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Why Does My Cat Like Me More Than Anyone Else

Some Cats May Knead Only Their Favourite People

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Even if cats like a number of people, they may select only one or two, or a small number of people they really favour over others, to knead on.

Favouritism definitely does seem to have something to do with cat kneading, though not everything, as you should be able to tell by a number of the other possible theories that might help explain why cats choose some people over others to knead on.

Your Cat Kneads You With Its Paws

Kittens knead their mother to stimulate milk flow, but adult cats also use kneading as a way to cozy up to their keepers.

“This behavior has a habit of sticking around as a source of comfort and relaxation, and it may even bea sign of affection and bonding with you. A cat may exhibit this behavior because it sees you as its mother, authority figure or it’s the cat’s way of saying, ‘I trust you,'” writes pet behavior researcher Gayle Hickman on Petful.

Scent glands in the paws are also activated by kneading, so your cat may alsobe trying to mark you as its own.

Why Some Cats Attach To Only One Person

Sometimes a cat will keep to one human and pretty much ignore everyone else. Here are some possible reasons.

It was love at first snuggle.

The tiny snowshoe Siamese kitten made himself comfortable on my shoulder and fell asleep. Of course, this was a page right out of the kitten playbook, and I fell for it in nanoseconds.

Magwitch and his littermates had been found abandoned at a construction site. So he was terrified of noises, sudden movements and strange people.

But he also had a big heart, and he wanted to be loved very badly. So, at some point, he decided that he might as well take a chance and love and trust the human with the comfy shoulder.

Seven years later, Magwitch still follows me around, chattering away in true Siamese style and hooking me with his paw whenever he feels hes not getting enough attention.

But he also still refuses to deal with other people.

Actually, those other people dont exist, as far as hes concerned.

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Research On How Cats Attach To People

In 2007, researcher Claudia Edwards published a study about cats and attachment.1

Twenty-eight cats ages 17 were put through a feline version of the Ainsworth Strange Situation Test , named for Dr. Mary Ainsworth, PhD, a pioneer in human attachment theory.

The results showed that cats can manifest attachment behaviors toward their owners that were markedly similar to those of 1- or 2-year-old children:

  • When the cats were with their people, they tended to be more playful and chatty.
  • When with strangers, they were much less so and spent a lot of time hanging out by the door.

Anyone who has ever raised and/or worked with very young children has seen similar behavior when those children suddenly find themselves with unfamiliar adults. Their world doesnt go back to normal until their parents reappear.

However, a 2015 study of cats by a different team found completely different results.

These new researchers determined, also using a feline-modified SST, that cats do have a different relationship with their owner compared to a stranger but not any sort of childlike attachment toward a parent arising purely out of a need for safety or security.2

Why Do Cats Have A Favorite Person

Why Does My Cat Like Me More Than Anyone Else
  • Cats tend to favor one person over others even if they were well-socialized as kittens.
  • Cats are expert communicators and gravitate towards people that they communicate well with.
  • Look for communication cues from your cat, such as your cat approaching you in search of food or petting.
  • You can be your cats favorite person by socializing together early on and respecting his/her personal space.

If youve ever lived with cats in a household of multiple people, you may have noticed that some cats tend to prefer a particular person over others. Whether or not a cat has a favorite person and how strong that preference is varies with each cat depending on several factors, including how well socialized the cat was during its first few months of kittenhood.

When looking back to cats domestication, the bond between people and cats likely began when cats learned that humans are a good source of food, protection, and companionship. But what makes a cat prefer one person over another?

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Or Its Simply A State Of Mind

Cat behaviorist Pamela Merritt doesnt buy into the breed theory, saying she has heard many stories about seriously mixed breeds who were cats attached to only one person.

Its not a breed trait so much as a state of mind that creates a One Person Cat, she writes.

These cats are happiest with a high degree of interaction and trust, and, once this is established, they will not be driven to seek that same level with another person.

Life isnt always easy for these cats. They can get jealous, mope and act out if they feel theyre not getting enough attention from their chosen person. And if something happens to that person, they can go into depression.

Merritt says that other family members should make a genuine attempt to connect with the Magwitches of the world. It gives them a go-to person for times when their special person is not available.

And that can only be a good thing.

Why Do Some Cats Cuddle More Than Others

A lot of your cats personality and temperament is determined during her early weeks of life and a cats likelihood to cuddle is no different. According to Sally E. Bahner, a feline consultant and pet writer, its vital that kittens are socialized at the very young age of two-to-seven-weeks-old. That means being handled and petted regularly, which will get them used to being cuddled early on, she says.

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Cats Prefer To Knead People They Are More Bonded To

Kneading is a feline behaviour related to feelings comfort, happiness, security, calmness and other positive emotions.

If a cat is kneading on a particular person, typically its because he or she is bonded more closely to that individual than others in the household that he or she doesnt choose to knead on.

How Do Cats Show Love

My Cat’s Secret OTHER LIFE

Before we can understand whether cats can love, we need to form a baseline understanding of what love might look like for a cat.

Pankratz and Tynes both describe certain âaffiliative behaviorsâ animals use to form bonds with other animals â and sometimes humans, too.

Some common examples of feline affiliative behavior are:

  • Head bunting or rubbing its head against another individual
  • Facial rubbing or cheek rubbing
  • Sleeping in close contact with another individual
  • Parallel walking next to another individual, often with the tail wrapping around them
  • Mutual grooming, usually with another cat

Taken together, these gestures could signal a catâs affection for an owner.

âWe can infer that they share affiliative behaviors, and may interpret that as affection or potentially your definition of love,â Pankratz says

Beyond affiliative behavior, cats, like many pets, can also form attachment bonds with their owners.

âOur research examined one aspect of love, which is the formation of an attachment bond. An attachment bond is a comforting, affectional relationship between two individuals,â Vitale says. Cats form attachment bonds with their owners, leading to certain behavioral patterns which add up to the âsecure base effect,â she explains.

âIn the secure base effect, the cat uses their owner as a source of comfort and security,â Vitale explains.

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Why Does My Cat Randomly Bite Me

Perhaps your cat bites without any warning. It may be perfectly loveable and content one moment, then reach over and nip at you the next. It may do this morning, noon, and night, before or after meals, or at other seemingly random times. You can rest assured its not actually random. Instead, its because:

Since Cats Often Knead Before Napping They May Knead People They Want To Nap On

Theres a huge connection between kneading behaviour and cat napping. A lot of cats will knead almost exclusively before they take a snooze.

I know my cat, Avery, is like this .

One theory of why cats knead in the first place postulates cats may knead because in the wild if they knead on a spot right before napping on it , it would make that spot more comfortable.

Since theres such a huge connection between kneading and napping, it may be that the reason a cat chooses to knead on a particular person is because that cat wants to take a nap on them so out of habit of kneading before napping, he or she kneads the spot before napping in it.

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In Order To See These Behaviors Your Cat Needs A Comfortable Environment

According to Delgado, the key to a cat’s happiness is setting up an environment in which cats can express behaviors that are natural to them. Be the doer of everything the cat loves: Providing treats, and playing hard to get. Also, Nold suggests getting your feline friend a climbing tree.

“Then, cats can really build trust and a bond,” Delgado says.

I Have Just Adopted A Second Cat And I Want To Maximize The Chance Of Successful Integration What Should I Do

Why Does My Cat Like Me More Than Anyone Else

Integration should always be done slowly and with care. Set up a separate area of the house for the new cat, and provide bedding, feeding and elimination stations, and exercise stations.

First, watch for signs of stress:

  • Hiding
  • Walking crouched and hugging walls
  • Moving away/avoidance
  • Hair standing up along the back
  • Puffed tail

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It Follows You Around Constantly

If your feline insists on hopping into bed with you, sneaking into the bathroom when you’re showering, and watching you eat, you’re probably a big interest of theirs.

Being followed around even when it’sclose to mealtime is also a big indicator that you’re popular with your feline, according to Cosmopolitan.

How To Make A Cat Love You

Now that you know why cats like one person more than another, it’s time for you to work on your relationship with your cat, especially if you have discovered you are not their favorite. Take a look at these simple tips and follow them every single day, as you will need to be constant in order to bond with your cat and earn their trust:

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  • Collard. R r.Fear of Strangers and Play Behavior in Kittens with Varied Social Experience Child Development Vol. 38, no. 3 , pp. 877-891
  • Adamelli S., Marinelli L., Norman S. and Bono G.Owner and cat features influence the quality of life of the cat Applied Animal Behaviour Science Volume 94, Issues 1-2, October 2005, Pages 89-98
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    Cats Think Humans Absolutely Stink

    Oh you thought cats were very clean and sanitary, considering it looks like they are always grooming themselves? Not quite. When they lick their paws, and their fur, and everywhere else for that matter, they aren’t trying to give themselves a bath, they just want rid of the disgusting stench of human. Truth hurts.

    Youre Petting Your Cat Wrong

    How to tell if your cat is sick

    You may be accidentally hurting the cat. Petting too hard is one of the most common reasons why a cat suddenly bites. It may be that your cat is:

    • Hurt and asking you to stop. The cat may have an existing injury, or you may be petting with too much force.
    • Overstimulated: The cat may get too excited and transition into play-fighting. Biting is the opening move.

    Over-petting is an easy mistake for people whove only kept dogs in the past. Although a puppy will love endless scratches and forceful petting, a cat has a much lower tolerance. Your cat may need to be handled more gently or only want to be petted for a short amount of time.

    On the other hand, cats may react aggressively if you pet sensitive areas. It may trigger their defensive instincts, as other cats will target these areas to win a fight. It may also be uncomfortable for the cat. Be sure to avoid the base of the tail, the underbelly, and the underside of joints. This is especially important for cats that are unfamiliar with you. Instead, only pet safe areas, such as the:

    • Head
    • Back of the neck
    • Ears

    Some have no preferences whatsoever, but if your feline is suddenly biting, it clearly does. Look out for other signs of discomfort and overstimulation. These can help you stop early before teeth get involved:

    • Turning its head toward your hand

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    Ways To Stop Your Cat Biting You

    Finding out why your cat is biting you is half the solution, stopping them from biting is the part youre probably more interested in, right?

    There are some basic steps to take when stopping a cat from biting, these are:

    Fix the Problem You Identified If youve identified the issue from the advice I gave above, can you make the changes needed based on that information to stop them biting?

    Make It Clear Its Not Acceptable Cats are aware when we use a sharp tone and give off negative vibes. A firm NO will actually have some impact, although it will take some time for some cats to get the message.

    Reward/Punish Behavior Another thing almost all cats respond well to is being rewarded. When they do something right, give them a treat right away. Conversely, dont treat, show affection, or play with them if they bite you.

    Ignore Them If your cat is biting your hands hide them and ignore your cat. As there is almost certainly an attention seeking aspect to their behavior ignoring them will force them to find attention somewhere else.

    Your Kitty Might Be Hungry

    It might seem like your kitty is trying to employ elaborate mind control when she stares at you. You might wonder if your feline friend is trying to telegraph that it’s time for a treat of favourite chicken-flavoured kibble, and you’re not completely off base. According to Jean-François Savard, Purina pet behaviour scientist, your cat may just be letting you know she’s hungry by making eye contact, especially if she’s doing it while sitting near her food area.

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    Your Cat Brings You Presents

    If you’re the proud owner of an outdoor cat, you may have been on the receiving end of mice or other feline prey. I know it’s pretty gross and kind of upsetting, but your cat considers those rodent deliveries an expression of love! I Heart Cats notes that cats are natural hunters, so their prey is a true offering to you. Assuming your cat lives inside, they may bring you toys or trash in the same spirit.

    Cats See Us As Parents

    Why do some people like cats more than dogs?

    Cats don’t just think of their owners as food machines. They actually see us as parents. A 2019 study revealed that cats have the same attachment to their owners that babies show to their parents. Kittens in the study acted distressed when their caregivers left and happy and secure when they returned. They still acted this way one year later. The responses were similar to how human children react to their parents.

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    The Opposite Is Also True

    Im not saying youre not an awesome cat parent but if the rest of the humans in the household just arent bringing much to the table then that probably explains why your likes you more than everyone else.

    In other words, you could take each one of these reasons and flip them to figure out why a cat might not like someone else and therefore prefer you! For example, if another human in the house never plays with your cat and doesnt know how to read your cats body language then youre obviously the clear winner.

    In most cases, its a combination of reasons that not only make other people in the house less appealing to your cat but also make you the clear favorite.

    Reason : Youre The Provider

    If youre the one providing for your cat then theres a good chance youll be the one that they gravitate to!

    But our cats dont care about who pays the rent or who calls to schedule the plumber. Instead, theyre focused on whoever is providing them with tasty food and quality time! While it can be easy enough to regularly feed your feline friend, quality petting, playing, or just hanging out can really make the difference when it comes to your cats preferences.

    Cats are not only curious but they love a good play session. So if youre the one that most often plays and interacts with your cats then theres a good chance theyre simply going to like you more. After all, youre the one providing entertainment and interacting which cats love!

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    She Makes Biscuits On You

    When cats are especially content, they exhibit a behavior called kneading, or making biscuits. This is when cats push their paws in and out on a soft surface, pulling lightly with their claws, in an alternating left/right pattern. This is likely a left-over behavior from kittenhood, when kittens use this motion to stimulate milk flow from their mother cat. Cats likely do this in the presence of their favorite humans because they see their humans as their parents.

    Another theory of why cats make biscuits is that this is simply another way for cats to leave their scent on their favorite things and people to claim them as their own. Either way, if your cat kneads on you, it means they really need you!

    Is there anything more adorable than a purring kitten?



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