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Why Does My Cat’s Meow Sounds Hoarse

Why Does My Cat Meow Very Quietly

Is It Normal For A Cat’s Meow To Change?

Your cat may be trying to tell you a lot of things with its silent meows.

Most of the times, it is your cats way of saying that it wants attention from you. Maybe youve been ignoring her for some time or you were just caught up in your state of things. Either way, the cat wants you to look at her and pet her.

Paying Attention To Cat Sounds

Healthy cats meow for many reasons: to ask for food, to demand attention or petting, or to remind you to open the door for them. “In more than 20 years as a house-call veterinarian, Ive heard every kind of meow you can imagine,” Levy says. “In fact, I hear my own cat, Asti Spumante, vocalize every night, trying to squeeze in an extra feeding or just wanting attention.”

But there’s an obvious difference between the usual meowing your cat uses to talk to you and the meowing of a pet in distress. “When I hear a patient howling or moaning in a deep, guttural voice, I know theres a serious medical problem,” Levy says. “This is the sound made by cats in end-stage kidney disease, or with a blood clot, or in an altered mental state. It can also signal a traumatic injury, such as being hit by a car or a broken leg due to a fall. It indicates real suffering.”

Ask The Vet: Cats Get Laryngitis Too And It Could Be Deadly

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If area is too swollen,

feline may have

trouble breathing

Q: My cat, Henry, has been coughing for several days now. In addition to that his meow sounds different. He is eating OK and I think using the bathroom normally but he goes in and out so I dont actually see him sometimes. He is also licking his lips more. What could be going on with him? I have an appointment with my vet this week. Just trying to get some thoughts.

A: Anytime I hear of a meow change or even a bark change I think of a condition called laryngitis.

You hear about this all the time in people. Their voice changes or goes away altogether. Well animals develop laryngitis, too, due to a host of reasons.

Sometimes laryngitis is a mild case and other times it can cause a life-threatening blockage of the trachea. I am glad you are going to visit your veterinarian soon. You must get to the bottom of this for Henrys sake.

Laryngitis is simply inflammation or irritation of the mucosa covering the larynx.

The larynx is the area in the back of the throat where the vocal folds help to cover the trachea or wind pipe.

Light sedation is all that would be needed here.

If no foreign bodies are seen, then a longer sedated exam is in order to really evaluate all the structures in the back of the throat.

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Why Does My Cat Have A Crackly Meow

Answer. There are a few reasons why your cat may be hoarse or have a crackly meow. A common reason is a cat that was in distress, trapped somewhere that was using his voice a lot can sometimes be hoarse. Another common reason is an upper respiratory infection that can affect the nose, throat and sinus areas.

Diagnosis Of Laryngitis In Cats

Why Can

When a cat comes into the vetcare office with laryngitis, the veterinarian performs a head-to-tail physical on the cat. A significant part of the exam might include an endoscopic examination of the larynx, which means the cat will need to be anesthetized. X-rays may also be performed to try and determine if a mass or growth is causing the problem.

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Treatment Of Laryngitis In Cats

Once the vet has diagnosed laryngitis, as well as its cause, they will begin treating the cats signs. For a buildup of fluid in the larynx, the cat will take a diuretic medication. This can also help with any fluid buildup in the lungs, if this has contributed to the cats laryngitis.

When a cat has a sore throat along with laryngitis, its hard to swallow, much less eat or drink. A mild pain medication can help the cat to swallow more easily, which means it will be able to eat and make a faster return to good health.

Foreign bodies stuck in the cats throat are removed, which allows the larynx to return to normal. When this happens, the cat will soon begin to meow audibly again.

When an eosinophilic granuloma forms, the cats immune system releases substances that should fight an invasion of parasites. These substances induce an allergic response, such as swelling and inflammation of the cats throat. A course of steroids might allow the granuloma to disappear, unless it has become infected. In that case, the cat also needs antibiotic medication.

At home, the pet parent can increase the humidity inside with a humidifier, running hot water in a closed bathroom and keeping the house warm . Cleaning the cats nose with a soft, damp washcloth helps it to breathe more easily.

Veterinarians may recommend diet changes or adding supplements to the cats food to strengthen its immune system and help fight viral illness.

Worried about the cost of Laryngitis treatment?

Why Does My Cats Meow Sound Hoarse

When a cats meow is weak and raspy, it can be worrying. In some instances, it is simply from overusing their voice. However, a cats meow can also sound hoarse when they have laryngitis. Laryngitis is where the larynx or voice box becomes inflamed due to an infection, blockage, or paralysis of the laryngeal nerve.

Here we look at each of these in more detail and how you can tell which applies to your kitty.

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Your Kitten Wants To Sleep

Your kitty may be tired after a day of intense playing. We all know how these little ones have high energy levels. The quiet meow maybe just a way to tell you that it is tired, and you should keep your voice down so that it can have some sleep.

A newborn kitten can sleep for about 20 hours a day. After two months, your kitty will sleep for an average of about 18 hours per day.

Sleep is vital for your kittens physical growth, the development of its brain, muscles, and bones. It also reinforces memorization.

So if your little friend is opening its mouth, but you can barely hear any voice coming out, perhaps its time to put it into a comfortable, warm, andquiet place, and let it enjoy some nap time.

Other Kittens Can Hear Its Higher Frequencies.

You may refer to your kittens meow as inaudible, but it is not as silent as you think. Other felines can hear it. Your kitten has a superior sense of hearing, and it can hear frequencies of up to 64,000 Hz.

We can only hear frequencies of up to 20,000 Hz, and that is why you cannot hear your kittys meow when it is very low-pitched. It might be silent to you, but other cats can hear it. This is all because cats have around 30 sets of muscles that enable them to focus on the sound source.

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Can A Mute Cat Still Purr

My cat’s sore throat / hoarse meow

If you want feline companionship but want to maintain a quiet environment, consider a silent or quiet cat breed.

They still purr and may even meow from time to time, but they are much less vocal than other breeds. Rather than meowing or chirping at you, instead theyll cuddle or nudge you for playtime and meal times.

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How To Treat Hoarse Voice In Your Kitten

The technical term for voice hoarseness in cats is called laryngitis. Here are practical things you can do to help your kitten gain back its voice:

1. Schedule a veterinary visit

Your vet will check your kitty and, after a complete diagnosis, will determine a treatment plan. Since there are many causes of this condition as we have seen, your vet will conduct a physical exam to pinpoint what exactly is the cause.

If the hoarseness is due to an upper respiratory infection, he/she will probably place your furry friend on an antibiotic, or give it supplements such as lysine.

2. Feed your kitty canned food

It will be so unfair to give your cat dry food when its throat is irritatated or inflammed. Wet canned food is the kind of food you should give it, because it is gentle on your kittens throat.

3. Check for other symptoms

If your kittens voice sounds hoarse, check for other symptoms to determine if it is sick. These are: loss of appetite, sneezing, or changes in its activity. This information will be vital as you make your trip to the vet.

Learn To Listen To Your Cat

Whatever your cat is trying to say, the important thing is for you to listen. If you have questions about your kittys chatter or if you have any health concerns, a visit to All About Cats Veterinary Hospital in Kirkland, WA, will help put your worries to rest. We are here to offer your furry friend purr-fectly compassionate care!

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What Does It Mean When My Cats Meow Sounds Hoarse

What causes cat laryngitis? Cat laryngitis is often the result of infectious diseases such as upper respiratory infections , calicivirus, or rhinotracheitis however there are a number of other conditions that can cause your cat to lose their voice including: Inhaled irritants, such as smoke or dust.

Can My Cats Get A Sore Throat From Meowing

cammodelsdesign: Why Does My Cat

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx. It may result from upper respiratory tract infection or by direct irritation from inhalation of dust, smoke, irritating gas, or foreign objects. It can also be caused by trauma, excessive meowing, or a tumor of the larynx.

Why does my cat have a hoarse voice?

A common reason is a cat that was in distress, trapped somewhere that was using his voice a lot can sometimes be hoarse. Another common reason is an upper respiratory infection that can affect the nose, throat and sinus areas. It can act much like the common cold in humans.

Why does my cat have a different voice?

There are several possible reasons for your cats change in voice. Viral upper respiratory infections are a common cause. In most cases, the cat will exhibit other signs of a respiratory infection, such as runny eyes, snotty nose and lots of sneezing.

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Reasons Why Your Cat Has Lost Their Meow

1. Prolonged meowing 2. Rabies3. Upper Respiratory Infection 4. Hyperthyroidism5. Laryngeal paralysis6. Growths11 Apr 201711 Apr 201711 Apr 201720 May 201720 May 201720 May 201720 May 201720 May 201720 May 201720 May 201725 May 201725 May 201725 May 201725 May 201725 May 201709 Jun 201709 Jun 201709 Jun 201710 Jun 201710 Jun 201710 Jun 201725 Jun 201725 Jun 201724 Jul 201724 Jul 201729 Jul 201729 Jul 201729 Jul 201729 Jul 201729 Jul 201729 Jul 201729 Jul 201729 Jul 201713 Sep 201717 Sep 201721 Sep 201721 Sep 201721 Sep 201727 Sep 201726 Oct 201702 Nov 201702 Nov 201704 Nov 201704 Nov 201704 Nov 201706 Nov 201715 Nov 201718 Nov 201724 Nov 201706 Jan 201803 Feb 201803 Feb 201820 Feb 201820 Feb 201810 Mar 201813 Mar 201814 Mar 201816 Mar 201806 Apr 201806 Apr 201810 May 201815 May 201826 May 201831 May 201801 Jun 201820 Jun 201822 Jun 201823 Jun 201803 Jul 201801 Aug 201816 Aug 201816 Aug 201818 Oct 201914 Nov 201913 Feb 202001 Mar 202027 Apr 202020 Jul 202021 Jul 202030 Jul 202031 Aug 202031 Aug 202031 Aug 202024 Sep 202023 Oct 202017 Jan 202111 Feb 202111 Feb 202111 Feb 202119 Feb 202126 Apr 202126 Apr 202118 Jun 202118 Jun 202118 Jun 202118 Jun 202130 Jun 202101 Jul 2021

Why Is My Cat Making Weird Meows

Cats meow for many reasons, from the serious to the attention-seeking. Numerous diseases can cause a cat to feel hunger, thirst, or pain, all of which can lead to excessive meowing. Cats also can develop an overactive thyroid or kidney disease, both of which can result in excessive vocalizations. Attention seeking.6 May 2021

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What Makes A Cats Meow Hoarse

Often, a cats meow sounds hoarse because they have been meowing too much for a long period.

This causes them to lose their voice, similar to how people might have a raspy voice after shouting and singing at a loud concert. Alternatively, a cats meow can sound weak and raspy because it is suffering from laryngitis.O

Cats Meow Suddenly High Pitch

Kitten Raspy Meows | Inara unique meow | 7 week old kitten

High-pitched meowing can indicate that your cat is in pain. Cats with tummy pain or arthritic joints may start meowing in a higher tone to vocalize that something is wrong. Medical problems like kidney malfunction or thyroid disease may also cause your cats meow to change.

However, your cat might be trying to make itself sound cute. Cats are intelligent animals and know what sounds to make to get what they want from their human owners. Your cat might adopt a high-pitched meow to do exactly that. By doing this, its chances of both attracting your attention and getting what it wants are increased.

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How Will The Cough Be Treated

Treatment depends on the diagnosis and your cats medical condition. Symptomatic treatment with decongestant medicines may be helpful in mild cases. If the diagnosis is infectious, either as a primary viral infection with secondary bacterial infection or a primary bacterial infection, antibiotics will likely provide rapid improvement. Antibiotics will usually be prescribed for at least two weeks, if not longer. It is important not to stop the treatment once the cat seems better. Complete the medication as prescribed, otherwise the infection may return and be more difficult to treat.

It is important not to stop the treatment once the cat seems better.

If the coughing is a more chronic problem that has been present for one to two months, there may be permanent damage to the mucous membrane surfaces in the lungs such that they are not capable of healing. In these cases, respiratory infections may be prolonged and recurrent. Targeted supplements that improve mucous membrane repair or act as immune stimulants may be helpful. Anti-inflammatory drugs may be used to suppress inflammation, particularly if there is an allergic basis and the allergen cannot be found and removed from the cats environment. In the case of certain types of cancer, chemotherapy may be an option.

Contributors: Malcolm Weir, DVM, MSc, MPH Ernest Ward, DVM

Why Is My Cat’s Meow Silent


Cats, whether big or small, rely on vocalizations to communicate, and none is more important than the classic meow. It’s how a kitten talks to her mom, how she greets her human parents, and how she asks for dinner. So if vocalizing is such an important form of cat communication, then why does she sometimes meow without sound? Is there such a thing as a silent meow?

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How Can You Work Out Which Issue Is Affecting Your Cat

Although most pet owners would love to know what every specific meow means, there isnt a set of steps to follow to translate what they mean. To work out what issue is affecting your cat, you need to spend time getting to know them and observe the situation ahead of you.

Think of figuring out what your cat wants as similar to a mother figuring out what her babys cries mean. You may have to do a few trial and error runs until you get it right, but once you get to know your cat things will be easier for you.

When you have a better understanding of your cats personality you should have a better understanding of what their meows could mean.

Can A Cat Get Laryngitis

Cat Lost Voice: Why my Cat

Your cat’s larynx has a number of jobs including allowing your cat to vocalize, which is why the larynx is also referred to as your cat’s voicebox. If there is an underlying health condition affecting your kitty’s larynx your cat’s ability to meow will be affected.

If your kitty is diagnosed with laryngitis it means that your cat’s larynx has become inflamed due to irritation, illness or a blockage within the throat.

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