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How To Take Out Cat Pee Smell From Carpet

How To Get Cat Pee Smells And Stains Out Of Carpet

Removing Carpet Stains & Spots : How to Remove Cat Urine From Carpet

Has your cat peed on your carpet before? Is the stain or smell still lingering? Don’t worry, BISSELL can get cat urine smells and stains out of your carpet. Mike Foote, one of our chemists, has some tips and tricks for you and explains why enzyme carpet and upholstery cleaners are the best options for old cat urine smells, while oxy based cleaners work well for stains.

  • How to get rid of cat pee smell
  • Use an enzyme-based formula
  • Spray stain area generously and even get outside the stain area
  • Cover the treated area with a damp cloth for 12-24 hours
  • How to get rid of cat pee stains
  • Use an oxy based formula
  • Spray stain area generously and even get outside the stain area
  • Let dry
  • For larger areas use a carpet cleaning machine with the PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator Formula 48oz


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Remove Cat Urine From Carpet

The simple solution offered by this blog will cost you a whopping $2. Although this may only be a temporary fix when you are in a jam, this combined with a long-term solution provides your room and the area with a freshness you might not otherwise get from the other recipes weve listed. Get the instructions here.

How To Clean Dried Cat Urine From Carpet

Proven solutions and clever fixes for cleaning up after your furry friend.

Cats make for a lovely family pet and, when all goes well, they are fairly low maintenance. However, even the most well-behaved kitties can have an unfortunate accident in the home. Our guide will tell you all you need to know about how to clean dried cat urine from a carpet.

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How Do You Find A Urine Stain

The most effective way to tackle a pee stain is to get to it as quickly as possible. However, if you donât spot it when itâs still wet then it can be easy to miss: look for any discolouration in the carpet.

If you suspect kitty has had an accident but canât locate it, pull the curtains during the day and the room will be dimmer but with enough sunlight coming through to make the stain easier to spot.

Lastly, you can shine a so-called black light over the carpet. Despite the name, these are ultraviolet lights of the kind used to detect counterfeit bank notes â they are available online or from specialist lighting shops. This will readily highlight any stained areas.

Why Urine Is So Bad For Concrete

How To Remove Cat Urine Smell From Suitcase

As you already know, concrete is dry and hard as rock. Among concretes basic properties, its also a relatively porous material.

This means, that water and other liquids that comes into contact with bare concrete will saturate and seep down into it.

Usually this is harmless, but when it comes to pet urine its obviously not good.

Dog or cat urine has a way of seeping in and working its way down into concrete materials its own and anyone who has had cats or dogs knows that an animal urine stain can be difficult to get rid of from your garage floor, basement flooring, patio and under carpet pads.

Whats worse is this potent stuff can lie dormant inside the concrete for years, only to keep releasing its odor when moisture gets back down into the concrete to rehydrate and activate the smell.

The fumes will find their way into anyones nose who is in the area. Yuck!

This is the problem you most likely face, but rest assured, there is a natural and scientific way to put an end to the root cause of this smelly issue.

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How To Get Urine Smell Out Of Carpet Top 8 Ways

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Well! It truly does not matter how much you love your pets, and there are some occasions when these pets behave erratically and create problems for you. The situation becomes more aggravated when you have a carpeted room or house because you often face pets urine on the carpet, which is a severe hazard for hygiene, especially if you have a crawling child at home. So, in this post, I am going to relate some baffling tricks to let you know that how to get urine smell out of the carpet.

What Cleaners Can I Use To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Cat Pee

There are a few options to try when it comes to removing the smell of cat pee. You may need to use more than one – or even all of them – and you’ll likely need to repeat the process to completely get rid of the odor. Patience is key.

Enzymatic Urine Cleaner

Most pet stores sell special enzymatic cleaners formulated to remove the smell of cat pee, as normal fabric deodorizers won’t work. Look for these products in the pet supply aisle. Thoroughly saturate the spot with the spray and leave it to air dry for up to two days, or follow the directions on the label. Repeat as needed.

Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate is a natural deodorizer. It’s especially useful to get the cat pee smell out of carpets and furniture, or other items that can’t be washed in the washing machine. Apply once the spot has dried or is nearly dry. Wait at least an hour or until completely dry before vacuuming or brushing it off. Repeat as needed.

Vinegar and Water

A 1:3 ratio of vinegar to water can work wonders for removing the smell of cat urine. Dab the solution gently onto the spot, blot it up and repeat as needed.

While none of these cleaners will likely discolor or harm most fabrics, it’s a good idea to test a few drops on a less visible place before applying to the soiled spot.

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If you are still having trouble removing the odor after you have tried one or all of these steps, you could greatly benefit from a steam cleaning by AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning. We have the tools and cleaners necessary to aid you in the removal of foul odors from your home. Give us a call today!

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How To Remove Cat Urine Odour

Carpet Cleaning : How to Remove Cat Urine Odor From Carpet

As already mentioned, cat urine has a very strong unpleasant smell, and there is a scientific explanation behind that. But we are not going to get into much detail here. The most important thing to know is that cleaning the stain as soon as possible is the best way to avoid a stinky carpet. The longer the urine stays in the carpet, the worse the smell will get.

  • Use cold water and an old towel to soak up the liquid.
  • Apply an enzymatic pet urine product. It will eradicate the acid in the urine and neutralise the bacteria.
  • After that, cover the area with a damp towel and leave it for the night.
  • Remember:

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    How To Remove Cat Urine Smell With These 5 Tricks

    If anyone enters your home and immediately says, You have cats, even though no felines are in evidence, its a good bet their olfactory nerves tipped them off. How to remove that cat urine smell? Fortunately, there are plenty of safe products on the market that can rid your home of kitty odors.

    1. How to Remove Cat Urine Smell

    Wherever your cat is peeing, the first step in removing the odor is to thoroughly clean the urine as soon as possible. The longer the urine lingers, the worse the smell becomes. Use cold water and paper towels to mop up the liquid. For best results, use an enzyme-based pet stain and odor removal product on the stained spot. These enzymes work by eradicating the acid in the urine and neutralizing bacteria. After saturating the area with the enzyme cleaner, place a damp towel over the spot and let it sit overnight.

    2. How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Carpet

    Again, remove the liquid via cold water and paper towels, followed by an enzyme cleaner and damp towel. After removing the towel, vacuum the carpet. While you can use a wet vac with cool water on your carpet, dont use a steam cleaner. The heat from the steam can cause the odors to set. Once youve finishing cleaning and wet vacuuming, sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda on the soiled part of the carpet for further odor absorption. Leave the baking soda on the carpet an hour or so and then vacuum it up.

    3. How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Wood

    4. How to Get Cat Pee Out of Clothes


    How To Remove Pet Urine Smells From A Sub

    The following 8-steps are useful for removing pet urine odor from wood sub-floor

  • Remove carpeting, padding and other flooring around the areas you suspect urine has leaked into the sub-floor.
  • Apply an enzymatic pet cleaner to the soiled areas and allow them to dry thoroughly for 24 to 48 hours. These cleaners contain special enzymes that convert organic waste materials such as urine and feces to carbon dioxide and water. They continue to eliminate the odors and waste materials even when dry. When you apply the enzymatic cleaners, do not over-saturate the wood to prevent it from warping. Repeat this step if odors remain after initial application.
  • Paint the stained sub-floor areas with KILZ Complete or Zinsser B-I-N, mildew-resistant, oil-based primers and sealants that block odors and stains.
  • Allow the paint to completely dry. Repeat the application after one hour.
  • If any stains bleed through after the second application, re-apply and let dry until you completely cover the stains. Follow manufacturer directions for drying and ventilation.
  • Used a fan to help dry the floor. A second fan in the window can assist with ventilation.
  • Allow to completely dry.
  • Replace the flooring with new carpet, wood or tile.
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    There Are Several On The Market That Work Well But If You Are On A Budget They Can Be Fairly Expensive

    How to get cat pee out of carpet. Keep blotting the carpet until no more pee can be absorbed. Dry the area out completely with paper towels. If your sweet kitten or older cat has started making messes don’t worry there are really easy ways to get cat pee smell out of your carpet!

    When you first notice that your cat has made a mess on your carpet use paper towels to soak up as much as possible. People ask me all the time how get rid of cat urine smell from carpet, and many people also ask what the best cat urine remover is. How to get that dreaded cat pee smell out of your carpet.

    Kitty tinkle is one of the most unique and pungent smells on the planet, perhaps rivaled only by the notorious durian fruit. If the smell continues to linger, you can mix equal parts vinegar and water to create a cleaning solution. Mix vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap in a spray bottle.

    This is a great technique to remove cat stains from the carpet. After that you may want to use an odor remover to get rid of the remaining smell. How to get cat urine smell out of carpet.

    Blot the spot to absorb the urine. Soak up any excess cat urine with paper towels Here is how to remove cat urine smell from carpet:

    One is the right fit for you if you are a diy kind of person. Make a solution out of three portions of water with one portion of vinegar. The dried urine stains contain alkaline salts , and the acid in the vinegar neutralizes it effectively.

    Using A Wet Vac To Extract The Urine

    How To Remove Cat Urine Smell From Carpet?

    If using a wet vac, push hard with the nozzle onto the carseat or carpet and hold on the area for a minute to allow the suction to go in deep and extract as much as possible. This will remove the neutralized cat urine residues and the remaining mositure will dry and you will be odor free permanently.

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    Use A Washing Machine For Pet

    If you are curious about how to get rid of cat pee smell on clothes, you have a few more options to work with than a carpet or large piece of furniture. Luckily, most of the cleaning products mentioned above will also work on your clothes.

    One advantage is that you can throw your clothes into the washing machine for added cleaning. To get rid of urine smells on clothes, soak the garment in vinegar first.

    You can also use an enzymatic cleaner on the clothing, which has the added benefit of removing sweat stains and body oils from your clothing. Whatever option you choose, let it sit anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour before washing your clothes with powerful laundry detergent in the washing machine.

    Choosing An Enzymatic Cleaner

    Choose an Enzymatic Cleaner has the appropriate enzymes for the types of stains your dealing with. If you plan to use the cleaner on a variety of stains, its best to choose a product that offers multiple enzymes.

    The following are the three main types of enzymes in these cleaners:

  • Amylase: This breaks down starches, including eggs, sugar, and some sauces.
  • Lipase: Lipase breaks down fats. Its effective on oil and grease stains.
  • Protease: This eliminates protein-based stains like wine, urine, and blood.
  • Cleaning subfloor

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    That Clean Cat Attitude

    Cats are known to be meticulously clean. Its obvious as cat owners will always need a clean cat litter box at home.

    A cats habit of peeing and burying their feces in a litter box isnt mainly caused by their obsession with cleanliness.

    Its a natural feline instinct which tells who marks the territory or not. Cats who bury their waste do this to protect themselves from predators or dominant cats.

    You, as the dominant cat, will see your cats do this unique trait.

    But, there can be one misbehaving cat wholl mark his/her territory on your carpet.

    What Else Can I Do To Regulate Cat Urine Odor In My Household

    How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Carpet

    Beyond cleaning urine stains as they occur, there are other proactive ways of getting rid of cat urine odor in your house. One of the easiest solutions is to clean a dirty litter box regularly. If cleaning the cat litter doesnt help with cat pee odor, look at changing the cats litter you are using or even your cats diet.

    Sites like PetMD caution that an increased incidence of the pets urinating may indicate underlying health problems, such as urinary tract infections or arthritis in older cats. If you suspect a medical issue, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian.

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    Baking Soda And Vinegar Cleaning Method

    Combining baking soda and vinegar will create a stain-fighting solution that will be hard to beat. The vinegar will break down even the oldest stains and killing the bacteria that cause the odor, along with the baking soda. The baking soda oxidizes the area, lifting the stain, and absorbing odors.

    Natural Vinegar/Baking Soda Cleaning Recipe

    • 1 cup vinegar
    • Baking soda

    This organic cleaner recipe is a slight variation of our mixture on how to get blood out of carpet tips. In a spray bottle, mix the vinegar and water. Liberally spray the stained area with the solution of water and vinegar.

    Sprinkle enough baking soda over the stain to thinly coat the area. Cover the stain with a clean towel and let sit for 24 hours. Then, thoroughly wash the area with cold water.

    As you see, basic home remedies like baking soda and white vinegar are such versatile household cleaners. Especially simple diluted white vinegar is such a powerful natural cleaning solution. It is just one of the many amazing vinegaruses around the house.

    How To Get Cat Pee Out Of Carpet A Step

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    Without a doubt, the most common set of questions that readers ask us all have to do with finding the best way how to get cat pee out of carpet. Thats why Ive put together this handy guide for removing cat urine stains and odors from the carpet and rugs at home.I have lived and worked with cats my entire life. Ive loved every single one of them, and for the most part they have all been great, but that doesnt mean that I havent run into my fair share of issues with inappropriate urination over the years.

    Having to clean up cat pee is never fun, but the worst instances always occur when its on carpet. Figuring out effective ways how to get cat pee out of carpet can be tough it took me years to get a process that actually works down pat. Thats why I decided to write this article: to share my experiences and the techniques that Ive found have worked for me when trying to get cat pee out of carpet.

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