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When Will My Cat Give Birth Calculator

How Do I Know If My Pregnant British Shorthair Is Having A Healthy Pregnancy


You will, of course, have taken your queen cat to the vet before allowing her to fall pregnant and had her checked for any conditions that might compromise her pregnancy. If you think she might be pregnant, schedule another vet visit so you can make sure no problems have arisen. The vet will be able to help work out her due date if youre not sure when she mated. Your vet can also help determine how large of a litter shes expecting; at around the third week this can be done by palpating her abdomen but a more accurate result can be achieved later on, via ultrasound.

Note that a heavily pregnant cat may become less active as her kittens get larger and this is quite normal,;but if shes reluctant to get up at all, especially earlier in the pregnancy, its a bad sign. A pregnant cat whos constantly ill or off her food is another red flag; its especially dangerous if she also stops drinking, as dehydration is especially perilous at this time. In the final day before she gives birth its entirely normal for a mother cat to stop eating altogether, but if she goes for more than a day without food you should seek medical advice.

Keep an eye out for any discharge from the vagina, as this is a symptom of an infection,;very dangerous for a pregnant mother and her kittens. Take her to the vet as soon as possible.

Cat Labor Emergency Kit

If your cat is pregnant, its always a good idea to prepare an emergency kit ahead of time with items you may need. In many cases you dont have to do a thing, nature takes care of it. But its good to have one on hand, just in case. Note that you should never try to help your cat unless you know there is a real problem. Cats are quite good at having babies without any human intervention.

In your kit, make sure you have plenty of clean sheets and towels. Flannel is great, especially for after the kittens are born because they are less likely to get their little claws tangled up in this material. ;

Make sure you have a clean pair of scissors on hand or a suture kit to cut any of the cords if necessary, and stock iodine to swab the kittens little bellybuttons and prevent infection. You should stock your emergency kit with disposable gloves too, in case you have to handle the kittens at all, as well as sterilized gauze pads and non-waxed dental floss. The dental floss will be used to tie off the cords if your mother cat doesnt do it on her own.

Another good idea to keep in your emergency kit is a notebook and pen so you can take notes on the birthing process and note any other important information like the time and date. You can also make sure your vet information is written in there in case you need to call them for help.

Cat Breeding at This Time of Year Vet Westm Accessed May. 2019.

Most Common Cat Birth Difficulties

See files for Cats

A cat’s delivery is a moment of joy and excitement, because soon a few playful animals will come to the world and probably become great pets, always considering that labor has been sought, and not because of an accident. In order to avoid unwanted births, you should sterilize your cat.

In any case, although the cat mother may be ready to give birth, while births in these animals are usually not problematic, there are some common cat birth difficulties that can occur, such as those reviewed in this AnimalWised article.

  • How to know if my cat gave birth to all her kittens
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    Cat Pregnancy Timeline : Stages Signs And Care During Labor

    There are over;600 million cats;around the world and having a cat is wonderful. But if youre not prepared for an unexpected litter of kittens or be able to care for them, we recommend getting your cat spayed.

    Cat pregnancy is a nerve-wracking experience for cat owners and youre likely to have questions especially if youve never looked after a pregnant cat.

    This guide covers everything you need to know about cat pregnancy. It will help answer your questions so you can effectively support your cat throughout her pregnancy

    Duration Of A Cats Pregnancy

    Cat giving birth 1st time

    Cats can spend a;good part of the year in heat, as this is related to sunlight.;During this period they will be able to be mounted by males who, after copulation, by removing their penis covered in spicules, induce ovulation.;Due to the long duration of heat, we will have high fertility in cats.

    If we collect any of more than 6 months, which is the age at which their jealousy usually begins, and we have confirmed that they are pregnant, we must provide veterinary assistance throughout the pregnancy to check that everything is working correctly.;For this, it is important that we know how long a cats pregnancy lasts, both to set an approximate date of delivery and to calculate the visits to the specialist that will be necessary.;A cats pregnancy usually lasts one-two;months;, both in first-time cats and in successive pregnancies.;We will see, below, other relevant aspects.

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    Keep The Nest Area Warm

    Kittens are;unable to regulate their own body temperature until they are;3 to 4;weeks old. So for the first;four;weeks of their lives, you should provide a warm, clean box or bedding for the mother and kittens to share.;

    Use;a;heating pad;below the nesting box or a heating lamp above;it to;keep the kittens warm.;But make sure;there are accessible unheated areas, as kittens will;need to;be able to;move away from the heat source if they become too warm.;

    The warm area should be about 97°F.;;

    Behavioral Signs Your Cat May Be Pregnant

    In addition to physical changes, a pregnant cat will display behavioral changes, such as:

    • Mating calls
    • Being EXTRA loving and affectionate
    • Having a big increase in appetite
    • Burrowing her front body town and raising her butt and tail
    • Nesting

    Meowling or displaying low-sounding mating calls is a way to attract male cats when your cat is in heat. After a week in this heat cycle, its normal for a female cat to stop this behavior for another 8-10 days, after which a new heat cycle will begin.

    Showing increased signs of love and affection;to your or members in the household is a common sign your cat is in heat and or is pregnant. Your cat will also have an increased appetite.

    Lifting;her butt in such a position that suggests wanting sexual attention from male cats is a sign your cat is in heat and is possibly pregnant. This behavior can continue even after your cat gets pregnant.

    Another sign of pregnancy is;nesting.;Nesting is when a female cat begins to prepare for her delivery. Shell seek out a quiet or suitable place to give birth to her litter of kittens.

    So those are the main ways to tell if a cat is pregnant or not.

    If youre still unsure and have doubts, contact your local vet. They will be able to conduct a physical exam or ultrasound to determine if your cat is pregnant or not.

    So your cat may be pregnant. What happens next?

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    How Do You Prepare For A Pregnant Cat To Give Birth

    You might be nervous, excited or confused about how to help prepare your cat for birth. Rest assured, the cat kingdom has been birthing kittens in relative safety since the dawn of their species, but there are a few things you can do to help ensure a smooth delivery and prepare yourself for whats to come in the weeks before birth. If youre wondering how to tell when your cat is in labour, you can read about the signs and stages here.

    Preparing yourself mentally

    Yes, this is an important factor to a safe kitten delivery. If you are stressed, the mother cat will sense it. Keep calm no matter what happens, over the course of the pregnancy read up on what can be expected to happen during the birth so there are no surprises. Note that you should not have to physically help your cat deliver her kittens, just take a step back and supervise, watching for any signs shes running into trouble.

    Preparing for the big day

    One of the most important preparations for your pregnant cat is setting up a nesting box; youll probably notice near the end of her pregnancy she will start scouting out quiet places to give birth. Give her a helping hand and set up a nesting box in a quiet room away from children and other pets a few days before expected delivery.

    Bear in mind that your cat might not actually use it they are very strong-willed however, if you limit her access to other potential birthing spots like dark cupboards, wardrobes or open drawers, she may well end up using your box.

    What Can Go Wrong During Birth


    Most cats manage to deliver their litter of kittens without any help. So watching quietly and discreetly from a distance is the best approach.

    However, your cat may experience a difficult birth and there are some things you can do to help:

    • ask your vet if you have any concerns
    • if a kitten is partly out, but the mother is very tired and the kitten isn’t passed within a few seconds, you can gently try to pull them out by pulling downwards very gently with clean hands, but ask your vet for advice
    • if the mother does not clean the kitten, you can quickly and quietly clear the membranes from their head with clean, soft kitchen roll. Wipe their nose and open the mouth to clear it. Rub the kitten in small circular movements to get them breathing
    • if the mother does not bite through the cord, you can tie it off twice with clean sewing thread around 3cm from the kitten’s body and gently tear between the two ties. Clean hands are essential
    • provide warmth if the mother is avoiding the kittens – a warm, well-covered water bottle does the job
    • if you’ve had to help at all, it is best to seek veterinary advice as the kittens may be more at risk of infection or being mismothered – being injured, rejected and not suckled or kept warm by the queen

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    Pregnant Cats And Kitten Fathers

    If your cat is expecting kittens due to a planned pregnancy you probably know who the father of the kittens is. However, did you know that a female cat can mate with several different males? This means that if your cat is expecting kittens due to an unplanned or unsupervised mating she could could be pregnant be several different fathers. This is a common situation when an un-spayed female house cat escapes the house, or when you adopt a pregnant stray.

    Two Ways To Look At Age

    Though the common perspective on cat years and human years is trying to figure out how old our cats are in human years, that conversion can be applied both ways.

    That is to say, if you consider the maximum age of a human to be 100 years, then, based on the Cat Calculator, the maximum age of a cat is 20.8 years.;On the other side of the coin, if you consider that, as The Cat Bible suggests, 16 human years is comparable to 84 cat years, then a 100-year-old human could be said to be the equivalent of 525 cat years.

    Though this is a generally less practical way to consider the relative aging rate, it does serve as an important reminder;The way we experience time, the length of our human years, and the meaning we assign to certain-numbered years , is a matter of perspective. Some;other oft-quoted ideas come to mind:;Its not the years in your life, but the life in your years;and Youre only as old as you feel.

    How old is your cat according to this formula? Or perhaps I should ask, how old are;YOU;in cat years?


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    Weeks Three And Four : Days 15

    During week three, the implanted embryos will begin to develop their organs, which causes a massive hormone surge within the pregnant cat. You may begin to notice that your female cats nipples have become darker and possibly more swollen in a process known as pinking.

    Around week three or four, your cat may begin to suffer from morning sickness, which may make her less interested in food than normal and can also cause vomiting; not necessarily just in the morning! This is perfectly normal, but if the vomiting is prolonged or particularly severe, you should consult your vet. Your vet should be able to confirm pregnancy by means of an ultrasound scan from around 18 days after conception. At the end of week four, your vet should be able to feel the abdomen and definitively confirm the pregnancy manually, if you have not already had an ultrasound scan performed.

    You should not pick your cat up after week four of her pregnancy, in order to avoid inadvertently hurting her kittens.

    Limit Handling Them During The First Weeks

    Pregnant cat giving birth to 3 kittens 2020

    Although you may want to pet and hold the kittens constantly, do not intervene too much in the first week or two of their lives. During this time, kittens are very susceptible to disease,;and it can;be stressful to;the mom and babies.;;

    During the first few weeks after birth, the mother cat will stimulate her kittens to eliminate by cleaning their genital areas. She will also clean up after them, so there is no need to add a litter box specifically for the kittens during their early days.

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    Can You Tell A Cats Age

    If youve adopted a kitten and you know the exact birth date, then its easy to tell the age of your cat whether you use a cat age calculator or not. But if youve adopted a stray or a cat from the shelter who is a bit older, then its more challenging to determine the age.

    To help you out, here are some indicators to give you a hint about your pets current age:

    • TeethThis is the most important and the most accurate indicator to look for. Usually, kittens would have their very first set permanent teeth when they reach four months of age.If you see that your cats teeth are white in color, the cat may be about a year old. The older cats get, the more yellow their teeth become. If the cat has missing teeth or a lot of tartar build-up, this means that your cat is probably older.
    • EyesYounger cats have sparkling, bright eyes. If you notice any cloudiness, this may be an indication that your pet is over ten years of age. Also, the iris of older cats has a more jagged appearance.
    • CoatThe coat of kittens is a lot finer and softer compared to older cats. If you find any white or gray patches, then you may have a senior cat.

    How Long Do Cats Live As A Pet

    These days, cats live longer lives than ever. This is mainly because of all the improvements in veterinary medicine and feline nutrition such as therapeutic agents, vaccines, and so on. Cats live more than 15 years of age and if you take good care of your pet, he may reach up to 20 years of age and more!

    The life expectancy of cats depends on several factors. One of the most important factors is whether your pet is an outdoor or an indoor cat. Cats who live indoors usually live between 12 and 18 years of age. A lot of them even reach their early 20s.

    For outdoor cats, they tend to have a shorter lifespan because theyre more likely to get involved in injuries and traumas when they spend most of their time outside. Also, outdoor cats are more at risk for contracting viruses, infections, and diseases when they come into contact with other infected felines.

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    How Do I Know How Pregnant My Cat Is

    We have put the length of a cats pregnancy at about eight weeks.;If our cat was in heat and this is interrupted we can think that the pregnancy has taken place, although in the first weeks we are not going to appreciate any significant change in it that makes us suspect that it is in a state.;If we think you may be pregnant,;;our vet may detect it with an;ultrasound.;If the pregnancy is not desired it can be interrupted at this time.;Although some veterinarians perform ovariohysterectomies at any time during pregnancy, operating with an advanced pregnancy increases the risks.

    Towards the middle of the pregnancy;we will be able to notice among the;main symptoms of pregnancy;that;the abdomen of the cat has increased;in size.;If we have not done this before, we must feed the mother with a specific feed for growing kittens because it will be the one that meets her new nutritional needs, or follow a homemade diet with the advice of a veterinarian specialized in nutrition.;This sign may indicate that the cat is about four or five weeks pregnant.

    At the end of pregnancy, if we put our hands on both sides of the abdomen, we may notice the movement of the kittens.;The;breasts will enlarge;in preparation for breastfeeding.;The search for a quiet place, a decrease in appetite or the appearance of vaginal discharge are signs that labor is imminent.;Looking at these data will help us determine how much our cat is pregnant, which will be around seven weeks of gestation.


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