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Why Does My Cats Poop Smell So Bad

How Can I Make My Cats Poop Less Smelly

Why does my cat smell like poop?

If you want to make your cats poop less smelly, then first and foremost you will want to try to identify the cause. You must ask yourself questions such as:

  • Has my cats diet changed recently?
  • Is my cat acting differently?
  • Are there any other signs or symptoms of ill health in my cat?
  • How long has the poop been smelling for?
  • Have there been any environmental or behavior changes in my cat?
  • And so on and so forth.

Since gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory disease, infection, and cancer can all be fatal and can be a cause of smelly stools; it is always advised to seek prompt veterinary care. They will be able to examine and run some tests on your cat and recommend an appropriate course of action.

This is especially true if the foul smells have been going on for a while.

Nevertheless, there are some things that you can proactively do yourself to minimize the smell, improve your cats health and improve the home environment.

These following suggestions will help:

Being Overweight Can Cause A Stinky Cat Rear End

A cat that becomes overweight may develop odor coming from the rear end for one or more of the following reasons:

  • As discussed above, an overweight cat may develop mats on his rear end that catch urine or feces.
  • A cat with a weight problem may have skin and fat folds around his rectum and genitals that catch urine and are even more difficult for him to clean.
  • Urine that sits on the skin and isn’t cleaned off by your cat attracts bacteria that cause even more odor and may result in an uncomfortable skin infection.

As with an older cat, an overweight cat needs more help with grooming. Daily cleaning with baby wipes around his rectum and genitals as well as in any folds he may have will help keep him odor and infection free. Try to help your overweight cat lose some weight with extra play and fewer treats. Ask your veterinarian for suggestions on food type and amount.

How To Remedy Your Kitty’s Foul

Nobody likes the smell of cats feces. It gets even worse when the already bad smell becomes difficult to withstand from cats.

But, since an infection, an inflammatory disease, gastrointestinal tract and cancer can cause discomfort and stinking feces in your best friend, it becomes necessary to treat all underlying conditions. Heres how to deal with the issues:

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Ask A Vet: Why Does Cat Poop Smell So Bad

Everyone who has ever walked by a litter box containing a fresh stool deposit knows that pungent and distinctive smell.

All excrement smells foul, but cat poop is recognizable and uniquely horrible. Have you ever given the stench any thought?

Poop;smells bad no matter what species it comes from. It stands to reason that waste would be like trash to a body, the stuff it cannot use and needs to get rid of. The organic material in our own kitchen trash cans stink too, for similar reasons.

Once we have sifted through the food and taken all the usable components out, whatever is leftover becomes trash and that is what your cats body does to his diet. His digestive tract takes in the food, just like we unload our grocery bags as we start to organize meal preparation in our kitchen. We sort through the bags, setting out the items that are called for in our recipe. We remove the ingredients from packaging and discard it or cut away stems on our produce and throw them away.

Imagine your cats stomach and intestines are doing a similar process. Your cat eats his meal and his body goes through the components of that meal, sorting through them and discarding the items not required by the recipe of metabolism and energy production of your cat.

Poop stinks.

Germs stink too.

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What Causes Smelly Poop In Cats

Why Does Cat Poop Smell So Bad? The Apt Ways To Deal With ...

You cant expect your cats stools to smell pleasant, if they start to take on a particularly strong or foul odor, it could be an indication of a problem. Many health problems in cats are accompanied by changes in stool including diarrhea and foul-smelling stools. So, the first thing you should do if your cat develops smelly stool is to consult your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian will want to know when your cats stool changed and whether hes been experiencing any other symptoms. It may help to bring a stool sample along for testing otherwise, you may need to take one after the visit and return to have it tested. With the sample, a history of your cats symptoms, and a physical exam, your vet should be able to identify the problem.

Here are some of the most common cause of smelly poop in cats:

Once your veterinarian diagnoses your cats issue, you can start talking about treatment options. In cases where there is no serious underlying problem, your cats smelly stools may resolve themselves within a few days. If the problem persists or if your cat develops bloody stools, vomiting, or low energy, it could be a sign of an emergency situation, and you should talk to your vet right away.

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My Cat Is Constipatedwhat Should I Do

Cats who are straining to go to the bathroom or arent going at all are likely constipated. This can be caused by lots of factors, such as:

  • Too little fiber in the diet
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Over-grooming, which can lead to hair blocking the digestive tract
  • An obstruction caused by a swallowed object
  • A tumor or other blockage in the intestines
  • An illness, such as diabetes

If your cat is constipated, give your vet a call for advice, especially if you suspect some sort of blockage or illness. Your cat may need surgery to remove the obstruction or treatment for the specific ailment. To help alleviate constipation, your vet may prescribe a stool softener, laxative, or other medication. Constipation can also be helped by:

  • Feeding your cat a high fiber diet
  • Trying to coax more water intake
  • Encouraging more exercise

Adding fiber-rich fruits and veggies to your cats diet can be useful as well. Check out our Infographic of pet-safe fruits and veggies for ideas.

When Food Sets Off Diarrhea

If your kitty has been eating a quality adult cat food for some time and her stool has begun to smell foul due to a recent onset of chronic diarrhea, she may have a gastrointestinal condition called inflammatory bowel disease. This condition presents with the symptom of diarrhea, which is exacerbated by diet. The inciting cause for this reaction can be from an ingredient found in a cats normal commercial diet, most often the protein source. If your veterinarian suspects inflammatory bowel disease, he will recommend a hypoallergenic diet that contains a single, novel protein. Inflammatory bowel disease is rarely cured, but such dietary management may control the symptoms, minimizing her bouts of diarrhea.

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What Should Healthy Cat Poop Look Like

Healthy poop will typically be dark brown in color and not too soft or too hard. If its mushy or rock-solid, your cat might be having a health issue. If its watery, your cat is likely having a bout of diarrhea, which can be caused by:

  • Eating toxic substances, such as harmful foods or plants
  • Food allergies or a dietary intolerance, which can happen at any time in a cats life
  • Cat illnesses, like hyperthyroidism, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, or cancer
  • Parasites, such as roundworms, which are a common issue for cats

Dairy products can also be bad for a cats tummy, so no saucers of milk for your feline friend.

Why Does My Cats Poop Smell Like Rotten Eggs

Why does cat pee smell so bad?! Dr. Justine Lee explains.

As food is digested, the rearranging of material causes gases to be released or formed in your cats tummy. Processing protein creates urea, as mentioned before, but also sulfur which smells like rotten eggs. And as your cats waste sits in its litter pan, natural bacteria multiplies and emanates a foul smell.

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Why Does My Cat’s Rear End Smell Bad

Cats are clean creatures. That’s what everyone says and you know it’s true because you see your cat cleaning himself all of the time. So what’s with the terrible odor that has you asking “Why does my cat’s rear end smell bad?” There are a number of reasons that you could be noticing a bad smell from your cat’s behind.

Why Does My Kittens Breath Smell Like Poop 6 Reasons

P.U.! What did the cat drag in this time? It doesnt smell very good!;you cant help but think as you open the living room to a wave of stink. When you check your cats, though, they seem fine. In horror, you realize that your kitten is the one that smells like a freshly fertilized cornfield. Not only that, but the stench is radiating from her mouth. What could it mean? Is she sick? Is it because of you? You ask the internet,;why does my kittens breath smell like poop?

Kittens breaths smell like poop due to poop in their environment or gastrointestinal problems. Kittens will play with or even eat poop, which will their breath to stink of feces. Gastrointestinal problems can result in a poop smell if your kitten is vomiting excessively.

This article will discuss different reasons why your kittens breath smells like poop, whether you should be concerned, and what you can do about it.

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The Honest Kitchen Grain

If fresh cat food isnt in your budget, or if youre looking for something a little more shelf-stable, dehydrated cat food is a good option to consider. Dehydrated cat food is dried to remove moisture which negates the need for artificial preservatives, but it doesnt damage the nutritional integrity of the raw ingredients by exposing them to high heat. This The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Turkey Recipe Dehydrated Cat Food is a great option to consider because it features fresh turkey and eggs as the top two ingredients and only sources of protein. It is grain-free, featuring pumpkin and potatoes as well as parsley, chard, and cranberries as the only other main ingredients. This formula is packed with protein and fiber with plenty of healthy fat for energy as well as skin and coat support. Youll need to rehydrate it before feeding, but it delivers excellent nutritional quality.

  • Pros: Dehydrated not cooked, high in protein, novel protein and carbohydrate, limited number of ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables, high in moisture when rehydrated, chelated minerals
  • Cons: Some cats dislike the texture of dehydrated food, expensive to feed as a staple diet

Diet As A Cause Of Smelly Poop

Why Does My Cat

If your cat does not show any sign of weight loss or diarrhea, your vet may prescribe a change in her diet.; Why? The reason is, the meat protein that your cat intakes, contains a great number of amino acids that contain sulfur, ammonia, nitrogen and other smelly gases.

When ingested, the protein is broken into the bloodstream of her stomach and small intestine and may result in stinky poop. When your cat defecates, these gases are released into the air, making a bad smell.

So, whats the safer alternative?

Give her a more digestible diet having milk proteins or more absorbable carbohydrates. But be choosy in having the source of milk protein because your cat may have trouble in digesting milk sugar that is found in regular milk.

So, while changing your cats food, check the label for ingredients.

Sometimes, your cat may eat bugs, small reptiles or rodents that may also cause extremely putrid and strong smell. In yet another case, because of their chemical contents, some vitamin supplements may be the reason for the foul smell.

So, always consult your vet before adding any food supplement to your cats regular diet

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Why Does My Cats Poop Smell Really Bad

The odour of healthy cat poo should be mild and barely noticeable. Smelly faeces is usually a sign of an issue in the stomach or intestines caused by a digestive disorder or parasites to bacteria and poor diet. Theres also a distinctive metallic smell that results from digested blood, says Brian.

What Are The Qualities Of The Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop

With various health issues potentially contributing to severe fecal odor, ruling out infections and other health issues is essential before you start dietary odor management.

Once youve established that diet is the solution, prioritize two things: simplicity and efficiency.

All poop smells, but it smells worse when theres more to itmore sulfur, more bacteria, and more digestive by-products. Time also plays a part. Foods that take longer to digest spend more time in the GI tract, giving digestive gases more time to build up and make your cats litter box session all the smellier.

What does that mean when youre shopping for food? Lets go into a little more detail.

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Why Does Cat Poop Smell So Bad The Apt Ways To Deal With Bad Odor From Your Cat

Is your cat exhibiting the worst imaginable odor? This may be a pretty surprising behavior for the cat owners as they may be used to a more finicky nature coming from their furry friends.

In my own case, this death-like odor used to emanate from my cat Oliver, who had exhibited a very grave odor around the house, which was later diagnosed and found out as a dietary cause. There are, in fact, ample reasons for why does cat poop smell so bad, which we are going to find reasons for and solve in the segments below.


Can Cat Poop Be Dangerous

How to Reduce Cat Odor & Cat Poop Odor | Cat Care

Handling cat poop may have an eww factor, but it isnt typically dangerous. That said, there is a concern that cat poop can contain a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii, which causes Toxoplasmosis. You can also get Toxoplasmosis from eating raw or undercooked meat. Toxoplasmosis isnt a big deal for most people who either wont get sick or show only mild flu-like symptoms. However, it is of particular concern to pregnant women who can pass the parasites along to the unborn child and cause birth defects or even fetal death.

While this sounds scary, its good to know that contracting these parasites from the litter box is not a common occurrence. Cats infected with the parasite only excrete it for a short amount of time, and the parasites arent infective for at least 48 hours. That means if youre scooping out the litter box daily, you greatly reduce the risk of infection.

Just to be safe, pregnant women should hand over litter box duties until the baby is born. If thats not possible, scoop and clean the box wearing rubber gloves and thoroughly wash your hands after youre done. Keeping your cat insidewhich is recommended by our strategic partner The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsĀ® for all catscan also help prevent them from contracting this parasite.

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The Best Cat Food For Smelly Poop Is Free Of Allergenic Or Irritating Ingredients

In addition to other symptoms, food allergies may cause flatulence and reeking stool. Cats can develop allergies to almost any proteinthe most common culprits are the ones they eat the most. For that reason, the most common cat food allergens include chicken, seafood, beef, dairy, wheat, corn, and soy.

Though the idea of an allergic pet is hot right now, true food allergiesan inappropriate immune reaction to dietary proteinsare rare among cats.

Instead, many cats experience unexplained food intolerances. Whether you suspect that your cat has intolerances or allergies, a stripped-down diet can help to avoid anything that irritates him. Look for foods with a single protein sourcethis helps to minimize your cats exposure to anything that might trigger an allergic responseand steer clear of the most common irritants. And dont be limited by the limited-ingredient diet or hypoallergenic label.

In spite of the name, these foods are often loaded with an army of unnecessary ingredients and may even contain multiple protein sources. Read the ingredient list and pick recipes with a single protein source and no more than 4 main ingredients.

Other Reasons Your Cat Smells Like Death

It may not be that your cat has bad breath or a problem with their rear end. It could be that your cat has a general bad odor. As cats are very hygienic animals, this still indicates a problem. If your cat stops grooming themselves to the point they smell bad, then it is a sure sign of a problem. It is also possible there could be other external factors causing malodorousness in your cat. They include:

  • Depression: while it is possible depression is concurrent with stress, there are not exactly the same. Cats are not as psychologically sophisticated as humans, but they can still exhibit depressed behavior. This may result in stopping grooming and, eventually, foul smells. Their depression may also be the result of a physical ailment which has it as a symptom.
  • Obesity: when cats become too fat, they cannot reach certain areas of their body for cleaning. There also may be related gastrointestinal issues with obesity which add to foul odor.
  • Foreign substance: perhaps one of the most obvious reasons for a cat smelling bad is that they have something bad smelling on their coat. Cats often roll over on the ground. While they are usually careful not to do this on something they shouldn’t, accidents happen. It is also possible something foul smelling has landed on their coat. If this substance is unpalatable, it may result in your cat from stopping to groom.

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