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Why Does My Dog Hump My Cat

What Makes Female Dogs Hump

Generally, female dogs do not hump as much as their male counterparts, however, whenever they do, it is usually for the same reasons. It may seem quite weird to you, but humping in a female dog is a very normal sexual activity. They usually engage in this act as a form of foreplay, and this is done when they are in heat period and sometimes when they are not in heat.

If the female dog begins to hump due to sexual reasons, you could induce her with a view to reducing or eliminating the behavior. However, as in the case of male dogs, female dogs could be humping due to non-sexual reasons.  Chief among the reasons could be nervousness.

Medical Problems To Rule Out

Various medical problems, including urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, priapism and skin allergies, can influence a dogs mounting behavior. These issues can be serious if not properly treated and require medical attention rather than behavioral treatment. Dogs suffering from one of these or other medical issues often spend a lot of time licking and chewing the genital area. If you notice your dog excessively mounting, licking or chewing himself, or rubbing his body against things, take him to a veterinarian to rule out medical concerns.

#4: Your Dogs Stomach Is Upset

Just like with humans, one of the places where pressure builds up in the dogs body is the stomach.

When your dog feels pressure in their stomach, they might instinctively stretch as this will lessen the unpleasant feeling.

But how does the pressure in the stomach affect dogs exactly?

As soon as theres gas in the tummy, the abdomen starts to extend. Then it pushes the organs around it.

How to recognize this is the case

You can check if your dogs stomach looks too round . Another indication is if it feels warm. Add to that excessive drooling, and the case could be .

Other signs of abdominal pain include vomiting, loss of appetite, and being lethargic.

All of these symptoms could also be accompanied by gurgling sounds coming from your dogs stomach.

Caution: Canine bloat is serious and can lead to death if not treated on time.

What to do about it

Pay attention to how much water and food your dog ingests.

After you come back home from a walk or after playtime has ended, give your dog several minutes so their breath can return back to normal.

Dont put excessive amounts of food and water, especially if your dog tends to eat and drink fast.

Better give them a bit of water after theyve normalized their breath.

Then you can leave a small amount that will ensure your dog doesnt become dehydrated. That way you will also prevent them from gulping a big bowl of water at once.

Why Does My Dog Hump Me

Eduarda Piamore

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Dogs, like all animal species, have a different way of expressing themselves. Dogs use specific body language and vocal sounds to communicate their mood and feelings. As dog tutors, it is important to both understand and respect canine nature in order to learn to communicate better with our furry friends. However, some canine behavior can appear especially strange.

One of these is humping. Mounting and humping in dogs is a common natural behavior type, but what does it mean? Are you wondering, why does my dog hump me? For more about dog mounting and how to stop it, keep reading here at AnimalWised.

Why Does My Dog Sleep With Me?

  • Why does my dog hump me: what to do
  • Behavior Modification For Dog Humping

    Why does my dog Hump?

    Humping or mounting behavior is usually normal for a dog. But it can be annoying, embarrassing, and potentially dangerous when your dog tries to hump a visitor or someone elses dog. A large dog that humps can even injure a small dog or child, Borchelt points out. So being able to stop a dog from humping in certain situations has its advantages. The following are ways that can help stop a dogmale or femalefrom humping:

    Spay or Neuter

    Spaying an intact female dog may reduce her desire to hump other dogs, particularly if she only does it when shes in heat or around other female dogs in heat, says Dr. Reid. Neutering intact male dogs may or may not effectively stop humping behavior, but it will reduce the behavior if its being triggered by a female dog, the agency says. 

    Distract When You See Warning Signs

    Get to know your dog’s signals. A dog may be getting ready to mount someone or something when he or she moves in close and starts panting, whining, or pawing the person, dog, or object. The ASPCA recommends distracting the dog with a toy or by asking the dog to perform a basic obedience skill like sitting, lying down, or shaking paws.

    Discourage the Behavior

    Teach your dog a command to leave other dogs, people, or objects alone. As soon as your dog tries to mount someone or something, command him or her to Leave it! and reward your dog with a treat if he or she obeys, says Dr. Reid. If your dog doesnt obey, remove him or her from the situation entirely. 

    Can Castrate Dogs Hump

    Usually, Neutered dogs can get an erection, hence its not as though they completely lose their sex drive. Aside from this, I have come to realize that there a lot of other non-sexual related reasons for humping. It, therefore, suffices to say that getting your dog neutered does not fix the problem.

    However, having said that, spaying your dog usually affects, it is therefore important you know that the effect may not be quickly pronounced. If your neutered dog still humps, it may just be that his level of hormones has not lowered enough. Hence, give it some more time!

    Why Do Female Dogs Hump First Lets Talk About Sex

    As strange as one may find it, female dogs do, in fact, hump. Puppies as young as six weeks old, both male and female, have been observed to engage in humping or mounting activities. Until they reach the age of sexual maturity anywhere from a year to two years of age mounting behaviors seem to relate primarily to playful sexual education. As a sexual activity, mounting can be mitigated through a combination of consistent, positive training as well as having your puppies spayed or neutered.

    For the vast majority of adult dogs who have been spayed or neutered, humping behaviors may still serve what we would consider to be a sexual purpose, that of autoerotic pleasure. Yes, thats right, dogs, both male and female, can and do masturbate. Humping is a learned behavior, and, along with licking or chewing at their genital areas, one that they derive pleasure from. Being fixed may prevent a dog from successfully reproducing, but it does not eliminate the joy or relief they experience in the course of genital stimulation.

    The Many Reasons Why Dogs Hump

    According to Cynthia Heyman of Utah, her three-year-old Danish-Swedish Farmdog, Jet, is a play-humper. Jet is intact, and he likes to hump when he plays. He seems to like the boys better than the girls. Last weekend, he was humping a neutered Aussie who humped him right back as they were playing.

    For Margaret Duclos of Seattle, Wash., dog mounting is related to excitement and arousal. One of my dogs sometimes humps the other when we get into the carusually only when it has been a few days since weve gone somewhere and he is especially excited.


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    On the other end of the spectrum, some attribute dog humping to dominance. Brigitte Reed of Salt Lake City, Utah says, My female dog, Snickers, who is spayed, will hump our male dog, Kitna. The reason being is she is alpha and she is asserting her dominance over him. Putting him in his place, as it were.

    When a pup is a humper, theres inevitably an owner nearby with a story, usually one that describes who or what is mounted and the context in which the humping occurs .

    Pet parents hypothesize that sex, breed, age, reproductive status and even size might provide information about humpers. Most of these stories culminate in questionsWhy in the world does she do this? Arent males the humpers?or impressions, anything from Its just play or Shes dominant to Hes quite popular!

    How To Stop Humping

    Since there are a few different reasons for dog humping, it may take a bit of trial and error to get your dog to knock it off.

    Obviously, you don’t want your dog humping your guests. You also don’t want humping to lead to a fight with another dog. Even humping an object can potentially cause damage . Fortunately, humping can usually be managed through .

    Our Female Dog Is Humping Our Male Cat : Dogs

    We adopted a dog and a cat last week. The dog, Maya, was pretty sick and has been recovering remarkably. She’ll walk up to the cat and just try and stand above her, sort of like she’s trying to hump him. I mean, I’ve seen male dogs humping things, but why would a female dog do it? I’m just looking for advice, because the cat is getting very agitated and I’m sure he’ll retaliate eventually.

    Why Does My Dog Hump Me: What To Do

    As weve already mentioned above, dogs humping can be caused by different things. In order to treat this behavior or stop it, the specific cause of it needs to be identified.The first thing we recommend doing if you notice your dog humping excessively, is consulting a veterinarian or canine ethologist.

    If the cause is not a pathological, you will need to revise your dogs daily routine, specifically analyzing physical activity and mental stimulation. But, what does a dog need to be happy and healthy?

    • High quality diet.
    • Trust.
    • Love.

    How To Prevent Humping

    Even though humping is a natural behavior, the object of the humping, in our case your cat, might not be pleased with the attention she is getting. And someone might get hurt if the dog doesnt leave the cat at peace. Or if he tries to hump a strange dog.

    So what can you do to stop or at least limit this behavior? Here are some tips:

    • Neuter/spay your dog if you havent done so. If you neuter your pet on time, there is a huge chance that he will stop humping if his behavior is sexually related.
    • Provide enough stimulations so that your dog doesnt have too much excess energy.
    • Try to locate a possible source of anxiety that could be triggering your pet.
    • Teach your dog to leave possible humping objects on command. If the dog doesnt obey, remove him from the situation.
    • Pay enough attention to your dog and make sure that he has everything he needs.
    • Observe your pet and when you notice he is about to hump something, distract him.
    • Visit your vet to rule out a medical condition.

    Dog humping is something completely normal for your pet. And he might not understand why youre getting so frustrated with him. Punishment is not going to work. If you cant handle him, consult an animal behaviorist to help you.

    So what do you think? What about your dog? Does he hump the cat? Tell us in the comments, dont be shy.

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    Why Does My Dog Hump A Specific Person

    Why does my dog Hump?

    Of course, while humping you can be awkward, its even more embarrassing when your dog tries to hump someone else, like a stranger or an important visitor. However, this usually means something about the person excites them, such as their aura, appeal, or smell.

    When this happens, its best to refrain from making a fuss or yelling at your pet. Instead, it would be best if you took them calmly to their crates or somewhere quiet and far from the crowd.

    Why Do Cats Hump Blankets

    What does it mean when a cat humps blanket?

    Cats have an array of bizarre habits and blanket humping tops the list.

    So, should you encourage cat humping blanket behavior?


    A cat humps blanket for several reasons. Anxiety and pent up energy are two reasons for this behavior. Your cat could also hump blanket out of the frustration of being ignored or when they want to show dominance. Both male and female cats exhibit blanket humping behavior.


    When you notice your cat humping blanket, know that it is not the only thing they want to hump.

    Felines are known to hump other things like pillows, sofas, and their toys.

    Some cats would target humans and other pets in the house.


    Common reasons why your cat humps blanket include;

    • Pent up energy
    • Sudden changes in their environment
    • Feeling ignored


    Humping Behaviour In Dogs

    The first thing you need to know about this issue is that there is no single reason to explain it. 

    Canine body language and behaviour is a very diverse and complex topic. 

    The same kind of behaviour of one dog can mean something completely different when another dog showcases it. 

    The reason for a certain kind of behaviour often has a deep-rooted connection to the individual characteristics of the animal and the context of the situation.

    So while you try to analyse the humping behaviour of your dog, you need to consider its expression, posture, and attitude carefully. It would help if you also thought of any external motivation or triggers that might lead to this action.

    Its A Way For Dogs To Establish Social Status

    Aside from the everyday problems of owners asking, why does my dog keep trying to hump me, they also often wonder why their furry companions hump other dogs. Theres a simple reason for this. For some canines, this is a common sign of establishing their place in the pack.

    For dogs, humping is typically a sign of wanting to dominate. So, it doesnt necessarily mean they are aroused, but its more about seeing if the other dog would submit or oppose the act.

    Because of this, this behavior of wanting to dominate is only applicable to their encounter with other dogs, so it doesnt apply to what they do with their humans.

    So, other owners who ask, why does my dog hump me believe its because of the canines goal of attaining dominance. In this case, this belief can be problematic since it might lead to decision problems, especially in training their pets.

    Why Does My Neutered Pet Still Hump

    Trumann Staff

    • Pet Talk


    Why does my neutered pet still hump?      


    One of the most common questions I get asked on a daily basis is why does my pet still hump after neutering?

    In theory, neutering should eliminate humping in a male dog because once castrated, his testosterone level falls.  Neutering may not shut off the behavior in a large percentage of dogs.  Even neutered,  a male dog is still a he. He gets small bursts of testosterone from fetal testes and it remains a part of a male dogs makeup. 


    Being a he isnt all there is to humping.  The drive to hump isnt all about maleness, which is why you will see female dogs engaging in the disturbing behavior.  Here are some reasons for humping:


    • In puppies, humping is thought to be an innate form of practice for future sexual experiences.

    Flirting. When mature dogs that havent been spayed or   neutered hump, it is often to initiate a sexual encounter.

    • For some dogs, humping is a way to demonstrate their dominance to people or other animals.
    • Many dogs hump simply because it feels good. Humping can be pleasurable for all dogs spayed and neutered dogs, intact dogs, and females and males.
    • Dog humping can sometimes be a form of play, especially for dogs that have had little socialization or that become overexcited during play.

    Excitement. During a particularly stressful or exciting time for a dog, such as meeting someone new, dog humping is a normal response.



    Even cats may hump other cats, blankets and toys.


    How To Stop The Humping

    If a medical cause is found for your cat’s humping, treatment for his condition will be your first step. Behavioral causes can be somewhat more difficult. These often require a good understanding of how the cat world works so you can make attempts to work with the natural instincts of your feline family members.

    Do Neutered Dogs Hump

    Yes. Neutered dogs can still get erections, so its not like their sex drive is completely wiped out. Besides, there are many non-sexual reasons for humping, such as establishing dominance. In short, getting your dog fixed does not necessarily mean the end of humping.

    That said, neutering or spaying your dog does generally have an effect. Just be aware that the full impact may not be apparent right away. If your neutered dog still humps, it could simply be that his hormone levels havent dropped enough. Give it a few months.

    Why Is Your Dog Humping Your Cat & How Do You Stop It

    271 shares Share 64TweetPin 207If you have caught your dog humping your cat, you might have a million questions. Is your dog humping your cat a normal behavior? A dog humping is cat seem strange, but its a very common occurrence. The important thing is that if the cat doesnt mind, e.g., there is no hissing, scratching and growling, you shouldnt worry. If you neuter your pet on time, there is a huge chance that he will stop humping if his behavior is sexually related.

    Humping: Why Do Dogs Do It

    Why does my dog hump?  Caloundra Pet Resort

    Julie Hecht

    Although wed love to say we adore absolutely everything about our pups, the act of dog humping definitely falls into the least adorable category. 

    Dogs hump the air, they mount pillows and blankets, and they can be found poised behind the neighbors dog or befriending Uncle Joes leg. Apart from giving mounters silly nicknames like the humping bean or Sir-humps-a-lot, whats behind all of this bumping and grinding?

    Humping As An Indication Of An Underlying Medical Problem

    Before jumping to conclusions regarding the question, why is my dog trying to hump me, you must also consider that irritation or other health concerns cause the behavior. After all, they may be exhibiting the behavior to relieve themselves from itchy genitals.

    However, helping them scratch the area wont solve the problem, especially when an infection causes it. In this case, it is best to refer the matter to your local vet and have your dogs checked. In fact, in male dogs, humping can already indicate that they are suffering from prostate concerns.


    Why Does My Female Dog Hump My Male Cat

    June 5, 2021 2 min read

    Females are the leaders of doggie packs, so they actually tend to be the more dominant sex. Humping is one of the most common ways that dogs display their dominance over other animals. This isn’t a reproductive behavior, obviously, but is most likely your dog trying to assert her dominance over the cat. Aside from possibly being annoying to the cat, this isn’t a worrisome behavior.

    Why Do Female Dogs Hump Reasons For Female Dog Humping

    However, the question is not a dirty one, since the reasons for female dog humping are varied. Female dogs also hump the same spectrum of things as male dogs, including peoples legs, pillows, dog beds and other female dogs. Why Do Female Dogs Hump? Female Dog Humping May Stem From Boredom and Stress ReliefDo you leave your female dog alone for extended periods? If not, another answer to, Why do female dogs hump? might be boredom or stress relief.

    Female Dog Humping May Stem From Boredom And Stress Relief

    Do you leave your female dog alone for extended periods? Does she have sufficient toys and other distractions to get her through the day? If not, another answer to, Why do female dogs hump?might be boredom or stress relief. Just as some dogs may , , , , rend couch cushions or shoes when they feel neglected, so too do other dogs hump as a reaction to boredom or intense stress.

    If your dog, female or male, is a habitual humper, you may want to consider establishing a stricter and more regular schedule of walking, running or interactive play. Engaging with your dog and providing her with a routine can eliminate boredom or anxiety as a reason for her to hump objects, people, and other dogs.

    Why Do Cats Hump

    Cat humping is a natural thing, and it occurs for many reasons, the most important of which is hormones. Intact male cats will hump female cats as part of the sex act. They may also hump other male cats in the home, which is viewed by most experts as dominance behavior.

    Even neutered cats can hump, though, and this is particularly true if the cat was neutered later in life.

    If a cat suddenly starts humping, he may feel stressed by changes in his home environment, whether thats a new home, a new animal companion, new people or cats and other animals roaming around outside his home. Cat humping may also happen because kitties need more attention or play time.

    Older cats might hump kittens. According to the experts at, this is most often seen with spayed female cats, who may grab a kitten by the neck and appear to be humping him. This is more of a maternal discipline behavior than a sexual one; mother cats often grab their kittens and pin them down to tell them to cool it with a bothersome behavior.

    When Humping Could Be A Sign Of A Medical Problem

    In some cases, especially if its a new behavior, mounting may be a symptom of a medical issue, such as a urinary tract infection.

    If your dog hasnt really mounted before, and the behavior is suddenly occurring often, talk to your veterinarian. It could be a sign of an infection or a hormonal disease that mimics an increase in testosterone. It may be necessary to investigate the health of a dog who is suddenly being mounted too.

    “Remember,” says Dr. Sueda, “mounting bothers owners more than dogs. People place human emotion on the act, assuming that it is a sexual or abnormal behavior, but dogs dont see or experience it that way.”

    Should You Ever Worry About Cat Humping

    If your cat is humping compulsively, youre going to want to give him some relief. Try using pheromone diffusers and interactive play. If there are cats or other animals outside your home, use humane deterrents like motion-activated sprinklers to keep them away.

    One final word of warning when it comes to cat humping, though: if your cat is constantly licking his penis, a vet visit is in order because he could be suffering from a urinary tract infection or blockage.

    Tell us: Do you have a cat that humps? What do you do about cat humping? Please share your stories in the comments!

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    This piece was originally published in 2017. 

    Why Does My Dog Hump My Leg / Other Dogs / Toys / The Cat / Everything

    Why Does My Dog Hump Me?

    Dogs hump the darnedest things sometimes. A lot depends on what the purpose of the humping is. If its for sexual gratification, the dog might go after anything and everything that seems like the right height and shape. If its for dominance, the target will be another dog . If the dog is nervous or compulsive, he might hump a favorite toy, blanket, or other object that brings comfort.

    Why Does My Neutered Cat Hump Things

    You followed your veterinarian’s advice and had your cat . So it’s understandable that you were shocked the first time you saw him humping his toy bunny. Or your other cat. Or your leg. It can be funny sometimes but it can also be embarrassing or irritating. It has you throwing your arms in the air and wondering, “Why does my neutered cat hump things?”

    There are a few different reasons that cats may display humping behavior even after they have been surgically sterilized. Note: Humping behavior is seen in both male and female cats.

    Humping is usually a normal behavior in cats but it can be annoying to humans. If you can identify which of the above circumstances may be behind your cat’s humping habit, you can use the knowledge to curb the behavior.

    Don’t use negative methods if you attempt to stop your cat’s humping behavior. They don’t work and may make the situation worse if it is related to stress. Use positive reinforcement techniques any time you are trying to modify your cat’s actions. Give rewards when your cat does what you want him to do. For instance, when you see him showing signs that he is about to hump his blanket, distract him with a toy and give him lots of praise for playing instead.


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