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Origin Of The Siamese Cat

What Is The Lifespan Of Siamese Cats

Siamese Cat 101 – Learn EVERYTHING About Them!

The lifespan of a Siamese cat is around 15 years, although some can live up to 20 years. They are a relatively healthy breed, but can be prone to certain health conditions such as respiratory problems and cross-eye.

Cats in the Siamese family can live for up to 20 years on average. They can, however, live to be much older. Scooter, a cat, became the worlds oldest living cat in 2016, according to Guinness World Records. The Siamese cat has the longest lifespan of any breed of cat. The Siamese cat has a great deal of personality and is extremely sought after by people. If left alone for an extended period of time, they will crave attention and will be unhappy or bored. Because outdoor cats are usually shorter lifespans than indoor cats, keep them indoors if possible. If youre looking for a Siamese to adopt, read on for a brief overview of what you can expect.

In comparison to the Wedgehead, Applehead Siamese is a healthy variation of the Siamese breed, to put it another way. Most other cat breeds have an average life expectancy of about 18 years, but these cats live for much longer, up to 25 years in rare cases. If you leave your Siamese alone for too long, they will suffer. Taking care of your Siamese cat while youre away will keep them healthy and happy.

Siamese Cats Are Very Intelligent

In addition to being playful, active, and affectionate, Siamese cats are also known for being very intelligent.

With some reward techniques, you can teach them to play fetch just like a dog.

Because of their affectionate nature and also how easy it is to teach them tricks, Siamese cats are often compared with dogs.

Siamese cats are also very inquisitive. Whatever you bring into the house will need an inspection. There is just no way around that.

If you think you can hide something from them, you are wrong.

She will find it, come back to chat about your actions, and judge you for days to come.

They arent called Divas of the cat kingdom for nothing.

Breeds Derived From The Siamese

  • Balinese Natural mutation of the Siamese cat a longhaired Siamese. In the largest US registry, the Cat Fanciers Association is limited to the four traditional Siamese coat colours of seal point, blue point , chocolate point, and lilac point . Other registries in the US and worldwide recognise a greater diversity of colours.

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Temperament Of Siamese Cats

The extreme look of this breed might lead a person to believe that they would be quite stand-offish in temperament, but actually quite the opposite is true. Siamese cats are generally people lovers, and they more likely to show great interest in whatever you’re doing. They love to be cuddled and caressed.

In addition to being rather affectionate, this breed can also be quite vocal, almost giving you the impression that you’re being spoken to in “cat.” If a Siamese wants something, you can be sure it will find a way to make you understand.

They Develop Best With Companions

Siamese cat

Because these cats love engagement and interaction, they develop best when paired with a companion.

Their engaging nature allows you to not be limited to choosing other cats as companions.

Siamese cats are not high-maintenance cats they have an inherent tendency to be more friendly, active, and engaging.

They will develop as well-adjusted pets if you match their enthusiasm for activity.

However, if you want to take care of the responsibility of engagement more organically, getting siamese cats in pairs, preferably from the same litter, is the way to go.

The two feline siblings will always have someone to play with, engage with, and run around. It frees you from a lot of responsibility, and then you can even leave them alone without the fear of them getting bored and lonely.

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Are Siamese Cats Guard Cats

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual cats personality. Some Siamese cats may be naturally more protective and territorial than others, making them good guard cats. However, Siamese cats are also known for being very social creatures that enjoy the company of people, so some may not make good guard cats. Ultimately, it is up to the owner to decide whether or not their Siamese cat would make a good guard cat.

Its no secret that Siamese cats are extremely protective of their owners/companions, and theyre willing to pounce on anything that comes their way. Their great instincts and protective nature are all the result of their histories. This type of cat may demonstrate extreme aggression in order to protect its owner. People who own Siamese cats often form close relationships with them. Because of their strong bond with their owner, siamese cats are extremely protective. They have an instinct to protect themselves at times, even possessively, as a result of their instinctual nature. When the environment changes, cats with strong instincts such as Siamese cats have the ability to analyze threats and protect themselves. They are susceptible to being overprotective when faced with unfamiliar people or animals, which is why their protective instinct can be misinterpreted. It may appear as if they are possessive and clingy in order to keep you all for themselves.

History Of Siamese Cat

Siamese cats have originated from Thailand. In 1880, the King of Siam sent the English Consul-General in Bangkok two pairs of Siamese cats he took them back to England, and they became the towns chat. Their success was quickly zooming as people tried to own one of these adorable Eastern cats. The first Siamese to win the championship was Wankee in 1898, and the breed grew quickly afterward.

Whether the Siamese breeders followed the judges in the official Siamese show rings or vice versa, it is not obvious, but for one reason or another, the Siamese cat eventually took on a slimmer appearance, with a more wedge-shaped head. This new Siamese breed more closely resembled the original Egyptian cats, as history showed them.

In 1987, a group of Siamese breeders, beset by extreme improvements in the appearance of the new breed and obsessed with possible health issues, came together to create the Traditional and Classic Cat International Registers. One of the aims of the organization was to bring back and retain the Old School look of each breed.

People are also confused over the words traditional and classic when they refer to Siamese cats. The president of the Traditional Siamese Cat Association, Sheelagh Le Cocq, states that the classical Siamese is a kind of a cross between traditional and contemporary models, without any extremes. She defined the classical period between 1945 and 1970.

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Siamese Cats Like Talking

Do you want a cat that talks? And I mean just not your usual cat meows but someone who wants to tell you all about your day and wants to listen about yours?

If yes, then Siamese cats will be perfect for you.

And the converse is also true. If you want a lucid, quiet cat that minds her own business most of the time, dont get a Siamese cat.

A ragdoll or a Persian cat would be more fitting.

Siamese cats want to supervise and get involved in all activities in their home.

And if you forget to do that, you will have to listen to their opinions about you.

Most people find their chatty quality endearing, but for some people, their raspy voice can get a bit annoying after a while.

Nutrition: Ensure Sufficient Natural Proteins And Fats

Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat- An Origin Tale

In addition to good grooming, its also important that your cat is properly nourished. With the Siamese it is also very important to pay attention to the amount of food. Cats generally get overweight quite quickly, but with the Siamese this is even worse than the average cat. If you give a Siamese a little too much food it will soon get a belly. It is therefore very important, especially with the Siamese, to adjust the energy supply to the energy consumption of the cat. You can also give a cat that is very active more food than a cat that is less active.

As far as food itself is concerned, it is important that your cat receives sufficient natural proteins and fats. The natural foods of cats are mice and other small animals. Cats are therefore also real meat eaters. So there is no point in feeding your cat a diet of cereals and vegetables as the cat will hardly get any useful nutrients from them.

When choosing food, you can opt for wet food and dry food. By wet food we mean raw meat. This is good food for a cat as a cat gets almost all the nutrients it needs from meat. You can also choose dry food such as kibble. It is important to look carefully at the ingredients on the label. Make sure there is enough protein in the kibble and not too much carbohydrates. Cats have difficulty processing carbohydrates.

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The Coat: Short With A Fine Texture

The coat of the Siamese is very short and has a fine texture. The coat is very shiny and is close to the body. The colour on the body is the same but a subtle shade is allowed. It should be noted that older cats often get darker colours. Siamese cats are known to get darker as they get older.

The coat of the Siamese comes in dots with a clear distinction between the colour of the body and the dots. The points are near the mask, ears, legs, feet and tail of the cat and all have the same shade. It should be noted that the mask sits all over the face at the front. Initially only seal points were allowed, but later other colours were added. At the moment the Siamese is allowed in the following colours.

For more information about the appearance and coat of the Siamese you can take a look at the breed standard of this cat.

Income Poverty And Wealth

Thais have median wealth per one adult person of $1,469 in 2016,:98 increasing from $605 in 2010.:34 In 2016, Thailand was , and .

In 2017, Thailand’s median household income was 26,946 per month.:1 Top quintile households had a 45.0% share of all income, while bottom quintile households had 7.1%.:4 There were 26.9 million persons who had the bottom 40% of income earning less than 5,344 per person per month.:5 During the , a survey found that anti-government mostly had a monthly income of more than 50,000, while pro-government mostly had between 10,000 and 20,000.:7

In 2014, reported that Thailand was the world’s third most unequal country, behind Russia and India. The top 10% richest held 79% of the country’s assets. The top 1% richest held 58% of the assets. The 50 richest Thai families had a total net worth accounting to 30% of GDP.

In 2016, 5.81 million people lived in poverty, or 11.6 million people if “near poor” is included.:1 The proportion of the poor relative to total population in each region was 12.96% in the Northeast, 12.35% in the South, and 9.83% in the North.:2 In 2017, there were 14 million people who applied for social welfare . At the end of 2017, Thailand’s total household debt was 11.76 trillion.:5 In 2010, 3% of all household were bankrupt.:5 In 2016, there were estimated 30,000 homeless persons in the country.

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Unknown Facts About Siamese Cats

Before I share the 9 facts about Siamese cats you may not know, let me briefly explain what they are like and why they are so popular.

A brief context will make you appreciate the facts more.

If you have to pick a cat that will love you, play with you, do crazy cat stuff, cuddle with you, supervise your moves, and engage with children, other pets, and even strangers, a siamese cat is a perfect feline for you.

That is why Siamese cats are the most preferred breed as family cats.

They thrive in an environment of engagement and activity.

In addition to being sociable, these cats are also highly intelligent.

Because Siamese cats have a muscular and athletic body build, they need an ecosystem with climbing spaces like cat trees and perches where they can, in a way, express their energy.

Out of the cat things Siamese cats are capable of doing, showing an endearing amount of affection towards their favorite humans is without any doubt the best attribute about them.

Here are some other qualities, facts, and traits about Siamese cats that will make you appreciate them even more.

What Should I Know About The Health Of Siamese Cats

10 Siamese Cat Facts and Origin

On average, the Siamese cat has a lifespan of about 10 to 12.5 years. Just like other cats, the Siamese cat can develop genetic health conditions.Modern Siamese cats have a wedge-shaped head. This makes them more prone to develop dental and respiratory issues.

Other health conditions that Siamese cats are prone to include heart problems, eye problems like progressive retinal atrophy and glaucoma, bladder stones, and certain types of cancer.

Some Siamese cats develop a kinked tail and crossed eyes. These are common traits that this cat breed developed a long time ago. This was a result of genetic factors.

There are all kinds of myths about how the Siamese cat got its crooked tail and crossed eyes. These myths are not true. What really happened is the crooked tail and crossed eyes were bred out of the Siamese cat.

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Health Conditions Affecting Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are generally healthy with few genetic problems associated with the breed however, they can be prone to certain conditions such as glaucoma if not given proper care.A common medical condition that Siamese cats suffer from is polycystic kidney disease. According to the San Diego Zoo, this disorder causes the formation of clusters of cysts which can lead to renal failure. Symptoms include weight loss and will usually occur after the cat reaches 5 years of age. This genetic disorder can be prevented through selective breeding for Siamese cats with healthy genes. Siamese cats also have a tendency to develop glaucoma, an eye disease that causes fluid pressure in the eyes. If not treated, this condition leads to blindness over time. Siamese cats are also prone to dental disease and plaque. Although this is a problem for many breeds, Siamese cats have long been considered to be more vulnerable. Tartar build-up on the teeth and gums leads to gum disease and tooth decay. Regular brushing of your cats teeth will help prevent plaque from forming.

Finger Brush Your Cat

Brushing can actually damage the color and texture of a Siamese cat’s coat. A better alternative is to use “finger brushing” to remove loose hair. Simply wet your hands and run them smoothly over your cat’s coat. The loose hairs will collect on your fingers, and can be removed with a paper towel before washing.

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Two Types Of Siamese Cats

There are two very distinct types of Siamese that fanciers typically class as show Siamese and traditional Siamese. The original Siamese imported from Siam was much closer to the CFA standard described above. During the flurry of breeding that went on following World War II, a cobbier Siamese with a rounder, “apple head” began to emerge. It’s believed that this was the result of crossbreeding the Siamese with other cat breeds, but since this type became so prevalent, many enthusiasts came to believe it was the original type of the breed. Since that time, show breeders have worked diligently to preserve the true Oriental Siamese type and restore it as the correct type of the breed.

What Do Siamese Cats Look Like

11 Fascinating Facts About Siamese Cats

Siamese cats have sleek bodies, long tails, and sharp features. The head of the Siamese is an equilateral triangle making their facial expression more distinctive compared to other breeds. Their eyes are almond-shaped with a dark pupil and vibrant blue iris. This breed of cat has short hair that doesnt require much grooming. They can come in different colors such as blue, chocolate, and lilac. The Siamese cat has a distinctive voice that is often compared to the sound of a meowing baby. They are very active, intelligent, and enjoy being around people.

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Constructive Facts About Siamese Cat

  • Siamese cats have a long past of their own.
  • Siamese cats are one of the oldest house cats in the world.
  • The breed originally came from Thailand in the 14th century, but did not make its appearance in the states until the 19th century.
  • Siamese cats, admired by royalty in Asia, continued their proud status by taking up residency in the White House in the 1800s. First ever Siamese cat to appear in America was reportedly given to First Lady Lucy Hayes in 1879.
  • They have a striking look.
  • Popular for their ballerina-eyed bodies, Siamese cats are elegant and elegant. Theyve got baby blue eyes pierced, wide ears, and a suit that comes in four distinct shades seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac.
  • Most of their hair is a lighter shade with darker marks across the heads, head, legs and tail.
  • Its mutual butterflies.
  • Looking for a snuggle friend? This cats are not trying to cheat. Siamese cats are a people-loving breed that bind very tightly to their human beings. It is typical of this breed to pursue their owners around the property, and theyre going to take an interest in whatever their owner does.
  • Siamese cats often love being joined by other cats, children and even visitors. Their extremely affectionate nature makes them vulnerable to sadness if they are left alone for too long. These cats have a deep urge to communicate with others, which is why you always see them in pairs.
  • Siamese cats are curious, clever felines.
  • Cathys, theyre chatting.
  • Theyve got trouble seeing in the dark.
  • Personality Of Siamese Cat

    The Siamese cats’ personality is one of the breeds most praised characteristics these cats are very intelligent and affectionate.

    The Siamese can also be described as outgoing, extroverted or energetic. They love to interact and play with people or animals and are perfect for those who want a lively pet.

    Be prepared, though the Siamese are super smart and need to be kept amused. They will follow you around and demand to be part of your activities. The Siamese dont like to be ignored either, so offer lots of toys. Perches and scratching posts would be helpful, too, and the Siamese can be easily trained to use them.

    The Siamese can also learn to play fetch, walk on a leash and do tricks. They are social and will do anything to spend time with you. These felines not only crave human companionship but also can get depressed if left alone for too long.

    We have to mention that the Siamese are also known as demanding cats, who often voice their opinion loudly, using a wide range of meows and chirps. As the Cat Fanciers Association points out, The Siamese voice is legendary this cat speaks both with voice and body.

    All in all, these cats are very loving, talkative, amusing and social, and make great pets.

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