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How To Get A Cat To Come Home

How To Make An Indoor Cat Happy

Do Cats Come Back Home If They Run Away?

In many cases, a cat that has gone missing has likely not been neutered. Keeping a neutered or spayed cat home will be easier and might prevent your cat from going after others in heat.

Brushing your cat and treating fleas is still very important even when your cat is not going outside. It is also important to give your indoor cat what they will find outside for their physical and mental wellbeing, such as:

  • Catnip to satisfy their need for nature. Catnip is also known to aid digestion and promote regurgitation of hairballs once ingested. A godsend when you know that cats swallow quite a bit of hair during grooming.
  • A clean and accessible litter.
  • Toys as well as playtimethat mimics hunting. Even domesticated, cats still have a hunting instinct. Toys can vary from mice, pillows, and feathery toys.
  • A cat tree will allow your cat to get higher from the ground. They can also sharpen their claws on it, without damaging your furniture.
  • Hiding places where they can feel safe and not get disturbed.
  • Reduced food portions. Since your cat will not be exercising outside, it is important to watch what they eat.

Whether it has gone hunting, mating, or is lost, it is essential to not waste any time once you have realised your cat has gone missing. You should contact and notify local groups as well as wardens and neighbours. If your cat comes back, you will only have to notify everyone of its return. If it does not, you can maximise your chances of getting your cat back.

Is It Okay To Let A Stray Cat In Your House

Letting a stray cat into your home is a risky decision. Until you get the cat veterinary attention, you cant know what diseases it may or may not have. This is critial to consider. A sick cat can impact both your health and any animals in the household.

Now, this is not to say that you should be afraid of every stray cat that comes your way. Instead, you should exercise reasonable caution and discernment when choosing to trap an unfamiliar cat on your own. For one, you should never touch a stray cat without any sort of protection.

If you need to transport a stray cat, the best thing to do is to lure it into a carrier or a metal trap. If there are gaps in the transport vessel, its best to wear gloves or another piece of clothing to cover your exposed skin. After you successfully capture the animal, its best to take it straight to a veterinarian.

Many vets are happy to provide spay and neutering services to people who bring in strays. In many cases, theyll even provide the trap for you to bring it into the clinic. As youre bringing your new feline friend to and from the hospital, make sure to avoid getting clawed or bitten.

A cats teeth and claws can harbor harmful bacteria and viruses that may make you terribly sick, such as cat scratch disease or infections from the bacterium Pasteurella multocida, present in 70-90% of cats. If a stray cat scratches or bites you, wash the wound with soap and water and seek medical attention immediately.

Helpful Tips To Get Your Missing Cat To Come Back Home

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Losing your cat can be a nightmare for every pet owner. Your cat is a member of your family and the idea that your cat is missing can not only be very stressful and upsetting, but you also worry that your cat may be scared or hurt.

So what should you do if your cat goes missing?

How do you find a cat that has been lost, where should you look for your missing cat, and what actions can you do to prevent your cat from getting lost again?

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Huan Is The Best Way To Protect Your Cat From Getting Lost

The best way to protect your cat is to keep it indoors and try to prevent it from becoming lost in the first place. But thatâs not always how life works, so the next best thing you can do is protect your cat with Huan.

Huanâs smart pet tags attach to your catâs collar or harness and use bluetooth technology to send signals to any smartphone thatâs within range. That means, if your cat ever goes missing, you can use your phone, plus enlist the help of your friends, family, neighbors, and other animals lovers in your community to help find your missing best friend.

Huan tags have a long battery life, and are small and lightweight enough for any cat or kitten to wear comfortably, unlike most popular GPS pet trackers on the market. Plus, while GPS trackers emit potentially harmful radiation, Huan tags donât because they use bluetooth instead.

Unlike a microchip, Huan tags allow you to see your missing petâs location in real time, which means if your cat gets lost, youâll have a much easier way to find them â and quickly. Pet owners trust Huan to protect their furry friends, and you can, too. Learn more at GetHuan.com.

More Tips On How To Find A Lost Cat

How to get my cat to come back home

If your cat is missing, its understandable that you may be anxious, and searching the web for the best way to bring your cat home. No one likes the feeling of not knowing where their fuball is! But hopefully, with all these tips, youll be together again in no time.

To finish, we thought wed share some extra quick tips on how to find a lost cat:

  • Look when its dark and quiet outside
  • Dont bring other animals with you when youre on your search they may scare your cat away
  • Use a flashlight to search in the dark
  • Bring your cats favorite toy and treats
  • Continue calmly calling their name
  • Walk slowly and take frequent breaks from calling out, so that your cat has a chance to call back
  • Scan the surrounding area for movement or sounds.
  • Check places where your cat could get stuck
  • Set up a humane baited trap . You can place some kitty litter and towels with your scent on them to lure your lost cat in
  • Hire a lost cat finder or pet detective
  • Offer a reward to anyone who can find your cat
  • Install motion sensor cameras or baby monitors around your house.
  • Search places where a lost cat could find warmth
  • Ask anyone who visited your property to check their van or truck
  • Leave a piece of clothing or towel that smells like you outside your door
  • Sprinkle flour around and check for paw prints, if you suspect your cat is hanging around but not coming home
  • Publish a missing cat notice in the local newspaper

Finally, our last tip for finding a lost cat: Dont give up!

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Tips To Get Your Cat To Come Back Home

  • Contact your neighbors and talk with the people in your local community. Perhaps they have taken in your cat, thinking shes lost.
  • Put up posters in the neighborhood, with a photo of your cat, and a description. Describe your cat her age, the way she acts, if she wears a collar, if shes microchipped, and so on. Put those posters on lamp posts, in shop windows, or wherever it is permitted in your local area.
  • Offer a reward for the safe return of your cat. Most people would be happy to reunite a lost cat with its human family without money. But some people might go the extra length in case they get a reward.
  • Walk around your neighborhood, searching for and calling the cat. It is extremely likely that your cat is still in the vicinity although she wandered further off. Waste no time!
  • Contact your local veterinarian. Veterinarians are the first ones that are notified when a lost animal is brought in, and it is very important to call and check with them to see whether or not they have your cat.
  • Notify other veterinarians in your community. If someone found an injured cat, they may have taken it to the nearest veterinarian for treatment. If your cat
  • Notify your local police officers. Police officers that patrol around the neighborhood will have a greater opportunity of spotting your cat.
  • Check your newspaper for the lost and found ads daily. Someone may have found your cat but doesnt have a way to contact you.
  • Making Lost Cat Posters And Social Media Posts

    Still no luck finding your cat after your search? It might be time to put up missing cat posters. An effective lost cat sign should include:

    • a high-resolution photo of your cat
    • a physical description including age, sex, coat length and color, and any other special markers that could be used to identify your cat
    • when and where your cat was last seen
    • your name and phone number

    When putting up the cat posters, remember: cats go farther than we sometimes think. Hang posters at public transport stops to make sure as many people see your poster as possible. Cover the posters in plastic or tape for durability.

    Download the free Lost Pet Poster template from Tractive

    In addition, youll want to post your catâs picture and description on various social networks. And ask your friends to keep an eye out. On most social media platforms, there are specific groups or lists for lost & found animals in specific regions. Check the pages of animal shelters in your area theyll often post their latest finds online.

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    Tips For The First 30 Days Of Cat Adoption

    Sara Kent

    Be prepared should be your mantra when bringing a new pet into your home. Cats are particularly sensitive to new surroundings and some may hide under a bed or in a closet for days or even weeks.

    You can avoid pitfalls with your new critter and help him or her adapt more easily by following these guidelines:


    Before You Bring Your Cat Home:

    First Day:

    Now, you are ready for your cats homecoming. Preferably, bring her home in a cat carrier. It will feel safer to her. She has seen a lot of excitement, so take her directly to her new room. Ideally, you would restrict her exposure to the whole family, but naturally, everyone is going to want to see her. Remind them of the ground rules youve set up.

    • Sit on the floor and let her come to you. Dont force her. Just let her get acquainted on her own time. If she doesnt approach, leave her alone and try again later. Some cats are particularly frightened, and she may retreat to her hidey hole and not come out when youre around at all. She may only come out at night when the house is quiet. Give her time.
    • Your newly adopted cat may not eat much or at all at first. Its best to give your cat the same food she had at the shelter or in her foster home, at least at first. Keeping some things familiar will make her feel more secure. Be sure to change her water frequently and make sure that she is drinking. If your cat hasnt eaten for a few days, call your vet to ask for advice.

    Following Weeks:

    Phase 3 Cat Meets Dog

    Do Cats Come Back Home If They Run Away?
    • Bring the dog in on a leash. Once the cat is used to your home, let the cat roam loose in one room. Keep the dog on a leash and have dog treats ready in your pocket. If possible, have another person the cat is familiar with on the other side of the room to reassure and distract the cat from the dog.
    • Sit and meet. Keep the dog seated and focused on you as the leader. Try offering the dog a toy. If the dog focuses on or accepts the toy, reward the dog with a treat. If the dog tries to stand and move towards the cat, correct the dog slightly with the leash and reward him or her with a treat. If at any point the dog is not responding to your commands or the cats stress level appears elevated, remove the dog from the room. Keep repeating this process until the dog is responding to you and either ignoring or accepting the cat. This process helps teach the dog that cats are not prey, toys to be chased, or threats.
    • Watch. Never leave the dog and cat unsupervised until you are absolutely sure they have built up a mutual, trusting and respectful relationship.
    • Make sure kitty has some space for alone time. Even once the cat and dog are comfortable with each other, cats still like having the option to retreat to a space away from the dog. Place a baby gate across the doorway of a room in the house where the cat or cats like to hang out, or buy or build a tall cat tower so they can retreat when needed.

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    But What If They Don’t

    The cat has now disappeared under your porch. You can see him in the farthest corner. So how do you get his attention? Set out some yummy cat food and water for him nearby. Then you retreat, and you wait. You want the food as near to your front door as possible. If you are lucky, the cat will come out when he is calmer and eat and come in the house.

    Start At The House Work Outward

    OK, assuming you didnt see your cat jet out the door, Albrechts first tip is to make absolutely sure your lost cat isnt still in the house. Once, a family contacted her, convinced a bobcat had killed their missing cat. After a few days, the family opted to adopt a new kitten. The homecoming of the mewing kitten triggered a noise from the houses chimneywhere the first cat was stuck.

    Once youve searched inside, start searching around the outside of your house, under decks and porches, and in other smaller places where a cat could hide. If you own an indoor cat, its very likely they will be somewhere near your house, Albrecht says. If that search doesnt yield results, head over to your neighbors. But, she says, dont just ask whether theyve seen the cat, ask to search around their house like you did at your home. It might mean getting a bit dirty on your hands and knees, using flashlights to peer into dark places. Its up to you, not your neighbor.

    They’re just not going to care that much to do that, so you need to do that, Albrecht says.

    A 2017 study on missing cats measured how far away from home 477 cats were found. The median distance was about 50 meters from home. For indoor cats, the median distance was 39 meters128 feetaway.

    Cats with access to the outdoorsones who might roam around the neighborhood freelywere often found farther away. Their median distance was measured at 300 meters, more than three football fields away, according to the study.

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    Getting Your Cat Out Of Hiding

    The first step to getting your cat out of hiding is to probably and most importantly understand why the cat is hiding in the first place. This will help you choose the best approach to coaxing the cat out of hiding.

    It is also necessary that it will help you avoid adding insult to injury. No one would want to have a fully stressed cat running around your home making weird noises especially when you are asleep.

    Notify Shelters And Vets

    How to Get an Escaped House Cat to Come Home: 11 Steps

    If your cat has been picked up by a Good Samaritan, theymight have taken it to the animal shelter. Call or visit shelters around yourvicinity to ask if anyone has brought in your cat. Of your cat has beeninjured, the vets would be a good source of information to see if anyone hasbrought in a cat that matches your pets description. Follow up with vets andshelters every week or so. The person who has your cat may have taken a bit oftime to come across your pet.

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    How Long Does It Take For A Lost Cat To Come Home

    Most cats wont stay missing for very long. Even if they stay out longer than usual from time to time, theyll generally come home when theyre hungry and remember youre their meal ticket. And reassuringly, cats have a great sense of direction.

    However, if your cat is gone for more than 12 hours or overnight, its time to take action.

    If thats the case, dont panic. Simply follow the tips in this article to bring your cat home safely.

    How To Get An Escaped House Cat To Come Home

    This article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 638,063 times.

    Losing a pet is a traumatic experience for the whole family and can be heart-breaking for children. Cats are naturally curious and love to explore their environment. Unfortunately, they are not always able to find their way back. Don’t panic, there are ways to bring Felix home.

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