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Cat Food Urinary Tract Health

Is Commercial Cat Food Necessary For Cats

Homemade Dog Food for Urinary Tract Health Recipe

We keep dry food as recommended by our vet available at all times to our cat. He greatly prefers the wet food, and most weeks doesnt even touch the dry food. Still, I dont want to have to worry that Im not giving him enough, so I do have a feeder for Bob that always has dry food in it.

I dont think that a little dry food here and there is bad for cats, but I would always want to have raw meat, including organ meats, as the main part of their diet.

Customers Choice: Hills Prescription Diet C/d Multicare Urinary Care

Formulated by nutritionists and veterinarians to target many urinary problems that felines suffer from, Hills Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care is clinically tested to lower the recurrence rate of most common urinary issues signs by 89%. This dry food dissolves struvite stones in as little as 7 days and helps maintain optimal urine pH levels. To achieve this, the formula contains controlled levels of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, as well as potassium citrate- which decreases urine sodium levels and increases pH value, ultimately helping dissolve and prevent stones from forming. Made with ocean fish, it is an excellent choice for kitties that prefer fishy flavors- and its an additional essential fatty acid boost, too!

Best Wet: Hill’s Prescription Diet C/d Multicare Urinary Care With Chicken Canned Cat Food

Key Ingredients: Pork Liver, Carrots, Chicken, Tuna, Wheat Gluten, Rice, Spinach, Corn Starch, Chicken Liver Flavor, Fish Oil, Chicken Fat | Calories per Serving: 82 | Balance: Protein min. 6.5%, Fat min. 3.0%, crude fiber max. 2.0% | Life stage: Adult and senior cats | Texture: Rice sized chunks in a light gravy

  • Shown to dissolve struvite crystals and prevents new ones

  • Not grain-free

  • Requires a veterinary prescription

Nutritionists and veterinarians developed Hills Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care wet cat food specifically to support a cat’s urinary health. Hills claims that c/d Multicare was studied and demonstrated to lower the recurrence of most common urinary signs by 89 percent. They also claim that struvite stones have dissolved in some cats in as little as seven days, and on average 27 days, while also reducing the risk of forming struvite and calcium oxalate stones.

The ingredients are recognizable on the label and in the food. Top ingredients include pork liver, carrots, chicken, tuna, rice, spinach, chicken fat and fish oil as a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Also containing important vitamins and minerals, the amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium are controlled to prevent crystal formation. This brand is also available in chicken and vegetable stew flavor.

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Best Cat Food For Urinary Health

Cat food for urinary health can be given as a form of prevention or to help treat existing issues if prescribed by a vet. Formulated to maintain optimal urine pH and prevent crystals and stones from forming, cat food for urinary health can be wet or dry.

Unfortunately, many cats struggle with urinary health. My own cat had a perineal urethrostomy surgery as a result of severe urinary infection and struvite blockage, and he barely made it- it was years ago and his lifestyle is forever changed because of it. From recurring urinary infections to urethral blockage and bladder stones which can lead to expensive surgeries and life-threatening conditions, there are various urinary health problems that shouldnt be taken lightly. One of the best things you can do for your cat, whether to prevent urinary problems or to help existing ones, is to reevaluate their diet.

Cat food for urinary health contains everything a feline needs to have a perfect urine pH value, and, in turn, a reduced chance of urinary tract issues. These foods are low in minerals and often contain ingredients that dissolve stones and crystals, and can help your cat maintain a healthy life without frequent UTI issues. Here is our list of 10 best cat foods for urinary health- each is a tailored fit for any kitty and their unique lifestyle.

Should You Buy Urinary Cat Food

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Urinary Tract Health Dry Cat Food

If cats arent receiving nutritious and balanced diets, they wont be able to maintain a healthy body and brain.

However, theres more to consider than just feeding a well-balanced diet to your pets. With persistent health problems, its critical to think of how you can provide the best support to aid in disease prevention.


Reducing infections and crystallization in your cats urine is the most significant benefit of switching to urinary cat food. These diets can decrease pain and discomfort associated with kidney stones, urinary crystals, and the organ damage that can accompany them.

Since these diets are low in minerals like magnesium, youll better be able to regulate the pH of your cats urine, which is crucial for good health. These diets also increase the moisture your cat is consuming to ensure theyre hydrated. Proper hydration benefits all internal organs as well as skin and coat health.


Depleting minerals from your cats diet shouldnt be done unless its absolutely necessary. If your cat doesnt have bad urinary problems, putting them on a urinary diet can reduce the minerals theyre consuming, which could negatively impact their health.

Therefore, nursing cats, as well as young cats, shouldnt consume these diets. Any cat with a higher nutrient requirement will suffer eating a urinary diet as it has the bare minimum nutrients.

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Hills Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control Dry Food

Again, with this dry variation of the Hills Science Diet Urinary & Hairball cat food, you get much of the same benefits as with the Royal Canin.

You get more for your money, a longer lasting product, and the same nutritional value. Its down to you to ensure your cat has a constant supply of fresh water and that theyre drinking it, something which some owners find hard to accomplish.

With Hills dry cat food, you get a considerable amount more for your money than you do with the Royal Canin, but the reasons are much the same as they are for the wet foods reviewed above.

You still get the same increase in fiber content that the wet food offers, and an optimal level of magnesium to help correct any imbalance in your cats urine pH levels.

As with all Hills products, there are no artificial colors or preservatives, just healthy natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids .

Its one of the best dry cat foods out there, and the added benefits of dissolving urinary crystals and hairball reduction make it a food worth trying for any loving owner.

The Best Wet Cat Food Can Help Prevent Urinary Problems But You Shouldnt Rely On Diet Alone

If your cat starts straining in the litter box, having bloody urine, or is unable to urinate at all, he likely has some form of urinary tract disease.

Cystitis , urinary crystals, and urinary tract infections are all painful conditions that necessitate a trip to the veterinarian. A veterinarian can diagnose the type of urinary tract disease and determine which type of treatment is appropriate.

And if your cat has a complete blockagehe cant urinate at alltake him to the veterinarian immediately. Complete blockages can be fatal if not treated quickly. Immediate veterinary care is required to clear the blockage and treat its underlying cause.

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Wet Food Or Dry Food For Urinary Issues

Since most of these brands offer dry and wet food options, rest assured that both versions will provide essential features for a cats urinary health. The case can be made for wet food as it contains more moisture.

Higher moisture contributes to the dilution of the cats urine, which contributes to a reduced risk of UTIs in cats and the formation of urinary crystals. If your cat likes dry food, thats fine as long as a water supply is readily available.

Hills Prescription Diet C/d Multicare Urinary Care Dry Cat Food

Don’t Feed ‘Veterinary Diet’ for Urinary Disease in Cats?
  • Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d Multicare…
  • Clinically tested to lower the…
  • Dissolves struvite stones in as little…

Hills Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care dry cat food was developed by veterinarians and nutritionists to support the health of your cats urinary system.

A study conducted by Hills claims that MultiCare c/d reduced recurrence of most common urinary symptoms by 89%.

Furthermore, they claim that some cats have been able to dissolve the struvite stones as soon as 7 days, and on average, 27 days, which has simultaneously reduced the risk of struvite and calcium oxalate stones forming.

A source of omega-3 fatty acids, pork liver, carrots, chicken, tuna, rice, spinach, and chicken fat are among the main ingredients.

As well as containing important vitamins and minerals, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium levels are controlled to prevent crystallization.


Developed by veterinarians, the nutritional composition of this food considers wellness, immunity, and urinary systems.

Fresh, frozen, and dried meat and organs, protein, and fat have been added to the Uretic dry formula most recently updated in Fall 2020.

Chicken, chicken meal, and chicken fat, potato protein, brown rice, peas and flaxseeds are sourced from U.S. farms. Cranberry extract lowers urinary pH by lowering the alkalinity of urine.

Additionally, small amounts of fruits and vegetables have been added to mimic what would be in a preys stomach.


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Benefits Of Homemade Cat Food For Cats With Utis

It has been noted that if felines are given the proper care they live longer, and with no such severe underlying health issues. Healthy homemade food is ideal for felines suffering from any urinary infections or urinary tract issues.

This is because it will contain low or no ash, and will be high in moisture which is good for felines with UTI issues. It helps to fight against the infection, and reduce the risk of a stone issue in your felines urine.

Here we have dropped down a few benefits which will give you a clear image.

How Does Wet Cat Food Help Urinary Tract Health

Moisture is so incredibly important in a cats diet, especially if they are experiencing discomfort due to inflammation, unnatural pH, and crystal formation.

Cats in the wild survive by eating only the prey they catch. They rarely need to drink. If you stop and consider than animal meat is made up of roughly 70% water, its no surprise that wet cat food is a favorite for tackling UTIs in cats.

Through its superior moisture content, wet cat food can help UTIs by flushing the system through, dissolving any crystals, returning the pH levels to their natural state and allowing urine to take control of any bacteria in the tract.

Although any premium wet cat food will provide adequate nutrition, choosing one thats best equipped to solve the other symptoms of urine disorders can help resolve things a little quicker and easy the discomfort your cat is experiencing.

So wet or dry?

Well, thats up to you and your cat. If you can get your cat to drink, the dry food is fine long-term, especially as its more affordable. But for difficult cases, or those that relapse, wet food might be more effective.

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Best Budget: Iams Proactive Health Adult Urinary Tract Health Dry Cat Food With Chicken

Courtesy of Amazon

Key ingredients: Chicken, chicken by-product meal, ground whole grain corn, corn grits, brewers rice | Calories per Serving: 182 | Balance: Crude Protein min. 32%, Crude Fat min. 15%, Crude Fiber max. 1.7%, Moisture max. 10%, Magnesium max. 0.1% | Life stage: Adult | Texture: Dry small kibble

  • Chicken is the first ingredient

  • No prescription needed

  • Chicken by-product

  • Not grain-free

Being on a budget doesnt mean your cat has to continue to struggle. Although its not least expensive on the market, IAMSProactive Health Adult Urinary Tract Health Dry Cat Food is well rated and widely available and so prices are competitive and reasonably affordable.

Chicken is the first ingredient of this food. Thats not the case for many foods that are cheaper. Theres also added vitamin E for a healthy immune system and omega-3 and -6 fatty acids for healthy skin. This food appeals to most cats, even those considered picky eaters. When feeding all dry foods, be sure there is plenty of water available to your cat at all times.

Buyers Guide: Tips For Choosing The Best Cat Food For Urinary Health

Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Cat Food

Choosing a urinary cat food for a feline can be difficult, especially if your feline has an underlying health problem that needs to be offset by diet, such as chronic urinary tract infections or stones. Many cats with common urinary tract problems are diagnosed with FLUTD, which stands for feline lower urinary tract disease. Felines with this problem have reoccurring bacterial bladder infections, develop bladder crystals, and have inflammation in their urinary tract.

This problem is more severe in males, as it can cause urinary blockage and be life-threatening. Females are more prone to bacterial infections, but they dont suffer blockages as often.

Diet can often be used to manage these problems, though it isnt the end-all to treatment. Often, different medications and supplements are needed as well.

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Alternate With Wet Food

Wet food can provide additional moisture in your cats diet. This is especially important for cats that dont drink a lot of water. If you have trouble increasing your cats moisture intake. Introducing wet food on occasion will make sure theyre staying more hydrated.

If your cat tolerates it, you can also add some water to their kibble. This will soften the food and increase the moisture content. Any way to add moisture to prevent dehydration in your cat will significantly reduce incidences of urinary infections.

Best For Overweight Cats: Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Urinary Care For Cats

Obese cats are at a higher risk for a myriad of health issues, including those connected with urinary health. But in addition to treating their urinary problems, you should also try to help them get the weight off. Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Urinary Care for Cats is formulated to do both: this prescription diet promotes healthy weight and optimal pH urine levels. The low-kcal kibble has low levels of fat and is also enriched with L-carnitine which supports weight loss, and at the same time, it has controlled mineral levels and the addition of DL-methionine to acidify your pets urine and prevent crystals and stones from forming. Grain-free and protein-packed it is made with deboned chicken as the first ingredient and has a savory flavor that your chubby kitty will like. The trick is that the formula also has increased fiber levels so your pet will feel fuller for a longer time, which essentially puts a stop to overeating, even though it tastes great.

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The Results From Feeding Our Diy Dog Food

Back to the story of Bug

After only a couple of weeks of feeding her a homemade diet, the hubby and I were blown away by how much her mental and physical health improved. And we wholeheartedly believe she was able to bounce back because of her new food.

She went from an ailing, exhausted, incontinent, tail-down dog to a happy, energetic, curious, communicative pup. While she isnt miraculously walking again, her hip dysplasia also hasnt progressed or caused her any pain.

Weve learned to watch for signs that she needs to relieve herself as weve realized she knows when she has to go, she just cant get there without our help.

We feed both of our pugs the same food, with the hope that we can stave off any potential health problems for our older one.

When we travel, well bring their homemade food on the road in a cooler. On occasion, weve even ordered their dinner from a restaurant when we ran out of food .

If were camping, well usually just feed them whatever were cooking in camp they love corn on the cob, hobo packs , and the whole assortment of tri-tip, sausages, and ribs that weve usually got going on.

As you might imagine they lovecamping trips!

Homemade dog food gives us the flexibility to fine-tune their diet as needed. Im forever grateful for the extra time we were given with our beloved Bug as a result of the food we chose to feed her.

What Makes A Cat Food Good For Urinary Health

How to properly feed canned cat food for optimal Urinary health

Foods specially formulated to promote a healthy urinary tract in cats often includes a few vital minerals that control the pH levels in urine and prevent crystals from forming.

  • Berberis vulgars or the common barberry is a shrub that produces acidic berries. Its been proven to support healthy immune systems in both humans and felines and works to restore balance in the bladder and urinary tract.
  • Cantharis is a homeopathic solution thats obtained from beetles in Spain and France. There are reports that its effects can provide relief for cats suffering with urinary crystals within an hour from consumption.
  • Staphysagris is another natural medicine for UTIs in felines and works to fight infections and soothe the urinary tract, relieving discomfort.

These ingredients can be present in either food or supplement form, so if your cat is notoriously fussy with cat food and refuses to eat any of the foods mentioned above then you may be able to purchase supplements that can achieve the same goal.

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