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Breed Dna Test For Cats

Testing Dog Dna Vs Cat Dna


Compared to dog breeds, there is much less interest in determining your cat’s heritage, with the funding and research to match. However, some diseases can be passed between cat owners and their feline companions that drive the research on cat wellness and genetic diseases.

Asthma, certain eye diseases, and polycystic kidney disease develop through similar pathways in both species.

Unfortunately, while physical features and genetic disease predisposition can be reliably determined from genetic testing in some cases, temperament is still a mystery when it comes to cats.

The breeding of dogs was driven by the creation of domestic companions and working colleagues with a personality to match. However, cat breeds have been a primarily aesthetic pursuit even cloning a feline friend doesn’t guarantee a matching mood.

Modern domestic cat breeding has been shifting the focus to temperament and predictability. The relatively recent craze of wild cats’ – Bengals, Ocicats, Savannah, Egyptian Maus – has forced the issue. Additionally, the natural characteristics of these wild cats must be bred away otherwise, sharing a living space would be impossible, with incessant pacing andterritorial marking.

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How Is It Done

Feline DNA can be extracted and tested using a saliva sample, which can be collected quite simply using a cheek swab. Once your cats sample is in the hands of scientists, the real magic can begin! Your cats results come back to you in a comprehensive report, analyzing their specific breed makeup and genetic health markers.

What can I learn from this?

What Breed is My Cat?About 93% of the worlds cats are mixed-breed moggies. Using a reference database of pedigreed cat DNA and Next-Generation Sequencing, its possible to find parts of your cats genome that are similar to a known cat breed.

More specifically, the genetic analysis allows you to see how your cats genome compares to breeds with distinctive geographical and breeding histories worldwide, as well as more specific breeds within each group. Breed is also an important risk factor for many health-related predispositions, so understanding your cats breed profile is a proactive step towards better preventative care.

Do I still need this if I take my cat to the vet regularly?
Is DNA testing right for my cat?
How do I get started?

With a majority of the world operating on a virtual level and accessing telehealth at record rates, its time to invest in the most modern, quality cat care options available. Genetic testing not only provides a lifetime of learning about your feline friend but has led to early diagnosis of diseases and added years to the lives of cats worldwide. Give yourself peace of mind!

Cat Dna Kits That Test Your Cats Breed

The Basepaws Cat DNA test has the largest cat DNA database than any of its competitors. The test offers exceptional raw data regarding your cats breed , health risks, traits as well as a wild cat index. This is why we truly believe that the Basepaws test is the best cat DNA test available for pet owners.

The Basepaws test is focused on breeds but is unable to guarantee the breed of your cat. The Basepaws test is basically just a cheek swab test, which you roll around in your cats mouth for at least thirty seconds to collect your cats DNA. Once you have collected your cats DNA sample, you simply send it across to Basepaws, and they will perform the analysis for you.

The best part about this DNA testing company is the fact that its health screening allows you to check whether your cat has any of the 39 genetic mutations in the database. Seventeen of the most common medical conditions and genetic diseases are included within this health test.

In case your kitty has a certain genetic predisposition to any of these genetic diseases, you will be able to take preventive measures in advance. Basepaws also offer lifetime breed updates for pet owners to keep themselves constantly updated regarding any health conditions that might be associated with a particular breed.

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Want To Know More About Your Feline Friends Genetic And Gut Health Of Course You Do And Right Now You Can Save $30 At Basepaws The Pet Health Company That Created The First At

We live in an age of technology that allows us to learn more about ourselves through a simple cheek swab test. We can find out who our relatives are, what genetic health conditions we may be predisposed to, and even whether were likely to think cilantro tastes like soap.

And in recent years, while DNA test kits have branched out to our pets, it has seemed that there are far more DNA tests designed for dogs than there are for cats.

And thats why we love Basepaws! Basepaws is a feline-founded company that offers cat parents vital information through at-home cat health testing. Founder Anna Skaya, , pitched the first at-home cat DNA test in hopes of making this powerful technology accessible to cat owners around the world.

Since accepting the offer, the company has grown exponentially, quickly becoming an industry leader focusing on feline genetic and dental health. Using the Basepaws Breed + Health DNA test, you can learn about your cats genetic similarity to a number of breeds as well as analyze their risk for genetic health conditions.

Mixed Breeds Vs Purebreds: The Importance Of Knowing

Basepaws Cat DNA Test Review

Whether you have a Siamese cat, a Persian cat, or a Maine coone at home, it is always beneficial for you to find out whether you actually have a purebred cat at home or if the breeder has deceived you with a mixed breed.

Lets take a look at some of the benefits that you might get with the help of a feline DNA genetic test and understand the importance of knowing whether you have a mixed breed or a purebred at home.

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Other Animal Dna Testing Kits Available

EasyDNA offers a variety of DNA testing services for canine, feline, equine and avian which can be used by professional breeders, veterinarians and pet owners interested in discovering more about the parentage, heritage and health of their pet. For instance, Dog Allergy testing makes managing dog allergies easier, Dog Breed testing identifies your dogs breed composition and Cat PKD testing determines if a cat is genetically predisposed to suffer from an inherited disorder known as polycystic kidney disease . Check out our complete range of tests and contact us directly with any questions.

Cat Dna Test Kits Reviews

1. Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test

Basepaws is a company that will help you learn more about your furry friend. Discover the unique features of your pet with the help of DNA tests from Basepaws.

Basepaws is a leader in the field of feline genetics. The organizations genomic database is constantly expanding. Employees are constantly learning new information about breeds, characteristics, and health. Basepaws goal is to improve the lives of cats around the world.

DNA tests for cats are delivered free of charge within the continental United States. Delivery is about $15. The test itself takes about 4-6 weeks to analyze.

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Learn more about your pet with the help of a DNA test for cats. This test will reveal the full owners information about the origin and breed of the pet. The test helps you uncover information about your pets health and develop a plan for its nutrition and care. For analysis, simply take a saliva swab sample and send it for testing. The results will be ready in 6-9 weeks. Discover new information about your furry friend with the Basepaws CatKit at-Home cat genetics test.

Key features:


2. Basepaws Whole Genome DNA Test

COUPON: Looking for a Basepaws coupon code? Take advantage and use THEPETS10 that gives $10 off.

Key features:


  • A long time to wait for results . Most companies provide results within 3-4 weeks.


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What Is A Dna Test

A DNA test is a test on the cats deoxyribonucleic acid which carries genetic instructions for the sex, development, growth and function of cats. In some cases, it can also trigger disease or congenital defects. DNA is found in the cells of all living things and is located within the nucleus of every cell.

Pet owners may choose a DNA test to determine a cats ancestry or more importantly, obtain information about a cats risk of disease.

Genetic Tests For Cats Why Are They Important

DNA Testing My Cats ! Basepaws Cat Genetics Test

Domestication of cats occurred in the Near East approximately 9,000 10,000 years ago. Cats spread to virtually all parts of the Old World, probably along trade routes between ancient civilizations. In spite of their rapid spread, cats have remained amazingly similar to their wild felid ancestors in form and function.

The small subset of domestic cats that have undergone intensive artificial selection is the pedigreed cats, which were bred to maintain or alter purely aesthetic traits. Of the 41 breeds recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association , sixteen natural breeds are thought to be regional variants that predate the cat fancy. The remaining breeds were developed over the last 50 years and are usually defined as simple, single-gene variants derived from the natural cats breeds.

Populations lacking genetic diversity often have significant problems and are at greater risk from disease and other changes in their environment. The conclusion is that genetic diversity among cats is desirable for the health and long-term survival of a population. The challenge for cats breeders is to restrict the variability of the genes that make the breed distinctive without sacrificing the variability/diversity that is necessary for good health and long-term survival of the breed. Genetic tests for cats are a very helpful tool in that challenge.


When browsing cat breeds, please use official FIFe/TICA/CFA/WCF classification.

inc. Vatinc. Vat

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Optimal Selection Cat Dna Test

Optimal Selection is highly similar to MyCatDNA. The same company runs it. It appears to be very similar to MyCatDNA in many cases. It could accurately be called the American version of MyCatDNA, which is based in the UK. However, it also seems to have fewer features than MyCatDNA.

It provides results for over 40 genetic diseases. However, it bases this genetic information on the breed that the cat comes back for. Certain diseases are more common for specific breeds. If a disease is more common in your cats breed, then they will rate your cat higher for that disease. This isnt based on genetics, though. Other tests usually look for particular genetic markers. This test doesnt do that. While it may look like it covers more diseases, it doesnt do this by genetically testing them.

Their report also includes over 20 different traits. Most of these traits involve coat colors. This isnt helpful for those who want to learn about their cats, though. However, it can be important for breeding if youre looking to predict how your cats kittens might turn out.

  • Not as accurate as other options
  • Only works for purebred cats

Collecting Dna Samples From Your Cat


Basepaws box, with swab

The Basepaws box comes with instructions printed on the box itself. They were straightforward and easy to follow.

The box contained a swab, much like a big sturdy Q-tip, and a tiny plastic test tube filled with a liquid for shipping the swab with your cats saliva sample. You insert the swab into your cats mouth, in the cheek pouch, for five seconds. Then insert the swab into the test tube, close the test tube, and ship it back to Basepaws.

Both Tink and Toby submitted to being swabbed with only minor annoyance. So, a paws up all around! We shipped the kits and sat back to wait for our results.

Toby gets tested with a Basepaws swab

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel kit

The Wisdom Panel box also comes with easy-to-read, step-by-step, instructions. We visited the website to register the cats and the kits. Then, things got complicated.

Instead of swabbing inside the mouth for 5 seconds for saliva , you swab the inside of the cats cheek pouch for 15 seconds with a tiny plastic comb designed to collect cells. Then you swab the inside of the cats cheek pouch for another 15 seconds, with a second comb.

You let the combs dry for 5 minutes . The dry samples go into the included sample envelope that you ship in the box back to Wisdom Panel.

Tip: If you decide to use Wisdom Panel it may make sense to wait for your cats annual checkup and ask your vets team to collect the DNA samples. Our vet techs seemed very familiar with the procedure.

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First I Activated Our Kit Online

Before doing anything else, I activated the kit online per the instructions. Each test kit has a unique 14-digit identification number so that your cats DNA doesnt get confused with anyone elses.

Activating the kit and creating my account and cat profile was very easy. This account is where youll access your cats results when they come through.

Youll be able to add information about your cat via this profile so the Basepaws team will be better able to interpret your information. This information will also contribute to their understanding of the feline genome and allow Basepaws to improve and update your results.

Does This Dna Test Identify The Breed Of My Cat

Cat DNA testing promises breed info and health insights ...

The Cat Genetics DNA test is not a breed test and does not determine the breed of your cat but rather it identifies the breeds which your cat is most similar to. The first breed listed in your report is the breed which your cat is closest to genomically. It is important to note that even mixed-breed cats of unknown origin are closer to some breeds more than others.

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The Best Feline Dna Test

Dont think you have enough information on DNA tests for felines? Dont worryyoure not the only one.

Testing cats DNA is, after all, a relatively new science, so it will take some time before its fully regulated and commercialized. However, this doesnt mean that feline DNA testing hasnt made significant progress in the short time its been around.

So what can a DNA test for your four-legged friend tell you? Is taking a sample painful for your pet? Is dog DNA testing different? And most importantly, why should you test your feline?

Weve got the answers to these questions and more.

Our Methodology For Choosing The Best Cat Dna Test

Feline DNA testing is still a young industry. Even though its not fully regulated, there are some aspects to consider when selecting the best product.

How did we separate the good from the best?

We looked at the essential qualities of a high-grade cat DNA testing kit and ranked the companies accordingly.

These are the criteria we used in our ranking:

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Interpreting Cat Dna Test Results

While a cat DNA test may not tell you much about your cats breed, you will find out quite a bit about where your cats ancestors came from.

Modern domestic cats originated from Egyptian cats and spread throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Genetic markers have shown that cats are differentiated into distinct groups in these four regions: the Mediterranean basin, Europe/America, Asia, and Africa. Cat DNA test results will tell you which of these groups your cat is descended from.

Some cat DNA tests provide results that indicate if your cat has a marker for a certain health risk. Of this, Bess is skeptical. She says not to worry if a test says your cat has a marker for a particular disease. It does not mean your cat has the disease, or that your cat is going to get the disease.

Researchers writing in the journal Nature point out that most of these tests are based on small, underpowered studies. Neither their accuracy nor their ability to predict health outcomes has been validated. Most vets dont know enough about the limitations of the studies, or about genetics in general, to be able to advise worried owners.

So, while youre likely to learn more about your cats genes than you currently know, the information you receive is unlikely to be conclusive.

What Can Genetic Testing Tell Us

Introducing Basepaws Cat DNA Testing


  • If your pet is a mixed breed, genetic testing can identify the breeds that contributed to the mix.
  • Different breeds are known to be prone to certain conditions, so knowing the breeds in the mix can help determine the approximate risk for a variety of conditions.
  • Even if tests for specific genetic conditions are not available, screening with other types of early-detection testing can promote better preventive care, and lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment of conditions.
  • Every purebred has certain established physical and personality traits that provide owners with an idea of the type of pet they are getting. Knowing the breeds that go into a mix can help the owners make better guesses about the size, temperament, energy levels, and exercise requirements their unique pet may have.
  • Knowing breed mix and potential condition predispositions can help an owner develop a more accurate diet, wellness, and preventive care plan for their pet.

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Why Should Owners Dna Test Cats

The first reason pet owners test their cats DNA is to determine which breeds have contributed to their feline companions genetic background.

A cats breed determines its physical appearance and temperament, as well as potential health risks certain breeds are associated with.

DNA tests for cats help breeders root out inherited diseases and conditions that may arise from in-breeding to develop proactive, sustainable breeding programs.

Vets can also benefit from DNA tests, especially when recommending the best diet, making an early diagnosis of a health condition, and providing the best treatment.

Finally, the more owners invest in discovering their cats ancestry and genetic profile, the more extensive the DNA companies database. This, in turn, leads to more comprehensive and detailed results and future advances in the study of cat genealogy.


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