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Is Wet Cat Food Better Than Dry

The Bottom Line On Wet Food Or Dry Food For Cats From A Vet:

Cat Food: WET vs DRY – What Is Better? | Facts About Cats

So: Canned food and dry food appear roughly equal in the world of dental disease. Canned food appears better for urinary health. Dry food appears better for thyroid health. In the end its a toss-up.

I have been criticized in the past for not providing clear-cut answers to questions such as whether it is better to feed wet food or dry food. If you were hoping for a definitive answer, then Im sorry to disappoint you. But were not talking about religion. Were talking about cat food, and I dont believe that cats are well served by dogmatic answers to such questions.

Although I cant provide a clear-cut answer to the wet food vs. dry food question, I can provide some clear-cut advice. If your cat is healthy, pick a high-quality food, wet or dry, that your cat finds palatable and that works for you. Feed it in meals, not an all-you-can-eat megabowl. And brush his teeth.

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Wet Vs Dry Cat Food: Which Is Best


When you bring home a kitty it can be difficult to choose between wet vs. dry cat food. Both are ultimately excellent sources of nutrition if you serve an appropriate amount, and some pet parents decide to blend the two. Of course, each type of food presents its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know so you can decide what’s best for your cat.

Dry Cat Food: The Verdict

Some dry foods have been proven to reduce plaque and tartar, but not all. If youre going to feed dry for this benefit, youd be better off picking one of the VOHC accepted products. Its easier to portion and leave down for cats that like to graze. However, it doesnt meet cats water intake requirements, which can cause urinary problems in some cats.

Wet And Dry Food In Your Cat’s Diet

Although most owners would love to be able to serve up a plate of kippers every day, chances are that, if you own a cat, you feed it either wet or dry food each day. The type of food people serve to cats is a rather divisive issue within the cat community, with rumours abound about the merits and negatives associated with each.

Cats are animals with very particular dietary requirements, so to put a line under any questions you might have, here’s a little guide on which food is best for what, and why.

What Are The Benefits Of Wet Cat Food

Are you feeding your kitty the highest quality wet cat ...

Some cats simply prefer wet food’s aroma and texture, and it can still be very convenient with single-serve formats ensuring a fresh, easy-to-serve meal each time.

The amount of water intake is particularly important for cats prone to constipation or the formation of urinary crystals/stones, or if they have diabetes or kidney disease – therefore feeding a wet food can be especially beneficial for cats with these conditions.

Is Hard Food Bad For Cats Teeth

Hard food is bad for cat teeth because it contains carbohydrates.

Cats lack the enzyme amylase in their saliva. Amylase is responsible for breaking down carbs.

Cats cannot break down carbs in their mouth, and this forms a residue on their teeth.

They also dont chew their food the same as we do.

Saying kibble cleans cat teeth is like saying granola cleans our teeth.

Best For Total Health: Wet Cat Food

Canned cat food is our clear winner when it comes to your cats best health. Your cat will benefit from including wet food in its diet, whether you choose to switch to all canned food or just to serve it a few times a week.

On top in terms of urinary tract health, meat protein content, and weight loss, canned cat food can provide numerous benefits to your feline. However, your pets best food choice must always be weighed against all pros and cons.

Theres no one-size-fits-all food solution for any pet. Choose what works best for your pet and your lifestyle. And above all else, always choose the best value food you can afford for your cat, whether dry or kibble, homemade, or raw.   

Are you a dry food or wet food feeder? Let us know which format works best for your cat and why!

For Picky Eaters: Tie

Cats are a finicky bunch! While certain cats just love the strong flavours and aromas of wet cat food, others will balk at it. If you are switching from dry to canned cat food , your cat may show some resistance even a lot of resistance.

To make things easier for your cat, you should start by offering her a similar flavour to what shes used to the same brand if possible. Mix the new food together with some of the old food, try adding a sprinkle of freeze-dried meat, like Purebites Chicken Breast, or a dash of bone broth to boost the flavour and  Be patient. Most felines even the pickiest ones will come around eventually.

What Is The Best Cat Food

Is wet food or dry food better for your pet? – Ask A Vet

There isnt a right or wrong answer to what is best for your cat, and you! The most important thing is to choose a diet your cat enjoys, eats well – and make sure its a good quality and complete diet. Be aware of the requirements for both diets, make sure your pet has water and regular dental checks and make sure there arent any gastrointestinal upsets with whatever youre feeding.

Cats are independent little creatures with individual taste. But whatever they do end up eating, wet or dry, there’s really no substitute for high-quality brands packed perfect nutrition.

Dr Holly Graham graduated from the University of Nottingham and has been working as a first opinion small animal veterinarian in the North of England for 3 years. She is a locum vet, which means that she works at a range of different practices, treating anything from dogs and cats to tiny hamsters and mice. She works both in routine practice – giving vaccinations and health checks, and busy hospitals often performing emergency surgery. She has special interests in imaging and small mammal medicine, so performs lots of ultrasound examinations and sees lots of rabbits and guinea pigs! Holly has two pets; a fluffy black cat called Boris with neurological problems, whom she adopted as a stray, and Fergie, who is a black house rabbit.

Final Thoughts On Food And Cat Teeth

Kibble does not clean teeth. Its full of carbohydrates, and cats cannot break down carbs in their mouth.

Instead, it forms a residue that can harden into plaque.

Wet food is not better for the cats teeth, but it is better for overall health. When compared to kibble.

The best food for dental health is a raw diet that includes raw meaty bones or gizzards for chewing.

Raw meaty bones are mother natures toothbrush. Gizzards require a lot of chewing which can also help the cats teeth.

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A History Of Customer Complaints

Thanks to blogging, social media, and sites like ConsumerAffairs, customers have a louder voice than ever before. A web search will give you the consumer pulse in moments.

The worst cat food brands earn thousands of complaints. Youll know if people have found pieces of bone or metal in the food, noticed their cats getting sick after a meal, or have other negative experiences with the brand.

Sometimes things go wrong. When your company is huge and sells to millions of customers each year, the likelihood that youll have complaints increases. In this sense, numerous customer complaints arent always indicative of a bad company. Look at the consistency of the complaints and pay attention to the brands response to them.

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For Easy Eating: Wet Cat Food

If you have a young kitten, a cat who has lost some teeth, or a cat with a sensitive stomach, wet cat food could be helpful. Wet cat food makes an easy transition from milk or formula to solids, as it is very easy to eat and easy on young kitty stomachs. Some cats who have lost many teeth and have trouble eating can only eat moist canned foods.

Cats with sensitive stomachs, or those recovering from diarrhea, constipation, or another illness can benefit from the high moisture content of wet cat food. The increased moisture content makes for easier digestion, reducing hairballs.

If your cat is new to wet cat food, it can cause stomach upset or diarrhea. The effect is usually temporary and a result of the transition. Try a slower transition and mix some of your cats previous food with the new food. You may have to experiment to find the wet foods that work best for your cat. Every cats system is a little different!

Wet Cat Food Benefits

Choosing High quality Wet Kitty Food is Very Crucial ...

In addition to the high protein content, wet cat food also has other benefits for feline health and wellness. 

Cats frequently suffer from bladder and kidney disease, says Carroll. The extra moisture found in wet food can help maintain bladder and kidney health.

Garner adds that wet food can also be beneficial to weaning kittens. Wet cat food can be useful for helping kittens transition from a liquid to a solid diet, she says. As kittens still dont have their permanent teeth until they are around a year old, wet food is much easier for them to chew than kibble.

Because of its softness, wet cat food may also benefit senior cats with dental problems or missing teeth. 

Additionally, wet cat food tends to be more pungent and flavorful than dry kibble. So its often used to help cats eat when they are sick or picky about their food. 

The Case For Dry Cat Food

Its commonly thought that dry cat food is better for your cats teeth. There is some evidence that a dry diet may keep the teeth looking cleaner, but it doesnt appear to prevent periodontitis, which is the most common type of dental disease in cats.

Some specific diets have been evaluated for their ability to reduce plaque and tartar, and for those looking for a dry diet to help dental health, these are a better place to start than the average supermarket brand. Dry cat foods are also safe to leave down if your cat is a grazer. Unlike wet food, they do not spoil quickly and are unlikely to attract flies. 

However, this can only be done in cats that can moderate their food intake greedy cats quickly put on weight when left to eat all they like. The good news is that dry foods are also easy to portion you can adjust right down to the individual kibble to make sure your cat is taking in what they need. 

Kibble is also great for putting in slow-feeders, which allow your pet to hunt and complete tasks to get their feed great for mental and physical health. 

Allowing your cat to express their hunting instinct is important, so feeding with puzzle feeders that allow them to hunt their prey is an ideal way to keep them occupied for longer than the five minutes it takes them to finish a bowl of food.

Is Wet Or Dry Food Better For Cats

Ultimately, your cat will decide whether she prefers dry or wet cat food. Purina nutritionists recommend feeding a combination of wet and dry food, though. This helps ensure she gets plenty of moisture in her diet, plus the dental benefits of dry food, all while adding variety to keep her interested. 

Cats are neophiliacs, meaning they appreciate trying new things. They may get bored eating the same food the same way day in and day out. Mixing wet and dry cat food for a meal or feeding them at separate meals is a good way to give your cat the variety she not only wants, but also needs.

Catering to your cats needs and desires also strengthens your emotional connection. One reviewer wrote: My kitties love Fancy Feast already and they quickly gobbled up the Creamy Delights! Received extra kitty lovin after this awesome treat!

Is Dry Cat Food Best Get A Vets View On Dry Vs Wet Cat Food

30 August 2020

Is dry cat food best for your feline friend? We put dry and wet cat food head-to-head

As we learn more and more about feline nutrition, the question always comes back to is dry cat food best or should I use wet food? There are indeed benefits and drawbacks to both: the best dry cat foods may be better for their teeth, while the best wet cat food is better for their kidney and bladder. And sometimes you dont get to choose, anyway cats can be fussy, and they make their feelings known! Nevertheless, knowing whether dry food or wet food is better for your feline friend is important to being a good pet parent.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Vet Advice | Should I Feed My Cat Wet or Dry Food?

To avoid picky eating habits later in life, offer kittens both dry food and wet food.

If youre torn about whether to feed your cat dry food or wet food, consider offering both. You might serve one meal of dry food in the morning before you leave for work, then offer wet food in the evening once you return home. Or, if your cat tends to eat her food all at once, mix the two types together. Any amount of wet food can boost your cats overall diet with extra water and protein.

If you have a kitten, offer dry and wet food early on. Cats usually develop preferences for taste and texture early in kittenhood. If your kitten eats only dry food, she might turn her nose up at wet food in the future .

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For all cats, always offer plenty of fresh, clean water.

Ask your veterinarian for advice if you are still wondering about the best food for your cat, especially if your cat has specific health issues like kidney disease or diabetes.

Canned Food: Increased Water Intake

That 70 percent water is also beneficial for cats who dont drink much. Felines in the wild get much of their water from the prey they consume. For our pet cats, kibble makes for some pretty dry prey. This is fine if your cat makes up for it by drinking enough water, but many cats are poor drinkers. Poor water intake can lead to or exacerbate constipation and/or kidney problems.

Other ways that you can increase your cats water intake are to add a little tuna juice to her water bowl or test drive a kitty drinking fountain. Some cats are attracted to a dripping faucet and will drink straight out of the sink.

So What Should I Feed

Which form of cat food you choose to feed depends on which variety works best for you and, more importantly, which formula fits your cats needs and your own lifestyle.

Dr. Wakshlag assures us that there is no merit to the myth that dry food causes illnesses in cats: Overfeeding causes risks of other diseases in catsnot the form of the food in general.

When choosing which food to feed, ingredients are one of the most important things to consider. Dr. Wakshlag says, Primarily animal sources for protein and overall protein are first things to look foror to eyeball for. Meat ingredients like meals and byproduct meals actually work for me since they are good sources of protein that are typically lower in ash.

Ash refers to the minerals and other inorganic materials present in any food. Animal sources of protein are important for cats because they are obligate carnivores and require meat to obtain essential amino acids such as taurine .

Cats do not require grain-free diets. Carbohydrates are a source of energy, just like proteins and fats, and will not harm your cat provided she also is getting sufficient amounts of protein .

Look for foods that have the Association of American Feed Control Officials statement that the diet has been formulated to be complete and balanced, either for all life stages or for the life stage most appropriate for your cat .

Dry Vs Wet Cat Food: The Pros And Cons Explained

There are so many cat food options out there to feed your cat. But not all of the choices hold the same lifestyle or nutritional benefits. Each of these factors, from convenience to nutritional analysis, are important considerations when looking at types of cat foods. Here we explain the pros and cons to feeding canned vs. dry cat food to help you choose which is ultimately best for your pet and you.

When And How Much Food Should I Feed My Adult Cat

Is Wet Food Better Than Dry Food For Cats?

Mimicking a trend of many of their owners, one in five cats in industrialized countries today is obese.


Many factors seem to contribute to this widespread problem, including inactivity, overfeeding rich foods, and neutering .

But you can take steps to help manage weight problems, including playing with your cat and controlling food intake around the time of neutering.

As for feeding times and amounts, here are a few things to keep in mind.

There are equations you can use to predict the energy needs of a cat, Larsen says. But many things — including climate, activity, and the cat’s metabolism — affect that.

You can simply evaluate your own cat by looking at their silhouette and touching the belly from the top and sides, she says. If you cant feel ribs, you may need to adjust how much youre feeding your cat. If you want more guidance, you can find body condition scoring systems online.

Bough agrees that its difficult to evaluate the exact amount of food a cat needs. You can start by weighing your cat and looking at the product packaging, she says, But watch your cat and work with your vet to determine how much your cat should weigh.

There are several types of feeding methods owners commonly use, which may vary depending on the needs of their adult cats and their schedules:


What about treats? Keep the calories from treats to less than 10% of daily calories, Larsen says.



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