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Why Do Cats Walk On Keyboards

Crazy Things Happen When You Type

Funny Cats Walking Playing On Piano Keys Keyboard

Your text appears in all capital letters or it randomly highlights or even disappears, and your windows keep minimizing. This insanity is caused by sticky keys says Jaco Toledo Gerrish, a systems engineer with a technology blog at ubuntuboss.com. Its caused by hitting the shift key five times in a row.

To fix this in Windows, says Jaco, tap the shift key five times. You should hear four beeps, and the sticky keys feature should turn off.

Your Cat Finds Your Keyboard Comfortable

While it may not seem rational, your cat might find your laptop keyboard comfortable for taking a nap. Cats sleep in all kinds of strange places, from bathroom sinks to tiny nooks and crannies. The laptop keyboard is flat, warm, and compact, and your cat might view this as the ultimate napping retreat.

Cats Have A Keen Heat Receptors

Kittens are born with sensitive heat receptors on their faces which help them find mummy even when their eyes are not yet open. These receptors remain very sensitive throughout a cats life and in fact become even more sensitive as time goes on. However, they can also be a little insensitive to higher temperatures and this means a cat can easily get burned which happens more often than most people may think.

A computer keyboard is warm and when cats walk on them, they move under their feet as they press the keys down and as any cat owner knows, the other thing our feline friends find hard to resist is anything or anywhere that feels nice, soft and pliant. This is why you may find your cat pawing away at the keys of your computer keyboard whether it’s turned on or not! The problem can be when you are working and have to leave your computer for whatever reason and you find your cat has signed off on all your work!

What To Do About Your Cats Obsession With Your Keyboard

Cats love to lie in comfortable places and even if your computer is generating a small amount of heat, a keyboard is hard and uncomfortable to lie on. Since most cats get in between you and your computer screen because they are seeking your full attention, the best solution to the problem is to be proactive. Fix a place for your cat to sit next to you and make sure that it is comfortable. Give him an occasional reward of affection and let him know he is important and the chances of him staying in place are high. Make sure to place your keyboard in a position that is difficult for him to access and this will also discourage him from getting in between you and your work.

Training Your Cat Properly

Why do cats always sit on paper, and walk on computer ...

Training your cat to break the habit of walking or lying on your keyboard is much like any other negative behavior you want to change. The best way to break the habit is through positive reinforcement. Punishing your cat for seeking attention isnt the best course of action to take. Removing your cat from the keyboard and placing him in a designated place, preferably near you, and doing this consistently is necessary. When your cat moves into territory that he should not be in, pick him up and move him being careful not to pet him or give him positive attention. Be firm, put him in his spot and tell him that is his spot. Do it as many times as is necessary because cats learn quickly. Only give positive reinforcement when your cat is in his designated spot. Its best to fully block his access to the keyboard when youre training him to stay off of it. Dont allow the behavior to continue because the longer it goes on, the harder it will be to break him of the habit.

Keyboard Cats: Why Are Cats Drawn To The Computer Keyboard

July 25, 2013 by Jennifer Simms

Dslkjghroebmgn[sk;km   Oops, looks like the cat walked across the keyboard again! If youve got a cat you already know that most cats seem to be mysteriously drawn to the computer keyboard. My own cats have at various times walked across my keyboard, sat atop it, pawed the keys, or just casually rested an arm across it. Unfortunately, in addition to typing random letters and characters my cats are exceptionally skilled at pressing various combinations of keys that create all sorts of havoc on the computer.

Given a clear path, why does it seem that most cats will go out of their way to walk across the keyboard? There are a couple of theories for this behavior:

Attention seekingYou might have also noticed that if youre reading a newspaper or book, your cat will often sit directly on top of your reading material. Your cat craves attention, and when youre engrossed in another activity such as reading, watching TV or typing on the computer, your cat seeks to gain your attention. Certainly your reaction to your cats stroll across the keyboard is proof positive that this activity will quickly gain your attention. And if you think about it, how often does your cat walk across the keyboard when youre not there? They seem to be drawn to the keyboard exclusively during the times youre busy working there.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With Keyboards

Your cat may ignore you for hours at a time, but if he jumps on your keyboard when youre using your laptop, he may have simply decided that its time for you to focus your attention on him. Cats crave attention and when they decide that they want yours, jumping on the keyboard is one of the best ways to get your full attention. In some instances, your cat is trying to wedge himself in between you and the thing that youre occupied with so you will have to focus your attention on him. Some cats lie on the keyboard and others walk across the board, pushing the buttons as they walk.

Why Do Cats Just Need To Walk On Your Laptop Or Book While You’re Using It We Investigated

Anyone who has ever spent quality time with a cat knows that they have weird habits. One bizarre thing we cant figure out is why cats love to walk or lie all over your laptop or book when youre in the middle of using it. Whether youre reading the Sunday paper or catching up on your favorite Netflix show, they always manage to find a way into your lap, and then onto whatever it is youre giving your attention to.

Is it because cats are needy? Because they like the warmth of the object? Weve always wonderedand were sure youve thought about it once or twice, too. In fact, its such a phenomenon that there are Twitter and Tumblr accounts called Cats On Laptops. And theyre hilarious.

You laugh because its accurate. Cats do this stuff all the time. You might be interested to know that cats have literally been doing this for centuries. Emir O. Filipovic, a medievalist in Croatia, was perusing a fifteenth century manuscript, where he discovered cat paw prints. Apparently, whoever was writing this book had a cat that was very keen to walk all over their work. Sound familiar?

Why Do Cats Crave So Much Attention

Reasons Cats Love to Sleep on Your Computer

Cats have gained somewhat of a reputation for being stand-offish, and even cold at times but if you are a cat owner, you probably know that this isnt always the case.

While some cats do have a stand-offish personality, others crave our love and affection. This is because they love you. Just as people need love and affection from their loved ones, so do cats.

And while cats do well on their own for most of the day, they do need your attention and when they see you sitting down on your computer, thats the perfect opportunity to steal your attention away. After all, you cant see the computer screen if your cat is sitting right in front of it!

Do Cats Like When You Grab Their Tail

Most cats dont mind if you touch their tail briefly while youre petting them, but any grabbing of the tail, or touching it when they arent expecting it can be upsetting to the cat because their tails are important, sensitive, and they are vulnerable. Some cats have far more sensitivity in their tails than others.

How Can I Keep My Cat Off Of The Desk/keyboard

Knowing why is only a very small part of the battle.  We still need to keep them off of the desk and keyboard so they dont ruin our computers or mess up our workspace. But how do we do that and are any of the methods actually effective?

Part of the effectiveness will solely depend on the personality of your cat and the other part will depend on how consistent you are with the methods you try.  If you only try once and it doesnt work so you give up, then you are unlikely to have any success.

Make sure whatever method you choose, you try repeatedly before calling it quits. 

When You Are Away

While you are away from keyboard, your cat may want to sit near your computer as it provides warmth. Close your room or put away your keyboard to prevent catfiltration. It may be tedious to remove your keyboard whenever you are not in the room, but it is probably better than replacing a keyboard and damaging your pet relationship.

Cats And Their Passion For Computer Keyboards

Why Do Cats Insist on Walking Across Keyboards and Books ...

As any cat owner knows, there are a few things their feline friends love doing which can leave them mystified and wondering what drives their pets to do them. Wanting to sit on your lap when you’re reading a paper is one of them, but wanting to sit on a computer keyboard is another! So what draws our kitties to keyboards so much they feel the need to walk on them, sit on them and curl up for a snooze on them?

If the truth be known, our feline friends just cannot resist warmth and if they find anywhere that’s a little cosy and warm, they will settle themselves nicely in the spot for hours on end. Cats love it when its toasty, they adore lounging in the sun on a windowsill, in the garden or anywhere a ray of sunshine happens to fall. With this said, cats are intrigued by anything that moves or which makes a noise. A computer and it’s keyboard offers everything a cat needs to both keep them warm and amused, it makes noises, the mouse pointer zooms across the screen and lots of things blink and scoot about which our feline friends and in particular kittens, just cannot resist.

Why Does My Cat Keep Trying To Walk On My Computer Keyboard

Theories abound about why cats seem to be so fascinated with computers. This interest is now much more focused on tablet devicescats seem to love iPads . The traditional computer keyboard is still an object of great interest to a curious, engaged house cat. Many pet owners wonder if it is the warmth of the machine, the clicking sound of the keys or a desire to be close to their people who intrigue them.

Its likely that some element of all these things comes into play when it comes to cats and computer keyboards. The real truth probably lies in understanding how a cat perceives his world and interacts with others of his own kind. Unlike dogs, cats are not pack animals. As solitary hunters, they have evolved with an uncanny ability to read and interpret their environment.

It is a myth that cats are not capable of love and affection. They are extremely loyal to their people, who are established as the primary relationship in their lives. Not only will cats be curious about this thing that is accompanying so much of their persons attention, but they will also be attracted to the keyboards smell.

Cats use scent mark their territory, which includes their humans. When a cat rubs up against a human with his face and chin, hes using the sebaceous glands in that area to mark you as his. To the cat, the keyboard smells like you, and therefore needs to be claimed.

What Once Was Black Is Now White

Your cat has somehow inverted the colors on your screen. To restore your regular colors, use the magnifier feature, which has an option for turning on color inversion, and thus restoring your screen colors, says AJ Santos, owner of technology services company TechOTG in Orlando, Florida.

Press and hold the Windows key and then press and release the + key. Release the Windows key. The magnifier should be on now, which youll notice because everything on your screen will be really large.

To return your screen to normal size, press and hold the Windows key and press and release the key until the screen reduces to whatever size is acceptable to you. To turn color conversion on and restore your normal screen colors, press the Ctrl, Alt and i keys.

On Macs, the option for inverting colors is in the Accessibility Options. Shortcut should be Option + Command + F5. See the display option here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202562.

Tell us: What crazy tech / computer issues has your cat caused? How did you fix them?

Stephanie Bouchard is a Maine-based freelance pets writer trying to protect her laptop from further cat incursions. Find her at stephanie bouchard.net.

Editors note: This article originally appeared in Catster magazine. Have you seen the new Catster print magazine in stores? Or in the waiting area of your vets office?  and get the bimonthly magazine delivered to your home.

How Can I Keep My Cat Off My Keyboard

This is a common scenario when typing:

When the family assembled for Sunday dinner, With their minds made up that they wouldn’t get thinner On Argentine joint, potato^DR&FTGYB`kuhadrggoy867rt98wouth4bfgdhjlkhdsfghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhf

This happens because my cat likes to sit on my keyboard. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? I enjoy my cat’s company while working, so would rather not shut him out.

  • 10Oct 6 ’15 at 19:14
  • 1

Place a box near your keyboard that is the right size for the cat to sit in. If possible, place it on something warm.

Cats like two things: warmth and security. It likes being on your keyboard because it’s warm. Provided a warm and secure place to sit and it’ll prefer that.

  • Oct 6 ’15 at 17:00
  • 31Oct 6 ’15 at 20:27
  • 25Oct 6 ’15 at 20:29
  • 15Oct 6 ’15 at 21:04
  • 23I couldn’t have made this post without a picture of a cat fitting perfectly in a teacup/box/shoes with the caption “If I fits, I sits”. Tom, I Applaud you for resisting that temptation.

This happens because my cat likes to sit on my keyboard. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? I enjoy my cat’s company while working, so would rather not shut him out.

Since this is Lifehacks, I figure it’s fine to offer an alternative solution:

Why Are You Not Supposed To Touch A Cats Tail


Most cats dont mind if you touch their tail briefly while youre petting them, but any grabbing of the tail, or touching it when they arent expecting it can be upsetting to the cat because their tails are important, sensitive, and they are vulnerable. Some cats have far more sensitivity in their tails than others.

How To Keep A Cat Off Desk And Keyboard

Whether your working from home or just trying to do something for fun on your computer at home, you know your cat has to always be there. And when I say there, I mean right on top of your desk or keyboard. Cute indeed, but at some point you got to get stuff done, so how to keep a cat off your desk and keyboard?

To keep your cat off your desk and keyboard, use aluminum foil near on the unused parts of your desk or near your keyboard. Cats dislike shiny and crunchy surfaces so they will stay away from the foil.

Why do cats love sprawling out on our keyboards and desks?  As well as why exactly they love our desk space. There are some reasons that could account for that but cats are an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a question, so there may be no reason at all for your cat to do these things. 

Not Enough Litter Boxes

Is your kitty doing her business in the wrong spots? You may be making one of these 12 dangerous cat-owner mistakes. Most likely, your cat feels theres not enough of her smell around your house. Vitale suggests having more litter boxes: Cats are typically more relaxed and secure in areas that have their scent, she says. Usually, the rule is you want at least one litter box per cat plus an extra, although some cats may need more than this. She says to spread the boxes around the house, and she advises choosing unscented cat litter and cleaning the boxes with unscented products, so no chemical smells keep your cat from being able to adequately detect her own fragrance.

Other Reasons Your Cat Has A Thing For Your Keyboard

The keyboard is something that you use and your cat may be fascinated with the screen or may smell your scent on it. These are just two more reasons why a cat makes a habit of messing with your keyboard. Another reason is that laptops can get warm when theyre being used. Cats are heat-seeking creatures and they seem to be drawn to heat sources and what better place to absorb the heat than the keyboard?


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