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Kittens For Sale For Free

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Cute Siamese kitten

Need to find the perfect pet for you and your family? The Pets Home App is the best place to find them, easy and fast. With on-the-go breeders and pet owners across the globe, this app makes a pet search a breeze. Whether you want to rehome, adopt buy a pet near me or rehome/sell pets online locally and worldwide, this app is an option for everyone.

How It Works Pet Predictor

Kittens For Sale Near Me

We are a licensed cattery with TICA/CFA Registered Kittens for sale,Munchkin Kittens For Sale, Ragdoll Kittens, Kitten, Maine coon Kittens for sale. Kittens and Bengal kittens for sale near me. The is of medium size and body conformation with a substantial weight for its size. Females are generally smaller than males. The head shape is a modified wedge, with prominent cheekbones and whisker pads giving a squared appearance to the muzzle. I hope you enjoy browsing my website and viewing the photos of my cats and kittens. Our kittens come in all colors

Why Do Some Cats Like Water

Cats are notorious for hating water, but did you know that some cat breeds love to get wet? Find out which breeds, and why. Does your cat love getting wet? Statistically speaking, probably not! Most cats are fascinated by running water even if they dont want to play in it but some cats not only tolerate water, they

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How To Care For Your Cat

Although cats are more independent than many other pets, owning one is still a major commitment. They need a devoted owner to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. Cats need: ghb

  • A fresh litter box. Most house cats are indoor cats, which means you will need a litter box. Pet stores offer litter formulas that make it easy to scoop out waste and control the smell.
  • A scratch pole. Many cats have a tendency to scratch and paw at drapes, furniture, and just about anything else that takes their fancy. Investing in a scratch pole or post will not only provide your cat with the scratching outlet they need but also save you lots of money and frustration.
  • A safe environment. Cats are small, delicate animals that do well living mostly indoors. Although many cats love to roam free outside, other predatory animals and traffic, for example, can threaten their safety. Having your pet microchipped will allow shelters and veterinarians to easily identify you as the owner should your cat get lost.

what our clients say

We couldnt be happier with our kitten and the whole experience of working with Kitten Breeders Cattery. You can really see the care, love, and socialization that went into our babys life from birth until he came to us. He is adventurous and friendly with everyone! I would 100% go back to this breeder for any future additions to our family. We are so impressed and grateful!


Welcome To Our Lovely Kittens Home

Free Kittens Near Me For Sale

Welcome to Lovely Kitten home of Kittens for Sale. We are a registered and well-recognized Kitten Breeders with a great reputation for raising kittens since 2013. However, we offer beautiful, well-socialized pet kittens from European champion bloodlines. The babies are born into a family home environment and get tons of love and attention from day one. Our main objective as Kitten breeders is to provide you with a sweet, healthy, outgoing kitten that will be your companion for many years to come!

shipping to all states available from $150 -$200

never miss our waiting list again


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How To Pick The Right Kittens For Sale Near Me

If you find a kitten for sale nearby, you should take advantage of the proximity and visit. If the litter of kittens is purebred, try to see one or both parents. At the very least, assess how well the breeder takes care of the animals on the property. Even a casual breeder should have clean facilities, and the kittens should look healthy, active, and unsoiled. Beware of kittens that are too thin, sneezing, or have any nasal discharge. Kittens commonly have soft stool or diarrhea. Ask the owners whether any issues you see have been addressed by a medical professional. Also, check the deworming and vaccination schedule. Some kittens may have their first set of boosters before you take one home, but many will not. Rescues and humane societies are also a good places to obtain kittens for sale because they usually take care of the first set of vaccinations and administer a deworming treatment. Either way, figure out where you need to begin or continue with preventative care.

Age Of Kittens For Adoption

Cats do not seem particularly social, especially compared to dogs. This makes bonding with their mothers and littermates more important. You may not be able to fill social gaps as easily for a kitten as for a puppy. Ideally, kittens should stay with their siblings until they are 12 weeks old, although their mother will likely wean them between six and eight weeks of age. Kittens are usually still grabbing an occasional nursing session from mom up to ten weeks old. Beyond that, the queen continues teaching crucial skills to her kittens. Young cats learn a lot by watching. Moreover, cats emit pheromones that soothe the young and place them in a mental state conducive to education. Kittens who leave the nest too early, so to speak, can develop behavioral challenges. Some common issues are persistent suckling on inanimate objects, social miscues around other cats, the inability to groom adequately, or lack of knowledge about using a litter box or even burying waste at all. Kittens can grow up shy and may deal with their fear through aggression.

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Maine Coon Adoption Services

Last, but not least, are the Maine Coon adoption service companies.

As the title indicates, these organizations have been set up to find Maine Coon kittens and cats a loving home to go to.

Dont expect to find a free Maine Coon is one of these adoption companies.

Instead, potential owners should expect to pay for a Maine Coon kitten, at a seriously knocked down price.

The cost you pay will likely be to cover the kittens board, medical needs, food costs, staff costs, etc, incurred during the process of housing the Maine Coon kitten.

Purebred Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

Adorable Siamese Kittens
  • The state where this ad will be found:QLD
  • Pet’s Date of Birth:14/10/2022
  • Microchip no. :6293736498
  • Pet Age:Younger Than Six Months
  • Rehome From:09/12/2022

RSPCA’s Smart Kitten and Cat Buyer’s Guide

  • Purebred Ragdoll Kitten girl only left
  • Purebred Ragdoll Kittens
  • Microchip, Vaccination, Vet History
  • Microchip, Vaccination, Vet History
  • Purebred ragdoll kittens.desexed boys!
  • Purebred ragdoll kitten ready for new home
  • DNA CLEAR PEDIGREE Ragdoll Kittens
  • Ragdoll kittens Purebred sealpoint and bicolour kittens
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    Where To Find Maine Coon Kittens For Free

    It is impossible not to fall head over heels in love with this massively docile and affectionate cat breed.

    Not only do they unconditionally love their owners like no other cat breed can, but they are also very dog-like in their nature.

    The highly intelligent Maine Coon also has a reputation for being extremely tolerant and is known for getting on well with other household pets.

    Furthermore, their gentle disposition and laid-back attitude to life also make them particularly suited to families with young children.

    If you are at all worried that a Maine Coon cat might not be friendly, take a look my this article so you know the facts.

    So, onto the most important part where to find Maine Coon kittens for free!

    Below are my top 10 recommendations for the best places to look

    Before you start frantically scanning my list though, please remember that the search process may take you months, or even years.

    Therefore, to increase their chances of success individuals should ensure they keep in regular contact with all these free Maine Coon kitten channels.

    Finding a FREE Maine Coon kitten can be challenging, so keep an open mind if you spot a low-cost Maine Coon during your search.

    A lower price healthy Maine Coon kitten is definitely still a bargain, even if you have to pay a small contribution for them.

    10 Places To Find Maine Coon Kittens For Free

    Dakin Humane Societys One

    The Dakin Humane Society in Springfield is looking to find homes for its one day uptick of 56 unexpected fury guests.

    The humane society said in a release that a local animal lover in Franklin County became overwhelmed when just under 10 cats in their care began having litters eventually jumping to a total of 56 cats and kittens in a years time.

    The animal lovers intentions were to care for vulnerable and stray cats that had made their way to their home, Dakin said.

    Since giving the cats a place to stay, the person learned that Dakin was able to serve as a resource by taking the cats in, giving medical care which includes spaying and neutering and then setting them up for adoption.

    This is a person who really wanted help, but didnt know where to get it, stated Moon Wymore, adoption center manager at Dakin. They likely would have gotten help much sooner if they had known about the available resources Dakin offers, and didnt have the transportation issues they have. They felt fortunate that we were able to go onsite and get the cats and kittens ourselves.

    As a response to the uptick in cats and kittens at Dakin, select cats and kittens are now available on an adopt one get one free basis, Dakin said.

    More information about the adoption process can be found here.

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    Where Can You Find Cheap Kittens For Sale

    Cheap kittens for sale can be bought from backyard breeders or found on websites such as GoKitty or even Craigslist.

    The kittens available in these sources are less expensive because the sellers are not certified by any cat registries.

    Their breeding practices most likely dont adhere to high standards. No health guarantees and registration are provided after purchase.

    How Much Is A Cat

    Teacup Kittens for Sale, Persian Kittens Florida, Doll Face

    Any cat parent will tell you how priceless these small, furry family members are, from their entertaining, acrobatic prowess to their instant purring appreciation of your love and attention. While no one can put a price on the endless hours of enjoyment youll have with your adopted kitty, an adoption fee helps cover the expenses of sheltering and caring for the pets in an adoption organization.

    To ensure the important work continues by pet welfare professionals, most pet shelters and rescue group members will require an minimal adoption fee when you adopt a cat. In some instances an adoption organization may waive a fee to place cats and kittens in a healthy, safe and loving home, and the benefits of adopting dont end there.

    Animal welfare groups often provide the cats in their organization initial medical care such as spay/neuter, age appropriate vaccinations, microchipping and a wellness check. These important health checks are covered in the adoption fee, which could range from being waived to a couple hundred dollars however, it is always a good idea to confirm fees beforehand as they can vary from one adoption organization to another.

    To help a cat or kitten get off to a healthy and happy start in their new home, the following medical is often included in a typical adoption fee.

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    What You Should Know About Baby Kittens For Free

    There is always a flurry of activity surrounding bringing a new pet home. Especially if it is a puppy or kitten for adoption, preparations are like readying for a newborn infant. If you choose to adopt a kitten, you have decisions and choices you do not necessarily have with a human. However, a kitten will likely be walking about when you bring her home, so you will need to make your home safe. You may be able to pick from multiple free kittens in a litter, so how do you tell a healthy one? And how do you take care of your new addition?

    Pros Of Getting A Free Kitten

    Lets start with the advantages. Here are some benefits of getting a free kitten:

    1. You can save a lot of money

    Since you dont have to spend a single cent, you can save thousands of dollars usually spent buying a newborn kitten from a breeder.

    You also dont need to pay for adoption fees required by shelters or rescues. Its the most practical option.

    2. You can allot more budget on cat supplies

    With the money you saved, you can focus on purchasing high-quality items for your cats convenience. These include carriers, beddings, toys, cat trees, scratching posts, and grooming essentials.

    You can also invest in a good pet insurance policy to ensure your cats health for the years to come.

    3. You dont have to wait for long approval periods

    Adopting a cat from a rescue usually takes two weeks or more since they are run by volunteers. When you get a free kitten from a friend or other sources, you dont have to deal with these lengthy processing times.

    You can instantly get your kitten and take it home. You can also save yourself from interviews, home visits, and tedious evaluations.

    4. You can have an instant companion

    When adopting a free kitty, you dont need to be approved by rescue volunteers or be waitlisted by a breeder.

    Once you settle the meetup schedule with the cat owner, you can take your pet home instantly.

    Typically, this is also a paperwork-free transaction so you wont have to worry about time-consuming contract signing, settling of payment, etc.

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    Will A Mother Cat Abandon Her Kittens If You Touch Them

    A mother cat will not abandon her kittens when a human touches them. Your scent may be left on the kittens fur but this wont make them unrecognizable by their own mother.

    They usually dont like their newborns being touched so they become instantly protective when humans approach them.

    Thats why its best to leave them alone until the kittens are ready to come out of hiding and socialize.

    Don’t Buy Kittens Or Get Them For Free

    Teacup Golden Persian Kittens for Sale

    Hidden Costs Associated with Free Kittens or Cats

    A free cat or kitten can seem like a bargain compared to getting an adopted cat from Community Cat Companions, Inc. Our adoption fee typically runs anywhere from $70 for an Adult cat to $100 per kitten. This might seem high but it really isn’t considering the time and expenses that went into getting the cat or kitten caught, vetted and socialized to be ready for adoption.

    A Quick Story about a “FREE” Kitten

    Four years ago, a feral cat showed up on our deck. We really didn’t have much of anything to feed it so we put out some old dehydrated treats. And, she ate them. So, we figured we had better get some real food. Over the span of the next several months we continued to feed “Blackie” until we realized she was pregnant. Community Cat Companions assisted us in trapping her once her kittens were weaned. We then trapped her four kittens. Three of the kittens were adopted out through Community Cat Companions and one was given to my wife’s friend. The kittens were adopted at $100. Samoa who was given away was taken by my wife’s friend to her vet and vetted according to the typical procedures. The cost associated with full vetting ended up being closer to $500.

    How do we cover these Costs?

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    A Second Chance For Your Pet

    If current circumstances make it impossible for you to continue taking care of your pet, we can step in by providing that care and then finding a new owner for him. Nobody is more aware than we are that parting company with your pet is not an easy choice to make, but that sometimes its the only choice.

    The good news is that we can quickly find new owners for most animals we even manage to find good homes for older animals and those that come with baggage. But fear not, until a good home is found for your pet, you can rely on us to give him all the care and attention he needs.

    If you want to learn more about rehoming your pet, read on.

    Absolutely not! There are plenty of animals in the shelter that have nothing wrong with them, which is why most of them will be rehomed within just a few weeks.

    There are, of course, also animals that need that little bit more TLC, but even these guys are more than worth the effort! Whether an animal is a problem or not rather depends on your personal perception. What one person sees as a problem might be seen as perfectly acceptable to someone else. We affectionately refer to animals that need extra TLC as misfits. If youre contemplating the adoption of one of our misfits, you certainly wont be left out on a limb, because well be glad to lend a helping hand with its care.

    The animal has probably been rehomed or reserved.

    You can create an account on our website, after which you can schedule an appointment.

    Preparing Your Home For A Kitten

    What You Need

    Free kittens and those you purchase from a breeder or rescue do not differ in their basic needs.


    Kittens feed differently depending upon their age when they come home with you. Up to four weeks of age, your kitten will be nursing on a bottle every two to three hours. At four weeks of age, you can start offering a gruel several times a day. You will still be bottle feeding, but every four hours. Begin the weaning process gradually between five and seven weeks. Dry food should be always available, and you should feed a gruel, canned food, or baby food with water four times a day. Onions are highly toxic to cats, so make sure the baby food does not have onion powder. It should also be meat-based and is only ideal for exceptionally picky eaters. By seven or eight weeks, your kitten will be effectively weaned and weigh approximately two pounds. Growing kittens require 50 to 65 calories per pound per day. Many times, the best way to deliver a high concentration of calories is via canned food which is high in protein and fat. Kittens should eat enough to be full but not bloated or distended in the abdomen. Cats are kittens until about a year old. Try to get a sample of the same food your kitten has already been eating. Make food changes gradually.

    Litter Box
    Scratching Post
    Collars and Leashes

    Kitten-Proof Your Home

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