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Can You Get High From Cat Pee

Hydrogen Peroxide For Getting Rid Of Cat Urine Odor In Your House

Hydrogen peroxide is another unbelievable cleaning solution often used in place of vinegar due to its effectiveness as a disinfectant. The only drawback to hydrogen peroxide is its propensity to discolor carpets and fabrics, even light-colored ones.

This shouldnt stop you from using this cleaning solution on the subfloor of your home that nobody sees. This is an area that can also be affected by pet stains and need to be cleaned.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner for Odor Removal

  • 4 cups of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • 1 tsp of dish soap

Mix the ingredients in a large jug or bucket. Pour the mixture directly onto the urine spot and scrub using a bristle brush or washcloth. Let the mixture sit overnight for best results, then rinse clean in the morning. You can still use hydrogen peroxide on your carpet, just make sure to test a small amount on a hidden area of your carpeting first to avoid a bleaching effect.

#4 Modkat Litter Tray With Scoop And Reusable Liner


Modkat Litter Tray is designed to make the cat littering experience enjoyable for both cats and pet parents.

The manufacturer rightfully claims that the litter box is one of the products in their portfolio designed to address the challenges of the modern cat.

The Modkat Litter Holder is perfect for those cats that like open-air experience.

At 9 inches long, holding trash in its place goes to great depths as well as the clip-on splash over shield provides additional security which makes this one of the deepest litter box trays that you can buy.

It is ideal for high urinating as well as litter kicking cats and kittens.


  • The litterbox comes with a scoop for gathering the litter for disposal
  • Redesigned to include Splash Guard
  • Comes with a Reusable Liner
  • Designed to include Walk-off Platform
  • Drawbacks:

  • Persistent negative reviews on a rolled-up splash guard instead of it being shipped flat
  • The bottom/base plastic is very thin thus faces the risk of breakage
  • The weak plastic material that may break if not handled with care
  • In some products, the shield may keep on popping off thus creating unnecessary inconveniences.
  • Petnile Score & Rank

    The PetSafe Scoop-Free Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box offers new, clean litter for several weeks as your feline friend requires it.

    The health counter included therein provides you with satisfaction, understanding how frequently per day your kitty makes use of the tub.

    Petnile Score & Rank

    Testing And Interpreting Cat Urine Ph


    Regardless of the method, the urines pH should be tested immediately. Cat urine that has been sitting for a long time can accumulate ammonia, which can artificially increase the pH.


    The pH of cat urine is typically tested using a urine reagent strip, also known as a dipstick. If you are collecting the urine at home, you can use strips like the Solid Gold pH test strips, or you can have your veterinarian collect the sample at the vets office.


    The normal pH range of cat urine is approximately 6.0 to 6.5. Various cat diseases can lower or raise the urine pH.


    How Does Diet Play A Role

    When it comes to helping prevent struvite crystals and stones in your cat and maintaining their urinary tract health, nutrition plays a significant role! Both diet and water consumption can play a role in your cats urinary health. Cats arent natural water drinkers. As theyve evolved over millions of years and derived most of their moisture from their prey, its common for cats today to not always drink enough water. This is important to understand because struvite stones tend to form in a concentrated urine. Therefore, it is important to encourage adequate fluid intake can help prevent mineral concentration in urine and discourage stone formation. Dry cat food provides your cat with very little moisture in their diet, so considering incorporating wet food can be a great way to increase your cats water consumption.

    Is Cat Urine Toxic To Your Health

    How to Get Cat Urine Out of a Mattress (with Pictures ...

    Normal cat urine is composed of a number of different substances. One of these substances is urea, a nitrogenous waste that is highly concentrated in cat urine. When urea is broken down, it will produce amines, compounds derived from ammonia. This is the reason why cat urine always has at least some ammonia smell the more concentrated your cats urine, the stronger the smell. Urine concentration will depend on your cats diet and health status. Cats who dont drink enough water will have stronger smelling urine. Certain health conditions, such as urinary tract infections, can also cause a stronger than normal ammonia smell.

    The Arsenal Of Disease

    Human and animal wastes carry bacteria and germs that are hazardous to health. 

    Its common knowledge that its essential to clean up a kittys feces or urine to get rid of the stench inside the house.

    Of course, wearing gloves is the best way to protect yourself from getting in contact with the waste.

    Keep in mind though, that odor is caused by microscopic particles. No matter how faint the smell is, the presence of an odor automatically means the presence of bacteria. 

    A good quality litter box is a must-have if you want to minimize your problems with cat urine. 

    So how do we keep ourselves safe from the dangers of cat urine while allowing our beloved pets inside the house?

    First, you need to understand the dangers of cat urine and the possible health risks that they may bring.

    Consider Removing The Triggers

    Sometimes you need to remove the triggers that lead to the peeing. If she pees on a specific blanket on your bed, removing the blanket might be all it takes to solve the issue. Putting a litter box near the bedroom can also help. Sometimes cat owners choose to stop allowing the cat to sleep in the bedroom. But this might cause extra distress if your cat already feels insecure. Try bonding more, playing more, and providing new litter box options first. Sometimes giving treats on the bed can also help since cats tend not to urinate where they’ve eaten.

    The Ultimate Guide To Eliminating Cat Pee Smell

    When your cat starts urinating outside the litter box, the smell can be difficult to get rid of and nearly impossible to mask.

    Whether your cat pees on the carpet, a piece of furniture, bed linens, or your clothes, its important to neutralize the odor to prevent your cat from becoming a repeat offender. Cats often return to a spot where they have previously urinated if the odor is not eliminated. 

    Its also important to determine the cause of this behavior, which could be a sign of a health issue or stress.

    Here is your ultimate guide to eliminating cat urine smells and determining why your cat is urinating outside the litter box to begin with.

    Origin Of Urine Samples

    To gather all target urine samples, we solicited a veterinary surgery , the Prague zoo and the second author’s friends . The collaborators were instructed to collect clear urine preferably directly from animals while urinating, if possible. Immediately after collection, the samples were aliquoted into 1 ml plastic tubes and subsequently deep frozen until used in the testing sessions.

    The available urine samples from various animal species were used as specified below and carefully randomized. Thus, in each session, a specific counterbalanced set of 10 vials from different individuals were evaluated. Based on our previous experience and on the fact that the effect of toxoplasmosis on olfactory preferences qualitatively differs depending on the intensity of cat odour , we decided to test two samples of urine from each species, differing in the dose and hence most likely in the odour intensity . Specifically, the samples were dosed as follows: 50 µl and 100 µl of horse and cat urine and 20 µl and 40 µl of tiger, hyena, and dog urine.

    What Else Can I Do To Regulate Cat Urine Odor In My Household

    Beyond cleaning urine stains as they occur, there are other proactive ways of getting rid of cat urine odor in your house. One of the easiest solutions is to clean a dirty litter box regularly. If cleaning the cat litter doesnt help with cat pee odor, look at changing the cats litter you are using or even your cats diet.

    Sites like PetMD caution that an increased incidence of the pets urinating may indicate underlying health problems, such as urinary tract infections or arthritis in older cats. If you suspect a medical issue, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

    Do People Get High Using Cat Urine

    In one episode of South Park, people start getting high on cat urine. Some preliminary searches on the net show some people agreeing and some disagreeing with this fact. It’s hard to say how serious people are when they answer because they don’t cite sources or use sarcasm tags.

    Some comments/answers from the first three searches:

    Is it actually possible to get high on cat urine? If so, is it a wide-spread practice?

    Use A Washing Machine For Pet

    If you are curious about how to get rid of cat pee smell on clothes, you have a few more options to work with than a carpet or large piece of furniture. Luckily, most of the cleaning products mentioned above will also work on your clothes.

    One advantage is that you can throw your clothes into the washing machine for added cleaning. To get rid of urine smells on clothes, soak the garment in vinegar first.

    You can also use an enzymatic cleaner on the clothing, which has the added benefit of removing sweat stains and body oils from your clothing. Whatever option you choose, let it sit anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour before washing your clothes with powerful laundry detergent in the washing machine.

    How To Prevent Urinary Obstructions In Cats

    Can Huffing Cat Urine Get You High

    Some cats are genetically predisposed to urinary problems. However, there are steps you can take to prevent a urinary obstruction.

    • Bring your cat to the vet for annual or biannual exams as recommended by your vet. Subtle problems may be discovered on a routine exam and handled before your cat actually gets sick.
    • Contact your vet at the first sign of a urinary problem .
    • Feed your cat a balanced moist food because it maintains hydration and minimizes mineral content.
    • Make sure your cat has fresh, clean water available at all times.
    • Keep the litter box clean and fresh so your cat won’t hold his urine longer than necessary.
    • Prevent your cat from becoming .

    Why Does Cat Urine Smell So Much Worse Than Other Pets Urine

    The truth is, it doesnt. Cats are just a little bit smarter than other pets when it comes to marking their territory. Thats because they dont want anybody cleaning away their scent, so they often spray in hidden areas around their litter box and around your home.

    These areas include crevices and corners, closets, and patches of carpet under the bed. Since these pet accidents often go unnoticed, the urine begins a breakdown process that produces an odor similar to skunk spray.

    If you are tired of the smell of cat urine, these cleaning solutions will give your nose a rest and save you the price tag of an expensive carpet cleaning fee. These DIY recipes and tips are perfect for any household and require no more than a little bit of patience and some elbow grease.

    Learn All About Grains In Pet Food

    Grains? No grains? What are they and what do they mean for your dog or cat? Find out on this special Blue Buffalo Grain FAQ page.


    Cat Articles: Health

    « All Articles

    Crystals are microscopic precipitants that can develop in your cats urine. Theyre usually discovered when you bring your feline to the veterinarian because of common urinary issues, such as urinating too frequently, not enough, or having accidents outside the litter box. Your veterinarian will run a urinalysis to check for sediment or crystals in your cats urine.

    Health Issues Can Cause Inappropriate Urination

    The first thing you need to do is rule out a medical problem, says Dr. Bruce Kornreich, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, and associate director of the Cornell Feline Health Center. 

    Medical issues related to inappropriate urination can include urinary tract infections, kidney disease, , , and feline lower urinary tract disease. These can cause a cat to urinate outside the litter box, particularly if they associate the litter box with pain.

    If you believe your cat is suffering from any of these conditions, or is exhibiting additional symptoms, bring them to your veterinarian immediately. Untreated conditions such as urinary tract infections can become serious.

    Look For Issues With The Litter

    Your cat might pee on your bed because he’s really uncomfortable with his litter box. You need at least one litter box per household cat, plus one additional box.1 Put them in different locations throughout the house, including at least one spot in a private area away from noise and traffic.

    Now is the time to experiment with all different types of boxes. Try covered and uncovered, as well as large and small boxes. You also want to try boxes with an open side that doesn’t require stepping over to get into.

    Test different kinds of litter to discover if your cat has a preference. Cats that were once outdoors a lot might prefer a box with outdoor soil mixed with litter. Some cats with long fur might not like clay litter because it sticks to their fur, but they’ll love crystal litter. Other cats may prefer pine, while some need litter that doesn’t have a fragrance. Some cats like clumping litter and others won’t touch it. Other cats may not use a box if it has a liner. You also want to experiment with the litter’s depth, and remember to clean it frequently.

    Advantages Of Covered Litter Boxes

    • If your cat pees while standing up, the urine will slide down the inside of the litter box and not on the floor.
    • When your cat pees when standing up, the urine won’t come out between the joining because the base is lower to the ground and the sides are higher.
    • Its easy to assemble and disassemble and depending on what size you get it might take anywhere between eight pounds to sixteen pounds of cat litter.
    • If you get a medium or large litter box, then you wont have to replace it once your kitten is fully grown.
    • Prices will vary between sellers, so you should always shop around to compare brands and prices. Check out the selections available in your local pet stores before you purchase one online.

    Factors That Make A Cats Urine Extra Smelly

    Not all cats have equally stinky pee. Some of the factors that give a cats urine an especially strong odor cant be helped, but others you can do something about.

    Age Cats kidneys lose their efficiency over time, so an older cats urine is likely to smell worse than that of a younger kitty.

    Health status Cats with kidney or other urinary tract problems also have stronger smelling urine, so if your cats urine suddenly becomes more malodorous, consult a vet.

    Gender Cats use urine as a way to mark their territory, so evolution favored the cats with the most pungent scent. Urine from male cats is even stinkier because it contains larger amounts of testosterone, proteins, and pheromones meant for marking territory and attracting the lady cats.

    Diet Feeding only dry food can cause numerous health problems in cats. One of these is dehydration because a dry food only diet is low in moisture. This makes the cats urine even more concentrated, so you notice the odor more. Such a diet is also low in protein and high in carbohydrates. Over time, these factors combine lead to issues such as kidney disease, urinary stones, obesity, and diabetes.

    Even if you supply fresh water, cats have a low thirst drive and are unlikely to feel thirsty enough to drink the amount their body really needs. Feeding wet food is the best option, but there are ways to encourage your cat to drink more water.

    Clean Up Cat Urine Stains Before They Smell Worse

    As bad as cat pee initially smells, the longer that urine sits, the worse the stench becomes. The smell gets more concentrated over time, Dr. Kornreich says.

    Additionally, once a urine stain dries, you may no longer see it, but you can still smell it, and so can your cat, leading him or her to mark that area again.

    When it comes to cleaning up cat urine, many cat owners make the same mistakenot cleaning it up quickly enough, says Meg Roberts, president of Molly Maid, a residential cleaning company.

    Several products can help neutralize cat pee odor, including vinegar or baking soda and enzymatic cleaners. Here are some options to help you get rid of the cat pee smell.

    How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell Using A Wet Vac

    Can Huffing Cat Urine Get You High

    One solution for getting rid of cat urine odor in your house is to use a wet vac. Wet vacs work in a similar way to regular vacuum cleaners but instead spray clean water mixed with cleaning solution and then soak up any dirty liquids into the vacuum.

    When using a wet vac to clean up pet stains, make sure you have a phenomenal carpet cleaner for cat pee to go with it. The following recipe is easy to make and can be added to the cleaner compartment on your wet vac.

    • 1 teaspoon rosemary essential oil
    • 2 ½ cups boiling water

    If you havent tried Castile soap yet, youre in for a treat. Castile soap is made with natural ingredients such as olive oil and various vegetable oils. Combine the Castile soap with the boiling water in a large jar with a cap. Stir until they have formed a fully-blended mixture.

    Adding to the awesomeness of this cleaning solution is the integration of essential oils. If rosemary isnt your favorite scent, replace it with one you do love and add those essential oils along with the rubbing alcohol to the solution. Shake the mixture thoroughly before adding it to your wet vac.

    Other Abnormalities To Look Out For

    More often than not, when a cat has kidney or bladder problems, it tends to pee outside of its litter box. Sure, cats may pee outside the litter box due to several reasons:

  • Their litter box is unclean and this is their way of demanding that you clean their litter box
  • Youve placed your cats litter box in a location that is hard to get to
  • Your cat doesnt like the type of cat litter that youve chosen for it
  • You have multiple cats and theres a mean one in your lot who prevents the others from sharing the same litter box
  • Your cat is plagued by stress and anxiety and is thus peeing elsewhere so that the scent of its urine makes it feel safer
  • But if you know for a fact that

  • Your cats litter box is perfectly clean
  • Your cats litter box is in a convenient spot in your home
  • You havent changed your cats litter and it didnt use to have problems with it
  • You only have 1 cat
  • There arent any stressors to cause anxiety in your cat
  • then it could be a medical problem. Your cat may have associated the litter box with pain if it has a Urinary Tract Infection , bladder infection, or kidney infection and is thus peeing outside the litter box. They could even be peeing outside the box as a signal to get your attention for an ailment its having.

    You Have Red And Itchy Eyes

    Cat urine itself has a very high ammonia content. It is irritating to anyones eyes if they are exposed to it in high concentrations. For example, any that isnt cleaned often enough and is in an enclosed space can have high concentrations of ammonia.

    However, you definitely have a cat urine allergy if even a relatively clean litter box irritates your eyes. Not only can your eyes be red and itchy, but they may also water or swell from the allergy.

    Eye drops like the can help reduce the itchiness in eyes.

    What Happens If You Inhale Cat Urine

    If youre asthmatic like me then it is not good for your health

    The high levels of ammonia that is found in cat urine can trigger your asthma if you breathe it in

    So when youre scooping out the litter box you should be extra careful if youre asthmatic

    Also, try to use dust free cat litter

    Dust is trigger to asthma too especially me

    If I come near dust I start to wheeze!

    Heres some pretty cool dust free cat litter

    How To Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell In Your House

    • December 2, 2020
    • Fact Checked

    There are few things more off-putting than walking into someones home and being hit with that unmistakable odor: cat urine. The pungent ammonia-like smell is hard to miss and no matter how clean a house or apartment may appear, the aroma of kitty urine can be not only offensive, but trigger major allergy attacks in certain people.

    Due to its biological composition, cat pee is not only overpowering, but long-lasting if it isnt cleaned up quickly, it can last in porous surfaces for years. For many owners, the struggle is real: the odor of cat urine often poses an ongoing challenge, particularly for homes with multiple cats. In fact, many folks find themselves facing a losing battle when attempting to keep foul feline odors at bay. So, whats a cat parent to do? Read on to learn helpful tips, including how to get rid of cat urine smell along with the science behind this smelly problem!

    Cat Pee 101: Is My Cats Urine Normal

    Nobody likes a smelly litterbox. While even the cleanest kitty condo will possess a particular perfume, how can a cat guardian separate stinky from sickly? How can you tell if your cats  is normal?     Normal cat urine Observing your cats urine is perhaps the biggest challenge. Litterboxes and modern litter do an excellent job of concealing sight and odor. Most felines demand total isolation when using the , making monitoring nearly impossible. With a little creativity and commitment, here are a few clues to reassure you that your cat is urinating normally:Normal cat urine frequency  Cats evolved from the dry, arid regions of Mesopotamia1. Water was scarce, so they developed clever systems to maintain hydration. As a result, most healthy, adult indoor  will urinate twice a day on average. How frequently your cat urinates will be influenced by water consumption, heat and humidity, amount of moisture in the , and medical  such as kidney disease, bladder ,  problems, hormonal imbalances, and more2. Its essential to know your cats normal daily urination and defecation habits. Some cats are perfectly fine urinating five times a day, while for others, that would signal a dramatic increase. Many cats use the litterbox only once or twice a day,and going four times would signal a problem. If your cat suddenly begins urinating more or less than usual, dont delay. Any changes in frequency of urination should be checked by your veterinarian immediately.


    Cat Urine Gets Worse With Time

    Cat urine thats outside the litter box is usually unnoticed until it becomes a problem.

    After a while, the bacterium in the urine decomposes and gives off an ammonia-like odor thats characteristic of stale, old urine.

    In the second stage of the decomposition process, the urine emits mercaptans, which are compounds that give skunk spray its characteristic bad smell.

    Can You Get High Off Of Cat Pee

    As far as Im aware you cant get high of cat urine

    Think about it

    How many times have you scooped cat litter that has cat urine in it?

    Or how about cleaning cat urine off the floor because your cat has had an accident

    Did you ever get high?

    No right?

    So me personally, I dont think you can get high off cat urine

    But let me tell you

    Dealing with cat urine can be dangerous


    It contains ammonia which become dangerous

    So when youre scooping cat litter that has cat urine in it you should be careful

    Heres an article where I talk about the danger of Cat Litter Ammonia Poisoning 

    If you have a read of that article

    I recommend investing in a self cleaning litter box

    That way youre not dealing with cat urine or cat feces

    The best part?

    You never have to scoop cat litter again

    If youre interested in purchasing a self cleaning litter box but dont know which one to get

    I have written a article which recommends the best automatic cat litter box that is good for the money- Best Automatic Litter Box For The Money 


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