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What Are Taylor Swift’s Cats Names

Olivias Net Worth Is *checks Notes* $97 Million

What Are Taylor Swift’s Cats Names?

Ill give you a moment to scream into the void because, yes, Olivia Benson is a millionaire who is richer than all of us. At least, according to the 2018 Pet Rich List , which places Olivia behind Grumpy Cat, whose net worth is $99.5 million. And if youre wondering how Olivia has made so much money, apparently it has to do with her vast commercial work. Shes an ACTEUR.

And frankly, Benjamin works very hard promoting Taylors music, so he also deserves a cut:

Kay, BRB, its time for me to have a very serious conversation with my dog about how hes not pulling his weight in our personal brand.

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All Three Of Her Cats Make A Cameo In The Me Music Video

In fact, Benjamin Button was adopted on set after Swift fell totally head over;paws;heels for the;sweet feline.;;

Taylor revealed;she adopted the cat;while recording the music video with;Brendon Urie from;Panic! at the Disco.;

“;handed me this tiny cat and he just starts purring and…he;looks at me like, Youre my mom, and were going to live together. I fell in love. I looked at Brendon and hes like, Youre going to get the cat,;arent you?” she explained.

You can see;Meredith and Oliva lounging on the sofa in the video above at the 00:24 mark, while Benjamin makes an appearance around 2:10.;

Taylor Swift’s Cats Live A Pretty Lavish Life

They’re essentially no different than any of our cats though with their silly antics, strong desire for treats, and evil stares. And Taylor Swift? She’s just as crazy about her cats as we are about ours. We feel ya Tay, we feel ya.

While Taylor is pretty famous, her two Scottish fold cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, are pretty famous as well.

Where do we sign up to be part of their entourage?

Here are some photos to provide Olivia and Meredith’s newest fans with a glimpse into their daily lives!

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Taylor Swifts New Kitten Is Named Olivia Benson

Meet Olivia Benson.

Taylor Swift got a brand-new kitten, and continuing in her grand tradition of Strong Female Protagonist Cats, she named it after Mariska Hargitays Law & Order: SVU character. Since Swift will likely keep acquiring these adorable felines, can we suggest Buffy Summers, Daenerys Targaryen, Peggy Olson, and Murphy Brown as future names? Itll be good to really commit.

When Did Taylor Swift Get Each Of Her Cats

What are taylor swifts cats names, THAIPOLICEPLUS.COM

Swift got Meredith Grey on Halloween 2011 and Olivia Benson in June 2014. Swift took Benjamin Button home in 2019 after meeting him on the set of her ME! music video. She adopted Benjamin Button, a rescue described as a purr box, when the shoot concluded, saying it was love at first sight.

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Why Did Taylor Swift Name Her Cat Meredith

Merediths full name is Meredith Grey. Does that sound familiar? Well, if youre a Greys Anatomy fan, it certainly should!

Little Meredith gets her namesake from;Ellen Pompeos character on the show. There were other great names up for grabs, Miranda Bailey, Lexie Grey, and Izzie Stevens just to name a few, but Swift landed on Meredith. Mostly because Meredith is one of her favorite characters. Oh, and shes also a grey cat, so its a perfect alias.;

Meredith is an eye-catching Scottish Fold that has been a part of Swifts life since Halloween 2011. Shes the first of her feline family and thusly shoulders the responsibility of being the big sister to her adorable siblings.

According to the;Love Story;singer:Meredith is one of the best cats. She doesnt leave fur or furballs and she is never aggressive or afraid of being around people.

If that doesnt make her a desirable companion, perhaps her affinity for traveling does!

Swift Just Uploaded Several New Videos From Her New At&t Campaign And In One Of Them She Plays Around With Her Cat Olivia Benson And Calls Her Silly Names

Some of those nicknames for her cat are: saber tooth tiger cub, baby Wolverine, princess of meow-town, melting snowman, sloth, unicorn kitty cat, and magical Pegasus.

If this video is ANY indication, the old Taylor is most definitely not dead and is actually alive and well. Old Taylor is in her recording studio mumbling baby talk at her cat.

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What Does Taylor Swift Say About Cats

And dont expect her turn in Cats to be her final film performance before ascending to the Heaviside Layer, either: When asked previously if she wanted to act in more movies, Swift said sure before adding, of Cats, This was for me a really special, strange, weird, exciting experience to get to have.

Taylor Swift Shared A Video Calling Her Cat Weird Names So Clearly The ~old Taylor~ Is Alive And Well This Link Is To An External Site That May Or May Not Meet Accessibility Guidelines

this is how Taylor Swift named her cats

Taylor swift cats names. Taylor swift adores her cats. How many cats does taylor swift have and what are their names? Taylor swift has filed to trademark the names of her famous cats.

Their names are meredith grey and olivia benson. Us weekly via aol · 3 weeks ago. As a swift fan, im sure you feel like you know.

Raymond hall/gc images taylor swift isnt the only one obsessed with her cats it seems the rest of us are, too. By the way, taylor swift is my favorite singer of all times. Taylor swift’s new video features.

Taylor swift | taylor swift/instagram. If you want to read more about cats. Tmz reports that swift has applied to trademark meredith, olivia, and benjamin swift..

And of course, swift couldnt help but put cats in the no. I am her biggest fan! Taylor swift’s undying love for cats is no secret.

Here are some photos to provide olivia and meredith’s newest fans with a glimpse into their daily lives! Taylor swift loves her cats so much so that she has filed to trademark their names, and her latest addition to the family is no exception. Who are taylor swift’s cats meredith and olivia?

Taylor swift has filed to trademark the name of her newest cat benjamin button. 979,000 users searched the net. Taylor swift has filed to trademark the names of her famous cats.

Tmz reports that swift has applied to trademark meredith, olivia, and benjamin swift. related: 1 spot on her list. Her father, scott kingsley swift, is a former stockbroker for merrill lynch;

Olivia Benson

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Whats The Controversy Around Taylor Swifts Scottish Folds Cats

Research indicates that nearly all Scottish Fold cats will suffer from feline osteochondrodysplasia, a genetic condition affecting cartilage and bone. This condition is also what gives Scottish Folds their signature folded ears. The condition can cause Scottish Folds to develop arthritis, as well as hearing impairment and ear disorders. The BBC reports that in the United Kingdom, the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy stopped registering Scottish Folds in the 1970s to discourage their breeding because of the genetic mutations they suffer.

Taylor Swifts Cats: All About Their Names Breeds Ages Etc

Except for her music and cheery character, Taylor Swift can also be identified for her love of cats.

Its no shock that the singer-songwriter is obsessed together with her furry felines as effectively she needs to be, as a result of theyre lovable.

Her adoration of cats even went so far as her look within the cursed movie Cats as Bombalurina, singing Macavity.

Swifts followers have seen her cats on her social media, on her merch, and in her skilled work and are stars in their very own proper.

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First Lets Talk Names

She is Taylor Swift, of the hundreds of millions of dollars of worth, so obviously, her cats are a darn sight richer than most of us.;

And since they are rich and feline and Swifts, they have fancy names to match.

Taylor has three cats, for now. The oldest is the 2011-acquired Meredith Grey, named, after Tay-Tays favorite character from Greys Anatomy. Then she added Captain Olivia Benson to her brood in 2014, both these cats being Scottish folds. Finally, in 2019, she added a Ragdoll named Benjamin Button;

After Brad Pitt, of course!

Heres an off-duty Benson, post which a birthday cake we never want to cut!

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Olivia Taylor Swift Cats Names

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Where Did Little Olivia Swifts Name From

Olivias last name isnt actually Swift. Just like Meredith, she has her own surname, Benson. Ring a bell? If youre a fan of Dick Wolfs legal drama,;Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,;theres no way you dont know Olivia Benson.

Swift picked the name to honor;Mariska Hargitays;character on the hit NBC drama.

You have to admit, Benson is a pretty badass character. Not only does she do everything she can to catch the perp, but she also has a huge heart. The Golden Globe-nominated songstress has been a huge fan of the procedural drama forever.

During an interview with Teen Vogue, she admitted that she sits in her apartment and binges the show for hours. As far as shes concerned, her and Ms. Olivia Benson are BFFs.;;

Swift bought the Scottish Fold home in the summer of 2014 and her love for her hasnt waned a bit. Benson makes an appearance in the video for one of Swifts latest songs, ME!and even appeared alongside her cat-loving owner in a Diet Coke commercial.;

One Of The Hallmarks Of ~old Taylor~ Is How Obsessed She Is With Her Cats Olivia Benson And Meredith Grey

This new cat video is part of Swifts deal with AT&T for an app called Taylor Swift NOW that lets you stream a ton of Swift content. From their press release:

Taylor Swift NOW is the ultimate Video On Demand experience for every Taylor Swift fan. Get an inside look at Taylors life and unique content spanning her entire career. Each chapter is packed with never seen original videos and commentary from Taylor herself, as well as concerts, special events and behind-the-scenes footage.

Its good to see that the old Taylor is back, but were very confused. Tbh, Look Made You Made Me Do made us feel like we should expect a goth Taylor adorned in gold Snake jewelry.

Yeah, something like THAT.

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Swift Has A Special Cat Backpack For Her Pets And You Can Too

One of the most captivating images from Americana;was;Swift walking down the aisle of her private jet donning;cutoff denim shorts and a;cat backpack.;Note: This wasn’t a cat-shaped or paw-printed bag. This astronaut-esque pack is specifically designed for carrying cats. And this Taylor Swift-approved bag can be yours for just $52. Look at you, living like a;pop star .;;

Well If You’re A Grey’s Anatomy Fan It Certainly Should

Taylor Swift Names Breeds Of #Cats While Playing With Cats Sukkiri TV, Tokyo, Japan

SWIFTASTIC ISLAND: Taylor Swift cats name Meredith 🙂 Source:

Taylor swift adores her cats.

Taylor Swift introduces her adorable new kitten on … Source:

Taylor swift posts ‘cat lady thirst trap’ of adorable feline benjamin button.

30 Cutest Celebrity Cats Source:

Their names are meredith grey and olivia benson.

Taylor Swift Files Papers to Trademark New Cats Name … Source:

Taylor swift names her new cat olivia benson in honor of mariska hargitay’s law & order:

Taylor Swift ME! Video Easter Eggs: Dixie Chicks, Joe Alwyn Source:

According to tmz, swift has filed court documents to trademark benjamin button, the name of her newest kitten, for future merchandise opportunities.

Taylor Swift Cats Breed – Source:

Their names are merideth and indi.

Taylor Swift TRADEMARKS All Her Cats’ Names! Source:

She’s applied to put the kitty names on musical recordings, jewelry, handbags, cushions and pillows, clothing.

Celebrity Pets: Here Are the Most Hilarious Names Stars … Source:

But swift has veered from this naming convention for her new kitten, who is also the first male cat in the household .

Best Celebrity Name Story of the Week: Taylor Swift’s Cat … Source:

Taylor swift names her new cat olivia benson in honor of mariska hargitay’s law & order:

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What Breed Of Cats Are They

Olivia Benson is an off-white Scottish Fold – and possibly one of the most stylish kitties around!

When Taylor first got her, she was spotted carrying the kitten around New York with her.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Tay Tay revealed: “The kitten freaks out about being put in the cat carrier. So I was just like, ‘OK, all right, we’re gonna just do this!”

Meredith Grey is also a beautiful Scottish fold, and is slightly darker in colour. She is referred to as Olivia’s “older sister”.

Swift’s Cats Inspired Her First Major Movie Role

While Swift has a few credits on the big screen, her first main role in a motion picture came in 2019’s Cats. In an April 2019 interview, Swift told Timeshe took on the role thanks to her fur babies.

“I love my cats so much that when a role came up in a movie called Cats, I just thought, like, I gotta do this,” she said.

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One Of Her Cats May Have An Identity Crisis

In fact, Swift even managed to get some time on the Ellen Degeneres Show to speak about her cat, namely Detective Olivia Benson, named after Swifts favorite character on the show, Law & Order: SVU, played by .

Amidst the loud cheering from the audience Swift admitted that since Benson had been promoted to Sergeant on the show, things were very confusing for the poor cat, and so now at home, everyone was just calling her Dibbles because she was a scrappy little kitten.;

Talk about an identity crisis. Watch and then check out the story of Benjamin Button, the cat

Benjamin Button Was Adopted On The Set Of ‘me’

Taylor Swift catsâ names: How many cats does T Swift have ...

Swift couldn’t get enough of the the little ball of fluff after meeting him on the set of her music video. She revealed she adopted the Ragdoll cat during an Instagram Live on April 26, 2019. She was in love as soon as his handler gave her the kitten to hold.

“She handed me this tiny cat and he just starts purring and ⦠he looks at me like, âYouâre my mom, and weâre going to live together.â I fell in love. I looked at Brendon and heâs like, âYouâre going to get the cat arenât you?â” she explained.

Take a look at their instant connection in the “ME!” music video at the 2:10 mark.

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Taylor Swift Has Three Cats

She named her;first;Scottish Fold cat after the main character, Meredith Grey ,;from hit;medical drama;Grey’s Anatomy. Swift is such a fan of the show that she even asked Pompeo;to make a cameo in her;”Bad Blood” music video.;

The singer;got a second Scottish Fold;kitty in 2014 and named it after yet another TV character: Olivia Benson from the crime-drama;Law & Order: SVU. Hargitay;also;made an appearance in Swift’s “Bad Blood” video.

And just in case you couldn’t guess: Benjamin Button is named after Brad Pitt’s character in;the film;The Curious Case of;Benjamin Button.;Sadly, Pitt has yet to appear in any of Swift’s music videos.;

May 29, 2019 at 8:17pm PDT

What Part Did Taylor Swift Play In Cats The Movie

CatsTaylor SwiftCharacterTaylor Swift as Bombalurina Swift portrays Bombalurina, a flirtatious red cat that makes advances on many male cats throughout the film. The character has close relationships with fellow cats Munkustrap, Jennyanydots and Jellylorum. Swift portrays Bombalurina, a flirtatious red cat that makes advances on many male cats throughout the film. The character has close relationships with fellow cats Munkustrap, Jennyanydots and Jellylorum.


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