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What Did The Cat Do In Rick And Morty

What Did Rick See About The Talking Cat

that was dan harmons cat drawn into the show so he had memories of our physical world and Dan and humans so when Rick and jerry saw the mind scan they were so mind blown that it was sickening their reality was a cartoon thats why jerry said someone needs to know and Rick almost attempts suicide and did not kill the

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And that’s why the cat keeps telling people to stop over-complicating things: “Dont ask questions. Just have fun.”

This wasn’t the first time that Harmon and Roiland trolled Rick and Morty fans in season four remember Fascist Morty? and it’s not the first time they’ve taken aim at the Reddit obsessives who over-analyse the show either.

Back in 2017, Harmon explained to Inversethat “the showrunner and the fan are at cross purposes. Decoding and theorizing, thats a fan at their best and highest form when theyre thinking about the show on a level that the showrunner at peak form just isnt”.

“You want people to feel that affection for a show, but you dont actually want all your answers determined at the beginning of some conference, six years before theyre important to the plot.”

Roiland agreed, telling Inverse that he usually avoids “diving into stuff on Reddit” for that very reason. “Its bad to have that stuff sticking around my subconscious.”

And that’s why we’ll never know what Rick and Jerry saw in the Talking Cat’s mind. Even if the shifty feline does return in a future season Parnell tells us that “wouldn’t be a problem” Harmon and Roiland won’t explain the Cat’s past because that would undermine their original point.

Rick And Morty: Season Four Episode Five Trailer

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Rick and Morty fans were left intrigued when the animated series introduced a talking cat with a mysterious and seemingly dark back story in the latest episode. In typical Rick and Morty style, viewers were left without answers about why the cat could talk as well as what exactly the characters saw when they scanned its mind. Here are some of the theories so far about what the cat could mean and what it did to be able to talk.

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Pretty grim, right? Parnell continued: “It’s just… I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine. It’s probably better left that way.”

While Chris was a bit unsure of his answer at the time, it turns out that he was spot on. What the Talking Cat saw is “hard to imagine”, and that’s the whole point.

According to Decider, Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon finally explained what the Talking Cat was all about on the DVD commentary for season four. And no, the cat isn’t a cosmic entity of unspeakable evil.

“The cat subplot was an attempt to just have fun,” Harmon says. “The cat represents that voice in your head in the writers room that youre overthinking it.”

In the same commentary track, writer Jeff Loveness also explains the original inspiration for this idea, saying: “That came from like those movies like Oliver and Company and all that. They didnt really explain why the cats can talk.”

Rick And Morty Season 5: Release Date Speculation First Footage And Story Details

Why Can the Cat Talk in Rick and Morty? Find Out What ...

Here’s your first look at Rick and Morty season 5But bringing all that together would take, roughly, one game of Roy: A Life Well Lived. So, we’ve put together a little shortcut of a guide for what you should expect from season 5. By hopping into infinite dimensions and even snagging a couple of exclusive interviews, we’re here to bring you the complete picture of Rick and Morty season 5 so far: when we should expect it, why it won’t take as long this time, and even a very brief taste of what story shockers are in store for the Adult Swim series.

Naturally, this left viewers wondering what on earth Rick and Jerry actually saw in the cat’s brain. Given all the messed up stuff Rick has done over the years, it must have been something monumentally disturbing.

Immediately after the episode aired, Reddit did its thing, theorising what could be going on with the Talking Cat. Some of the most plausible yet still insane possibilities included the following:

  • The cat is actually a Morty.
  • The cat is a cosmic entity of unspeakable evil.
  • The cat is a reference to that horrifying Garfield meme ‘Im Sorry Jon’.
  • The cat was a victim of unspeakable violence.

While speaking to Jerry voice actor Chris Parnell, we asked what he thought Rick and Jerry might have seen in the Talking Cat’s mind, to which he replied:

Fans Think Well See The Talking Cat In The Rick And Morty Season 4 Finale

Jerry is down to clown.

Rick and Morty February 25, 2020

Before Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktims Morty wrapped, the talking cat met up with Balthromaw in the end credits scene. The two seemed to hit it off, giving fans a send-off to the short-lived new characters. However, it seems some viewers believe the cat will make another appearance in the Rick and Morty Season 4 finale.

Towards the end of the episode, Rick decided to help Jerry with the talking cat. But it wasnt exactly pure in motive. Rick was simply trying to get away from Balthromaw.

Your dads been texting me this whole time? Hes at an airport with a cat. OK, that sounds, wow. You know, I better check on him, Rick said. Big season finale right there, you know? Better go right now.

Fans picked up on season finale, which made everyone hypothesize the talking cat will be involved in the .

Even though Rick said that it was Season finale level material when he went to see Jerry? Well see him again alright, one fan wrote.

This kinda subtle stuff i can get behind, another fan wrote. Not something super hidden, i think those real obscure things tend to be more easter egg type stuff not foreshadowing. The though for a short while after a little throwaway line sounds like it could happen.

And other fans wondered if the cats traumatic experiences seen by Jerry and Morty will be brought up again in the finale.

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    The Talking Cat Is A Reference To ‘the Cat From Outer Space’

    Even Rick and Mortys craziest plots can be traced back to often-forgotten pieces of pop culture. , Jerrys adventure with the talking cat seems shockingly similar to the 1978 sci-fi comedy The Cat from Outer Space. Starring Ken Berry, the movie follows a khaki-wearing scientist who befriends a mysterious talking cat that just wants to go home.

    Much like in Rick and Morty, the cat explains its ability to talk by saying its from outer space. But whereas that nonsense explanation can fly in a Disney movie it doesnt in Adult Swims warped sci-fi show. The talking cat could be a nod to this forgotten and bizarre family movie and nothing more.

    Rick And Morty’s Talking Cat Is Basically A Nod To Disney Movies

    As pointed out, Rick and Morty writer Jeff Loveness opened up about the mindset that went into Talking Cat’s creation in the season 4 DVD commentary. According to the scribe, the writers wrote the character as a response to some of the family-friendly felines in the Disney cannon.

    “That came from like those movies like Oliver and Company and all that. They didn’t really explain why the cats can talk.”

    No one really questions why the animals can speak in animated children’s classics. It’s simply accepted as the rule of the land. Given that Rick and Morty has a propensity for addressing pop culture topics, it’s unsurprising to learn that the House of Mouse informed its bizarre storytelling to some degree.

    However, it’s worth noting that Talking Cat was never supposed to be a significant character who caused confusion and spurred debate. Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon elaborated on the matter in the same commentary, revealing that they just wanted to create some good old-fashioned silliness.

    “The cat subplot was just an attempt to have fun. “The cat represents that voice in your head in the writer’s room that you’re overthinking it.”

    The Talking Cat May Be A Reference To I Am Sorry John

    It says a lot that in an episode teaming with magic, theres really only one question left at the end of Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktims Morty: Why can the cat talk? Theres no definite answer to that one. Season 4, Episode 4 ended with Rick and Jerry panicking and vomiting after learning this Florida-loving cats truth. But there is one theory connected to a popular meme thats starting to gain traction. The talking cats dark past is a reference to the I Am Sorry Jon meme.

    Creepy Garfield, better known as I Am Sorry Jon, refers to a series of comics that flip the script on Garfield, turning the lasagna-loving cat into a monster stalking his owner. Its as disturbing as it is ridiculous. But Rick and Morty has a history of making Garfield edgy for no reason. One of the spots in Rixty Minutes featured a Gazorpazorp version of Garfield screaming at Jon and calling him a milquetoast piece of human garbage. According to this theory either the talking cat is dark Garfield or the whole bit is just an homage to a really silly meme.

    The Shows Writers And Creators Have Given Different Explanations For The Plotline

    Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile

    The creators of Rick and Mortyhave addressed a viral theories concerning a talking cat in season four of the hit sci-fi animation.

    The recent episode Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktims Morty featured Matthew Broderick as a mysterious talking feline, prompting a wave of speculation from fans.

    Popular theories posted on the Rick and Morty Reddit forum posited that the cat could in fact by a different incarnation of Morty, an evil cosmic entity, or a victim of unspeakable violence. 

    However, series creator Dan Harmon have poured cold water over most of the theories, insisting that the cat was simply a joke.

    The cat subplot was an attempt to just have fun, Harmon told . The cat represents that voice in your head in the writers room that youre overthinking it.

    Rick And Morty: What Did The Talking Cat See Star Speaks Out

    Rick and Morty took a midseason hiatus after returning to our screens last year. The cartoon was away from Adult Swim and E4 for several months before returning to air the second half of its fourth series a few weeks ago. One of the shows stars has recently spoken out about a mystery which featured in the fourth episode of the latest season.

    WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Rick and Morty season 4.

    Rick and Morty fans are used to seeing weird and unexplained goings-on in the comedy so a cat who could mysteriously talk didnt feel completely out of the blue for the show.

    In season fours episode four Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktims Morty, Rick Sanchez and Jerry Smith came across The Talking Cat who accompanied them on a trip in the spacecraft.

    When they asked why he was able to talk, the cat just replied it was because he was from space, hoping this would stop them answering questions.

    But this only made the pair even more curious to find out the truth.

    Rick And Morty Season 4 Finale May Bring Back This Mysterious Villain

    Rick and Morty recap: What did the cat do? Biggest ...

    This could explain how the first part of Season 4 set up an epic finale.

    Jake Kleinman

    Rick and Morty dropped a neutrino bomb on fans with the release of its epic Season 4 Part 2 trailer. Titled, “The Other Five,” this glorious teaser confirms the return of multiple iconic villains, from Evil Morty to the super-intelligent dog. However, there’s one familiar antagonist that Rick and Morty fans might have missed, and it could reveal how a previous Season 4 episode set up an epic season finale showdown.

    One scene from the new Rick and Morty Season 4 trailer shows Snuffles in his old mech-suit fighting a cat in a mech suit of its own. That’s a pretty epic battle , but it could be even more important than you think.

    Remember back in Rick and Morty Season 4’s Dungeons & Dragons-themed episode when Jerry and a talking cat went on an adventure to Florida? No? To be fair, it was a pretty minor B plot that didn’t amount to much. At least, that’s what we thought at the time.

    Each time someone asked why the cat could talk it replied, “.” This cat was all about having fun, not explaining why it could talk. Later in the episode, Rick and Jerry both find out the cat’s backstory, but it’s so horrible they can’t repeat it. So clearly this cat is evil, but we don’t know why.

    In the earlier episode, when Rick finds out about Jerry’s cat issues he makes a typical fourth-wall-breaking joke. “I better check on him,” he says. “Big season finale right there, you know?â

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    If it makes you feel better, the Rick and Morty team have recently promised answers of a different kind, teasing that the truth behind Space Beth will be revealed in season five. And yes, we’re aware that our desperate need for answers goes against everything the Talking Cat stands for, but honestly? We don’t give a flying schmeckle.

    Rick and Morty airs on Adult Swim in the US, while in the UK it can be found on E4 and All 4, as well as Netflix.

    What Did The Talking Cat See In Rick And Morty

    In the episode itself, Rick did not reveal what he had seen and so it remains a mystery to fans.

    However, Chris Parnell, who is the voice of Rick and Morty, has since opened up about what he thinks the cat was thinking about.

    Speaking to Digital Spy, he said: “Oh, wow. I guess it would be just eviscerating other people, or maybe a sort of Hitler kind of ruler overseeing the death of millions, or I don’t know doing horrible sexual acts.

    “It’s just… I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine. It’s probably better left that way.”


    Yes Rick Used The Mortys Mind Blowers Device

    A close inspection of screenshots from the episodes reveals that yes, Rick did use the Mortys Mind Blowers device.

    Near the end of the episode, he and Jerry were traveling with Jerrys cat when Rick started asking the cat why he could talk. The cat was evasive and Rick would have none of that. So he caught the cat in a trap and scanned its mind.

    Rick then viewed the scan himself, and Jerry followed despite Rick telling him not to do so.

    Whatever they saw was so horrifying that Jerry completely lost it and Rick almost killed himself.

    In the end, Rick told the cat to leave despite how sad the cat was. Jerry said they needed to remember what they saw, but Rick said that only one of them would remember. Rick took that burden on himself and wiped Jerrys memory.

    It turns out that Rick used the same device to wipe Jerrys memory that he had used on Morty in Mortys Mind Blowers from Season 3.

    Here are two screenshots of the device Rick used in Season 4 Episode 4:

    Adult Swim

    Adult Swim

    Now heres a photo of the device Rick used in Mortys Mind Blowers. You can see it when he and Morty got in a fight and they both accidentally wiped each others minds, triggering the failsafe plan he left with Summer.

    Adult Swim

    Adult Swim

    Its clearly the same mind-wiping device. That also means that the memory is probably still saved in Ricks lab somewhere. Hopefully Morty doesnt go back in there and find the memory again.

    The Talking Cat Is Actually A Pokemon

    Out of all the theories that have emerged so far, this one is the most fun. that Chachi, the cat alien thats killed at the beginning of Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktims Morty, looks like a cross between the talking cat and Pokemons own vocal feline, Meowth. Adding to this crossover, one of the bros in Florida can be seen sporting an Ash Ketchum hat.

    If thats true then maybe the horrors the cat witnessed or committed have to do with humans forcing him to battle with his brethren. Or maybe the animators were just really psyched about Pokemon one week.

    ‘game Of Thrones’ Actor Liam Cunningham Made A Perfect Fantasy Cameo

    Speaking of perfect casting, Rick and Mortys leading fantasy character Balthremar the dragon has a connection to one of the biggest fantasy series around. Balthremar was voiced by Liam Cunningham, best known for playing former smuggler and House Stark loyalist Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones. In addition to Game of Thrones Cunningham has also starred in Hunger, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, and Clash of the Titans.

    Why Did Beth Choose Summer

    I think it was because Beth had asked Rick to make the decision, to actually have some involvement in her life. All Beth wanted from her father, in that moment, was for him to care. To care about his daughters life, and to make some sort of decision for her, one that would have immense consequences for her life.

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    It’s A Reference To The I Am Sorry Jon Meme

    According to this theory, the point of the bit isnt exactly why the cat can talk. Instead the talking cat is just a reference to one of the darkest memes around, Creepy Garfield, aka I Am Sorry, Jon.

    This series of fan-created comics reimagines the lovable lasagna-loving Garfield as a demonic monster hellbent on torturing his owner Jon. Rick and Morty has already made fun of Garfield once, featuring a furious cursing version of the cartoon in Rixty Minutes., the talking cat may just be a nod to Creepy Garfield that isnt exceptionally important.

    What Are The Snakes Saying In Rick And Morty

    Rick and Morty Season 4

    Rattlestar Ricklactica may be the most snake-infested episode of Rick and Morty ever, but snakes have been featured a surprising number of times on the series. The Season 2 premiere showed a snake getting its blood pressure taken in a veterinarians office using the kind of cuff that is used for humans.

    Theory 1: Morty Turned Into A Monster Who Turned Into The Cat

    This one seems far-fetched, but the idea is that Morty turned into some kind of terrible monster and then subsequently the cat we see now. This would explain why Rick couldnt bring himself to kill the cat, since he typically doesnt have a problem with killing threats.

    One Redditor, u/girlfriendpleaser, : I think it was morty turning into a monster and then committing terrible acts.. Rick let him go cause he cant kill him and wanted to commit suicide because he may have caused it and doesnt want to see that ever happen.. jerry freaks out cause its his kid. And it ends with morty bonding with the dragon like he wanted to in the beginning dont be surprised if they become a duo opposite to rick and morty as well.

    The Truth About Rick And Morty’s Talking Cat

    Zach Lisabeth

    Not unlike its titular protagonists’ psychological baggage, episodes of Adult Swim’s animated series Rick and Morty can be a lot to unpack. Between all the high-concept science fiction elements, layers upon layers of literary homage, and a thick candy coating of theoretical physics, one could be forgiven for missing a few of the show’s more esoteric elements. One such plot device, featured prominently on the season 4 episode “Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty,” is the talking cat  who leads Jerry on a spring break adventure in south Florida.

    When Jerry first encounters the cat, sitting placidly on his bed in the house, a handful of rational-ish explanations jump to mind. Perhaps the cat is a robot, built in Jerry’s own garage by Rick. Perhaps the cat is just a cat, but one that Rick has imbued with super intelligence and the power of speech. Or maybe, the cat is an emissary from another planet populated by talking cats, or another dimension where cats evolved to domesticate humans. Any and all of these explanations seem plausible within the context of Rick and Morty, but viewers hoping for an explanation were left in the lurch after Rick’s adamant denial of any involvement with talking cat-related activities. So… was he telling the truth?

    Theory 6: The Cat Eats Old People

    Others think the cat used to eat old people, and thats why Jerry made the comment about his parents. But still, this wouldnt explain why Rick wouldnt just kill the cat.

    Some fans think this is all going to play out later in the season, maybe in the finale since Rick made a joke about the finale during the episode. Since the cat and the dragon bonded and were headed to Florida, it seems possible that this might all come to play again in another episode some day down the line.

    Nobody else concerned about what actually managed to terrify Rick about that cat? Just me? K.

    Sarah December 9, 2019

    Whatever it was, it was a pretty big deal. Rick rarely gets scared and for him to be that disturbed, it had to be something truly awful. And yet, it still wasnt awful enough for him to kill the cat, which is intriguing.

    Rick And Morty Talking Cat

    I get the joke is there is no answer and it’s intentionally left blank so the viewer can fill in the blank with their own sick twisted answer. I also get the underlying theme of the last couple seasons is that the fans read too much into every little throw away joke and ruin the show with over analysing….

    Now with that out of the way.

    The cat is the reincarnated soul of Ted Bundy.

    Its drawn to return to Florida, home of Ted Bundys most gruesome and final spree where it chooses to mingle with co-eds. Later we see despite being seemingly above average intelligence and charming in small interactions, it lacks basic social skills and cant properly interact with humans.

    Rick has witnessed infinite lifetimes of the worst things imaginable but the sickest most crippling thing imaginable isn’t fantasy, its what humans to do other humans.

    Why can it talk?


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