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Feel Away Diffuser For Cats

How Does The Feliway Diffuser Work

How to use Feliway?

Feliway diffusers release a synthetic, or man-made, version of the facial pheromone, F3, which cats use as a scent marker. When cats rub their faces on surfaces in their surroundings, they leave this pheromone on those surfaces. Having these in your cats environment makes them feel safe and secure.

Feliway calls these pheromones happy messages and suggests that if these calming pheromones are regularly in your cats environment, they will feel less stressed.

By diffusing a synthetic version of this facial pheromone, the Feliway Diffuser is designed to decrease your cats anxiety and stress levels. This in turn, leads to a reduction in behaviors like scratching and urinating outside the litter box, which can be a sign of anxiety.

How To Tell If Feliway Diffuser Is On

If its plugged in and the power is on then its working.

Humans wont be able to smell or see it but you should hopefully notice a change in the cats behavior. Otherwise, look to see if the liquid in the bulb is going down.

The diffuser does use a small amount of heat to diffuse the liquid so you may feel a warmth coming out of the top.

Feliway Classic Diffuser Plug In For Cats Starter Kit

Is your cat peeing outside the litter box, scratching or hiding?

These behaviors are likely caused by fear and anxiety.

FELIWAY products are a clinically proven, drug-free solution to help alleviate many of the unwanted behaviors cat owners deal with.

FELIWAY CLASSIC provides “happy messages” to cats and makes them feel calm and comfortable at home. By mimicking the natural feline appeasing messages , FELIWAY CLASSIC helps cats happily adjust to pace of modern life.

Use FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit if your cat shows signs of discomfort like peeing outside the litter box, hiding, or destructive scratching. Reduces urine spraying in 9/10 cats. Can see results within 7 days. You may also consider if you anticipate changes in your home .

Use the diffuser in the room where your cat spends the most time. Plug the diffuser in an electric socket with a minimum clear distance above the diffuser of 5 ft. . One diffuser covers up to 700 sq. ft. You may need to use more than one diffuser for a large or multi-floor home. Be sure to replace your diffuser every 6 months and refill vials every 4 weeks. It is recommended to replace the refill every 4 weeks, even if a small amount of liquid remains in the vial .

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Limit Your Cat’s Destructive Scratching

Scratching is natural for cats to do, for example, for claw maintenance or a form of exercise. However, cats tend to scratch more – and vertically – when they’re feeling threatened or stressed. This may result in scratch marks on the sofa, window or door frames. Comfort Zone is up to 93% effective at reducing destructive scratching by creating a calming environment for your cat.

Feliway Cat Pheromone Sprays And Plug

Feliway Diffuser Kit for Cats

Cats can become easily stressed when there are changes to their environment, such as a move to a new place or the addition of a new cat or other family member. Stressed cats may demonstrate certain negative behaviors, including scratching or urine spraying. Feliway, made by Ceva, is a lab-made copy of a pheromone that felines naturally produce to help calm themselves.

What types of Feliway are available?

The product comes in two forms: sprays and plug-in diffusers.

  • Feliway spray: Feliway, in spray form, is generally used to stop destructive behaviors that may be caused by stress or territorial reasons.
  • Feliway diffuser: Diffusers constantly release calming pheromones to reduce the overall stress levels for pets. A plug-in diffuser from Feliway may be recommended to keep the peace in multi-cat households and create an environment that is calm.

How can Feliway be used to stop urine spraying?

Many cat owners may find their pet’s uncontrolled urine spraying to be overwhelming. However, using Feliway cat pheromone sprays and plug-ins as instructed may help solve the problem.

How long does Feliway last?

While both the spray and the diffuser or plug-in are formulated to help create a comfort zone for your cat, the products do last for different amounts of time:

Does Feliway affect humans?Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Ceva.

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How To Use Feliway Diffuser

Its really important to follow the directions closely. A lot of the people who claim that Feliway doesnt work didnt.

The first thing you should do is locate the right spot. Choose a room where your cat spends most of its time, or where a recurring problem usually occurs.

Make sure to plug your diffuser where it wont be hidden by furniture or curtains. Avoid plugging it near air conditioners and windows for optimum results.

Your diffuser should be on all day long for 30 days straight. This is how you guarantee the best results. You should start seeing change after 7 days of starting the diffuser. Dont be discouraged if it doesnt work sooner, its pretty normal.

Does It Work For Every Cat

No. Feliway suggests that their diffuser is effective for nine out of 10 cats but from the extensive reviews that weve read, it may not be as high as that. Feliway has been the subject of clinical trials that have proven its effectiveness, but there are other trials out there that suggest pheromone diffusers dont work at all.

Anecdotal evidence from thousands of cat owners suggests that Feliway definitely does help decrease stress in many cats. The only real way to find out is to try it with your own cat! If it seems to be working and is helping reduce your cats stress, then keep using it. If not, you may want to explore other options instead.

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Reduce Your Cat’s Urine Marking

Having a cat that urine sprays in the home can be very stressful. Cats are territorial creatures and when they spray, it can be a signal of stress or fear. Behavioral spraying can be caused by many factors such as transitioning to a new home or even rearrangement of furniture. Comfort Zone calming products help reduce this behavior by providing a sense of calm for your cat.

Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser Kit For Cats

How to use FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser
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    • Vet recommended: Feliway Classic is the No.1 Vet recommended solution to help cats adjust to challenging situations and curb stress related unwanted behaviors
    • Reduces scratching and urine spraying: Clinically proven to reduce scratching and urine spraying in 9/10 cats. Results may be seen as early as 7 days
    • Drug free solution: Our diffuser emits an odorless copy of the facial Pheromone which helps cats feel more comfortable, and less stressed in their environment
    • Covers up to 700 sq feet: For best results, the Feliway Classic Diffuser should be plugged in continuoulsy in the room where the cat spends the most time, and you should avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves and behind doors, curtains and furniture
    • Lasts up to 4 weeks: Our starter kit includes 1 diffuser head and 1 refill – to maximize effectiveness, replace the vial every 4 weeks, and the diffuser every 6 months

    There is a newer model of this item:

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    Do Pheromone Diffusers Work For Cats

    Some studies have shown that cat calming diffusers are effective in reducing common anxiety-related behaviors.

    These feline behaviors include:

    • Destructive or aggressive behavior

    For cats with mild symptoms of anxiety, a pheromone diffuser may offer significant relief.

    In cases of mild anxiety, they may be sufficient to calm the cat alone, says veterinarian Dr. Joanna Woodnutt. The nice thing about pheromone diffusers is that theyre natural, and unlikely to do any harm. They can therefore be used for non-anxious cats, and for cats with on-and-off anxiety, without any risk at all.

    However, like people, cats experience anxiety differently. Pets with more severe symptoms may need additional intervention.

    Pheromone diffusers may not be enough for some very anxious cats, says Woodnutt. For these animals, extra calming tools and changes to the environment may be needed.

    Additionally, its important to note that anxiety symptoms can point to a wide range of underlying health issues in cats.

    Be sure to get your cat checked out by a vet to rule out any potential health problems, says Rodriguez. Once your kitty is deemed healthy, you can try using a pheromone diffuser to help put them at ease.

    Cat And Dog Relaxation Scores

    In the AdaptilTM treatment group there was no significant difference in cat relaxation scores from baseline to the end of the trial but a significant difference was seen in dog relaxation scores . Conversely, in the Feliway FriendsTM treatment group there was no significant difference in dog relaxation scores from baseline to the end of the trial but a significant difference was found in cat relaxation scores between Week 2 and Week 6 .

    Table 4. Mean ± standard deviation cat and dog relaxation scores by week.

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    Does The Feliway Classic Diffuser Work For Aggression In Multi

    If youre dealing with issues of multiple cats being aggressive toward each other, then the Feliway MultiCat Diffuser is a better option. Instead of the facial pheromone used in the classic diffuser, the MultiCat Diffuser releases a synthetic version of the cat appeasing pheromone, which helps cats accept each other more readily.

    Remember that a diffuser alone may not be enough you need to make sure each cat has their own food and litter tray, plus one spare. That way, there wont be any conflicts for resources and your cats are more likely to get along.

    Where To Put A Feliway Diffuser

    Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser Kit for Cats (30 Day ...

    You should put the diffuser in the room or area of the home where the cat spends most of its time.

    The diffuser is good for areas up to 70 metres square so bear that in mind when youre picking an electrical socket.

    In multi-level homes, you may need to consider more than one diffuser.

    Avoid anywhere that could block the diffuser. You dont want to put it behind sofas, cupboards or open doors etc as this will limit how effective it is.

    Be mindful about airflow as well as air-conditioning units or fans which could cause the diffuser to disperse the particles unequally.

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    Get To The Root Of The Problem

    Determining the cause for your cat’s stress would, obviously, be the best place to start in fixing the problem. Cats can go outside of the box for something as simple as not liking the type of litter, the box being too dirty, or even just not being able to get in because the sides are too high for their arthritic joints. Your vet can talk to you about your litter box set up and help troubleshoot anything that you can try to adjust. Providing more resources, that is, more water bowls, more comfortable sleeping areas, and more scratching surfaces can help with both inter-cat aggression as well as destructive scratching.

    Cats enjoy being up off the floor. It’s why they jump on counters and tables all the time. So providing ‘vertical surfaces’, that is things like cat trees, cat shelves, etc. can help deter counter jumping as well as providing even more resources in the home. Vertical surfaces can also provide ‘alternate routes’ in areas that can get crowded in a multi-cat home. If you’re struggling with inter-cat aggression in your multi-cat home, try and pinpoint where in the house most of the scuffles occur. If it’s an area that can get a bit crowded if more than one cat is present providing vertical surfaces can make that area seem less crowded for your cats.

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    Is Feliway Diffuser Safe

    Feliway is clinically proven. Clinical studies have deemed it safe to use and effective. Its also been approved by Valarie Tynes, DVM, DACVB, Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist.

    Several vets actually prescribe and recommend using Feliway too. As a matter of fact, its said to be good for cats that are old, sick, or skittish. If you artificially place these pheromones, they wouldnt have to go through the effort of doing so themselves.

    Up till now, there are no known side-effects to using Feliway products. Its safe to say that its risk-free!

    The only potential danger to using Feliway could be overlooking a serious problem.

    A cats behavior is its way of telling you how its feeling. If a cat is peeing where it shouldnt, for instance, it could be trying to tell you that its upset or that its not feeling well.

    Ignoring the signs and going for Feliway straight away could make the situation worse. If your cats really sick, you would be tricking it into thinking everythings fine when its not.

    Feliway doesnt actually solve the problem underlying behind its behavior. Its basically cat-talk for everythings okay, only it will likely believe it.

    Therefore, to use Feliway safely, you should consult your vet first. Make sure your little buddy isnt facing any health-problems before trying to change its behavior.

    What The Users Say

    How to use a FELIWAY FRIENDS Diffuser

    Weve taken the time to find out exactly what different users are saying about the Feliway Diffuser, so you can get a good sense of whether this is something that is going to work for your cat.

    The first thing we should mention is that the reviews for the Feliway Diffuser are good overall. Living with a stressed cat can make us owners stressed too, so many users are incredibly relieved to find out that this product really did seem to help their cat seem more relaxed and content.

    Some owners of anxious cats have seen an improvement in their cats behavior. While they used to run out of the room in fear, their cats became calm and affectionate within a short space of time.

    Feliway can also help aggressive cats. Users who had to employ a feline behaviorist to try to stop their cat from attacking people during play sessions found that after using Feliway, their cat was much calmer and less aggressive.

    Some users have seen an improvement in their cats behavior in as little as two hours. Others say that it took over a week for any signs of improvement to become apparent. For best results, Feliway suggests that the diffuser should be plugged in and left on continuously for at least 4 weeks before you should expect to see any results. After 4 weeks, the refill should be replaced.

    Certain cats even seem to seek this diffuser out, and if its been moved around the house, they will find where it is and make that their new favorite corner!

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    Why Is My Cat Scratching Or Urine Spraying

    Scratching is normal to cats however when they start scratching vertically, it can be a sign that they feel threatened or stressed. Cats are creatures of habit and when something in their environment changes, it can cause them stress. Transitioning from a shelter to a new home, rearranging furniture, or even loud noises can be disruptive to your cat’s world.

    How can Comfort Zone Help?

    Comfort Zone products replicate a cat’s natural calming pheromones to provide a sense of calm in its environment, reducing stress and the negative behaviors it causes.

    What are pheromones and how do they work?

    Pheromones are scents that cats use to communicate with one another. These pheromones affect your cat’s emotional well-being.

    Common Causes of Cat Stress:

    • New pet adoption
    • Rearranging or buying new furniture
    • Moving to a new home
    • Visitors in the home
    • Rearranging or buying new furniture
    • Moving to a new home
    • Visitors in the home

    Cat Pheromone Diffusers: 6 To Calm Your Anxious Feline

    All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, Great Pet Care may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

    Like many people, youve likely experienced anxiety at one point or another. And youre probably aware that dogs can suffer from the condition, as well.

    But did you know that cats get anxious, too?

    Its true. Although they have a reputation for playing it cool, our feline friends can indeed experience the uncomfortableand even debilitatingeffects of anxiety. In fact, a recent study found that 13.5 percent of pet cats showed at least one symptom of anxiety.

    Changes like a new home, a new family member, or just that annoying cat next door can cause unwanted, anxiety-related behaviors, says Alexandra Rodriguez, a veterinary technician in South Carolina. Some pet parents turn to pharmaceutical options, while others try pheromone diffusers.

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