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Delectable Squeeze Ups For Cats

Pawtastic Hartz Delectables Squeezeup Cat Treats

Cats Try Delectables Squeeze Up Cat Treats For The First Time

Before we try any products I like to read and learn more about the company. Hartz, the maker of the Delectables SqueezeUp treats, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of pet care products in both the U.S. and Canada. For over 90 years, the company has developed products for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, reptiles, and fish with proven science and love. You can learn more about Hartz at

For the Pawtastic! campaign, Hartz invites cat owners to share pictures and videos of their cats going pawtastic over SqueezeUps on social media. Use the hashtags #pawtastic, #LickItLoveIt and #catsgocrazy4Delectables to be entered to win weekly drawings for SqueezeUp treats and Hartz cat toys.

Delectables Squeeze Ups: The Best Cat Food On The Market According To Our Picky Cats

April 3, 2021 By Joi

I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. This costs you absolutely no extra money , it simply allows me to maintain the lifestyle my cats are accustomed to!

I choose this one!

Have your cats tried the new Delectables Squeeze Ups ?? Ive seen them in a few different stores , but they can be difficult to find sometimes apparently every cat in the county loves them!

Our cats can be picky sometimes and finding ONE food they ALL like has always been almost impossible

  • Delilah likes this, but Tulip hates it.
  • Dokkie and Guennie like this, but it makes Nacho sick and Delilah wont touch it!
  • Tulips favorite is this, but Dokkie and Delilah are convinced its poison.
  • Guennie wont touch that but everyone else tolerates it.
  • Everyone will eat this but it makes Dokkie and Delilah throw up every other time they eat it.

Delectables gives me the happies!

Story of my life! Delectables Squeeze Ups is HONESTLY the only food Ive tried that all of our cats love and causes zero stomach issues with any of them. Whats extra challenging is that the same food youve bought for YEARS for one cat, for whatever reasons, upsets another cats stomach. For example, my beautiful Alexa ate Fancy Feast cans all of her life and never had an issue. She preferred Salmon in the pink cans and seeing them on shelves, to this day, makes me think of her. They never upset her stomach in the least. But Dokkie and Delilah throw up ANY time they have Fancy Feast.

Are Bananas Good For Cats

Bananas are a safe and healthy treat for your cat, but they need to be given in small amounts like all the items on this list. Your cat shouldn’t eat a bananaor even half a banana. Instead, just give her a small slice from your banana. Don’t be surprised if your cat turns her nose up at your offering.

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The Best Lickable Cat Treats We Have Found

  • Cat Pet Guide
  • The Best Lickable Cat Treats We Have Found
  • This post may contain affiliate links to our partners like Chewy, Amazon, and others. Purchasing through these helps us further the A-Z Animals mission to educate about the world’s species..

    #1 Overall Best: Temptations Creamy Purrr-ee Lickable Cat Treats
    Hartz Delectables Stew Lickable Wet Cat Treats

    If youre looking to find new and exciting ways to reward and show your love and appreciation for your faithful kitty companion, then lickable cat treats may be the perfect way to go. Lickable cat treats are a fun and interactive way for cat owners to spend some time with their kitties while letting them enjoy a delectable treat.

    Most lickable cat treats are delectable purees that come in a variety of tasty flavors and recipes that cats are sure to enjoy. They come in small pouches that owners can squeeze up to provide a taste of the yummy chicken, beef, stew, or other delicious flavor waiting inside. Lickable cat treats can also help give a calorie boost to senior cats or other kitties who need some help gaining weight. Due to their higher moisture content, they can also help with ensuring cats stay hydrated.

    If youre ready to discover the perfect delectable and interactive lickable cat treat, continue reading! Weve included our picks for some of these fun squeeze-up pouches that cats are sure to love.

    Only The Top 1% Can Ace our Animal Quizzes

    Think You Can?

    What Is A Cat Food Recall

    Delectables Squeeze ups for Cats by HARTZ Review

    As hard as you may try to provide your cat with a high-quality diet, there are some things you simply cant control. For example, you have no control over the process commercial pet food manufacturers use to design and produce their formulas. Even if the company uses the highest quality ingredients there is always the risk that they might be contaminated or that other problems may arise during production. When the Food and Drug Administration or the company itself becomes aware of a problem that could impact the safety or efficacy of one of their products, a recall may be issued. A recall is simply an order to remove the affected product from the market to prevent further risk of injury or death.

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    Verified Review: Our Hands On Experience

    We believe in testing products before recommending them to our readers. Our cats were definitely on board as we tested a number of different lickable cat treat brands and recipes. Here are a few additional items we noted during testing:

    • Temptations Creamy Purrr-ee Lickable Cat Treats: We were so pleased with how much our cats seemed to enjoy these lickable treats. Even one of our senior cats who seems to be losing interest in food perks up and comes running over when we pull these out. However, we noticed the individual pouches were smaller than what other brands sell, and wish they were a bit bigger.
    • Hartz Delectable Squeeze Up Cat Treats: This variety pack was another big hit with our kitty crew. While they seemed to enjoy all the flavors, the tuna & shrimp was probably the biggest hit. Just remember to be careful not to squeeze too hard on the pouches, or too much puree will come out and make a bit of a mess .
    • Hartz Delectables Stew Lickable Wet Cat Treats: We tried the senior 10+ chicken & tuna pouch with one of our older kitties who has lost too much weight from not eating much food. This lickable treat seemed to help him gain some of that food back when we used it as a food topper and an extra treat here and there. However, when we tried some of the other flavors with our younger cats, some of them only licked up the broth and left the meats behind instead of eating it all.

    Hartz Delectables Squeeze Up For Cat

    1 – 8 of 8 Results

    1 – 8 of 8 Results

    FREE 1-3 day shipping over $49

    More Choices Available

    FREE 1-3 day shipping over $49

    More Choices Available

    FREE 1-3 day shipping over $49

    More Choices Available

    FREE 1-3 day shipping over $49

    More Choices Available

    FREE 1-3 day shipping over $49

    More Choices Available

    FREE 1-3 day shipping over $49

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    What Liquid Food Can I Feed My Cat

    Your older cat is sure to love these liquid food brands

    • Solid Gold Creamy Bisque Wet Cat Food Holistic Delights Salmon & Coconut Milk, 24Ct/3oz Pouch. …
    • Purina Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Complement Variety Pack, Broths Classic Collection – 1.4 oz. …
    • Delectables Senior Stew & Bisque Lickable Wet Cat Treats Variety Pack.

    What Human Food Is Good For Cats

    Delectables Squeeze Ups | Love Your Cat

    12 human foods that are safe for your cat to eat

    • Fish. While you don’t want your kitty eating from the aquarium, feeding him oily fish such as tuna or mackerel can help his eyesight, joints and brain.
    • Meat. Poutry, beef and other meat is a natural option for your little carnivore. …
    • Cheese. …
    • Rice.

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    How Many Calories Does A Cat Need

    The average indoor cat should have 20 calories per pound to maintain weight. The average outdoor only cat should have 35 calories per pound to maintain weight. Indoor/outdoor cats are somewhere in between. o If your indoor cat weighs 10 pounds, then they should be eating approximately 200 calories per day.

    Pet Lovers Also Bought

    • Rated 4.7569 out of 5 stars Filled star
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    Rated 4.8183 out of 5 stars Filled star Rated 4.744 out of 5 stars Filled star Rated 4.7569 out of 5 stars Filled star Rated 4.8542 out of 5 stars Filled star Rated 4.3768 out of 5 stars Filled star
    Chicken, Tuna, Poultry, Seafood & Fish
    Food Form

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    How Many Calories Are In A Lickable Cat Treat

    Calories Per Pack: 16 kcal ME/40 g. Delectables Bisque Lickable Treats are intended for intermittent and supplemental feeding only this product may be fed daily along with a complete and balanced cat food diet. Instructions: Suggested Daily Feeding Feed up to 2 pouches per day for an average size adult cat.

    What Happens When A Product Is Recalled

    Delectables Lickables Squeeze Ups

    In the event that your pets food is affected by a recall your first step should be to stop using the product immediately. In many cases, you will be able to return the product to the store where you purchased it for a full refund. If you choose not to return the product, be sure to dispose of it safely in an area where animals cannot access it. After disposing of the product, you may want to have your cat checked out by your veterinarian to make sure that there are no negative side effects from your cat eating the recalled product. If the veterinarian finds a problem it is within your rights to file a complaint with the FDA in regards to a recalled product.

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    How Do You Blend Cat Food

    Begin with a mix of 25% of your cat’s new food and 75% of her old diet. Feed this for about two to three days. Slowly, increase the amount of new food so that you have a 50/50 mix for your cat to enjoy. After two to three days of half and half, you can move on to a mix of 75% of the new food and 25% of the old diet.

    The Top Picks For The Best Lickable Cat Treats: Ranked

    Our Overall Best pick is Temptations Creamy Purrr-ee Lickable Cat Treats. The squeeze-up pouches can allow you to enjoy an interactive feeding experience with your kitty, or you can squeeze the contents out into a bowl for them to lap up and enjoy. Chicken, salmon, and tuna flavor options are available, making it also guaranteed that you can find a recipe your kitty will devour.

    These lickable treats come in single-serve pouches designed for easy feeding. Depending on your cats nutritional needs, you can give them one pouch each day simply open the top of the pouch and squeeze for pure kitty enjoyment.

    In addition to using these as a treat, they can also be used as a food topper to help encourage pickier or underweight cats to eat their main meal. Each purchase of these treats includes 11 packs of 4 pouches, for a total of 44 pouches.

    Variety is the spice of life. With these Delectables Squeeze Up Treats from Hartz, your cat can enjoy a little variety in its diet. This variety pack includes 8 tuna squeeze-up pouches, 8 chicken squeeze-up pouches, and 8 tuna & shrimp squeeze-up pouches.

    Each flavor is pureed to a thicker consistency, making it perfect to squeeze out and let your cat enjoy. You may decide to enjoy a more interactive feeding experience and let them lick it directly from the pouch, squeeze it into a bowl for them to enjoy, or use it as a food topper to make their meals more appealing and tastier.

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    Cat Food Recalls Alerts And News

    Contents of Article

  • You’re in! As a thank you please enjoy 20% Off Your Next Purchase from our partners at
  • Pet food recalls can be very serious but, unfortunately, many dog and cat owners do not understand what a recall is or what it means. If a recall is issued for a pet food product that you use, you need to contact the manufacturer or take other steps to determine whether the specific batch you purchased is affected by the recall. If it is, you may be entitled to reimbursement if you return the product to the store where you bought it. Below you will find an overview of what recalls are and what they mean to you as a pet owner. You will also find a list of recent recalls for cat food products.

    Why Buy from Chewy?

    Save 30% + Get Free Shipping

    Homemade Puree Cat Treat Recipe: Churu Copycat

    My cats tried delectable squeeze up treats.
    4 oz. Plastic Squeeze Bottle with top

    Time Commitment: About 8-10 minutes

    Note: The recipe can be decreased or increased depending on your needs. For every 1 ounce of chicken you start with, you will need 1 tablespoon of water.

    Step 1: Measure out 4oz. of chicken

    Step 2: Fill pot with enough water to cover the chicken. Bring water to a boil on the stove.

    Step 3: Add chicken and let it cook for about 5-6 minutes, or until it is no longer pink in the center.

    Step 4: Cut the chicken into small pieces to make things easier on your Ninja or food processor.

    Step 5: Move chicken to your Ninja/food processor and add 4 tablespoons of water.

    Step 6: Puree the chicken and water together until it reaches a pasty consistency. You dont want there to be any chicken chunks.

    Step 7: Pour the liquid cat treat into the plastic squeeze bottle.

    Step 8: Cut the tip of the squeeze bottle just to make the hole a little bit bigger.

    Step 9: Enjoy!

    Tada! Now you have a tasty treat for your cat to enjoy on adventures that is hydrating, can be closed up and saved for later, and comes in a bottle that can be reused!

    The treat can be a little messy, but so are store bought liquid cat treats Once your cat gets the hang of eating out of the bottle, it wont be quite so bad.

    Too much trouble? Just buy a case of Inaba Churus!

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    Pawtastic Hartz Delectables Squeezeup Cat Treats Product Review

    Hartz sent us a goodie box filled with SqueezeUps and cat toys. The kids were especially excited to give some of the treats and toys to our two cats.The tube was very easy to open. Calvin came right over. Flash was a little timider. Hes skittish in general. Calvin enjoyed licking the SqueezeUps straight from the tube. Flash was curious, but wouldnt eat from the tube. Later, I put some on a plate for both cats to enjoy. Calvin kept looking up at me more.

    Flash enjoyed playing with one of the catnip toys. I placed it on the stairs in front of him. Then, the first thing he did was whack it down the stairs. Cats!

    Overall, these SqueezeUps were a hit. I like the versatility of them. I can hand feed from the tube to Calvin or put on a plate or over food for Flash.

    Find SqueezeUps as a 4-pack at major retailers including Walmart,, and .

    You can check which is a website dedicated to Maine Coons.

    I wrote this post while participating in a campaign for Heartz and received a promotional item, sample, or payment thank me for taking the time to participate.


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