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How Long Do Maine Coon Cats Live

They Chirp When Theyre Excited

As a parent, Im sure you appreciate your cat babies meowing answers back to you when you talk to them. However, incessant meowing can become really irksome.

The good news is that while Maine Coons are considered to be vocal cats, they dont meow very much. In fact, when you hear a meow, it can often be a rather endearing sign that they miss you. Their sounds are also rather -like which can be comical when escaping from such a large body.

They communicate mostly with what has been described as a gentle chirp. Youll usually hear it when they are excited by a bird or a spot next to you on the couch. So be sure to listen out for a chirpy response to your question, or possibly just a friendly .

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Plenty Of Exercise Is Good For Your Maine Coon

When you combine a healthy diet with exercise, you feel happy and healthy; this is the same for Maine Coons!

Were not saying you need to take your Maine Coon to the gym or out for a run with you! 

If your Maine Coon is an indoor cat, you should make sure that theres plenty of free room for them to run around. Lots of toys, especially ones that they can chase, are beneficial and will give them the necessary exercise.

Every Maine Coon owner should have a cat tree in their home. A cat tree allows your Maine Coon to climb high, scratch their paws and give them some much-needed exercise from climbing.

Investing in an outdoor cat run is recommended if you have space in your garden. All animals love being outside. Giving your Maine Coon some space outside to run around, sunbathe and do whatever they like will help with their happiness and provide them with some exercise.

If you allow your Maine Coon cat outside, they should be getting plenty of exercise outdoors. But, if youre still worried, following the tips above will do wonders!

How Can Maine Coon Life Expectancy Be Increased

The Maine Coons prospects for a long life are improved if the above risk factors are eliminated whenever possible. In principle, all points are undisputed except for one: free will.

Keeping cats only indoors is of course the safest way to protect them from the dangers lurking outside. Many owners do not want to withhold this freedom from their fur noses or even consider it to be cruelty to animals.

But there is still a lot that can be done in advance by taking the time to find a responsible and recognized breeder. Then you should have the cat vaccinated in consultation with the veterinarian. And only carry out the vaccinations that are really necessary and do not have them refreshed too often. Proper food and exercise, as well as proper hygiene, are also part of healthy cat life.

Then it is only important to make sure that the cat is happy too. First and foremost, this also means that their needs must be taken into account. If the kitty wants to withdraw, they need a refuge where nobody will disturb them. They want to be petted, so whenever possible, you should give them some pats.

Under no circumstances should they be bored, because then they will do things that are not good for them, such as overeating. So they also need a lot of attention and possibly also a lot of fun.

They Dont Like To Be Alone

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Maine Coons have a lot in common with . As a rule, they choose one owner and remain faithful to them for life. If out of all members of your family, your cat chose you, you are lucky, but there are some disadvantages as well. They are likely to not let you get isolated in the toilet or bathroom. The doors in the room you are in should always be open.

These animals basically hate staying alone. At the same time, the cats of this breed can be taught some dogs tricks. Our cat knows the command Go, get it!. Some owners claim they have even taught their Maine Coons the command Sit.

How Much Are Maine Coon Cats

How Long Do Maine Coon Cats Live? Ultimate Guide

The price varies depending on the breeder, of course. Most Maine Coon kittens go for about $1,000. Some will go higher at about $1,500, while others will go lower. If you’re paying less than $500 for one, there’s a good chance the breeder isn’t on the up-and-up about the kitten. Older cats will go for less. It’s possible, although rare, to find one at a shelter. If that happens, you should snap it up! They make lovely pets!

Do Maine Coons Wander

Maine Coons like to explore and so will wander off on a trail or towards an interesting sound. If they wander from their territory they may get lost.

Encourage your cat to stay near home by making your garden an interesting place to spend lots of time. Also, neutered and spayed cats tend to wander less.

A large catio offers a safe alternative. The biggest I have found are on They are easy to assemble and extend to make huge areas for cats to play in.

Maine Coon Cats Breed Information

So, you might be wondering Is this cat breed right for me?. Well, lets see. Do you want a giant, fluffy, dog-sized cat? A cat that loves swimming and playing in the water? A super friendly and affectionate one? Well, the Maine Coon is all of that, and more.

Theyre playful, good with children, and they get along just fine with other pets. This breed loves human company and theyre not the type of cat to shy away from pats and cuddles. They appreciate any sort of attention they get, and boy, do they give back!

This cat doesnt like being alone. Wherever you go around your house, this feline Hulk will follow. Theyre fond of water, so dont be surprised if they hop into the shower with you. Besides being friendly, affectionate, and playful, theyre also extremely intelligent.

Im not saying that other cat breeds are dumb, but the Maine Coon has a remarkable level of intelligence. This makes them easy to train, which adds to my suspicion that this cat is actually just a dog in disguise. Many people even teach them to walk on a leash! Now, thats a topic for a whole other day.

Appearance-wise, this cat just like any other cat, if you were to put that cat on steroids. This is actually the largest cat breed in the world, with males reaching one meter in length. Adult cats weigh between 9-11kg and have muscular, sturdy-looking bodies.

Maine Coon Cat Lifestyle & Diet

To keep your cat healthy, diet, exercise, and mental wellbeing are the most important factors to keep in mind. Starting with diet, what should you feed this giant, you may ask? Well, like any other cat, Maine Coons are obligate carnivores. They need a high protein diet with 26-40% of their calories coming from protein. Cats also need a constant supply of healthy fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids and arachidonic acid, as well as vitamins A, D, and B vitamins.

Essential amino acids include taurine, arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. Most of these can be found in any type of meat and cat food, but also supplemental form. Apart from macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, your Maine Coon will need a good amount of calories to maintain a healthy body weight. Female Maine Coons require 250-450 calories per day, while males should have 350-550 calories a day.

The source of calories is also important. Unlike dogs, cats are fully carnivorous animals. You should never feed your cat grain or legume-containing food! Besides allergies and digestive upset, such foods can also lead to unhealthy weight gain and nutrient malabsorption. Feed your Maine Coon a combination of dry and wet food. Variety is also important, so try to feed your cat poultry, beef, and fish-based foods on a rotation. Avoid large, mercury-rich fish like tuna. I suggest focusing on fish like salmon and sardines.

How The Maine Coon Uses Its Tail

Alita, my Maine Coon seems to love her tail and relishes the opportunity to display it.

They wiggle their tails when they are contented or relaxed, and this can actually indicate a good mood in cats generally. 

Its quite common for Maine Coons to twitch their colorful fluffy tails around playfully when interacting with humans.

Eyes and ears will be used for Maine Coon expressions also, but its definitely the Maine Coon tail that does a lot of the talking.

Maine Coons have evolved as cat breeds to be very expressive and that includes the tails!

With practice, you will be able to tell the mood of the cat, by the way, its holding its tail.

Its still a cat though so consistent swishing when you are interacting with them might be an indicator they are annoyed, or in some pain.

Alita lets me stroke her tail so thats not common in cats. 

Purebred Vs Mixed Maine Coon

The breed of cat and if it is a purebred is a crucial factor in terms of life span. A study in the UK found that mixed breeds lived an average of 14 years, and purebreds average 12.5 years. Thats quite fascinating as purebred cats tend to cost more and are more sought after when it comes to cats. In this case, A purebred Maine Coon may not live as long as a mixed breed. This certainly something to be aware of if youre in the market for a pet. 

Cat Life Expectancy By Health Condition

Weve looked at the environment and your cats breed as two important factors in the lifespan of a cat.  But we also know that the cats overall health and any pre-existing or chronic health conditions can play a significant role in limiting that cats quantity and quality of life.  

While some diseases like periodontal disease can be resolved through an oral health procedure where the teeth are cleaned above and below the gum and any diseased teeth are identified by X-rays and extracted, other diseases are progressive and irreversible like kidney disease.

 Here are some of the more common disease conditions that we identify in cats and what factors can also affect a cats lifespan:

Cat Health Condition
Depends on concurrent illness and genetics

Do They Ever Have Black Coats

Maine Coon cats do come in black and a vast variety of other colors at least 84 in fact, ranging from solid colors to smoke, to tabby, to bi-colors.

Actually, this gets asked so often I thought Id write an article all about it. So, if you want to see some very special black Maine Coons, my article Can a Maine Coon be black has some lovely examples.

Do Maine Coons Like Baths

Épinglé sur Maine coon

People say Maine Coons like baths but our two definitely dont. I think it depends on how they are introduced to bathing. I believe our two were traumatized as kittens because we approached bathing very gently but they freaked out. We decided not to pursue it.

If your Maine Coon does appear happy to be bathed, all well and good, just make sure the water is lukewarm and use the best shampoo for Maine Coons. Most cats will lick themselves all over after a bath to get rid of the strange smell and return to their own natural smelly cat scent.

Where To Buy A Maine Coon Cat In Ontario

Table of Contents

Where To Buy A Maine Coon Cat In Ontario?

How much does a Maine Coon cat Cost Canada? How Much Does a Maine Coon Kitten Cost? This will depend on the breeder and their location. You can expect to pay about $800 to $2,000 for a pet cat and $2,000 to $4,000 if you plan to use your cat for show or breeding purposes .

Can you buy Maine Coon cats in Canada? Mariama ® Maine Coons is a breeder of Registered and Certified Maine Coon kittens in Ontario, Canada with over 30 years of experience with purebred cats and dogs.

Why are Maine Coons so expensive? The main reason Maine Coon Cats are so expensive is that its expensive to breed and raise healthy Maine Coon kittens. Breeders need to charge large amounts of money for these cats in order to make money themselves.

What Is The Average Life Span Of A Maine Coon

Andrei Ghimus

The lovable giant Maine Coon cat is a generally healthy and hardy breed of cat. There is some data that suggests that the average life span of these cats ranges anywhere from 10-12.5 years while other data reports that these cats can live up to 15 years and beyond.

Of course with the proper care the life expectancy of these cats can be extended. While they are a generally healthy breed as with all cats, diet, exercise and general health care is going to play a role in how long the cat lives.

There are some genetic diseases that the Maine Coon cat is prone to, but regular check-ups and early interventions can help to increase the life expectancy. Your cat will require regular vet checks and vaccinations.  Should a problem be present if it is caught early on through blood work there is a better chance of curing the issue.


The number one thing you can do to make sure that your Maine Coon cat stays on the longer end of the expectancy rule is to feed him/her a diet that is fat free and that is sourced from a high quality dry mix. Insuring that the cat is not over fed is key to a healthy cat.

These are big cats and to keep their bodies healthy they need special attention to their diet. Speak with your vet about the right diet for your Maine Coon Cat. They can make recommendations about food type and amount.


Life expectancy is dependent on genetics and on the care that the cat receives. Sometimes even genetics can be outsmarted by the proper care.

Genetic Disease Is A Big Part Of How Long A Maine Coon Live

Maine Coons can weigh anywhere between 10 to 16 pounds. Since they fall onto the bigger side, weight is an issue if not addressed properly. Because of the weight, these cats are likely to suffer from Feline Hip Dysplasia or Malformation that can later lead to arthritis. 

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If left untreated by a professional, it can lead to paralysis. If both parents of the cat suffered from hip dysplasia, your pet has high chances of contracting it as well.

Another disease that may affect this kind of breed is Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Telltale symptoms appear as early as 3-4 months. When this happens, there is a slowdown in muscle development leading to atrophy. While it is not fatal or painful, it can shorten the life of a Maine Coon.

To add to the list, some coons might be affiliated with Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This condition addresses the heart wherein its walls are abnormally thick. Severe cases will cause a decreased efficiency of the heart leading to other problems in the body. However, the condition is asymptomatic among cats and may only be discovered upon careful examination by listening to the heart.

Maine Coon Temperament And Personality

The Maine Coon is sweet and friendly, with the typically curious nature. He is a sociable cat who loves his family but isnt demanding of attention. Hell follow you around and show an interest in what youre doing, and if youd like to give him some lap time, hes happy to oblige.

This is one of those cats who gets along with everyone, including and other cats. He enjoys playing fetch and is willing to learn to walk on a leash, making him a great choice for anyone who travels frequently and would like to bring a feline companion along. When youre not home with him, keep your Maine Coon entertained with puzzle toys, a feeder he can watch from the window and a water bowl he can splash in.

Maine Coons communicate with a variety of sounds. In addition to the all-purpose meows and purrs, you will hear them cheep, chirp and trill, incongruous sounds coming from a gentle giant. They use body language, too. A Maine Coon will give you a nice head butt to let you know just how special you are to him.

Maine Coons can adapt to any type of home in any climate. They are built for cold outdoor living, but its safer to keep them inside so they dont get hit by cars or run the risk of disease spread by other cats.

Grooming Your Maine Coon

Maines Coons are known for their luscious, long, and impressive fur. Whilst the beauty of their long hair may catch many peoples eyes, it is safe to say that owners will need to groom their Maine Coons hair on a regular basis.

GROOMING TIP: Groom Your Maine Coon No Less Than Once A Week

The hair on a Maine Coon is quite unique since it is made up of two thick dense undercoats of hair, and a third longer layer of hair over the top. As stunning as the Maine Coon looks, they will require help from their owners to maintain one of their most famous attributes!

Expect to brush your cats hair no less than once a week, though ideally, you should groom their hair every 1-2 days, to limit the chance of their fur becoming matted or tangled.

Winter Grooming Schedule

During Winter, the weather can become quite wet and damp. It is important to groom your Maine Coon more often since the damp weather may cause havoc with your Maine Coons hair.

Hair that has shed is also more likely to get caught within the cats live hair more often, due to the damp wet weather holding the hair together.

Brushing Your Maine Coon

There is a range of different cat brushes available on the internet, suited for different purposes. Weve tried most types and found these three from Amazon offer great value for money. They are currently on offer, so grab a bargain whilst you can!

Maine Coon Claws

Do Maine Coons Like Cuddles

Our Maine Coons love cuddles when they are in the mood. Again its easy to tell as they come to us. Our white cat climbs onto my husband and lays up his chest with his paws over his shoulder and purrs manically.

It took a year before our Maine Coons decided to sit on our laps. We just let them do this on their terms and the best advice I can offer is to let your cat decide, dont try to force it to have cuddles.

Maine Coons Are Expensive

Breeders sell Maine Coon kittens for approximately $1,000-$1,500 if they’re healthy. If they’re a little older or not in good health, they might go for less. However, it’s rare to pick up a Maine Coon for for a low fee like you can with other breeds.

Of course, you should always make sure you do your homework first when buying from a breeder. Make sure they have a quality reputation and that they have treated their pets humanely. Ask to see evidence of vet checkups and vaccinations. You’ll want to ensure that your new pet is one that you’ll spend time with at home and not at the vets.

Are Maine Coons Good For Beginners

How Long Do Maine Coon Cats Live

Maine Coon cats are a great choice for beginners and first time cat owners. They are laid back, loyal, friendly and easy to get along with. Theres quite a lot to this loveable breed, and they possess many qualities that make a Maine Coon a good choice if you are beginning your foray into cat ownership.

What Is A Wild Cats Lifespan

There is a common myth that wild cats only live for 3 to 5 years but this is actually far from the truth. Actually, wild cats can last for the same amount of time as domesticated cats, up to 16 years of age. In some cases, they live longer than domesticated cats!

This may surprise you, as it did me. In fact, I didnt believe quite what I was reading so I dug a bit further and found some research relating to the wildcat which states just this. If youd like to look at this source yourself, take a look .

These Pets Are Fluffy

Recall that the Maine Coon is indigenous to the United States. To survive the harsh winters of the northeastern US, they needed a thick, luxurious coat to keep them warm. These fluffy cats even have fluffy tails!

Nowadays, your Maine Coon won’t need the fur to survive the elements, but you will undoubtedly enjoy how soft and fluffy these cats are. They are some of the sweetest cats to cuddle and pet for that exact reason!

Watch For Signs Of Illness

If you spot any changes in your Maine Coons health, monitor it carefully.

If your cat stops eating and drinking, becomes lethargic, vomits, or has diarrhea for more than one day, take it to the vets.

Cats become dehydrated very quickly and if left untreated can suffer organ failure. If ever you are in doubt, take your cat straight to the vets.

Exploring The World Exercise For Mind And Body

Just exploring the environment is such a great exercise for your Maine Coon. It is proven that some outdoor cats actually run several miles per day. No indoor cat does get this much exercise, no matter how long you are playing with your cat during the day.

There actually is a cat named Sugar, that traveled 1500 miles when his owners moved to another house and left him behind. While this might be a pretty sad story, it shows you what your Maine Coon might be capable of.

Further, being outside and exploring the world is not only a great exercise for the body. It is also an awesome exercise for your cat´s mind. Imagine all the different noises, the different smells, the different tastes your cat will experience outside. Imagine all the different things your cat will see. Birds, dogs, mice, cars, people, bugs and other great things our world has to offer.

Imagine how much action an outdoor cat experiences each and every day. Trust me, this is completely different from lying on a couch and sleeping all day long. A cat feels much more alive outside as it has the opportunity to be a part of this world and to do its job in this world.

Groom Your Cat Regularly

Maine Coons are incapable of grooming themselves thoroughly. They lick themselves clean but cannot stop their fur from knotting and matting.

You may see them tug at knots occasionally but without your intervention, they will lose the battle.

Matted fur tightens and tugs painfully at a cats skin causing sores to develop. This leads to a very miserable, sad cat.

Matts are difficult to remove and in worse case scenarios, have to be shaved off under sedation at the vets.

Sedation comes with risk, so its best to avoid the necessity by grooming your cat once or twice a week and keeping an eye out for any developing matted areas.

How Much Does A Maine Coon Cat Cost

The kittens at Dynasty Maine Coons range in pricing depending upon the color, multi-cat discount and if youd like breeding rights. See all pricing details and how it works . Please keep in mind that since our kittens are in such high demand, prices are firm and non-negotiable. We recommend reserving your kitten as soon as they are born because they are adopted quickly. We dont take reservations until the kittens are born, but you can join a waiting list to get ahead of the litter.


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