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Can You Use A Shock Collar On A Cat

Unmanned Automatic Shock Collars

Manufacturers offer two types of unmanned shock collars motion-sensitive and sound-sensitive. Both versions are completely automatic.

Motion-sensitive collars are suitable for preventing pets from entering a certain area, such as a room. They are meant for restraining purposes so the pet wont enter a forbidden room or try to escape, much like how an invisible electric fence works to keep a dog on your property without a physical fence.

Sound-sensitive collars deliver electric shocks as punishment for loud noises, such as barking.

Dog/people Shock Collar Analogies

Why anthropomorphize? Because science shows that a dogs emotion and intelligence are comparable to a 2-3-year-old child.

If you are trying to teach a 2-year-old toddler or an adult how to behave and learn a new skill, would you poke them in the ribs, leash pop correct them, use a choke chain, pinch collar, dominate them, stare at them, pop their harness, or grab them by the collar and force them to the ground? There is a reason we dont do this. This abusive style of dog training and corporal punishment in schools is not acceptable.

Traditional dog training or balanced dog training methods are condemned and not sanctioned by any certification body, or educated contemporary behaviorist, pathologist, or dog trainer. What is encouraged is the preferred method and industry standard for teaching animals: fear-free and force-free positive reinforcement dog training and behavior modification.

Want to have some fun with your family or friends? This works for humans as well!

Expediency, frustration, dog sports, proofing, and finishing stages or not understanding how to train a puppy properly are not reasons to resort to a shock collar.

If you believe in gravity, ever went to a dentist, visited a doctor, took aspirin or any over-the-counter medicine, then you believe in science. Applied Behavior Analysis is also a science, just as the field of medicine.

Force and mind are opposites; morality ends where a gun begins.

Why Does Your Cat Needs Shock Collars

 The most popular way to train your cat is by using shock collars. These are electronic gadgets which are used as training materials and are added to the collar of your cat. These gadgets send electric signals when your cats show aggressive behavior or are trying to enter the area which is restricted. These gadgets along with positive stimuli can stop your cats or dogs to do any behavior which is not accepted by you. The behavior which may not be accepted are aggression towards food, scratching on the wall, chewing of furniture etc.

What Equipment Should I Use To Train My Dog

Here are all of the dog aggression equipment, collars, harnesses and pet products that we recommend

Train your dog not with a shock collar, E collar, prong collar or choke chain, but with a properly fitted dog harness.

Also, consider that its illegal to use and sell pain-inflicting devices such as shock collars in many cities and countries. In Miami Beach, for example, shock collars are illegal. There are far more and efficacious dog training methods to use rather than by inflicting pain and fear.

There is never an instance where teaching through pain and force is warranted. We teach dogs behaviors and cues we want them to learn with rewards, engagement, fun, and interest, by their own choice, not by shocking them or causing fear and pain when they do something that we dont want them to do.

Pain, force, intimidation, and bullying leads to shutting down learned helplessness and . However, the argument is moot; does it really matter which method works better?

Pretend that outdated, traditional, or balanced dog training worked the same or even better than force-free positive reinforcement dog training. Of course, that is patently false and has been repudiated by decades of scientific and behavioral research but for arguments sake lets entertain this notion. Now the real question becomes, at whose expense?

Exuby Dog Shock Collar With Remote

Shock Collar For Cats

Cats that perform inappropriate activities such as chewing, scratching, jumping, spontaneous attacks can be stopped with this collar. This is very effective. This collar is designed for small dogs but can be used for cats because it offers different options. The specification of the collar is L: 24 inch H: 1.2 inches.

The collar is equipped with a free training clicker, which means that it can contribute to the conditional reflexs development. Therefore you only need to use the clicker before using the shock. The cat expects to be shocked when he clicks and will eventually stop doing harmful things when he clicks and using the clicker is optional. Thats why some pet owners think its much better than using the shock all the time.

Besides, the collar has other forms of training, such as vibration or sound. If the idea of using the shock is not for you, you can use these modes. A collar, a waterproof receiver collar, and remote control are included. The receiver and remote control have batteries, so you dont have to worry about regularly buying new batteries. This saves you time and money.

Also, the brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return the collar during this period.


  • The remote control and the receiver are equipped with batteries.


  • Prolonged use is not recommended
  • Battery life is not long

Do Shock Collars Hurt Dogs: The Shocking Truth

If you are looking for an article on the best shock collar, you wont find it here.

Instead what youll find is the truth that yes, shock collars hurt dogs.

In this article well cover the deceitful practices that manufacturers of these devices employ to have you believe theyre safe. Well also cover 4 reasons why you shouldnt use one on your dog. Then, well explain why the best dog shock collar is no shock collar, and what you use instead!

Can Increase Aggression And Stress

According to some studies, the dogs trained via shock collars can show extreme aggression towards humans. This aggression can go over and beyond their normal behavior. Some study results show that there is a big danger with shock collars, which is that the shocks may cause dogs to make wrong associations, and learn the wrong things.

These can also be seen in huskies with shock collars. Huskies are mostly independent and stubborn types. So, this shock collar may lead to anxiety or negative associations with many objects like humans, prey, or anything else, which can ultimately result in aggression.

Schalkes study result indicates that shock collars can be extremely risky to use even for the short term. It can increase the stress levels of dogs, which any of us does not want.

How Bad Does A Dog Shock Collar Hurt

It hurt pretty bad. It was like touching a hot fire stove that you use to heat your house. Ryan: On a scale of 1-10, I would put it at an 8. You could really feel the shock throughout your whole body, almost like your bones were vibrating.

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Exuby Small Cat Shock Collar W/remote Designed For Training Cats

Find on: 

Those cats, who do inappropriate actions such as chewing, scratching, jumping, attacking spontaneously, can be stopped with the help of this collar. Its highly effective. This collar has been designed for small dogs, but it can be used for cats because it offers a variety of options. The collar specifications are L: 24 inches H: 1.2 inches.

The collar has a free training clicker, which means that you can contribute to the development of a conditioned reflex. Thus, just use the clicker before using the shock. The cat will expect a shock after the click and with time, it will stop doing harmful things after the click and the use of shock is optional. Thus, some pet owners think that this is much better than using shock constantly.

Besides, the collar features other training forms such as vibration or sound. If the idea of using a shock isnt for you, then you can use these modes. Their intensity ranges from 1 to 100. The kit features one collar, one water-resistant collar receiver, one remote transmitter. The receiver and remote have rechargeable batteries so that you dont worry about buying new batteries regularly. This saves your time and money.

Moreover, the brand offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Thus, if you arent satisfied with the quality, you can send the collar back within this period.


  • Isnt recommended for long-term use
  • The battery life isnt long

Danger Of Common Uses

The most common use of shock collars on cats seems to be preventingthem from running out of the house. The biggest danger with this isthat these systems often malfunction. This could lead to your cat beingable to run out but then get shocked when trying to cross the boundaryto come back in.

If your cat is determined to get out, he might brave the shock torun out after prey and then be frightened by the shock, sending him torun off and hide somewhere outside where he can’t be found.

Shock collars are often also used to solve a behavior problem suchas playing rough with another cat. However, the pain caused by theshock could be attributed to the other cat, which could make theproblem worse and cause the cat to get much more aggressive in hopes ofstopping the pain by keeping other things away.

There are better ways to solve a problem than a shock collar.Creative solutions can be found that will solve the problem without theuse of pain.

What Are The Causes Of Excessive Meowing

The causes of excessive meowings, like any animal behavior problem, are difficult to pin down. The simple reason for this is that we are not able to read a cats mind and thus know why they do what they do.

We are also not able to speak with them, although body language and vocalizations can still help us to understand them.

However, Excessive meowing is one of the problems dealt with in this volume, and the author recommends that you try to avoid anthropomorphism.

What does that mean? Well, its just a fancy way of saying that you shouldnt judge your cat by the same standards that you would judge a human being. This means that you shouldnt think that your cat is doing this to annoy or spite you. They arent.

In general, a cat meows at its owner to get their attention. They depend on you for their survival, so this should be expected.

As such, there are many potential causes. For instance, excessive meowing is one of the signs of feline epilepsy.

Controls Excessive Barking Or Howling

Barking is just one sort of oral communication that a dog uses. Howling is another form of vocal communication of dogs. Mostly the huskies howl instead of barking. It is normal for huskies to howl sometimes.

Mainly when they are bored, whenever something is wrong or when they want your attention and want to play with you. However, dogs from other breeds will bark for all these reasons, but huskies will howl or whine.

And sometimes it can become excessive. Then that is the time when you need shock collars. A collar will automatically deliver a correction whenever your husky starts excessive howling. If they continue to howl, the force, duration, and frequency of the shocks may be automatically increased.

Petsafe Paws Away Pet Barrier

10 Best Shock Collar for Cats 2021

It teaches your cat to avoid areas inside your house like the counters, trash cans, furniture, and virtually any area in your house that you want to protect.

The collar comes with an adjustable range of 2-12 feet in diameter from the transmitter, once your cat reaches the pre-set maximum range, the collar releases a mild shock and beeping sound.

This sensation catches their attention and limits further movement.

What many pet owners like about this collar is that it comes with different static corrections, which allow you to experiment with your cat during training and see how it responds to each level.

This shock collar for cats also features an automatic shutoff of the static correction after 15 seconds. The shut-off feature ensures that it prevents injury that may occur due to prolonged exposure.

As a bonus, the collar comes with 2 batteries, but you will have to purchase 3 AA batteries for the transmitter.


  • Safe and comfortable for cats.
  • Adjustable range of 2-10 feet in diameter.
  • Automatic shut-off of the static corrections.


  • No vibration mode, static shock only.

Step 7 Conduct Leash Training To Get Them Used To The Boundaries

Use a cat leash at first to make sure your cat understands the boundaries. Dont pull them into the boundary. Just use the leash to walk them through the house over near the transmitters. 

Let the cat walk into the transmitter zone on their own with a loose leash. Pull back to help them understand the beep signal.

Are Cat Shock Collars Safe

In general, cat shock collars are suppose to be safe to use on animals. However, there are much better and more effective methods to use when trying to train your cats. Here at CatsMeOuch, we recommend and promote the use of safe, humane, and tested behavioral adjustment methods for training your cats.

Weve even heard of people that go the cat shock collar route using shock collars made for dogs on their cats. The voltage on dog shock collars is generally much higher, so placing one of these collars on a cat is very dangerous.

For many pet parents, the idea of a shock collar is cruel. You love your pets, and shocking them into good behavior isnt an option. If youre looking to stop unwanted behavior from your feline friend, youll get better results in the long run if you utilize alternative training methods.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Cat Shock Collar

Being a flurry animal, cats has been domesticated for centuries. People adore cats not just because of their hunting abilities, but they are a good companion too. Though they are a fluffy ball of goodness, no animal is as moody and temperamental as cats. Cats can be the cutest animal youve ever seen, and the worst youve ever met. Cats just prance around in your place, as if they are the owner of that place.

Sometimes, cats know how to ruin your mood and get into your personal space. Many times, this arrogant animal doesnt listen to you. They create a problem for you by jumping here and there, not letting you work.

They not just get you into trouble, but sometimes, they also get into trouble by getting into stupid acts. Sometimes, they just roam around the place where they arent allowed. To control them we can use a device, which is specially designed for the collar of a cat. This device is Shock Collar for cats.

Cat Essential Oil Diffusers

These are an extremely popular choice for pet owners.

If your cat is exhibiting anxious, aggressive, or unusual behavior, then you could try using essential oil diffusers to emit calming scents, and many pet owners rate these highly.

Sometimes cats with antisocial behavior toward other cats can be calmed with this method, and over time alter their behavior.

Improved No-Stress Formula Anti-Anxiety Treatment for Cats and Dogs with a Long-Lasting Calming Effect.

This plugs into a wall outlet to emit the scent through the general area.

This is also available in a collar form: for Cats and Small Dogs Reduces Anxiety Your Pets

Do Shock Collars Hurt

Many people would argue that when using shock collars on their minimum settings, they do not hurt the cat. However overuse and prolonged use of cat shock collars may eventually result in panic and even an allergic reaction on the part of your pet.

Thus, it is critical for cat owners that use shock collars on their cats to stop immediately and switch to safer and more humane methods of behavior modification.

What Is A Shock Collar For Cats

A cat shock collar is very similar to what its name describes. It usually looks like a regular collar, but it contains a small device that delivers an electrical shock. While the shock isnt designed to inflict pain, there are better alternatives to altering your cats behavior.

The way shock collars typically work is that the pet owner observes their cat engaging in an unwanted behavior and then delivers the shock immediately. The theory behind this is that your cat will associate the unpleasant sensation with the behavior, and hell be much less likely to do it again in the future. While this is good in theory, its often not the case.

Cats dont understand punishment and physical discipline. Using shock collars on cats will only breed confusion for your furry friend and make them more stressed, potentially causing more unwanted behavior.


Dugcandy Dog Training Collar With Remote Control

This collar is a wise buy for those cat owners, who value the safety of their pet, should go for this product!

If your goal is to modify the behavior and eliminate cats aggression, then this collar is for you. It is easy to use, that is why it is popular among regular pet owners and expert trainers.

The collar is rain resistant, it is made of nylon, that is why it is lightweight, smooth, soft, and durable. The length of the collar is enough to make the pairing process easy and comfortable. Also, there is an LCD-screen receiver, and the transmitter, specially designed for the use during the day and at night.

It features different modes, thus, this cat shock collar for outside and indoor use is great. Choose between a vibration mode, tone mode, and static shock mode with 100 customized levels. Besides, the collar remembers the last mode you used and powers on in the same mode the next time you use it. If there is a long period of inactivity, the collar will switch to the sleep mode.

The last but not the least, the manufacturer offers a lifetime replacement guarantee and a refund warranty. It means that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of the product and really cares about the buyers. So, if you find the collar uncomfortable or your cat isnt satisfied with it, feel free to exchange it or return the collar for a full refund.


  • The collar can be too big for small cats


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