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Best Vacuum For Cat Allergies

Best Value: Hoover Windtunnel 2 Rewind Upright Vacuum

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair & Allergies TESTS – Dyson vs Shark vs Bissell vs Sebo

Although most HEPA vacuums run on the expensive side, this Hoover model is one of the most affordable options. The WindTunnel 2 is designed with continuous suction power and two cleaning channels that take in dirt, dust, and crumbs both on surfaces and inside crevices. The brand also touts this vacuums HEPA filter-powered, anti-allergen tech, which makes cleaning the whole home simple and sneeze-free. And with a 25-foot, retractable power cord and a long 16-foot cleaning reach, its an ideal match for even the hardest-to-reach spots.

The first day I had this item I used every feature and am very impressed, one buyer raves. It cleaned my carpets to the point of them looking better than they have in yearswith the added benefit of it not throwing dust or dirt while it cleaned.

Would I Be Better Off With A Corded Vac For Pet Hair

Corded vacuums tend to be more powerful than cordless vacuums, with the additional benefit of never running out of power. Theyre still a solid choice for large homes, as youll never suffer from “range anxiety” and running out of power.

They tend to be much bigger and bulkier though, which can be a pain when it comes to easily and quickly tending to a room. We cant speak for everyone, but for most people, and especially those in apartments, cordless vacuum cleaners have evolved to a point where theyre more than powerful enough to take care of tough pet hair, while remaining light and nimble enough to not make the process a tiring and frustrating one.

See some top cordless vacuum picks in the shoppable video below).

What Type Of Floors Do You Have

If you have pets, a beater brush is a must have for carpeted floors, but is unnecessary for hardwood, laminate, tile, and other non-carpeted floors.

Most beater brushes are height-adjustable, so you can raise them out of the way when you vacuum floors without carpets. Those people who don’t have carpets may even want to remove the beater brush altogether.

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Best Upright Vacuums For Allergies

If your home has a lot of wall-to-wall carpeting and perhaps Vinyl, tile, or wood flooring in the kitchen area an Upright Vacuum is your best choice. A model equipped with a removable wand and extension hose gives you more cleaning options. This will give you the versatility you need to be able to deep clean your carpet and your smooth hard floors, plus the ability to clean above-floor areas.

Below I have listed both Bagless and Bagged Uprights. Each one delivers excellent cleaning performance as well as trapping dangerous allergens.

Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly as well as modestly priced, the new Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright is a masterpiece of vacuum cleaner technology.

The slender design and ball steering gives you excellent maneuverability in tight places.

As the name implies, the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 gives optimal performance on Carpet, Vinyl, Laminate, Tile and Hardwood flooring.

The vacuum head adjusts automatically to give maximum suction throughout the entire house. The powerful brushroll easily removes pet hair from carpet.When it comes to cleaning above floors the Wand and Hose assembly release effortlessly and extends a whopping 15 feet. Thats long enough to reach and clean the highest ceiling fans, molding, and blinds or under and behind furniture.


A feature that is so important for allergy suffers is the Hygienic Dirt Bin Emptying System making it unnecessary to touch the dirt.

Check Out this Cool Demo VIDEO!

Comes With

Dyson V8 Vacuum For Allergies

Best Vacuums for Pet Hair and Allergies
  • Some attachments quickly deplete battery
  • Takes 5 hours to reach max change

The Dyson V8 is one of the best vacuums for allergies and asthma, thanks to a completely cordless design, via built-in lithium battery, and a powerful V8 motor that makes short work out of allergens, debris, and just about anything else it encounters. We loved the no-touch bin, for safely getting rid of debris, and the washable HEPA filter, which the company says should last a lifetime.

Though this vacuum does ship with a bevy of useful attachments, some, like the motorized floor tool, reduce battery life from 40 minutes of use per charge to 25 minutes of use per charge. Additionally, the battery takes around five hours to reach a maximum side, which could be a consideration for some consumers. For something with more flexibility, ease of use, and with HEPA filters that can clean the air around as you clean the carpet you should try the best backpack vacuum cleaner.

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A Bagless Vacuum That Converts From Upright To Canister Style

If youre looking for a versatile vacuum that can clean around the litter box and in every room of the house, this flexible upright/canister hybrid is a powerful choice. It works well on both hard floors and carpet.

The machine is lightweight and easy to transport at 13.7 lbs in the upright mode and 8 lbs in Lift-Away® mode.

People with allergies will appreciate the vacuums Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filter. It uses Cyclonic Technology, which separates dirt and air, protecting the filter and ensuring years of strong suction.

The Shark Navigator comes with a crevice tool, which helps to extract litter and other debris from corners and other tight spaces, the Hard Floor Hero, which is designed for bare floor cleaning, a dusting brush, and a pet power brush made for cleaning up pet hair. Buy It


  • Because the vacuum is top-heavy, it tends to tip over while the wand is in use
  • The dirt canister can be messy during disposal

Simplicity Jill Compact Canister Vacuum Cleaner

  • Long 10-foot extending wand reaches into tricky spaces
  • Weighs only nine pounds
    • Relatively loud
    • Can be hard to find replacement bags

    Simplicity Jill is an affordable canister vacuum cleaner with dual HEPA certification. While the vacuum works its magic around your house with 1200 watts of suction power, the HEPA media bag and filter captures and contains dust, pollen and other allergens. This canister vacuum works best on hard floors and upholstery.

    A big part of what makes this vacuum such a solid value is the fact that it comes with multiple attachments and extras. For example, youll receive a dusting brush, combination rug and floor tool, crevice tool for edge cleaning and an upholstery tool that effectively targets couches and other furniture. Theres also a tool caddy and a secondary filter.

    Dust doesnt always settle in the most convenient places, but this HEPA vacuum has a 10-foot extending wand and a hose that swivels 360 degrees to reach those tricky spaces. This HEPA canister vacuum weighs just nine pounds, so you can wheel it around or vacuum your stairs that much easier. A bag indicator alerts when the bag is getting full.

    When youre done vacuuming, simply activate the automatic cord rewind function to draw the power cord back into the vacuum. An included tool caddy makes storage a breeze.

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    Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum Review

    Handheld vacuum designed for homes with pets

    Handheld vacuums are a popular choice for litter cleanup.

    This model from Bissell was designed specifically for pet-inclusive homes. The vacuum comes with two nozzles one is made from hard plastic and designed for picking up litter and other messes. The second nozzle is made for another major cleaning concern in cat-inclusive homes: pet hair. Its made with rubber comb-like bristles that effectively gather up hair without tangling or twisting.

    The vacuum has a cyclonic cleaning system, so you dont have to worry about it losing suction over time. It features a HEPA filter to trap the tiny particles that could irritate allergies.

    The vacuum measures 10x5x8 inches and weighs five pounds. Its a small machine that you can easily store near the litter box, always ready to clean up any litter messes as they happen. You cant clean your entire house with it, but its a great solution for litter scatter on floors, upholstery, and cat furniture. Buy It


    • Comes with two pet-specific nozzles


    Latest Vacuum Cleaner Deals

    Best HEPA Vacuum in 2020 (Top 7 Vacuum For Allergies) ð¦ ð?ð?» ð¡

    We don’t blame you if you’re holding out for a great deal on your next vacuum buy, Check this space as the holiday deals start rolling in, or check out our vacuum cleaner sales hub for the most up-to-date promotions.

    Bissell IconPet Cordless Stick Vacuum |

    If you have pets, you’ll never want to know life again with the Ball Animal 2. Its clever brush heads pick up all the hair our furry friends leave behind, without getting tangled up, and the motorized brush bar gets out stubborn dirt from muddy paws.

    All flooring, all debrisWhether it’s mud on kitchen tiles or fur embedded in your carpet, this vacuum cleaner gets to work with ease. The suction is powerful so it does the job quickly, but you might want to turn it down a bit for carpet as it can be harder to push. It won’t scatter dirt around and gets right to the edges of the room.

    ToolsThe Dyson Ball Animal 2 comes with a two-in-one tool for dust and cobwebs, a stair tool, and a turbine tool that is tangle-free perfect for handling all types of pet hair. The latter will help get fur off upholstery, too.

    Ease of useThe low-profile head and telltale ball make swishing this beauty round almost enjoyable. A long cord means you won’t be slowed by having to change outlets and the handle gives you plenty of opportunities to reach when cleaning stairs and upper corners. It isn’t the lightest but the neat design isn’t too hard to carry and it stores away nicely.

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    What Does Hepa Stand For

    HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. Translated to basic English, this means a HEPA filter efficiently traps particulates from the air. There are 2 types of HEPA filters and its important to differentiate between them.

    The first type is a True HEPA filter. A True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particulates .3 microns or larger from the air. This includes a range of allergens and odors. This is what we want!

    A HEPA Type or Like filter captures 99% of particulates 2 microns or larger, such as pet dander and dust. If they are HEPA-Type or Like, then we dont know how good they are. There likely isnt quality control in place so they might work well, or not. We dont recommend these for people with allergies!

    Its easy to see that True HEPA filters are superior. Although many HEPA products wont distinguish between True and Type filters, you can check by the percentage of particulates captured .

    I really wanted to review and recommend an IRobot Roomba vacuum for this article, but I had to be honest with myself and you. They dont provide a deep, thorough cleaning.

    Dont get me wrong, those automatic cleaning Roombas are great, and I plan to buy one for myself in the future, but because of their size they dont have the suction power that the larger vacuums have.

    If you have carpeting you can pair your vacuum with a carpet shampooer to kill dust mites. Carpet shampooers are great to use 2-3 times per year for a deep clean.

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    Dyson Dc39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner With Tangle

    The Dyson DC39 Animal is one of the best Bagless Canister vacuums available and it features the Asthma and Allergy Friendly Certification that Dyson has become famous for.

    This Dyson utilizes a HEPA Filter as an added step in removing the last traces of micro particulates that are not captured in the cyclonic dirt canister.The DC39 is Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

    It has a turbine powered brush roll which gobbles up pet hair from carpet. As with all Dyson Vacuums it is backed by a 5 Year Warranty!

    Check Out this Cool Demo VIDEO!

    If a bagless canister vacuum makes the most sense for your situation, the Dyson DC39 Animal is your best option!

    Quick Tip Read the Operators Manual! Most negative customer reviews are a result of new owners not taking the time to familiarize themselves with their new vacuum. A few minutes spent reading the owners manual will help you get the maximum performance from your vacuum and possibly save you some headaches.

    Should You Choose An Upright Or Canister Vacuum

    Best Vacuum For Cat Allergies

    The best type of vacuum to help you fight that battle depends on what type of floors and other areas of your home you will be cleaning. The two main types of vacuums are Upright and Canister. These vacuums utilize either Bagged or Bagless dirt-capturing systems. Each one has advantages and disadvantages. Your job is to decide which type best fits your home environment.

    Everyones flooring situation is different. Older homes may have mostly carpeted floors with a tile or Vinyl kitchen floor. Many newer homes have almost all hardwood floors with some area rugs here and there. To keep it simple, here are the Vacuum Types I recommend:

    Type 1) If your home has mostly medium to heavy pile wall-to-wall carpet I recommend that you go with an UPRIGHT Vacuum.

    Type 2) If your home has low-pile carpeting, area rugs, and/or hard floor surfaces I recommend a CANISTER Vacuum. If you home has medium to high pile carpet there are canister models equipped with a motor-powered floor brush. This feature is absolutely necessary to deep clean medium to high pile carpet. The downside is that it can add significantly to the cost.

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    No 3 Shark Rotator Professional Lift

    Do I like this vacuum, No, I love it! We had an old vacuum, it was worn out and didnt have the features that the new vacuums have . I really needed the HEPA filter because of my allergies and this has helped. I hadnt heard of Shark Ninja before and thought the name was silly, but after researching on multiple websites, this vacuum had really good reviews. Weve had it a short time and only used it as an upright . Suction is good, its lightweight, and the cord is the right length. Quality product for a good price.Shark Ninja customer

    I think its fair to say most people havent heard of the Shark Ninja vacuum. Am I right? At first glance, you might think the name is a gimmick, made cheaply or a possibly a knockoff.

    The truth is, Shark Ninja vacuums have slowly gained market share in the U.S. vacuum industry and theyve done so by offering strong performance with affordability. Now, who doesnt like the sound of that?


    • 2 in 1 vacuum for upright vacuuming and portable cleaning
    • Pet power brush to help loosen the deepest dirt in your carpet
    • Anti-allergen seal with a HEPA filter
    • Swivel steering with LED headlights
    • 10 amps

    The Shark Ninja weighs in at 15.5 lbs or 8.4 lbs as a lift away vacuum. It utilizes 1200 watts of power and has swivel steering which allows the handle to control sharp turns whether on hard floors or carpet.

    The LED lights can illuminate dark spots under beds and desks.

    and great reviews from pleased customers.

    Best Robot Vacuum: Irobot Roomba E5

    Battery Life: 90 minutes | Cleaning Path Width: 13.39 inches | Mapping: No | Filter Type: Replaceable | Brush Type: Rubber brushes | Smart Capabilities: Yes

    • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

    • Random cleaning pattern

    With a robot vacuum, you can work less and relax more. The iRobot Roomba E5 Robot Vacuum is one of the few robotic vacuums with a high-efficiency filter, and its ability to pick up dirt, dust, and other particles makes it a great tool for ridding your home of allergens.

    This Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum can be controlled from your smartphoneyou can create a custom cleaning schedule, start the tool remotely, and view cleaning maps. The three-stage cleaning system provides five times more suction than other robot vacuums, and the high-efficiency filter captures 99 percent of allergens, dust, and pollen.

    Additionally, the Roomba E5 boasts an edge-sweeping brush, automatic height adjustment for carpets and floors, and rubber brushes to capture more debris. While its compact design is a definite plus for cleaning smaller homes and areas that upright vacuums cant reach, the Roombas container tends to fill up quickly, which could become tiresome in a household with multiple shedding pets. It should also be noted that emptying a Roomba requires coming into closer contact with all the dirt and allergens it sucks up than you would with an upright vacuum.

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    Reduce Allergens In The Environment

    At roughly 1/10th the size of a dust allergen, these microscopic particles become airborne and remain in the environment for up to 6 months after the cat is no longer in the area. Regular cleaning is a necessity for those with cat allergies. Here are a couple ways to make a big impact.

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