit only and can be bought online or at the main sanctuary gate at the time of arrival. The ticket for adults costs $18 and for the child is for $8 . There is no ticket for kids below 2 years of age and kids of the age of 13 years or above need an adult ticket. There is no ticket required for people in active US Military service and veterans of the US Military. They need to show their credentials at the ticket counter or main gate to avail the facility. There is ample parking space available, and the parking space is free for all.

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Rosaires Known Licenses And Aliases

Florida 3092 58-C-0387 Rosaire, David David Rosaires Perky Pekes P.O. Box 50094 Sarasota 34232 license issued 6/1998

Florida 2998 58-C-0496 Rosaire, Ross Derrick & Kay Rosaires Bears Po Box 346 Myakka City 34251

Florida 9309 58-C-0769 Rosaire, Wayne Rosaires Royal Racers Po Box 338 Bostwick 32007 this is for 14 racing pigs

Florida 3121 58-C-0367 Rosaire-Mowrey, Kay Rosaire-Mowrey Family P O Box 50217 Sarasota 34232 license issued 10/1990

Florida 6648 58-C-0608 Zoppe, Andrea 3074 Myrtle Sarasota 34234 last inspection was in 2008 for 6 dogs

Florida 13162 58-C-0908 Zoppe, Dallas 3115 44th St Sarasota 34234

Florida 3009 58-C-0501 Zoppe, Pamela & Roger Rosaire-Zoppe Chimpanzees Rosaire-Zoppe Chimpanzees Sarasota 34232

Florida 3009 58-C-0936 Zoppe, Pamela & Roger Rosaire-Zoppe Chimpanzees Rosaire-Zoppe Chimpanzees Sarasota 34232

Florida 3175 58-C-0868 Arneberg, James Arnberg Super Dog Show 7101 Palmer Blvd Sarasota 34234 this is the physical address for the tigers

Florida 32030 58-C-0832 Dymek, Kazinerz Party Animals Petting Zoo Llc 901 East Rd Sarasota 34240 SunBiz registered to Rosaire no inspection since 2009

Bird Shows And Big Cat Show

Big Cat Habitat Gulf Coast Sanctuary Sarasota

The Big Cat Habitat has various shows for the public from Wednesday to Sunday. The Birds show /Reptile show is at 1 pm where one can enjoy the various birds and reptiles and learn about them and their habits. At 2 pm there is a demonstration showcasing some of the big cats of the sanctuary in the air-conditioned arena. The Big cat Show or the Wild Animal Encounter is very famous as it has the trainers of the big cats showcasing their skills and training techniques on these tigers and lions.

The visitors also get to learn about the background story of each resident animal showcased and see their unique personality. During these demonstrations, the audience witnesses the bond and friendship between the animal and the trainer. The level of trust is apparent during the various demonstrations. The trainers give fascinating demonstrations which enthrall the audience irrespective of age.

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Stay Ceeeeally Close To The Big Cats

Apart from visiting the sanctuary during public hours to see wild animals, many people want to enjoy their private functions or events in the sanctuary. The Big Cat Habitat has the facility for Venue rentals for various private functions like birthday party, wedding function, corporate events, picnics, dinners, etc. People can make their special occasions unique and one of a kind for their guests and themselves too with the wild backdrop of the sanctuary and more than 150 animals. For a small gathering, the Safari Party area located near the Koi pond provides a tranquil ambiance for a cozy gathering. It is a private and covered area, only a few steps away from the Cat Walk of the Sanctuary.

For a more adventurous and larger gathering, the Liger Lounge is perfect. The area covered with luscious green vegetation is close to the majestic big cats’ habitats. The venue rental is for the private use of the sanctuary facility for 4 hours with electricity and evening lightings. An additional hour can be added on request as an add-on. The venue rental can be upgraded to include various services or facilities like on-site catering, event decorations, event co-ordinations, bar service, Animal encounters/demonstrations, private tour, and bride/groom suites. So one can avail the various services and make their special occasion unique with the wild cats.

Stay With Us As You Explore Sarasota

Sarasota is a wonderful place filled with attractions like the Big Cat Habitat, but you may not want to stay in the city where its crowded, and the beaches are a long way away. Thankfully, you have the magical beaches of Siesta Key available to you as the perfect home base to experience everything amazing the region has to offer.

Give us a call at 941-349-1125. Discover new opportunities to see the sites of Siesta Key and Sarasota right outside our Siesta Key beach rentals.

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Lions And Tigers And Bears

The Big Cat Habitat is unlike any zoo, where visitors see the wild animals in cages and read about their species on an information board. Here the visitors see the wild animals in their safe habitat from a distance and learn about their life story from the sanctuary staff and volunteers. The visitors are also educated about the threat to these exotic animals, the environmental effects and various other related topics too. So it is just not seeing the wild animals and birds but also getting acquainted with them, which makes the visit more personal and unique. The sanctuary has various lions and tigers including Royal Bengal Tiger, rare white tigers, Siberian tigers and also cross-bred Ligers. Its a beautiful and unique sight to see these wild cats up-close with their athletic abilities and beautiful markings.

General Admission Hours And Prices

Big Cat Habitat  &  Gulf Coast Sanctuary

You can also visit during regular hours for general admission. The sanctuary is open from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Admission is $18 for adults and $8 for children. With just a general admission you can see many of the big cats. You can also see animal demonstrations and shows featuring birds or primates during regular opening hours.

It is located at 7101 Palmer Blvd, Sarasota, FL, a little over 20 minutes from Siesta Key.

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Facts You Should Know Before Allowing Wild Animal Displays

In an attempt to clean up the sleazy image long associated with roadside zoos, operators of these facilities now declare themselves conservationists. They in fact do nothing to protect wildlife or preserve habitat, and they breed animals indiscriminately, without regard for genetic diversity and with nowhere suitable for them to go. What people learn from these exhibitors is how animals act in captivity and that it is acceptable to cause wild animals to be bored, cramped, lonely, and kept far from their natural homes.

Profit-hungry operators perpetually breed animals so that they will have an endless supply of cute babies in order to draw crowds. The older, unmanageable animals are left to languish in small cages or disposed of when they have exhausted their usefulness. Exotic animal auctions, frequented by unscrupulous dealers, are a popular method of discarding unwanted display animals, who ultimately end up in the pet trade, on breeding farms, killed for their skins and other organs, or used for canned hunts. Some animals, such as tigers, lions, and bearsboth cubs and adultsare worth more dead than alive. Hides alone can fetch $2,000 to $20,000 or more. Entire families are slaughtered and stuffed for mounts that sell for $10,000. To avoid damaging pelts, animals are killed by the most gruesome methods imaginable, such as shoving ice picks through their ears and into their brains, suffocating them by wrapping plastic bags around their heads, and drowning.

What Is The Big Cat Habitat And Gulf Coast Sanctuary

The habitat is a 501c3 non-profit sanctuary for rescued big cats. This includes tigers, leopards, panthers, and more. The habitat was created specifically to care for rescued exotic large cats.

The sanctuary is currently home to about 70 cats including Apollo, a Lynx, Ariel, a bobcat, Ares, a cougar, Armani, a leopard, and the jaw-dropping Zabu, one of the extraordinary rare white tigers.

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Big Cat Habitat: Rescuing And Sanctuary

Kay Rosaire started this Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in 1987 to rehabilitate big cats that were abandoned and mistreated by their owners. She comes from a family who have been associated with wildlife and had a circus background. Kay herself has more than 30 years of experience with working with wildlife. Her experience and inclination prompted her to start this non-profit to rescue exotic and domestic animals and birds. Kay, with her son, other family members and staff assisted with dedicated volunteers, manages this wildlife sanctuary. The Big Cat Habitat provides a safe home and environment to wildlife and educates its visitors about these animals to foster appreciation and care for animals and preserve their habitat. The Big Cat Habitat has various animals and birds, both exotic and domestic as residents.

These animals and birds have come here either because someone abandoned them or their owners were unable to take care of them due to various reasons like shifting of residence, divorce, illness, jobs, etc. or these animals were left there by the circus companies they performed in. Due to the changing trend, many circus companies had to shut shops, so the animals and birds that performed there became redundant. So either they left these animals and birds at various sanctuaries and zoos or just abandoned them.

For The Love Of Animals Avoid The Circus

Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary

Sunday, December 23, 2007

On Wednesday, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus lumbers into the South Florida Fairgrounds Expo Center in Palm Beach County for 12 performances. To those considering stepping into the big top to attend one of these shows, I offer this polite request:

Please dont.

Who am I some animal-hating killjoy out to spoil your fun? Far from it. Im a father, a pretty passionate animal lover and, not coincidentally, I host a radio program about animals that airs on Tampa National Public Radio affiliate WMNF.

I do not claim to be a renowned animal expert. But over the years, Ive done a great deal of research into an array of animal matters. In hosting the show, Ive had the good fortune to interview a number of renowned animal experts, experiences that have yielded one indisputable conclusion:

Animals in circuses endure a relentlessly awful life, marked by constant travel in cramped quarters, where access to food and water and proper veterinary care cant always be counted on, but punishment, pain, cruelty and, sometimes, premature death can be.

Hyperbole? Hardly. Any unit of Ringling Bros. is on the road for six to 11 months at a time, typically traveling in small train cars or trucks that are often poorly ventilated and/or lack basic creature comforts.

Do you think that tigers who, like most animals, are deathly afraid of fire would be naturally inclined to jump through a ring of fire?

Read it online HERE

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