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Where Can I Get My Kitten Fixed For Free

Why Spay Or Neuter

How to get a free cat
  • Spaying prevents uterine infections and breast cancer in female dogs and cats neutering prevents testicular cancer in male dogs and cats.
  • Neutered dogs and cats are less aggressive studies show that most dog bites involve dogs that have not been altered.
  • The cost of paying for spay/neuter surgery is far less than the cost of caring for a litter of puppies or kittens.

For Animal Control Officers

Animal control officers can request vouchers for animals in their community. Homeless cats and dogs in municipal shelters, cats and dogs owned by low income residents, and feral cats may qualify for help.

Not sure if an animal qualifies? Please review our Animal Eligibility Chart.

To request a voucher submit a Voucher Request Form to . Requests need to be for specific animals no general requests are accepted.

Look at our list of providers to see if there is a clinic in your area that has joined our program.

Recovery Time For Spay And Neuter Procedures

After you bring your cat home youll likely want to make sure its as comfortable as possible while it recovers. Humlie recommends keeping your cat separate from other house pets, if possible, and offering your cat a quiet room to relax. Corbett notes that jumping could be painful, and suggests lifting your cat instead of, for example, letting it jump up onto the bed.

Youll need to keep an eye on your cats incision and make sure its not being bothered with . Corbett recommends examining the surgical area before even taking your cat home from the vet so you can get an idea of what it looks like and youll notice if the area gets swollen or looks worse, which could mean its not healing properly or has become infected.

Recovery time depends on a few things, like age and general health, so itll be different for each cat. Corbett says the anesthesia will stay in your cats system for 12-48 hours, which could affect energy level and appetite, and the healing of the actual incision itself takes one to two weeks, depending on the type of stitches used.

One of the most difficult parts of the recovery period might be convincing cats to rest when they think theyre already fine.

Most importantly, you should follow your veterinarians instructions for post-operative care, Kruck says.

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Spay Vs Neuter: Whats The Difference

Female cats are spayed and male cats are neutered, and while both have the same result , the two procedures are handled differently due to anatomy.

Neutering involves removal of the testicles, which in a normal cat are external. Kruck says. The procedure itself, in the hands of an experienced veterinarian, is rather short.

On the other hand, Spaying involves an abdominal surgery to remove the ovaries and typically the uterus as well. This procedure is internal and therefore more invasive, and takes somewhat longer, though it is still not a terribly long procedure.

In fact, neutering a cat can take just 30-60 seconds , while spaying takes about 5-10 minutes to be completed, Corbett says. He notes that those numbers are more accurate for high-volume clinics though, and that private veterinarians can take 20-40 minutes for these procedures.

Overall, its important for pet owners to understand what actually goes on and that, in the end, the pet wont be able to reproduce, said Corbett. He says that some male pet owners can struggle with neutering a male animal on the assumption that it will affect the animals masculinity. Corbett cautions that animals are different from humans. I dont really think that animals look at masculinity the same way we do.

Should Female Cats Have A Litter Of Kittens Before Being Spayed

Before And After I Told My Little Dude He Was Going To Get ...

People used to think that female cats should have a litter of kittens before being spayed, but Corbett says theres no good reason for that. And if youre on the fence about spaying because youd like your children to experience kittens, he has an answer for that, too: become a foster family.

There are a lot of shelters that help moms and kittens and are able to provide that experience of raising kittens, Corbett says. But instead of adding more kittens to the world that need to find homes, youre helping homeless kittens.

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How To Get In Contact With A Free Spay And Neuter Clinics For Cats Near Me

In order to get in touch with the spay clinic, you need to rely on Google. You can search on google and you will be provided with a list of spay and neuter clinics near me. There are many organizations that host various stay clinics too. You can contact those organizations too in order to get access to a clinic. These types of clinics are mostly available state-wise. Each state has a different agenda when it comes to neuter and spay clinics.

Benefits Of Spay And Neuter

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the benefits of spay and neuter include:

  • Prevention of testicular cancer in males, and uterine infections and breast cancer in females.
  • A reduction in fighting and the elimination of marking. Neutered male dogs are less likely to develop aggression problems, if neutered when young, or mark their territory.
  • No more heat cycles for spayed females, and no urge for neutered males to roam to find a female in heat.
  • Elimination of unwanted litters, which means fewer homeless cats and dogs in shelters and outdoors.

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Vermont Spay Neuter Incentive Program

VSNIP reduces pet overpopulation by helping eligible Vermonters afford to have their dogs and cats spayed or neutered. The program is 100% funded by a surcharge on dog registrations so funds are limited.

What help is available?

If your application is approved, you’ll get vouchers that let you have your dogs and cats spayed or neutered for a $27 copay per animal.

Requests for more than five animals in a year will need special approval.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must:

  • Live in Vermont
  • Have gotten your pet for free or a small fee
  • Qualify based on getting public benefits or having household income at or below 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines

How do I apply?

  • You can either:
  • Print the application, complete it by hand and then sign it. OR
  • Download the application to your computer complete it electronically and then save, sign and print it.

  • Mail your completed application, supporting documents and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address below.
  • If your application is complete, it will be processed within five business days.
  • How does the program work?

    What does the co-pay cover?

    It covers a pre-surgical exam, pain management before and during surgery, the surgery, an overnight stay if needed, a distemper vaccine series, one rabies vaccination and suture removal after surgery.

    It does not cover:

    Who do I call for more information?

    Call 1-844-448-7647 or email if you have questions.

    RESOURCES For Applicants

    Adopt A Cat Or Kitten

    Free Kittens?!

    Looking for your new best friend? Click to learn about our adoption program and browse through the irresistibly cute photos.

    Humane Ohio helps over 19,000 pets and pet caregivers each year in our new facility. Our recent move to a larger building will have an enormous impact on the difference we can make in the Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan region for homeless pets in the years to come. Our mission is to see a community without homeless pets where all residents have access to quality, low-cost spay/neuter and resources to help keep pets healthy and happy in their homes. In 2020, despite a six week closure due to COVID precautions, we spayed/neutered 17,022 dogs and cats! Humane Ohio serves anyone in Ohio and Michigan.

    Humane Ohio helps over 19,000 pets and pet caregivers each year in our small facility. The move to a larger building will have an enormous impact on the difference we can make in the Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan region for homeless pets. Our mission is to see a community without homeless pets where all residents have access to quality, low-cost spay/neuter and resources to help keep pets healthy and happy in their homes. In 2019, we spayed/neutered 19,151 dogs and cats! Humane Ohio serves anyone in Ohio and Michigan.

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    Foas Free Voucher Program

    Thank you for servicing the three kitties we found in our backyard in October who are now a part of our family! We had no idea how we were going to handle paying for three cats to get vaccinated, spayed and neutered. Here they are last night. Youâd never know they had just had surgery the way they were eating and playing.â â Tracy C, December 2017

    How You Can Help!

    Give Your Cat A Long Healthy Life

    Statistics show that spayed and neutered cats live longer than their intact peers. This is due, in part, to the fact that getting a cat fixed reduces its chance of developing hormonal diseases.

    In fact, one study found a 62% increase in neutered male cats lifespan. Meanwhile, spayed females live at least 39% longer than their unspayed peers.

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    Spay/neuter For Feral And Stray Cats

    Best Friends Spay/Neuter Clinic in Orem

    The clinic is temporarily closed to the public. Our Orem Spay/Neuter Clinic is still closed to the public. Right now, we are facilitating much needed spay/neuter surgeries for our shelter and rescue partners and community cat caregivers. We are planning a reopening phase and will announce our reopening date as soon as it’s available. We look forward to the day our organization can once provide this important service to the public. Until then, please check the Humane Society of Utah, Heartsong Spay/Neuter Clinic or Salt Lake Spay/Neuter Clinic for low cost spay/neuter services, or click HERE for a list of additional clinics in Utah.

    Instructions for bringing feral and stray cats to the clinic

    Feral and stray cats need to be in humane cat traps. No pet carriers or wire dog crates will be permitted. Traps should be lined with newspaper and fully covered with a sheet. For trapping instructions, view this informative video. For the safety of the animals and staff members, only one cat will be admitted per trap. To rent or obtain more humane cat traps or for more information, please email .

    Acceptable humane cat trap required for surgery:

    Non acceptable pet carrier for community cat surgery:

    About Spay And Neuter

    A Roundtable Discussion on Cats for Spay/Neuter Awareness ...

    Spaying is the term used to describe the surgical procedure known as ovariohysterectomy. During this procedure the ovaries and the uterus are completely removed to sterilize a female dog or cat.Neutering is the term used to describe the surgical procedure also known as castration where both the testicles are removed in order to sterilize a male dog or cat.

    Once an animal is spayed or neutered, that animal is no longer able to reproduce. Female cats can become pregnant as young as 4 months old and female dogs can become pregnant as young as 5 months old. Both cats and dogs are able to produce multiple litters per year. An owner of one female cat or dog can quickly become overwhelmed by kittens or puppies in just a matter of a few months. Not only will spaying or neutering your pets eliminate unwanted puppies or kittens in your own home, it will also reduce pet homelessness and the amount of animals that enter shelters in Delaware.

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    Are There Spay And Neuter Risks

    Complications for spaying and neutering are rare, but there are risks, Corbett says. The risks reflect any type of anesthesia or surgery, so you always have to say that death is a risk. There are a very, very small percentage of animals who can respond poorly to anesthesia, so thats the number one worry.

    Kruck says that similar to how humans can react differently to anesthesia, so can animals. The actual surgery, however, is less worrisome.

    The risks from the surgery are few because the procedures are very routine, says Kruck. Possible surgical risks include ligatures slipping, contamination of the surgical field, abnormal bleeding due to a clotting disorder, bruising, and pain.

    Though its not necessarily a risk, its important to know that sometimes spayed cats will still go into heat. In some cases, part of an ovary is missed during surgery because it was hidden in the abdomen, so the procedure has to be done twice, Corbett says.

    Overall, the risks are real, but they are rare.

    If youre still nervous heading into the procedure, keep Humlies words in mind: Every pet owner is probably nervous about a surgery, even though its very, very routine surgery most of the time. At our clinic, our doctor has literally done thousands and thousands of them.

    How Can Feral Cat Spay/neuter Project Help Me Help The Cats

    The Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project offers FREE spay/neuter services for feral/free-roaming cats in a safe, high quality, humane environment. During our regularly scheduled clinics, cats receive a basic health exam, rabies vaccination and spay/neuter surgery. We also perform an ear tip to clearly identify the cat as altered in order to avoid future trapping/transport for surgery that is not needed. These services are all offered free of charge.

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    For Pet And Feral Cats Listed By State And Area Code

    How can i get my cat fixed for free. When picking up your cat be prompt as some clinics charge fees to hold animals past the pickup time making your free service no longer free. Wellness clinics are by appointment only for. Click on the pet care tab and look for the low-cost and free spayneuter database.

    However feline leukemia vaccines are not started until kittens are at. MORE WELLNESS CLINIC INFO. Its possible to spay a female cat while shes in heat.

    These are available in Florida Georgia Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island and Maine. There are many clinics that provide people with a low-cost program that results in high-quality treatment. You will simply have to search Free Spay And Neuter Clinics Near Me on the web.

    To find a lower-cost spayneuter clinic near you please visit the ASPCAs Free. Asking a veterinarians office to contact you about any free kittens in your area is a good way to get the word out that you are looking for a cat. We offer these affordable tests at our veterinary clinics.

    Appointment and pickup times may vary based on the clinics procedures. Another option if you have decent credit is to apply for a CareCredit card. As with spaying neutering can also take place at a low-cost clinic or shelter and will usually cost less around 30-50.

    Recycler is another site that has a varied array of offerings among these are free kittens. Call 854-9771 ext 400. Another idea is to set up a GoFundMe to get assistance for your cats vet care costs.

    When Is The Right Time To Spay Your Cat After Having Kittens

    Vet Advice | Should I Spay or Neuter My Dog or Cat?

    This depends on your cat and how quickly she weans her kittens. This could be anywhere from as early as 4 weeks or up to 8 weeks or more in some cases. Because your cat is nursing her kittens almost around the clock, its not a good idea to get her spayed before theyve stopped breastfeeding. This can make the surgery more difficult and prone to complications due to her enlarged mammary glands, and many vets are unlikely to want to perform the operation until her kittens are fully weaned anyway.

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    Why Do These Cats Need Our Help

    Left unaltered, free-roaming cats continue to reproduce creating more homeless kittens. Through TNR, free-roaming cats live out their lives without adding to the homeless cat population. According to scientific studies, free-roaming cats gain weight and live healthier lives after being altered. TNR programs are proven to stabilize and significantly reduce the size of free-roaming cat colonies. By limiting free-roaming cat populations, fewer unwanted and homeless cats are taken to shelters and euthanized.

    Where To Get Dog Spayed For Free

    Where To Get Dog Spayed For Free? Discussion
    When To Neuter or Spay Your Pet? The right time has been discussed.
    Where To Get Dog Spayed For Free? There are a few places in your city.
    Where Can I Take My Dog To Get Neutered For Free? You need to find the places on the web.
    Free Dog Neutering Vouchers Near Me We have a few exciting ones.

    Whether you are adopting a new puppy or you have adopted a few days back, spay or better is the most critical health decision you are making for them. You must be wondering what benefits they will have if you are going to take this step, then let me assure you something.

    We are going to help in controlling the pet homelessness crisis, and it is an absolute necessity. The results would turn into millions of healthy cats and dogs being euthanized in countries. The reason is too simple to understand, which is fewer homes to go around.

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    Apart from that, there are plenty of health benefits to spaying female pets and neutering male pets. However, we would like to take you through a detailed guide on when you should spay or neuter your pet as well as how to find Free Dog Neutering Near Me.

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    Can Cats Get Pregnant While Nursing

    Its a common myth that cats cannot get pregnant while theyre nursing kittens, but this is simply not true. While its highly unlikely, its still possible. Some cats will have their first heat cycle after pregnancy as soon as 34 weeks after giving birth, so they may be in heat even while still nursing. While shes unlikely to be outside roaming or even want to breed at this time, if theres a male around, pregnancy is unlikely but certainly possible.


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