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Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Head Upside Down

The Incognito Cat Or The Curler

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? – 5 Reasons Youll Love to Know

What it means: Im asleep, Please stop playing with my toes.

  • What we humans like to call the fetal position, to a cat is curling up into a crescent with their head tucked in toward their chest and the tail in an elegant swoop around their body. This means that your furry pal may be sensing any nearby threats or dangers.
  • You would be forgiven for thinking that your cat is cozy, and feeling relaxed. Sadly, the opposite is quite likely to be true.
  • Cats usually sleep in this pose when they wish to conserve some extra heat on a cold day. Not only are they keeping themselves warm, but they are also keeping their vulnerable organs hidden and safe from the world.
  • Our cats wild cousin does this, and its a hereditary instinct even the most pampered domesticated cat cant curb it.
  • While theyre asleep, they may also wrap their furry faces with their little jellybean toes. Sometimes, they could also be safeguarding their jellybean toes from poking fingers. An incognito cat usually wants to be left alone.

Getting Help For Your Cat

While some weird cat behaviors are silly or endearing, others that like staying up all night or going outside the litter box can be problematic. While there are things you can do to try to address common behavior issues at home, you should talk to your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns.

Remember that diagnosis and treatment for behavioral conditions can be covered if you have an ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plan. Get a quote now.


*Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions visit Preventive and Wellness Care reimbursements are based on a schedule. Complete Coverage reimbursements are based on the invoice. Levels 1-4 reimbursements are based on usual and customary eligible costs. Products, schedules, and rates may vary and are subject to change. Discounts may vary and are subject to change. More information available at checkout.

Cats Feel Safe And Relaxed

Cats sleep hours upside down on their head may also cover their ears or eyes. Outdoors, they comfortably sleep with their heads up, which means they feel safe.

On the other hand, they feel very relaxed when sleeping with their heads up. That is very good for their health and mood. Cats always choose an outdoor location where they can see or hear everything. That makes them extremely interested.

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Bouncing Off The Walls

Cats and especially kittens can be very playful and energetic. Sometimes they expel all that energy by darting from room to room, jumping up and down on the furniture, and going a little crazy. This kind of behavior can also be a reaction to catnip, which can make cats act goofy for short periods of time.

All that vigorous activity is normal, but it can lead to injuries. Its helpful to look around your house and make sure your cats area is as safe as possible. For instance, put away things that could get knocked over and keep windows closed. Cats who fall out of windows can suffer from high-rise syndrome, which are injuries that can include: a broken jaw, fractured ribs, and other issues.

If this behavior is disrupting your household, you should find ways to help channel your cats energy. Make time to play games like chase to wear them out and provide them with interactive toys they can enjoy on their own. If youre at your wits end, talk with your veterinarian.

Your Cat Prefers To Sleep On Your Chest

Why Do Cats Sleep with Their Head Upside Down?

A second popular spot for your cat to sleep is your chest. One explanation for this is that a cat may be drawn to the sounds of your body. They may lay on your chest because theyre comforted by the sounds of your rhythmic heartbeat and your steady breath.

Dr. Satchu confirms this theory. Cats likely find some benefit to our very slow and calm respiratory patterns while we sleep, she says. This is when we are at our most calm and most cats tend to echo those same sentiments, even though they get to sleep for a good 18 hours each day!

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Your Cat Prefers To Sleep On Your Head

There may actually be a few reasons that cats like to sleep on your head.

  • Your head is warm. Your head releases steady heat throughout the night, making your pillow an attractive place for your cat to hit the hay.
  • Your head is stationary. Restless sleeper? To avoid being jostled all night by your restless arms and legs, a cat will gravitate towards your head.
  • It smells good. Your cat may like the scent of your hair and shampoo. Cats have a stronger sense of smell than we do, and theyre drawn to the comfort of your scent.
  • Why Do Cats Hate Water

    verifiedDon Vaughan

    An aversion to water is one of the most well-known characteristics of household cats. However, this isnt true of all felines. Some large cats, such as tigers, commonly take a dip to cool off or hunt prey, and even some domesticated breeds are known to enjoy a swim when the opportunity arises.

    In general, however, domestic cats will go to great lengths to avoid getting wet, and behaviorists have developed a number of theories to explain why. One suggests that because the species evolved in dry climates and had little exposure to rivers or lakes, water is an element they are unfamiliar with and thus avoid.

    More likely, however, cats dont like getting wet because of what water does to their fur. Cats are fastidious animals that spend a great deal of their day grooming themselves. Wet fur is extremely uncomfortable for a cat and often takes a long time to dry. Wet fur is also heavier than dry and thus makes a cat less nimble and easier for predators to catch.

    There is also the shock factor. Accidentally falling into a full bathtub, for example, can be a frightening experience for a cat and can make it fearful of water for the rest of its life.

    Certain breeds of domesticated cats, such as the Maine Coon, Bengal, and Turkish Van, are less fearful of water and actually enjoy the occasional swim. What makes these breeds unique is the texture of their fur, which makes them more water-resistant than other breeds.

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    Cats Look For Security

    In the wild, a cat will seek the safest place to rest in between hunts. In the home, that place is with you.

    Cats are typically at the top of the food chain, but even still, they have to keep a watchful eye out for danger, explains Dr. Zay Satchu, the Chief Veterinary Officer at Bond Vet in NYC. Being around their humans, they can rest easier knowing there is some safety there.

    Sleep is a vulnerable time, so your cat is indicating that he trusts you and feels content and secure with you. This behavior begins in kittenhood.

    Cats are raised in litters, and when theyre very young until theyre about 12 weeks of age, sleeping usually means piling onto one another near mom, says Dr. Satchu. Its how they are raised during their peak socialization weeks and similar to other things they learn during this time, this translates into lifelong habits.

    Your cat sleeps with you for comfort and security. After their mother, youre the next best thing.

    Cat Sleeping With Another Cat

    Why Do Bats Sleep Upside Down? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

    Cats often sleep alone, even if they share a home. This is due to the territorial nature of cats. A bed, or favored hiding spot, will be claimed by a rival feline.

    Exceptions to this rule may include siblings or cats that grew up together. These cats will forge a bond that is not broken in adulthood.;Co-sleeping is relatively common, though.

    If your cat starts sleeping with a fellow cat, watch its behavior while awake. Co-sleeping suggests that the cat is unwell. It is asking another cat to watch over it while dozing.

    A cat will only do this if very unwell. The cat understands that it will relinquish all dominant status by asking another cat for help. In most instances, the cat would prefer to sleep with an owner.

    Co-sleeping does occur in sick cats,though. Even felines that appear to fight all day may sleep together for thecommon good.

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    They Are Keeping Their Warmth In

    Depending exactly how your cat is sleeping, its likely they are sleeping like this to keep warm. When my cat sleeps with her head upside down she curls into a ball and tucks her nose and ears in.

    When cats are cold they feel it on their nose and ears. Their noses are wet, so obviously it gets a bit chilly, and their ears are thin without much fur.

    So, if your cat is tucked up in an upside down ball they are making the most of their body warmth.

    To Feel Calm And Safe

    When cats sleep with their heads upside down, they normally also cover their eyes and ears. This shows you that they feel safe and relaxed. Rarely can you observe outside cats sleep in this position. That is because this position makes them very vulnerable. Outside cats will prefer sleeping positions where their ears and eyes are exposed and sensitive to the sights and sounds of possible predators or any danger.

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    When The Cat Lies On Its Back And Looks At Us

    When the cat looks upside down and looks at us, likely, they are not tired enough to sleep. It would be great if the cat relaxed and laid back on us. If they lie on their back and extend their body, they are warm enough. On the contrary, if they are lying on their back curled up, they are trying to keep the body warm.

    We now have the full knowledge of cats behavior and sleeping positions. No matter how they sleep, they look cute. You should be close and chat with them often. They are compassionate and need to be loved.

    Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Head Upside Down Know Super Cool Reasons

    Why Do Cats Sleep with Their Head Upside Down? (Decoding ...

    Cats are as enigmatic as they are cool, and since they dont speak our language, its not always easy to find out what theyre thinking or feeling.

    If you want a true understanding of what its like to be a pet, youll have to pay careful attention to your cats behaviour, and watching them when theyre sleeping is a good place to start.

    The way a cat sleeps reveals a lot more to them than just how sleepy they are. Here are some of the most common sleeping positions youll see your cat in, as well as what they say.

    Your cat is sleeping with their head upside down because they are feeling comfortable doing so. It means he is much relaxed at your place. A cat curled up with its paws in a sleek swoop around its neck and its ears tucked in next to its chest is attempting to retain body heat. Theyre even defending their vital organs.

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    Sipping From The Faucet

    Some cats like to drink water straight from the tap. Theyll jump up into the sink and wait for you to switch on the faucet. This behavior might come from their wildcat ancestors. In the great outdoors, it is safer to drink running water rather than from a stagnant source, which is more likely to contain bacteria and other contaminants.

    If you dont mind your cat taking an occasional sip from the faucet, you dont need to worry. However, if they become too needy with their requests to turn on the faucet, you can try setting up a pet fountain that runs continuously for them to enjoy.

    Cat Sleeping Flat On Stomach

    A cat will rarely choose to lie on its stomach when planning a deep sleep. An unwell cat may be reluctant or unable to sleep properly. There are two positions a cat will adopt while on its stomach:

    • Paws and tail tucked, headupright
    • Paws outstretched

    When a cat tucks its paws and tail under its belly, it is called the loaf. This is common and usually not concerning. Stretching the paws and legs out is worthy of your attention. This can be worrying.

    The Loaf Position

    A cat in the loaf position is usually planning a brief nap. The cat tucks its paws and tail to keep warm. The cat will keep its head upright to remain alert. If sleep claims the cat, the head will eventually drop. This is referred to as a collapsed loaf.

    Sick cats will rarely adopt the loaf position. If the cat has serious concerns about body temperature, it will curl up for warmth. If it is a pain, it will avoid remaining quite so conspicuous.

    One exception is if a sick cat is worried about falling asleep. The cat may be concerned that it will not wake up. Equally, it wants to remain alert. It may suspect that a rival has noticed its illness and plans to take its territory.

    In such instances, the cat will regularlyadopt the loaf position. The cat is hoping to get enough rest through a seriesof micro-naps. In the mind of the cat, this negates the need for genuine sleep.

    Paws Outstretched

    A cat may also lie on its stomach with its paws outstretched. This can resemble the flying position.

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    They Want To Feel Secure

    Because cats are natural hunters in the wild, they look for secure places when they can rest and recharge in between hunting. In the domestic setting, you are that safe haven for them. Cats are vulnerable when sleeping, so this behavior suggests that they trust you and feel secure when youre there.

    This behavior can also be traced back to kittenhood when litters would pillow on each other and on their mothers as they sleep. They are raised this way during their peak development weeks as they learn about social skills and other skills that they bring with them into adulthood.

    Why Do Cats Do That

    What Your Cat’s Sleeping Position Reveals About Their Health and Personality

    Why do cats do that? Did you ever wonder why cats blink at you, or bring you a mouse?

    How about why they act like they’re making bread in your lap or on a couch?

    Do they really get stuck in trees? How come? What’s the point of bringing you that mouse?

    We attempt to answer these and other questions here.

    Below is a collection of odd facts and interesting tidbits that describe the reasons for certain feline behaviors.

    But first, here’s a video proving what cats are really thinking…

  • Why do cats knead?The kneading or “milk treading” motion that cats make with their paws is a throw-back to kittenhood. Kittens knead their mother’s bellies in order to stimulate the flow of milk. Later in life, adult cats tend to repeat this motion when they’re very happy and relaxed. Many a cat owner has enjoyed the pleasure of a cat massage.
  • Why do cats move their catch?Cats will sometimes move their prey from where they first caught it in an attempt to eliminate competition. For example, African leopards will bring their catch up into a tree and “store” it away from scavengers and competing predators, such as lions.
  • Why do cats slowly blink at you?This has been said to be a sign that a cat is content and all is well. It’s also said that they do this when they catch your gaze. I know from my own observations that they will often blink without looking at a person or any other living creature, so it’s not exclusively for that reason.Sometimes the blink is to divert a stare…
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    Where Do Cats Sleep

    What is a normal location for cats to sleep? Cats love to sleep where they feel safe and comfortable, especially high on perches or beds where they can monitor their environment for threats from a safe height. They also love to sleep in boxes, cubbyholes, or hidden on dining room chairs. Small hiding spots are often happy, warm, cozy, and out of reach or sight of predators. Some cats also love to find a slice of sunshine and enjoy the warmth as they take their catnap.

    An Invitation To Play

    A cat that wants you to play with it may roll onto its back or from side to side and look at you upside down. Although this can look similar to a dog asking for a belly rub, most cats do not enjoy having their stomachs touched and will reward you with a scratch if you try this. Instead, try twitching or dangling a toy just out of reach of your cats paws.

    Your cat may also simply be feeling affectionate. If so, the relaxed posture and upside down look will often be accompanied by loud purring. A cat in this mood will often enjoy being pet gently between its ears or under its chin.

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    Why Do Cats Bury Their Face In Your Armpit

    Your cat may choose the underside of your arm as its nuzzling spot. This isnt the most common spot, and while this is an affectionate gesture, it can also be uncomfortable or awkward. Thats especially true if youve just gotten home from the gym or are trying to do something important.

    Like with all nuzzling, cats dont pick spots at random. If your cat is willing to force your arm up and bury its face in your armpit, it means that:


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