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What To Do With Cat While On Vacation

Find A Cat Sitter On Rover

Im Going on Vacation, but What do I do with My Cat?

Even though the name implies this is a site for dog owners, is actually for pet-sitting of all kinds. If youve ever wrestled with the idea of hiring a cat sitter while youre out of town, I highly recommend giving Rover a try.

Long story short: I searched through the profiles on Rover of cat sitters near me. I was able to see their qualifications, the services they offer, their prices, and, most importantly, I was able to read reviews of them. I found an amazing cat sitter who I truly believe is an angel sent from Heaven to handle my absentee pet owner anxiety.

The cats love her. I love her. I feel really and truly blessed to have found her. Shes responsible, reliable, intelligent, compassionate, and attentive. The communication she provides is fantastic, she sends me photos of my cats every time she visits, shes open and understanding of all my cat rules, and shes patient and understanding with my tendency to micromanage. And I trust her with my house and my babies 100%.

Dont Forget About The Litter Box

This tip doesnt need much of an explanation. The litter box should be cleaned right before you leave for a trip. If you usually clean the litter box after every use, or you have multiple cats, you may want to add an extra litter box. Another solution is to get an automatic or self-cleaning litter box. These are great for finicky cats who like their litter box to be extra clean.

Put Your Cat In Pet Daycare

If you cant afford to have someone come to your house while youre gone, or you cant find someone trustworthy to do so, it might be worth looking into pet daycare.

Ask around to get recommendations for good pet daycare centers that are bonded and insured. If you can find a cat hotel or similar no-cage boarding facility that only takes cats, thats even better, especially if your cat isnt used to being around dogs or noisy environments. Pack your cats food, treats and bed for her stay at the cat hotel.

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Going On Vacation Never Leave Your Cat Home Alone

With the halcyon days of summer upon us, maybe youre thinking its time to get away and take a vacation. If you have a cat, you might be asking yourself if you can leave your cat home alone while youre away? There are many good reasons not to leave your cat home alone, here are some reasons why and how to find a good pet sitter or boarding facility.

Reasons Not to Leave Your Cat Home Alone

If youre leaving home for more than a day, you really want to get a pet sitter or consider boarding your cat. There are many reasons why you shouldnt leave your cat home alone for more than a day. Its really a myth that cats can fend for themselves, they need care and attention. When cats are left alone for longer than a day, our absence causes them stress and anxiety. Cats may be independent, but they dont do well left alone for multiple days, they get lonely and anxious without their human companionsespecially with the increasing time were away from them. Cats worry like we do and can feel abandoned and increasingly nervous the longer were away. Also cats get bored quickly without enough stimulation, and can develop behavior issues if left alone too long. Having a pet sitter visit at least once or twice a day, or spend the nightor boarding;your cat at a boarding kennel, will give your cat the attention, stimulation and care they need and is best for them.

Options While Youre Away
Get Personal;Recommendations
Preparing Notes About Your Cat For;Your Vacation

How To Feed Outdoor Cats While On Vacation

8 things to do when leaving cats while on vacation

One thing that can quickly kill the excitement of taking a vacation is trying to figure out what to do regarding making sure your outdoor cats are fed and taken care of while youre away. You could just leave enough food for your cats until you get back, but what if they eat all the food in a day or two? You need to figure out how to feed outdoor cats while on vacation reliably.

The best way to feed outdoor cats while on vacation is to invest in an automated cat feeder. Indoor cats on the other hand will explore nearby areas in search of food once their supply runs out. Automatic cat feeders are a great way to keep your cats fed and prevent them from wandering around.

If you need help on how to deal with a cat while youre going on vacation, youre in the right place. This article will give you some tips on what to do with your beloved cat and how to provide them food even while youre away.

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Cat Sitting: Why You Should Never Leave Your Cat Alone On Vacation

If youre a cat owner, youve probably been guilty of leaving your cat alone for an extended period of timebut there are some good reasons why you shouldnt do it, according to the experts.

Sadly, there are many people who decide to get a cat rather than a dog because of the perceived convenience of being able to leave the pet for days at a time, says Pam Johnson-Bennett, certified cat behavior consultant and best-selling author.

As for why cat owners think leaving a cat alone is okay, Johnson-Bennett has a few theories.

Because cats use litter boxes and dont have to be walked outdoors, it leads many people to believe that their cats will be fine alone for the weekend or longer, she says. Many cats are free-fed, as well, meaning dry food is left out in an endless supply. Add to that the myth people believe that cats are aloof and independent, and you have the perfect misguided recipe for cat parents leaving Fluffy in an empty home with a mountain of food, a big bowl of water and access to the litter box.

If youve left your cat alone before and shes been totally fine, thats lucky, because there are a few risks you should be aware of, says Johnson-Bennett.

For starters, when you leave your cat alone, you have no way of knowing if a medical or emergency issue arises.

So, whats a pet parent to do when vacation time comes? Here are a few good options:

Bring Out The Suitcase

The last thing you want is for your cat to start to panic every time they see your suitcase. Get into the habit of bringing your suitcase out at least a week before you leave for vacation, while you slowly pack into it. Put some of your cats treats and toys in the suitcase and encourage them to dip in and out to retrieve them. All of this helps your cat form positive associations with your suitcase, rather than associating it with you leaving them alone.

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Can Cats Survive On Their Own

Cats are born survivors. Their hunting instincts are inborn, making them able to survive without a guardian. However, indoor cats might have difficulties finding food on their own.

That is why it is advisable to have feeding plans whenever youre planning to be away. Its only right to treat your pets like you would treat your own children. Treat them like the best friends they are.

There are a lot of options on how to have your cats feed and cared for in your absence. These include hiring a sitter or having automatic food and water dispensers.

Have A Family Member Or Friend Your Cat Knows And Trusts Stay Over

Wonder what your cat does while you’re away?

Trust is a big deal to your cat. If a family member or friend can become your cats surrogate cat mom or dad while youre away, you should have little to no issues.

Having the person stay and adapt your routine is the best for your cat.

However, this isnt always possible since your family or friends have their own lives. They should try to adhere to your schedule as much as possible with feeding and cleaning their litter box. Playtime is important too and shouldnt be skipped.

Your family member or friend should arrive a week or days before your leave. This provides ample time for your cat to adjust to their presence if needed. Have them take over the duties prior to you actually leaving.

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What About Automatic Feeders

If for whatever reason it isnt possible to have someone stop by daily, definitely invest in automatic feeders and a water fountain. Note that;if there are multiple cats in the house, the same issues may arise with one cat eating all of the food and the others not getting their share.

Ultimately, having a pet sitter or trusted person stopover is the best way to ensure that kitty has fresh food and water each day. It also provides peace of mind that should your curious cat get into any trouble or become sick while youre away, they will have an advocate that can speak for them if they need help.

Anxiety About Leaving Your Cat While On Vacation

No one is more familiar with the anxiety of leaving your pet behind while traveling than I am. Except maybe my therapist who has to talk me down off a cat-centered ledge every time I get ready to leave for a trip.

Regardless of how long or short your trip, its never easy to leave a pet behind. Because of this, I definitely go above and beyond the call of pet ownership when it comes to leaving cats at home while on vacation. Therefore, you may notice a common theme in this post.

While its intended to be a practical post on helpful things you can do to make this time easier on your cats, its ultimately a guide to coping after youve left your babies to their own furry fate. Most of the things I do to take care of them while Im gone are more for my own sanity than for their entertainment. The plethora of cardboard boxes is all them though.

Also check outIf youd prefer not to leave your babies for too long, check out my post on tips for planning quick trips to help minimize the time youre gone but maximize its potential.

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Advantages Of Leaving Your Pet At Home:

  • Your pet is in their familiar setting
  • Theres no danger of damaging other peoples things
  • Food, toys, yard, cage, etc. are already set up and your pet already knows the lay of the land
  • No other animals to compete or fight with
  • Your pets can eat the same foods as usual and can keep up with their daily routine
  • The people looking after your pets can also watch the house for you to give the appearance that someone is home
  • You can just leave the keys and go

Can I Leave My Cat Alone For A Weekend

What to do with your Cat while on Vacation

No, you cannot leave your cat alone for a weekend. We do not advise leaving your cat alone for more than a day. Many things can happen in one weekend and if your cat falls ill or is threatened, they need someone there to take them to the vet. Something as simple as a cat overeating can result in dangerous health consequences.

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Doors Opened Or Closed

Before you leave, you will need to make some decisions about which areas of the house and backyard you want your cat to have access to while youre away. Blocking off your cats access to a specific room the bathroom, for example is as easy as ensuring the door is properly closed. However, its a good idea to use heavy objects to keep all of your internal doors open so they dont accidentally close by being rubbed up against by your cat, or because of an outdoor breeze. The last thing you want is to worry that your cat is trapped inside your bedroom for days on end with no way of getting back out into the main living area. If your cat will have access to an outdoor area while youre away, read on for 10 tips to make your yard safer for your dog or cat this spring.

Our Experience Leaving Our Cat Yoda At Home

While we recognize all cats are different, we have personally experienced how our absence negatively affected our cat Yoda while we were away.

Since weve traveled extensively with Yoda, we have often found ourselves in situations where leaving Yoda at home was our only option.

Example 1: Living in Nepal

For example, while living in Nepal, we had to leave Yoda alone for 12 days with a sitter someone who came in once or twice a day to feed Yoda, give him fresh water and clean his litter box.

It wasnt until we came back that we realized just how much Yoda truly missed us. Weve never seen him be more needy and cuddly in his life!

When we spoke to one of our roommates, she mentioned how Yoda wouldnt stop meowing for attention at her door. Not knowing what to do, she kept feeding him. To our surprise, Yoda was a lot heavier when we came back! Feeding him was her way of keeping him occupied. She said he was constantly scratching at her door to be let in for attention.

As far as we could tell, just having someone come provide Yoda what he needed wasnt enough. And even having someone present in the house every day wasnt enough either. Thats when we realized that cats, at least our cat, suffered from mental stress being left at home alone.

Example 2: Living in Mexico

I hate having to learn a lesson twice. But thats what happened with Yoda during our holidays back in the US and France. We had a housesitter 24/7 for two weeks. But that wasnt the problem.

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Set Up A Water Fountain

As for watering your cats while youre gone, I use the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. When you simply leave bowls of water out, they get dirty with cat hair and litter particles. They can knock them over and then have no water at all, and they can dry up.

This awesome water fountain has solved all my cat water problems . First of all, it holds a ton of water. It also filters the water using these premium carbon filters, filters hair and other things out of it, and the constantly running water keeps it all clean and sanitary.

Also, big plus here, it cant be knocked over. Your cat can still roll around in it like its a teeny tiny swimming pool, but there will still be clean water for them to drink afterwards. It only needs to be refilled about once a week .

Complete Guide To Leaving Your Cat Home Alone While On Vacation

RVing With Cats – How To Keep Kitty Happy While Traveling – RV Life

Youve finally planned and booked your perfect holiday and everything is organized, but youve got just one final problem where to leave your cat while on vacation. Weve already tackled the issue of how to leave your dog at home while youre on vacation or away, and now its time to answer the difficult question of what to do with cats while on vacation. Luckily, you have plenty of options for arranging care for your cat while youre away. Your decision will come down to your cats temperament, the way your home is laid out, and your personal preferences. Read on to find out all your options in our complete guide to leaving your cat home alone while on vacation.

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Pet Sitter To Visit Your Home

For some people, leaving cat with friend while on vacation simply isnt a viable option because your cat may be too territorial to ever enjoy spending time in someone elses home. If you feel that your cat would be happiest in their usual home surroundings but youre not comfortable leaving them home alone, consider calling in a favor from a friend or hiring a pet sitter to visit your home at least once a day to check in on your cat. If your cat has health issues or you have other pets to consider, look for someone who will live in your home while youre away, providing 24/7 care and attention to your pets. You may be able to find someone willing to feed your cat in exchange for free accommodation while youre away, otherwise, you will need to pay someone a daily rate for their services. Since this person will be in your home when youre not there, it is vital to take proper precautions and ensure you receive a police clearance from the person, meet them at least once before you leave, and speak to some of their former clients before you hand over your spare key.

Keep Your Pet At Home When You Travel

For us, keeping our cat at home and hiring a pet sitter works well for short trips. Weve asked a neighbor to watch over him in the past, but as our friends get busier with kids and work, its become more of an imposition, so we find it easier to hire someone.

Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

The main disadvantage of hiring a sitter is that it can be a bit costly. $20 per visit is fairly standard, which can add up over longer trips. Professional sitters are generally very dependable and they know how to take care of animals. Our pet sitter even has Pet First Aid training and is insured and bonded. Pet sitters generally visit;once a day for cats and twice for dogs.

Note while theyre not necessarily professional, we know a lot of folks whove had great luck finding a home and pet sitter with;Trusted Housesitters.

Check sitters available on Trusted Housesitters here.

We went the professional pet sitter route;for shorter trips before our beloved older kitty passed away. We found a sitter we adored, and it was;wonderful to know our senior kitty was in great hands whenwe were away. She would stop by our home a couple of times a day to play with him, feed him, and would even send us texts with photos of how he was doing.

Tip: If you happen to need a pet sitter in Kelowna, BC, Canada, we used Nicole at Four Pawz Pet Services as our sitter. She was fantastic.

Ask a Neighbor, Friend or Family Member

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Find a House Sitter

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