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Devon Rex Kittens For Adoption

What Are The Specific Needs Of A Devon Rex Cat

New Devon Rex kitten FIRST DAY HOME!

Similar to a Siamese, you may find a Devon Rex has several traits in common with dogs. The breed is very social and does not do well alone for any length of time. Cats left on their own become bored, stressed, and destructive. This breed is so active it requires daily exercise and mental stimulation. The Devon Rex is social enough that you need to watch your cat around dogs that are not necessarily feline-friendly. Your pet may not have a healthy sense of self-preservation. Your cat will have a unique coat that needs protection from the sun as outer guard hairs are sparse. The same thin coat will require you to protect your cat from frigid conditions.

This breeds skin is sensitive and prone to greasiness, so you need to bathe your Devon Rex in warm water frequently. Use a mild cat shampoo. Avoid brushing that tends to break what few guard hairs the Devon Rex has.

Initial Cost Of Devon Rex Ownership

Whether you are adopting a Devon Rex from a shelter or buying one from a reputable breeder, you will be responsible for the cost of welcoming the cat to its new home.

Devon Rex cats make devoted companions. Therefore, owners must be able to comfort and maintain their health through grooming, feeding, training, and many other things.

Along with investing time and effort, one should also buy supplies and consider the pets current demands and pre-existing medical conditions.

Below is a checklist of the initial costs you need as you acquire a Devon Rex:

Given below is the breakdown of the initial expenses of owning a Devon Rex:

Type of Expense
Total Initial Cost $555 $1,465

These initial expenditures are critical to the well-being of your Devon Rex, so make sure that these are not overlooked.

Moreover, when purchasing supplies, always go for items made of high-quality materials. Quality items last for years and save you money in the long run.

How To Adopt Charlie

If you are interested in this special Devon Rex cat For private rehoming in Seattle WA, please fill out our online meeting request below. Once received and reviewed, our staff will ask the pets owner to reach out to you and arrange a meeting.

Up To Date on Vaccinations: YesGets along with cats: NoGets along with dogs: UnknownGood with Children?: UnknownHouse Broken or Litter Trained?: YesCrate Trained?:Accessories Included: His 6 tree, food/water dish, his blanket he likes to lay on, and his litter box.

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How Much Does A Devon Rex Cost

Now that you have chosen the energetic and sociable Devon Rex as your new pet, the next thing you need to know is how much one costs and what things you need to buy as you take one home.

Owning a Devon Rex is the start of a huge responsibility physically, emotionally, and financially. This cat breed does not come cheap and would require careful financial planning.

Not to worry, as this article highlights the things you need to consider in owning a Devon Rex, such as its price of acquisition, initial and annual upkeep costs, where to get it, and even how to save money as you own one.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Devon Rex Kitten

Devon Rex Cat For Adoption

Like other cat breeds, Devon Rex kittens may be nurtured in various ways, depending on the breeder. This variable, along with other factors, such as age and quality, affects the final price tag of this breed.

Here are some factors affecting the cost of a Devon Rex:

  • Location: If your preferred Devon Rex breeder lives far from your current location, expect to pay additional fees for your kittens shipping and handling. The same expenses apply if you decide to travel far to pick the kitten up yourself.
  • Pedigree: Many reputable breeders raise Devon Rex for breeding and show. Devon Rex kittens from champion lineages will fetch higher prices, especially if registered.
  • Age: Adult Devon Rex cats would cost lower than kittens, except if the adult has already won competitions. Having a kitten would give the owner the joy of experiencing its quirks and cuteness and the opportunity to watch it grow into adulthood.
  • Breeders Reputation: The price of a Devon Rex would also depend on the breeders reputation. The most notable breeders employ strict procedures to produce the best quality and healthiest cats. Many even offer health guarantees to show their confidence in their breeding.

If you really want to take home a Devon Rex cat, you should pack up a lot of patience since getting one from a reputable breeder means being placed on a long waitlist.

Here is a video that might convince you better why a Devon Rex is worth its price:

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Available Kittens And Retired Kings And Queens

Our kittens

Please contact me if you are interested in adopting one of our cats, keep in mind that I do not take any reservation without a cash deposit. Our kittens now and in the future, will only be reserved after the receipt of the 200$ deposit.

Our retired kings and queens

We occasionally have retired cats at reduced price for adoption. Please contact me to be on the waiting list.

Price for our kittens

Our price 2021 for a kitten is 2000$. Keep in mind the if you are looking for anything specific in your kitten the wait will be longer. If you are interested in being a part of the waiting list please contact me, if you are already on the waiting list you can contact me at any time for an update

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Places To Find Devon Rex Kittens For Sale And Adoption

Life with a Devon Rex Kitten

It is always best to do your research and canvass thoroughly when purchasing a Devon Rex. The best choice for you would be the closest location that offers a healthy Devon Rex and matches your preferences.

One of the benefits of getting your Devon Rex from a reputable breeder is that you will see the environment where it was raised and its parents. Responsible breeders also work hard to ensure that their cats have no behavioral issues.

To give you options, below are trustworthy breeders where you can locate Devon Rex for sale:

  • Aurora Devon Rex Cattery Aurora Devon Rex Cattery has been a home-based cattery in the heart of Illinois since 2006. They specialize in producing Devon Rex cats, which are raised with love, attention, and human contact. They are also strict in ensuring that their litter follows the breed standards.
  • FujiCats Cattery FujiCats is a Phoenix-based cattery registered and approved by the Cat Fanciers Association, Inc. . Their cats come from grand champions and regional and national breed-winning lines.
  • Kurakats Established in 2010, Kurakats takes pride in being the largest supplier of Devon Rex kittens and retirees. Their kittens come with a sales agreement, receipt of good health, and a genetic guarantee. However, their kittens are not spayed, neutered, and microchipped upon release.

The following are the rescues where you can locate a Devon Rex for adoption:

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Kittens Available For Reserve

Kittens are sold as a pet at 14-16 weeks old. They will be Neutered/Spayed and up-to-date on vaccinations.

They will come with TICA registration papers and a frozen homemade raw food package to take home.

Available kittens change regularly. Contact us for an up-to-date list.

Update//9-17-2022: Suzie Q and Raven had kittens recently. Stay tuned for pictures and descriptions. If interested, scroll down to the form below and well get back in touch!

Reserved Solid white male with green eyes

Reserved Dilute blue cream tortie female

Picking Up Your Cat Or Kitten

You will be responsible for the cost of taking possession of your new pet. You are welcome to fly in and pick-up your new family member. We can only meet you if you fly into Tampa,

Florida airport. I work full time so this will need to be over the weekend or properly planned and scheduled when I have the day off as the airport is over an hour from my home. We do charge a small fee to cover travel to the airport which includes our time, gas, tolls, and parking expenses.

Also please remember these are living beings and plans can change. Its not often, but there are times that a kitten isnt ready to leave on an expected day. This may be due to my vets schedule changing, complications with surgery or even if my vet feels the kitten needs more time.

Ultimately, it is up to my trusted vet to provide the health certificates to travel. I want your baby to leave my home in perfect condition with no issues for you to deal with. I will not allow them to leave unaltered or without proper documentation as required by the State and Local government. If you are scheduling ahead of time and purchasing a plane ticket, make sure you get the insurance that allows the option to change dates/times. Nada Catz will not be held accountable for fees incurred through changed travel plans.

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Reserve Your Cat Today

NOTE: To confirm your reservation, you must make a deposit of $ 200. The present or future kittens will be reserved only upon receipt of the $ 200.

After submitting your form, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal to make your $ 200 deposit. You can pay your deposit with a credit card or with your PayPal account.

Annual Cost Of Owning A Devon Rex

Devon Rex Cat For Adoption

After 18 months, the Devon Rex stops growing, but that doesnt mean you should stop providing for their basic needs and medical care.

You will need regular consultations with your vet during your cats lifespan. You also must ensure that you can account for your Devon Rexs nutrition, exercise, training, and health needs.

Below is a list of the annual expenses for taking care of your Devon Rex:

Type of Expense
Average Monthly Cost $106 $217

Take note that this maintenance may last for up to 15 years or even more. Setting aside this budget year on year will be beneficial to ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality throughout the lifetime of your pet.

Acquiring pet insurance for your Devon Rex is also very advantageous. It can cover the cost of both recurring veterinary appointments and medical emergencies.

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Meet The Booshy Devon Rex Cats

My Breeding Females:

Zima , Solid Blue

Test results: Blood Type b/b

Carrier of Dilution, Solid color, and Colorpoint .

About Zima: Grabes has super soft curls. She is a very good momma. All her kittens are born with nice, soft curly fur. She is telepathically connected to me and communicates with her eyes from across the room. She diligently monitors and lets me know when the food bowl is almost empty. She loves attention. If other cats are getting baby talk and pets you can count on Grabes interjecting herself, wanting some too.

Raven , Solid Black

Test results: Genetic testing was just purchased for Raven and we should have her results in a few weeks.

Raven has solid black fur and a sweet personality. She purrs when she is picked up and doesnt seem to have a mean bone in her body. She loves attention, belly-rubs and curling up under the covers with me. Raven is expecting her first litter soon.

Suzie Q , Chocolate Cinnamon Tortie

Test results: Genetic testing was purchased for Poozie and we should have her results in a few weeks.

Poozie gives the most adorable Poozie pout. She is my soul cat. She talks more than any of the other cats. We have whole meowing conversations when she tells me how pretty she is, how purr-fect she is and that she needs more pets. She loves to sit on my lap, under the covers, and she meows and bats at me when I pet her and try to walk away. She wants my full attention. Her fur is very soft. Poozie is expecting her first litter in a few weeks.

How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Devon Rex From A Rescue

Adopting a Devon Rex from a rescue center can save you a lot since the adoption fee is only around $300 to $600. The fee is also driven by factors such as vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and age.

When adopting a Devon Rex, it would be best to visit the nearest rescue center or look for one on a trustworthy website. Check the availability of the cat you want in the nearest area to avoid additional travel costs.

Every pet deserves a home. So, aside from the financial benefits of adopting, it would be a noble act to provide a homeless cat with both a home and a family.

Moreover, if you still havent located the Devon Rex you want at this point, you can also resort to other ways to find free kittens in your area.

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What Is The Diet Of The Breed

A Devon Rex has healthy teeth but a dainty face. Your cat may be better able to handle smaller kibble if you feed a dry diet. Some experts recommend supplementing or substituting wet food to encourage water intake. Your cats diet should be mostly animal-sourced proteins and fats, avoiding grains and other carbohydrates as much as possible. The Devon Rex can be a voracious and indiscriminate eater, setting itself up for gaining excess weight and ingesting toxic foods. Heavier cats may have to eat a special weight-control diet or ingest fewer calories.

Meet Our Pure Breed Devon Rex Kittens

Devon Rex Cat Breed
adorable and healthy pure breed Devon Rex ready to be adopted into a loving home between, They are a friendly little bunch, healthy and dearly cared for by us. Both parents are in place and you can really see them.
We will be glad to see you Be the first to choose a kitten.

Litter Overview -We do not take a deposit until you are completely sure that this kitten suits you

Breed Devon Rex

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The Average Cost Of A Devon Rex Kitten

Due to their rarity, Devon Rex kittens can cost around $600 to $2,500. This price may vary depending on various factors, such as the breeders reputation, pedigree, gender, and age. The cost of breeding and show-quality Devon Rex would even be a lot higher.

Aside from being a curly breed, which is rare for cats, the Devon Rex also has unique facial features, making it earn its alias as an alien cat. These distinct characteristics make the demand for this cat even much higher.

However, if you are on a tight budget, another option you can take is to look for one from legitimate rescue organizations and animal shelters. This way, you also get to give a cat another chance at life.

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Shedule Delivery Or Pick Up

Adoption specialist will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule a delivery to your home, nearest airport, or in-person pickup. Please note that the kitten will not be released for travel until payment is received in full, atleast 48 hours before the departure. Pay Over Time option is available.

What Are The Health Issues Of The Breed

Pin by Shannon Katris on ANIMALS

The Devon Rex is healthy and typically lives about 14 or 15 years. Its most common orthopedic problems are hip dysplasia and luxated patellas. The former is a growth irregularity of the ball and socket hip joint while the latter refers to unstable kneecaps that pop in and out. Devon Rex cats also suffer from heart disease that is usually hereditary or secondary to a hyperactive thyroid gland. Predominantly white cats can experience deafness. The breed is susceptible to vitamin-K dependent clotting disorders, hereditary hypotrichosis or baldness, and myopathy. Myopathy is a muscular disorder.

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Finding Out Whats Happening At Loriendale

Below you will see what kittens have arrived, what kittens are available, queens that are due and also our breeding plans for the next year.

On this page kittens and cats will be added once they become available, at that time anyone on the kitten list will be contacted if there is a kitten available that corresponds to your preferences supplied in the kitten questionnaire. Our kittens are very popular and usually find a home very quickly. We also have a Facebook page so feel free to join this as its a great place to ask questions about the breed and see photos posted by previous Loriendale devon kitten owners.

Kittens will be listed below as:

available – these kittens are able to be adopted

reserved – awaiting a deposit or has a home already

under evaluation – evaluating for the breeding program, may stay at loriendale.


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