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2023 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Lineup

Arctic Cat Blast Lineup

2023 Yamaha and Arctic Cat Snowmobile Lineup Overview

2022 Arctic Cat Blast XR Touring 4000

The midsize Arctic Cat Blast lineup was released one year ago, offering some exceptional value for snowmobilers. For 2022, a pair of new additions to the lineup have been unveiled the BLAST XR 4000 and the BLAST XR Touring 4000.

The new Bl ast XR 4000 is a versatile, fun sled for the trail rider who occasionally likes to explore off-trail, while the Blast XR Touring 4000 provides an enjoyable ride for two, Arctic Cat says in a release. The sleds slide-rail suspension with dual shock and adjustable torsion springs provides 12.5 inches of rear travel to conquer anything on- or off-trail. The Blast XR 4000 features a 146-inch Cobra track with 1.6-inch lug to handle a wide-variety of riding conditions while the Blast XR Touring 4000 has a Ripsaw with 1.25-inch lug for excellent trail performance. The touring model also includes overload springs to accommodate the passenger. Up front, the Blast XR 4000 has a 37.5- to 38.5-inch adjustable ski stance, and the Blast XR Touring 4000 features a 39.5- to 40.5-inch adjustable ski stance with sway bar for added stability. The Blast XR 4000 comes with a 4-inch windshield while the Blast XR Touring 4000 has a 15.5-inch-high windshield.

2022 Arctic Cat Blast XR 4000

Along with the engine, a midsize chassis sheds weight and is designed for easy maneuverability for just about any rider.

Arctic Cat Snowmobile 2

The 2023 model year is a transitional one for the Arctic Cat snowmobile brand. In 2022, Cat was faced with massive production delays due to supply chain issues. These challenges spilled over into the period where Arctic Cat had to finalize their 23 lineup. Therefore, they opted to stand pat for 2023 .

Here are the 2023 Artic Cat snowmobile highlights among with an AMSOIL Synthetic Snowmobile Oil option for each model.

Few Changes Mountain Utility Sleds

The rest of Arctic Cats lineup returns with only cosmetic changes.

Those seeking full-sized mountain sleds from Cat can again choose between the M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One and M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One each with 146-, 154- or 165-inch PowerClaw track options. All are powered by Cats 800 CTEC-2 semi-direct-injected twin with ADAPT clutches.

The Mountain Cat version can be ordered with Float QS3 or ATAC shocks the Hardcore gets Fox Zero QS3 shocks, with a QSL on the rear arm that can be locked out. Otherwise, the primary difference is the Hardcore has stiffer running boards and bracing in key suspension locations for more aggressive riding and harder landings.

The returning Norseman 8000 X is Cats lone full-sized workhorse with its 153-inch track, rear rack and XTRA-action rear end. It also is unchanged for 2023 other than the colors and graphics.

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Amsoil Synthetic Oils For 2023 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Engines

Request a wholesale price list or submit questions using the form on this page or call us at 1-800-748-5781.

AMSOIL Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke OilInterceptor can be used in all Arctic Cat C-TEC2 and APV motors. This ultra-premium synthetic injector oil delivers the utmost in wear-control and performance. It is designed to keep APV power valves clean and operating smoothly. Interceptor is the logical upgrade for Arctic Cat C-TEC2 Synthetic Oil and Arctic Cat APV Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil.

AMSOIL offers their own snowmobile warranty for 2023 Arctic Cat models using Interceptor Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil.

AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector OilThis is the premium choice for the previous Arctic Cat 565 fan-cooled engine. Its also a great choice for older liquid-cooled engines. This synthetic 2-stroke oil brings AMSOIL-grade performance and protection at a great price. An ideal upgrade over Arctic Cat Formula 50 Mineral 2-Stroke Oil.

Family Fun: Blasts & Youth Sleds

Arctic Cat

Arctic Cats line of Blast sleds featuring a 7/8ths-size chassis and 397cc single-cylinder engine continues to grow for 2023 thanks to an interesting new mountain sled.

After launching trail , mountain and utility iterations for 2021 and then expanding with crossover and two-passenger version for 2022, the 2023 addition is a more feature-rich Blast 4000 M Limited. This limited-build model will featured Fox FLOAT 3 shocks on the ski suspension plus on the rear arm of the rear suspension, a lightweight mountain seat and a 36-inch ski stance.

Meanwhile, all Blasts models will receive two-stage high-low hand and thumb warmers for 2023. Previously, they were either on or off, and when they were on they would get super-hot, so you always had to be reaching around on the dash to turn them off, and then later turn them on again.

The Blasts target new-to-sport riders as well as younger riders who are transitioning off of youth sleds like the popular ZR 200 and ZR 120 machine that are returning for 2023 bathed in black with green graphics.

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Arctic Cat Stops To Include Model Year 2023 Rides

By: Dave McMahon March 13, 2022

Arctic Cats Share the Ride Tour will stop at three ride areas across the U.S. and Canada. Participants will enjoy either a free ride or two-hour guided ride, have a meal, share stories around the fire, and experience the new Model Year 2023 snowmobiles.

The three stops include:

ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota on Saturday, March 19 from 9 a.m. 5 p.m.

Tug Hill in the Old Forge region of New York on Saturday, March 26 from 9 a.m. 5 p.m.

Timmins in Haliburton Forest in Haliburton, Ontario Canada on Saturday, April 2 from 9 a.m. 5 p.m.

All participants must pre-register to attend.

Arctic Cat Riot Lineup

2022 Arctic Cat Riot X 8000

The Arctic Cat Riot lineup of crossover snowmobiles returns for 2022. The Riot X retains the Alpha One single-beam rear suspension for deep-snow performance it received last year. What is new is both the Riot 8000 and the Riot X are now available with ATAC On-the-Fly Suspension System.

Additionally, all Riot models also received the new Arctic Cat ADAPT CVT System for improved performance and serviceability.

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The Blast 2023 Line At Arctic Cat: Teen Snowmobile Options For 2023

ARCTIC CATs strategy to develop, 2 years ago, in concert with YAMAHA, a line of mid-size snowmobiles has filled a void in the industry. The sharing of technology allows the two manufacturers to offer the same snowmobiles with the same characteristics under different names.

The BLAST line is aimed at snowmobilers who want to start off-roading, trail riding and utility riding.

The reduced range size favors the initiation and learning of the sport of snowmobiling. It is less imposing and sometimes intimidating for the driver.

All models in the BLAST 2023 lineup are powered by the 397cc CTEC2 4000 2-stroke single-cylinder electronic fuel injection engine known for its reliability and linear power. This engine is well-suited for people who are new to the sport.

The electric starter, reverse gear and two heat settings on the handles are standard for 2023 on all models.

Arctic Cats: New Zr R

2023 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 R-XC Detailed Overview

Arctic Cat today took the wraps off of a slightly tweaked snowmobile lineup for 2023, the details of which has been floating around on the internet since the brand showed it to its dealers late last week.

New for 2023 are three models, each serving distinctly different niches in the snowmobile market.

For speed freaks, Cat is unveiling the Riot 9000 technically a crossover but realistically a long and fast trail sled with added traction, an uncoupled suspension and power steering.

For ditch bangers, the brand is making its ZR 6000 R-XC available to consumers for the first time, giving them the chance to ride a sled very similar to the one that Zach Herfindahl recently used to win the Goodridge/Grygla I-500 cross-country race.

For entry level mountain riders, an up-feature new Blast 4000 M Limited offers better shocks and a mountain seat. And all Blast models trail, utility, crossover, touring and mountain get better hand and thumber warmer control for 2023.

Beyond that, the other big news from Arctic Cat is that its spring order program has been pushed deeper into the calendar: Itll run from April 19 to May 3. It was pushed back to allow the brand to wrap up production and delivery of all 2022 models before taking new orders, according to Textrons Sr. VP and General Manager of Powersports Heidi McNary.

Lets break down the Cat lineup by market segment.

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Alterra 600 Black Hills Edition

Designed for some of the most challenging trails, the Alterra 600 Black Hills Edition isn’t for the faint of heart. The upgraded tires, high clearance control arms, selectable locking front differential, and several more trail-oriented features make it perfect for taking on tough terrains and feeling the adrenaline of an epic ride.

Hillfest Announces 2023 Artist Lineup: The California Honeydrops Daniel Donato Duane Betts More

Eden, Utahs HillFest has announced its return to Powder Mountain for its sophomore event on April 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2023. The combination music festival/snowmobile hillclimb race, presented by Triple Crown Sports and the Rocky Mountain States Hillclimb Association , will celebrate the closing weekend of the 20222023 season at PowMow, allowing for open terrain for skiing and snowboarding.

HillFest 2023 will feature performances by nationally touring acts like The California Honeydrops, Duane Betts, Daniel Donatos Cosmic Country, Moontricks, Cycles, Dead Floyd, and Cousin Curtiss, as well as musical comedy duo Ginger Whale and local favorite The Proper Way.

HillFest boasts three days of hillclimb races featuring some of the sports top athletes, including the legendary Keith Curtis, 2022 Racer of the Year Cole Thomas, Riley Kincaid, Jay Mentaberry, Tiffany McWilliams, and others, representing top manufacturers and outfitters Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat, Klim, Pure Adrenaline, and more.

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Arctic Cat Mountain Snowmobiles

Arctic Cats mountain sled offerings for model year 2023 can be summarized by the three word phrase: Bold New Graphics. But before you click away, let us explain why thats not a bad move for Arctic Cat in MY23.

Like just about every large manufacturer in the known universe, Arctic Cat struggled to meet demand on a timely basis in the last year.

We all know by now how we got here, but a two sentence summary goes like this: In the past two years, snowmobiling has exploded with the demand for snowmobiles and parts going through the roof. Meanwhile, parts shortages and worldwide labour issues due to pandemic restrictions have throttled back the ability of the manufacturers to meet high demand on time.

All of the Big 4 snowmobile manufacturers fell victim to these issues in model year 2022Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris and BRPall. Some weathered the storm better than others, but no manufacturer escaped the ire of a customer sitting out a winter storm at home with no sled to ride.

Like the rest, Arctic Cat spent much of the last year scrambling to find ways to secure its part supply and control the ability to deliver sleds on time in a crazy and unprecedented situation.

For Cat, a flip of the calendar and a new model year brings a fresh opportunity to better adapt to what will undoubtedly be continuing supply chain difficulties for everyone moving forward into the next few years.

So why is BNG probably a good idea for Arctic Cat mountain sleds for MY23?

A Reminder Of The Technologies That Set It Apart

2023 Yamaha Snowmobile Rumors
  • CVT ADAPT clutch: Introduced on its full-size snowmobiles for 2022, it provides greater performance and serviceability. With its lighter weight and narrower design, it provides constant tension to maximize performance, minimize wear and extend belt life. This ADAPT clutch also provides lower inertia, more instantaneous response for consistent performance.
  • ATAC Suspension: At the touch of a button, you can select 3 presets: soft, medium and firm to get exactly the ride you need in less than half a second. It allows for pre-programming to switch between 2 drivers to optimize performance for different riding conditions and styles. The ATAC suspension also automatically adjusts the shock calibration when reversing for better maneuverability in the snow.
  • ALPHA ONE Monorail: The single-rail rear suspension offers more handling than any other mountain snowmobile. It makes transitioning and weight transfer easier than ever. Its unique design combined with track traction has taken Arctic Cat to a new level.

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Arctic Cat Listened To Our Recommendation

There was one aspect that bothered us greatly on the BLAST series snowmobiles: the heated grips and thumb had only the on/off function until last year. We felt that these snowmobiles did not reflect the expectations of the riders, because in On mode, the grips were almost unbearably hot after a while and we had to turn them off and on several times during a ride.

For 2023, they have taken a small step forward, as from now on, we will be entitled to the High/Low function to keep our hands warm on these machines. However, would we have expected a wider range of gradation? Definitely!

Arctic Cat Youth Lineup

2022 Arctic Cat ZR 200

Finally, the Arctic Cat Youth snowmobile lineup returns for 2022 unchanged. Two models are available for younger riders the ZR 120 and ZR 200.

The ZR 120 is designed for the smallest riders and is powered by a 123cc single-cylinder engine that is speed governed to 8 mph.

The ZR 200 is made for larger kids and comes equipped with a 192cc single-cylinder engine that has enough oomph so kids can hit the trials with mom and dad.

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Arctic Cat Snowmobile Preview

The following is considered a preview of the 2023 Arctic Cat snowmobile lineup and the official launch will happen April 19th. The bulleted information are changes in the way Arctic Cat is conducting their pre-order period infused with some of my thoughts. Throughout the week Ill share individual model information and more photos.

  • Arctic Cat will start their pre-ordering event on April 19th and conclude May 3rd. In my opinion, this is a good decision as they will fulfill commitments to customers who ordered 2022 snowmobiles not yet delivered.
  • Its also important to note Arctic Cat has shifted away from its Spring-Only purchase program There will be 2023 models available in-season at dealerships depending on allocation if you dont/cant order in the Spring. Take into consideration, your best deal of the season may be in the Spring. Pricing will be announced April 19th. If you wait to buy in-season, I can guarantee you this with dealer inventory being so low, dealers wont be willing to drop their prices if you think waiting will garner you a better deal.
  • The supply chain continues to be an issue for all manufacturers, and we are taking an approach to ensure we can deliver on our current commitments to customers. Heidi McNary, Senior VP and GM, Powersports

    2023 ZR 120 YOUTH

    2023 ZR 200 YOUTH





    Arctic Cat Announces Pre

    Arctic Cat 2023 Snowmobiles: Share The Ride

    Arctic Cat Inc., a Textron Inc. announced today that the company will delay the start of its pre-ordering event for model-year 2023 snowmobiles from March until April 19. In the interim, Arctic Cat will fulfill its commitments to customers who ordered model-year 2022 snowmobiles that have not yet been delivered due to ongoing supply-chain challenges.

    Arctic Cats pre-order event for model-year 2023 sleds will run from April 19 through May 3. Arctic Cat also plans to have a limited number of MY23 sleds available in-season at dealerships.

    The company today previewed its MY23 lineup, which includes several new models and product updates that provide options for all skill levels welcoming even more riders into the Arctic Cat family.

    The supply chain continues to be an issue for all manufacturers, and we are taking an approach to ensure we can deliver on our current commitments to customers, said Heidi McNary, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Powersports for Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. Our focus is to put our customers first by delivering our current models, and also offering them 2023 sleds that give them more options and new products for their different riding styles.

    For mountain riders the Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE will have three available track lengths, electric or manual start, and will feature an ATAC suspension. The Hardcore will have the same track lengths and start options with FOX QS3 shocks.

    Also new for 2023:

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    Arctic Cat 2023 All The Intel And A Look Into The Future

    If looking good is more than half the battle than Cat is winning! We broke down all the sleds simply by looks as a fun new perspective one day this year while testing. The overall winner was Cat and thats a fact. Best colors, lines, and above all they look like real snowmobiles! Unfortunately, there isnt a ton of new metal and technology this year coming out of Thief River Falls, but you can bet thats not going to be the case for long!

    We had a chance to sit down with the brass at Arctic Cat / Textron on a couple occasions this year and the ripples that all the OEMs were dealing with were laid out. I think anyone who ordered a 2022 was elated when they finally got their sled this year, because for a while nobody knew what was going to happen with the supply chain. Makers like BRP were shuttered in Canada for long periods of time with stricter lockdowns than in the States. OEMs like Cat and Polaris struggled for parts, especially with items such as shocks, and dealt with the worldwide crisis of computer chips. Everything from the vinyl for the stickers to the resin in the skis was tough to get let alone finding workers to build sleds to fill a much larger demand than we have seen in many snowmobilers lifetimes. To say the least, it has been a perfect storm.

    Whats new in 2023


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