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How Much Catnip Can You Give A Cat

Side Effects And Precautions

What Does Catnip Do To Cats?

Catnip tea has different kinds of benefits for your baby because it is all natural. But, you cannot rely on catnip tea to treat your baby. Although it has numerous benefits, some of them are not clinically tested and it may cause some side effects for your baby.

The diuretic benefit of the catnip tea might help to boost the overall health of your baby, but at the same time, it might disturb the bedtime. It means that your baby will urinate more and it will cause discomfort.

Drinking catnip tea can also cause stomachache and headache. Your baby might not be able to tell you this, but if you suspect your baby to show some symptoms, you need to stop giving this tea to your baby.

This tea might be safe for adults, but somehow, it will be very dangerous for the baby. Even, some doctors strictly prohibit you to give the catnip tea for your baby. Before you give catnip tea to your baby, it is better if you discuss this with your doctor. You need to remember that sometimes different medication will work for your baby.

Drinking catnip tea for babies may work, but in some cases, it doesnt. Before giving your babies this tea, you need to make sure to consult your doctor to avoid the side effects. Then, you also need to learn the best way to serve this tea.

Why Do Cats Like Catnip So Much

All it takes is one little sniff.

When cats smell the catnip, they have a reaction that can be described as a high.

It makes them feel happy, excited, frisky and sometimes aggressive.

The reaction comes from the chemical nepetalactone. The reason many cats chew enthusiastically on catnip is to release more the the nepetalactone chemical into the air so they can get more of a high.

Pet professionals say catnip is a powerful stimulant and compare it to a drug.

They really cant help themselves when they get a smell of the intoxicating aroma. If you have seen the enthusiastic outbursts at the sight of a catnip toy you will understand how strongly cats are attracted to catnip.

Can Cats Overdose On Catnip Our Vet Answers

There is nothing quite like the amazing reaction many cats have with catnip. While individual cats responses to it can vary greatly, most cats will lick, rub, roll, vocalize, and become very hyperactive while playing with it! It really can make cats crazy! The effects are only short-lived, up to half an hour or so, but it can be a really fun part of interacting with your cat. Given the intense reactions that are possible with catnip, it is not unreasonable to wonder whether your cat can overdose on it. Here, we will explore the topic of catnip and answer this question for you.

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Are There Other Plants That Act Like Catnip

A recent study has demonstrated three other plants that have effects on cats similar to catnip, Silver vine , Tatarian honeysuckle , and Valerian root . None of these plants contain nepetalactone, but they do contain similar compounds.

The effects of these three plants were observed on 100 cats. Plant matter was rubbed on a sock or piece of carpet and offered to the cats. 79% responded positively to silver vine. About half of the cats responded positively to Tatarian honeysuckle and valerian root. Of the cats that did not respond to catnip, nearly 75% responded to silver vine. This research has opened the door for alternatives to catnip for those cats who are unaffected by it.

Different Forms Of Catnip

Can You Give Kittens Catnip?
  • There are many ways to give this treat to your feline friend:
  • Loose – A few pinches will go a long way.
  • Spray – Spray on her toys and anytime she needs some extra excitement.
  • Bubbles & Catnip Essential Oil – Either buy the bubbles or make your own with essential oil. Fun not only for your cat but for you, too!
  • Toys – With no mess, but all the fun of regular catnip.
  • Scratchers – These scratchers have the plant included for extra enjoyment.
  • Cookies – Try your hand at some homemade treats.

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What Does Catnip Do To Cats

The plant itself binds to a cats olfactory receptors which are responsible for sensing chemicals called pheromones. Cats can have varying responses to the plant, depending on how they are exposed.

Typically if this plant is ingested it acts as a sedative, and if its inhaled, a stimulant.

Inhalation Effects:

  • Anxiety Leaping around Rolling on the ground
  • Rubbing against the plant or dried leaves
  • Pawing at it Licking at it

Catnip Ingestion Effects:

  • Purring
  • Meowing

After exposure, these effects can last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes which is then followed by a refractory period in which your cat will not be affected by catnip.

Sounds like your cat has a substance problem, doesnt it?

NOTE: Do not use on pregnant cats, as its a uterine stimulant and could cause premature labor.

What Is The Best Way To Store Catnip What Is Catnip Shelf Life

Cats respond to catnip attractant Nepetalactone in concentrations of about 1 part per million, so there is not too much worries here. All essential oil bearing herbs will lose their potency over time. The best way to slow this process is to store your catnip is a hermetically sealed container away from humidity and direct sunlight, at room temperature. UV ray will deteriorate essential oil very fast, and humidity can create mold in the catnip over time.

Some people store their catnip in the freezer, that works too, just keep an eye for humidity content buildup!

Catnip shelf life is approximately 2 years in good storage condition .

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Can You Give Catnip To Kittens

Catnip is safe for cats of all ages, including young cats. However, you cannot expect the same results in young cats. In fact, a kitten may initially be repelled by the scent of the herb.

Sensitivity to catnip does not appear until a cat has reached sexual maturity. Usually, this is around six months.

Once a young cat has developed a sensitivity to catnip, he will show interest in the herb as well as items that are laced with oil from the herb.

Initially, you should give your cat a small amount of catnip, about a small pinch of flakes or a small drop of oil applied to his favorite toy. Make sure that you monitor your cat closely. New users of catnip tend to become rambunctious and can get themselves hurt when left unsupervised.

Over time, as your cat grows older, you will notice that he does not like catnip as much as he once did. Some older cats can even hate catnip. Do not worry, this is just normal for cats.

Are Catnip Toys Safe For Kittens

How to Give Catnip to Your Cat – Feeding Cats

Toys made with catnip are safe and suggested. Catnip may be found on almost any toy at a pet store. This is what makes felines want to play and hunt with them.

If your cat has lost interest in a once-loved toy, the fragrance of catnip has most certainly faded. This is a simple problem that you can tackle easily.

Place the toy in a container with catnip leaves around it and leave it for the night. Remove the toy in the morning and brush away any loose catnip. The toy will most likely offer your cat with a new interest.

Instead of buying pre-filled or scented catnip toys, look for refillable toys at a pet store or online. Pre-filled toys might contain low-quality catnip that rapidly loses its potency.

To ensure that the herb is always powerful enough to have an impact on your cat, fill refillable toys with excellent quality, organic catnip and replace it on a regular basis.

A clean, spare sock may also be used to construct a basic catnip toy. Add a pinch or two of catnip to the sock before tying it firmly.

Replace the catnip every week or so to keep it fresh. Alternatively, you can use a needle and thread to stitch the top shut.

Cats typically entertain themselves by playing with common household things, so keep it simple when providing your cat catnip toys. Fill a tiny paper bag with a pinch of catnip and make a tight ball for your cat to play with.

You can use these different methods to make toys for your cat to play with.

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How Early Can Kittens Be Given Catnip

Even for very young kittens who are just a month or two old, catnip isnt dangerous or harmful and it wont hurt your kitten in any way. That doesnt mean you should give catnip to a young kitten though.

First of all, as we mentioned, not all cats are susceptible to the effects of catnip. But even the cats that have this trait arent susceptible from birth. It takes a few months for the effects to emerge.

Generally speaking, your cat wont be able to feel anything from catnip until theyre three to six months old if theyre ever going to be able to feel its effects. Prior to this age, its a waste of catnip and time, so its best to just wait until your kitten is six months old before giving them catnip.

That said, if you do give catnip to your kitten earlier, it should be completely safe them, they just wont feel any effects from it.

How To Add Catnip To Your Cats Life

If your cat is at least six months old, then you can and should make catnip a weekly part of their life. Not only does it help the two of you bond, but some experts even use it as a means of controlling behavior. Pam Johnson-Bennett, for instance, suggests adding catnip if you are having many people over to your home, and your cat is generally fearful of new guests. The plant will calm them down and prevent anxiety.

You can also use catnip to engage your cat in play, which is helpful if theyre not exceptionally playful any other time. If your cat isnt taking to a new scratching post, bed, or another accessory, applying catnip to the item will attract their interest.

Keep in mind that catnip affects cats in many ways. Some cats can become anxious and even aggressive when stimulated by catnip, so dont use it when introducing a new pet or any other situation where your cat may already be stressed.

If youre interested in adding catnip to your cats life, you have several ways in which you can do so. You might prefer to grow catnip, use dried catnip pieces, or put catnip in a toy.

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Why Does Catnip Not Affect Kittens

If you have a kitten, you might have thought it would be fun to treat him or her to some catnip. This experiment will be the little furballs first time enjoying the treat, so youre excited. You make a big spectacle of introducing the catnip to your kitty.

Alas, no response. You try and try to get the kitten interested, but it just doesnt happen. Why not?

Is this because of hereditary factors like those mentioned above? Is this something you should be concerned about?

Before you panic and prematurely schedule a vet appointment, you should know that most kittens dont get too enthused about catnip in their infancy. Pam Johnson-Bennett, a cat behavioral expert, says that if your kitten is three months of age or younger, they may be uninterested and even disgusted by catnip. Theyre too young to have any sort of reaction, and youll have to wait until theyre at least six months old and then try again.

Kittens arent the only ones who dont necessarily respond to catnip or seem to have only a passing interest. The older your cat gets, the more their desire to have catnip wanes. Also, cats of any age can become gradually less affected by catnip if you give it to them all the time. Johnson-Bennett recommends limiting exposure to a single time each week and no more than that.

How Should I Give Catnip To My Cat

Giving my cat catnip

Cats can feel the effects of catnip either by smelling it or eating it. Usually, its best to let them smell it first, then eat it if they want. As youll see, your cat will get plenty of reaction just from the scent, and theyre likely to get a completely different reaction from eating it.

Catnip comes in many forms today. You can get powdered catnip that you can easily sprinkle on your cats food or on a toy, such as the Yeowww! Organic Catnip thats 100% organically-grown and free from pesticides and chemicals.

Alternatively, you could try a cat toy thats prefilled with Catnip, like this Catnip Banana Cat Toy.

Another easy option is a catnip spray like the SmartyKat Catnip Mist Spray. Its simple to apply on anything and makes less of a mess than sprinkling catnip on the floor, toys, or other items.

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Do: Give Catnip To A Cat Who Likes It

As always, once you have decided to introduce catnip to your cat, be sure to monitor your cat. They want to measure their behavior to be sure they enjoy it. If your cat seems to be enjoying itself, keep using catnip. However, if your cat becomes aggressive or behaves negatively, avoid catnip and try to find an alternative.

What Is Silver Vine

Silver vine is a plant in the kiwi family. It is also called Matatabi. The most potent form is the flower that turns into a fruit, which looks like a medium sized brown dried nut. It is then ground into powder.

The dried stems of the plant are also used as Silver Vine dental sticks.

Cat loves Silver Vine because it also contains Actinidine, a natural cat stimulant, along with the same catnip attractant Nepetalactone,. That is why about 70% of cats who dont react to catnip will react to silver vine!

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Does Catnip Work On Humans

Catnip is safe for humans to consume though there is much debate over whether it has the same effect on humans as it does on cats.

While many believe catnip does not produce the euphoric high in humans that it does in cats, according to a study in the Canadian Veterinary Journal, it did enjoy a hot minute on the hallucinogenic drug scene.

Catnip has also been used in Native American and alternative medicine treatments for everything from a cure for colicky babies to poultices for tooth pain.

Most commonly, it is recommended by herbalists as a mild sedative , to relieve migraines, and also to assist with common ailments including cramps, gas, indigestion, insomnia, and nervousness.

Can I Give My Cat Too Much Catnip Answer: No

Should You Give Your Cat Catnip? | Cat Care

Not all cats are even affected by catnip, but those that are cannot overdose on it. The reaction cats have to it reflects similar behaviors that humans experience when under the influence of certain drugs. However, catnip is not known to have any negative side effects and cats lose interest in it after a few minutes. They may experience vomiting and diarrhea if they are really given too much, but that is temporary and it rarely happens that they consume that much willingly.

The problem with drugs is normally twofold. They cause physical damage through their usage and they are addictive. Catnip does not harm your cat and is not addictive so there is no way you can give them too much.

Erratic BehaviorCatnip can cause erratic behavior in cats. Avoid giving them any if you do not like the way they behave under the influence of the herb. Cats will roll around in it and maybe eat a few bites and then afterward they will act drowsy and purr, with an expression of complete contentedness. However, they have also been known to unexpectedly hiss, growl, mewl. In same cases they may even lash out and scratch. In the interest of maintaining a friendly relation with your feline friend it may be a good idea to limit the dosage so they do not react violently while under the influence of catnip.

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Do All Cats Love Catnip

Cats are totally crazy for catnip. But not all cats respond to catnip in the same way. For some they get no reaction from it. Also young kittens sometimes dont show any sign of enjoying catnip, but that can all change when they approach adulthood. The attraction to catnip is hereditary.

Fun fact: Big cats like tigers and lions have been exposed to catnip and displayed similar reactions to our little pet fur balls. A giant lion on a catnip buzz would be very interesting to see!

Does Catnip Make Cats Crazy

When eaten, however, catnip tends to have the opposite effect and your cat mellows out. Most cats react to catnip by rolling, flipping, rubbing, and eventually zoning out. They may meow or growl at the same time. Other cats become hyperactive or downright aggressive, especially if you approach them.

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What Is The Benefit Of Catnip For Cats

When ingested, nepetalactone has a sedative effect. It is thought that this chemical mimics natural pheromones, acting on those receptors to elicit a response. Catnip has a psychoactive effect, meaning that it can make cats high for about 15-30 minutes after exposure, Teller said.

Yes Dogs Can Have Catnip

How Often Can You Give A Cat Catnip

Luckily, you have nothing to worry about if youre concerned about your dogs eating catnip from your garden or stealing it from your cats. Catnip wont hurt your dogs and it actually has many health benefits for them. If you choose to give your dogs catnip on a regular-basis, you can grow your own catnip at home or in your garden to ensure that you always have a steady supply available.

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