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What Breed Is A Calico Cat

Behavioural Traits Of Calico Cats

All cats, whether they are Calico or not, have unique personalities.

Their behaviour largely depends on their life experiences. 

Even taking this into account, there are some typical behavioural traits of Calico cats. 

  • Playful and energetic
  • Very independent
  • Sweet and loyal

Its generally acknowledged that Calico cats tend to have a little more attitude compared to others. 

Although they can be strong-willed, they can also sleep for many hours during the day and spend a lot of time in their owners lap

Calico Cat Personality Facts

Learn all about the calico cat’s personality and what you should know about them before choosing one to come and live with you. Although very similar to other domesticated house cats, calicos do have some characteristics that are unique to them. Find out more about these characterful cats below.

45.  Some say there is no particular personality trait shared by calico cats, as they aren’t a specific breed. There are calico cats in many different breeds.

46. However, like tortoiseshells, they are often described as having a personality trait known as “tortitude”, which makes them very independent and sassy. They can also be very loyal and affectionate cats. If you get one of these white, black and orange calico cats, they are very likely to make a great companion.

47. Calico cats are said to have quirky personalities.

48. Calico cats can be more feisty and more vocal than other types of cat.

49. Sometimes owners of female cats with this genetic color pattern report higher levels of aggression than cats whose colors aren’t determined in the same way.

50. Having a calico, tabby or tortoiseshell cat of many colors doesn’t, however, mean that your cat will be scratching and biting you all the time, simply that it may be a bit more of a diva than cats with non-calico colors.

Tortidude: The Calico Cat Personality

In addition to similar, distinctive color patters, Tortoiseshell cats and Calico cats are said to share a personality trait thats sometimes known as tortitude. The quality means that both breeds are occasionally notable for their spunk and sassy attitudes.

Like other cats, both male and female Calicos may display destructive behaviors like biting and scratching throughout their kitten years. Generally, pet owners are encouraged to redirect these behaviors with toys like scratching posts and tactics like positive reinforcement rather than declawing their cats.

Ultimately, the Calico personality will be determined by a variety of factors including breed, experience, and environment. With a little effort, research, and veterinary support theyre potentially a great kitty for any household.

A Collage Of Examples Of Tortie Cats:

Since torties are not specific to any particular breed of cat, their overall coloring typically appears brindled. Their appearance is a healthy mix of dark black or chocolate, with shades of red, ginger, or orange mixed in.

Fun tortoiseshell cat fact: In many cultures, tortoiseshell cats are synonymous with good luck. Dating back to Celtic times, tortoiseshell cats have been perceived to bring good fortune into their homes. Even today, the Irish and Scottish believe stray tortoiseshell cats bring them luck. In the United States, tortoiseshells are sometimes referred to as money cats.

For some people , it can be slightly difficult to determine the difference between torbie and tortie cat coat color. Heres something to keep in mind when establishing the difference:

Even on a solid color cat, you can often see stripes on reds and creams. The only way to be sure if you have a tortie or torbie is to ignore any stripes showing in the red or cream areas just look to see if the black color is solid or has stripes. You may see small white spots, but usually, Torties have a predominance of black and red fur color. A tortie can also have a diluted coat thats not as bold, but still be considered a tortie by definition.

Cole and Marmalades housemates, Jugg and Zig Zag, are both torties!

Calicos Cannot Be Bred

Calico Cat Breeds

Because of their special genetic make-up, long-haired calico cats happen by chance. This means that they cannot be bred for their color. The fact that calicos cannot be bred makes them even more unique than you might have imagined and explains why they are considered to be so lucky. In a world where its so easy to get what we want, especially when it comes to breeding animals, calicos are clearly in charge of their own destiny!


Why Are Most Calico Cats Girls

Calico cats are predominantly female because theyre coloring is related to the X chromosome. Ill try not to put you to sleep with a complicated genetics lesson, so heres a quick overview:

  • Two X chromosomes are needed for a cat to have that distinctive tri-color coat.
  • If a cat has an XX pair, she will be female.
  • Male cats have an XY chromosome pair, so they cant be Calicos.

However, there is an exception. In rare cases, cats can have an extra X chromosome making them XXY. These cats present as male, but can be Calico because they have two X chromosomes. This XXY configuration can cause Klinefelters Syndrome, which is a health issue well get into later. These cats are also sterile and cant be used to breed other Calico cats.

On a side note, please keep in mind that even sterile male cats should be neutered. Although they cant produce unwanted litters, this procedure provides them with important behavioral and health benefits, such as preventing testicular cancer and unwanted territorial spraying.

What Is The Secret Of The Coloring Of The Calico Cat

As you remember from biology lessons, our DNA has different chromosomes X and Y. They are the ones that determine the sex of a future animal or human. If there are two XX chromosomes in the genome, the kitten is born female, and if the code consists of X and Y, the pair will have a male heir .

The fact is that only females have a set of X chromosomes, which is responsible for the color of hair in animals. The X chromosomes may contain black and red pigments. Therefore, if a cat has an X chromosome set in its genome, it has all chances to become part of the calico cat representative species.

Another situation is with tricolor male cats that have an abnormal set of chromosomes at birth, namely XX chromosomes. In a man, everything is quite simple and not so colorful because the chromosome Y has no color pigments. Therefore, a cat that is born with a standard set of XY chromosomes has the ability to be two-color or monochrome .

According to statistics, males calico cats are born infertile and most often have some health problems that affect their life quality and expectancy.

There is a historical fact that confirms that a unique set of chromosomes XXY in the genome of tricolor males were studied to determine the cause of genetic abnormality in children born with Down syndrome. Since these children also have an extra chromosome in their genetic code.

Calico Cat Breed Facts

Here are some cool facts about calico cat breeds. There can be calico cats in several different breeds of cats, meaning you can get a calico British Blue, a calico American Shorthair, and many other types of calico. Find out all about these breeds below.

36. The affectionate American Shorthair cat can be calico. American Shorthair cats are very playful and make great pets. They are believed to have come to America on the Mayflower with the Pioneers, and have now established themselves in the USA as the native North American shorthair cat.

37. The popular semi-long haired Maine Coon cat from North Eastern America can also be a calico cat. Maine Coons are an ancient breed of cat thought to have originally come over on the first ships to sail to America. After mating with shorthaired cats in America the offspring appeared with semi-long hair fur and raccoon-like bushy tails.  

38. Maine Coons have evolved to survive in Maine’s cold weather so their semi-long fur serves them well. Originally farm cats, they are more often found as house cats these days.

39. The British shorthair or British Blue, is a pedigree British breed of cat. It usually has a thick grey blue coat and orange eyes. This breed of cat was the inspiration for John Tenniel, the illustrator for the original print of ‘Alice In Wonderland’, who based his drawings of the Cheshire Cat on the British shorthair.

What Is A Dilute Calico Cat

Most people have heard of calico cats, though not everyone knows what they are. These rare cats are exceptionally beautiful, which is the reason for their popularity. But theres an even rarer type of calico thats just as beautiful, though notably different in appearance: the dilute calico.

If youve never heard of a dilute calico before, youre not alone. Even if youve heard of one, its very likely that youve never actually seen one in person due to their incredible rarity. But what is a dilute calico cat and what makes them so special?

How To Tell The Difference Between Torbie Tortie Calico And Tabby Coat Color

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I love cats that come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Really, I dont discriminate, I just love them all despite their markings, fur length or coat color. Speaking of which, did you know there are different classifications for tabbies? Not all have solid stripes, actually, and some have stripes which are darker/bolder than others. If youve ever wondered what exactly makes a torbie, tortie, calico or tabby cat, were here to tell you!

Check out our detailed overview on how to tell the difference between torbies, torties, calico and tabby cat coat colors.

Are All Calico Cats Female 999% Are

Of all the calico cat facts on our list, this one sounds the most like a mythbut it isnt! Almost all calico cats are female. This is because their tri-coloring is related to the X chromosome. Two X chromosomes are needed to create the tri-color coat, and an XX pair also results in the cat being female.

In very rare casesabout 1 calico cat in every 3,000cats can have an extra X chromosome, known as XXY Syndrome. These cats are male, but are always sterile and unfortunately tend to have a host of health problems due to their genetic abnormalities. In even rarer cases, a male calico can be a feline chimera, where two embryos merge in utero to form one animal. These males are fertilewhich means that even if you have a male calico, he should still be neutered!

Interesting Facts About Calico Cats

People usually love kittens because of their beauty, and loving, and caring nature. However, no one can deny the unique beauty of calico cats. In addition to the tri-colored beautiful coat, these cats come with some interesting facts.

Learn some amazing facts about these colorful and generous kitties.

What Breed Is The Moggy

Calico Breed Information and Photos

A is not a breed, all domesticated cats are descended from their wild ancestor African wildcat and some cats were selectively bred to conform to a breed standard while others werent. This has left the moggy population without a breed or label. Moggies come in all shapes and sizes, including small, large, green, yellow, or blue eyes, long or shorthair and almost every coat colour and pattern.

What Is A Pedigree Cat

A pedigree cat is a cat that has been selectively bred over generations to conform to a certain trait or characteristic. The interesting thing is that purebred cats have descended from moggies. If you look at the history of many cat breeds, they often start off with a moggy who had an unusual trait, such as the Cornish Rex and Devon Rex who have an unusual curly coat. Both of these breeds were developed from homeless cats who carried the trait. The same happened to the LaPerm, Sphynx, Munchkin. British Shorthairs are descended from moggies and selectively bred to look the way they do and the Maine Coon is believed to be moggies who arrived in the United States on ships.

Calico Cats Are The Official State Cat Of Maryland

In 2001, the calico cat became the official cat for the state of Maryland. The rationale? The calico cats fur coloring of orange, black, and white are shared by the Maryland state bird, the Baltimore oriole, and the Maryland state insect, the Baltimore Checkerspot butterfly.

Another fun fact only three states in the U.S. have official cat representatives for their official state mammal: Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland. As you may have guessed, the Maine Coon is the official cat for Maine. The Massachusetts state cat is the tabby cat.

How Do I Care For A Calico Cat

If you have a healthy female cat without Klinefelters Syndrome, you can care for her like you would any cat. For instance, brush her regularly to keep her colorful coat in great shape and take her to the veterinarian for yearly check-ups and routine preventive care, like vaccinations.

You might also want to consider a cat insurance plan for your Calico friend. Cat insurance can help you cover the expense of the wellness treatments your kitty will need over her life. It can also help you manage the costs of care in case of an accident or illness. Keep in mind that even cats who are kept inside can get hurt or sick.

Calico Cat Color And Pattern

Calico cats have a combination of black, orange, and white fur. Each color has its own separate patches, and the colors are never blended or mixed as they are in tortoiseshell cats. Sometimes the colors are diluted to shades of blue, chocolate, cream, or fawn instead of the standard black and orange on white.

What Breed Of Cat Is A Calico


Most Calico Cats Are Female It’s a fact that 99.9 percent of all calico cats are female due to the unique chromosomal makeup that determines the color variations in their coats.

Likewise, how old do calico cats live? Persian cat: 10 17 years Turkish Angora: 12 18 years

In this regard, are calico cats chimeras?

Some male calico or tortoiseshell cats may be chimeras, which result from fusion in early development of two embryos with different color genotypes; these torties can pass only one color to their offspring, not both, according to which of the two original embryos its testes are descended from.

Why do tortoiseshell cats bite?

Her study, based on a survey of more than 1,200 cat owners, found that calicoes and torties are more likely to hiss, chase, bite, swat or scratch during interactions with humans. Because two X chromosomes are necessary to produce their coloring, the vast majority of both types of cats are female.

Calico Cat As An Emotional Support Animal

As calico cats do not belong to any specific breed, you can choose your favorite cat breed calicos. The famous cat breeds that allow calico cats are Turkish Angora, Scottish Fold, Persian, and Norwegian Forest Cat. Maine Coon, Japanese Bobtail, Exotic Shorthair, Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, British Shorthair, and American Shorthair also allow calico cats.

The calico cats are very rare, especially male ones. And, they are considered the good luck charm, so they can be a great ESA. They are feistier and more talkative than an average kitten. They are also very demanding, temperamental, independent, and allegedly strong-willed.

Their loving, sweet, and loyal nature make them a perfect option for an ESA. If you hunger for unconditional love, a calico will happily and willingly fulfill that need.

So, if you need an Emotional support animal, just ask your mental health professional to provide you a valid ESA letter. Before getting the letter, you need to decide which cat breed you want as your ESA. Choose any calico cat breed from the breeds mentioned above and make it your ESA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are calico cats polydactyl?

Polydactyl is a condition where the cat is born with an extra finger or toe. It can spontaneously occur in any cat breed.

What do calico cats look like?

What eye color a calico cat can have?

How many calico pedigrees are there?

About ten cat breeds allow calico cats. That includes:

  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Cornish Rex
  • Are calico cats good lap cats?

    Can Bombay Cats Be Black And White

    The Bombay is a shorthair breed of domestic cat, closely related to the Burmese. American Bombays have copper or goldeneyes, and a jet-black coat. Occasionally, a Bombay kitten may be born sable colored or have a few spots of white on chest, ears, or, tail, because of its relation to theBurmese.

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    So What Exactly Is A Calico Cat

    What Breed Is My Female Calico Cat?

    The first thing you should know is that Calico is not a breed of cat. You can check the Cat Fanciers Association list of breeds, but you wont find it listed there.*  A number of breeds, including American Shorthair, Japanese Bobtail, and Persian to name a few can have a calico coat color.

    What sets Calico cats apart is their tri-color coat. Calico cats have at least three colors in their fur, which at their most basic are white, orange, and black. However, variations on these colors, such as cream, blue-black, reddish, brown might also be noted in the coat of a Calico cat.

    Calico cats are sometimes mistaken for Tortoiseshell cats or Torties and vice versa. Torties are similar to Calicos in that they have black and orange coloring. However, Calicos are usually mostly white with patches of color, while Torties typically have a mainly brownish coat with streaks of colors and almost no white.

    Cat Tail Type: Long Or Short

    Several breeds have no tail or short tails. A missing tail or short tail can be a result of a birth defect or injury, but some breeds are simply born this way. These breeds include the Manx which originated hundreds of years ago in England. The Japanese Bobtail is another breed that exhibits a curved or kinked tailit has been doing so for centuries.

    Expectations With This Type Of Cat

    There are certain things that you can expect when getting a calico cat. Some of these things include interesting things happening in your home, spiced-up life, attitude from your cat, and much more. With this being noted, this does not mean your calico cat wont love you and play around with you. These cats can still be loyal and well-behaved at times. 

    Calico Kittens: Everything You Need To Know

    With butterscotch, chocolate, and vanilla swirls, calico cats are the showstoppers of the feline world. With such a distinctive pattern, we may think calico cats are a specific type of cat, but they arent a breed at all. Many types of cat breeds can have the signature calico cat markings. In other words, your calico kitten can come from a wide variety of genes!

    Interestingly, a calico cats three-toned fur almost always corresponds with being female. Calicos are 99.99% female due to the X chromosome determining the cats coloring. XX means multiple colors can show up, while XY means usually only one color can be present. Due to this anomaly, only one out of every 3,000 calico cats are born male.

    Though no one has records of where calico cats officially originated, theyre said to be discovered first in Egypt. Cats with the orange color gene can be traced back to Mediterranean ports such as Spain or Greece, suggesting that travelers brought these cats with them on ships back to Europe.

    The wondrous calico cat didnt just land overseas. Theyre highly popular in the U.S. as well. In fact, calico cats are the official state cat of !

    What Is The Difference Between A Tortoiseshell Cat And A Calico Cat

    have similar coloring to calicos in that they are also contain black and orange in their coat, but the major difference is instead of a mainly white base, tortoiseshells have a black-based coat, Dr. Gibbons of Just Cats Veterinary Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut, explains. In addition, instead of distinct spots of orange and white, tortoiseshells are more of an even blend of the black and orange with sometimes white mixed in.

    Calico Cat Personality Traits

    Calico shares personality traits with tortoiseshell cats, also known as Tortitudes. They are independent, spunky, and sassy. On the contrary, calicos are loyal, loving, and sweet cats. Calico cats are well known for their caring and loving nature.

    There is a long list of cat breeds that do not accept calicos. Calicos are not allowed in solid color cats, i.e., British Shorthair, Russian Blue, or the Bombay. They are also not allowed in pointed breeds, i.e., Himalayan or the Siamese.

    Calicos are commonly found in Scottish fold breeds, Maine Coon, Manx, Persian, and many other cats. Many of the breed standards allow tabby patches in their calicos. In Japanese Bobtails, calico is the most popular color pattern.

    Calico Cats Have A Big Personality

    As it turns out, calicos are well-known for their personalities and, more specifically, their sassy attitudes.

    Though it could be argued a calico cats attitude is determined by their breed, the general consensus is theres a certain attitude calicos are known to exhibit: one of extreme sass, pig-headedness and independence. As someone who spends a majority of her day with a calico cat, I can vouch for this.

    Lou is the most aloof, brave and temperamental cat Ive ever encountered.

    Despite these qualities, Lou also exhibits neediness, a tendency to be startled by the crunch of a chip and a sweetness. Shes basically a contradictory ball of fluff.

    Calico With Children And Other Pets

    Calicos are endearing, affectionate, and intelligent cats and get along well with children. Some calicos are reported to have being credited with certain acts that involved bravery, which includes saving humans and animals. They are even known to have rescued a whole litter of kittens from a burning building.

    Calicos are one of the most beautiful wonders created by nature. These gorgeous looking felines are found in many different breeds of cats with personalities and behavioral characteristics of the breed that they belong to. Hence, their temperaments can vary. Calicos are very popular for their tri-color coat and are hence very much in demand.

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    Captivating Calico Cat Facts

    Calico Cat Breeds You

    All kitties are bewitching, but no one can deny the unique beauty of the calico cat. These felines are so well known that they even come with their own set of interesting facts. For instance, you may have wondered more than once: Are all calico cats female? Get the answer and more calico cat facts below!

    What Is Special Aboutcalico Cats

    Calico cats are special because they change their coat. Calico cats are very similar to their normal counterparts, except they have a stunning long coat and are much more cheerful looking.

    If you love a cat that changes its color with the changing of the seasons, then you should look at getting a cat calico.

    You may think that cats do not change their color with the changing of the seasons. They do but in fact, cats do get older and their colors can become less vibrant as they age.

    However, a calico cat does not age so she can maintain the same color and she can keep the same expression all the time. Calico can look even more vibrant and interesting if she has had a coat that has been altered.

    The main reason why a coat should be altered is so that a cat can enjoy many different colors.

    There are different genes which determine whether or not a cat is a calico. Some cats will only ever appear calico so they have no need for altering their colors.

    There are others that will have the ability to change their color to red and then they can keep changing the color of their coat throughout the year.

    Calicos are certainly different from regular cats in terms of their ability to change their color with the changing of the seasons.

    They have an increased interest in keeping their tail long. If you see a calico kitten that has lost its tail, dont be worried.

    As a kitten grows up, it will have the ability to keep its tail without needing to attach a new one.


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