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Who Manufactures 9 Lives Cat Food

Lives Cat Food Ratings

9-Lives Cat Food Commercial (Morris The Cat, 1977)

Customer reviews of 9Lives cat food are mostly negative. Many cat owners cite the fact that 9Lives is corn-heavy as their reason for giving the formulas a negative review. Also, the inclusion of chemical preservatives was something many cat owners viewed as a negative factor. In general, most people seem to view 9Lives as a low-quality, inexpensive brand that doesnt provide any health benefits to cats.

Have you fed your cat any of the 9Lives cat food dry or canned formulas? Do you have feedback that could help other pet owners? Please share your review of 9Lives cat food!

Ingredient List*

9 Lives Cat Food Ingredient List

Whole ground corn, poultry by-product meal, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, whole wheat, meat & bone meal, animal fat , salmon, chicken, beef, animal digest, salt, phosphoric acid, choline chloride, titanium dioxide, potassium chloride, vitamins , taurine, minerals , red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, potassium sorbate , BHA , blue 1, rosemary extract.

Top Brands Of Cat Food

Numerous brands of cat food fill the shelves at supermarkets, pet food stores, discount warehouses, and superstores. Here’s an overview of some of the top cat and kitten food companies.

As we continue our search for the best cat food for your feline buddy, I thought I’d outline basic information for each of the companies I explore and put them here in this section.

Pet food companies change ownership constantly, it seems, with smaller companies getting swallowed by larger players. In turn, some larger players are swallowing other larger players, or parts of the larger players.

If you live in the U.S. and are like most other cat guardians, almost every product in your house can be traced back to fewer than 15 or so companies.

Guaranteed Analysis: Purina Cat Chow Vs 9 Lives

According to AAFCO, all pet food labels must provide a guaranteed analysis of nutrient content. The analysis must provide guaranteed minimum percentages of crude protein and crude fat, and maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture.

All percentages used in this comparison are averages reported on adry matter basis.

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Who Makes 9lives Cat Food

The brands dry cat food products are manufactured in Pennsylvania and Kansas. Their wet variants are made in the US, with some made in international facilities. The ingredients are sourced mostly in North America.

9 Lives offers both wet and dry cat foods. The brands dry foods come in 5 variants. Their wet cat foods are available in 4 different textures with various flavors. Read the comprehensive review below to help you pick the right food for your kitty.

The review is based on quality of ingredients, affordability, results delivered, as well as feedback from other cat parents.

You love what you see? Purrfect! Rest assured that I put these products on the list specifically due to their genuine quality and not for other reasons. I would just like to be transparent with you and inform you that FelineLiving may obtain a share of sales or other monetary compensation from the links on this page. I hope your furry friends will love these reviewed products and that it will spark joy in each pair of feline eyes!

Mary Nielsen

Lives Dry Cat Food Consumer Ratings

9 Lives Cat Food, Plus Care (55.5 oz)

Most consumers do not view 9Lives brand cat food as a healthy cat food. It is fairly inexpensive, though contains a lot of corn ingredients. In addition to this, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are used in 9Lives brand cat food formulas, which most pet owners did not like. Some cats are reported to have digestive problems, or allergic reactions to 9Lives brand cat food products.


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7 Responses to â9Lives Dry Cat Foodâ
  • Anita

    I have cats with multiple problems one with pancreatitis, one with hyperthyroid and one with diabetes. The vet has recommended for the pancreatitis a dry fat weight of no more that 17% in any food. For the diabetic, a high pfotein, low carb food and the other to just deal with his allergies . So you make any dry or canned foods that meet these needs?

    VA:F Rating: 3.0/5 VA:F Rating: -4

  • Imani

    My cat Hershey used to have really thin fur and she was kinda on the skinny side but now that i have switched her cat food to 9 Lives: Daily Essentials, she is fluffier than ever!! Now her fur is thick and velvety smooth. Her and my other 3 cats Truffles, Cookie, and Max love it to and there r really fluffy and heathy and happy as ever

    VA:F Rating: 2.0/5 VA:F Rating: -6

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    Lives Daily Essentials With Chicken Beef & Salmon Flavor Dry Cat Food Review

    First 5 Ingredients: Whole Ground Corn, Chicken By-Product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Soybean Meal, Whole Wheat

    This popular kibble is a high-carbohydrate food made primarily from plant ingredients. Note that on the bag, this food is named Daily Essentials with no mention of ingredients. With the flavors of chicken, beef, & salmon is printed in smaller text on a different part of the bag.

    There are labeling regulations dictating how pet food companies can describe their food.

    This food appears to be following regulations by using the key words with and flavor. The with rule demands that the product consists of at least 3% of the named ingredient. The flavor rule doesnt imply a specific percentage of a given ingredient, but something a little bit more vague. The product only needs to taste like the named ingredient.

    These wording details provide some clues about the formulation of the food, but well have to look at the ingredient list to learn more.

    The first ingredient is whole ground corn, which is a high-carbohydrate ingredient that cats dont need. Its followed by chicken by-product meal. Like all animal by-products, this ingredient may be either good or badits impossible to know how much of it is nourishing, bioavailable protein and how much of it is indigestible or handled unsafely. At any rate, its the only carnivore-appropriate inclusion in the first five ingredients.

    9Lives Daily Essentials is available in 3.15-lb, 12-lb, 13.2-lb, and 20-lb bags.

    Lives Cat Food Ingredients

    Its interesting to note that 9Lives advertises their formulas as being able to provide cats with the essential nutrients they lack the ability to produce naturally. The ingredients in 9Lives cat food formulas include products such as animal digest, corn gluten meal, ground corn, poultry by-products, meat meal, bone meal, salt, BHA and artificial colors. Corn products often make up the first two ingredients of many formulas, with the only meat source often being a by-product meal.

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    Which Is Better 9 Lives Or Friskies

    There is a small difference between the fat content of Purina Friskies and 9 Lives. We can see that Purina Friskies guarantees about 2.50% more fat than 9 Lives. For wet cat foods, 9 Lives and Purina Friskies provide roughly the same amount of fat. Both brands provide roughly the same amount of crude fiber.

    Is It A Nationwide Problem

    9 Lives Cat Food presents Morris – early commercial from 1969

    The NRDC said that it is unclear if the shortage is widespread or isolated to some regions.

    It is important for people to know that a product shortage does not necessarily mean the product is dangerous, the organization said. People should not feed their pets any product that is out of stock, and instead, they should switch to a safe alternative.

    Friskies Cat Food is one of the most famous brands in the market. When the company announced thatFriskies cat food discontinued, to be specific, Riskys Chicken Flavored Cat Treats, a nationwide panic ensued.

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    Lives Dry Cat Food Review

    9Lives brand cat food is currently available in four different dry formulas, as well as several different canned formulas. 9Lives advertizes their cat food products as being a good source of nutrition, as they contain Taurine and Omega 3 fatty acids. However, one could note that these ingredients are usually included in all cat food formulas. All of 9Lives brand cat food formulas contain corn, wheat, animal digest and other ingredients not usually associated with premium feline nutrition. 9Lives brand cat food is available in an 18oz box, a 3.5lb bag, a 6.5lb bag, and a large 18lb bag.

    What Other Users Are Saying

    Many people complained that the wet food wasnt useable after being open. A fresh can is necessary at every mealtime. Saving the can in the fridge causes the food to grow hard, which will likely turn your cat off from the food. Once put out, the food also grows hard quite fast. It needs to be eaten right away, which may or may not work for your situation.

    Some cats dont like the wet formula, though every cat food likely has a cat that doesnt like it. Cats are often picky, which can make it challenging to find a food that theyll eat. This doesnt necessarily say anything about the food itself.

    Many people did claim that their cat loved the flavor of both the dry and wet food. It seems to depend on the cat and their preferences. However, more people claimed that their cat loved it than those that claimed that their cats didnt like it.

    There does seem to be quite a lot of powder in the bottom of the dry food bags. This makes some customers feel a bit ripped-off, as much of the kibble isnt useable. This also speaks somewhat to the quality of the kibble.

    Many people felt that the kibble was also tiny. If you have a very small cat, this may not be a huge issue. However, larger cats may not like the smaller kibble.

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    Which Cat Food Is Better 9 Lives Or Meow Mix

    We can see that Meow Mix guarantees about 3.20% more fat than 9 Lives. In addition, 9 Lives wet cat foods also provide more fat than Meow Mix wet foods. Both brands provide roughly the same amount of crude fiber. For wet cat foods, Meow Mix typically provides a little more fiber .

    The Were All About Cats Standardrating 9lives On What Matters

    9 Lives Protein Plus Dry Cat Food  Clydes Feed

    Weve analyzed 9Lives and graded it according to the Were All About Cats standard, evaluating the brand on species-appropriateness, ingredient quality, product variety, price, customer experience, and recall history. Heres how it rates in each of those six key areas.

    We give 9Lives cat food a 31 out of 60 rating or a D grade.

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    Is Friskies Cat Food Going Out Of Business

    In September 2017, Friskies announced that it would be discontinuing all products produced from its plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It includes a series of different canned cat food flavours and a line of canned wet cat food named Feline Fine Feast.

    The decision was made because the plant did not meet company expectations for production and efficiency.

    And the answer is No But due to their sudden popularity, they decided to temporarily end production on the products. . The downtime would have been approximately 18 months, so all products could be produced at other factories where efficiency is highest.

    What To Look For:

    • A specific, named protein source like chicken, salmon, turkey, etc. The food may also contain animal organs, like chicken liver or heart these are fine, too.
    • Made with fat sources, such as oils or chicken fat.
    • Taurine is an essential amino acid cats need to have added in their food.
    • Includes added vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are important because they act as natural preservatives.
    • Contains carbohydrates from vegetable sources, like sweet potato or green peas.
    • Includes water as a main ingredient.

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    Where Is 9 Lives Cat Food Made

    The 9 Lives cat food brand is part of the Big Heart Pet Brands family which is also part of the J.M. Smucker Company. 9 Lives cat food was first produced in 1959 but it didnt really take off until the late 1960s when an animal talent scout adopted Morris, an orange tabby cat who became the spokes-cat for the brand. As part of the Big Heart Pet Brands family, 9 Lives is based in San Francisco, California. Aside from this tidbit, however, 9 Lives doesnt provide any details regarding where or how their products are made.

    How Did This Start

    9 Lives “Morris Workout” ad, 1985

    The shortage has been building for months, according to the NRDC. On May 8, the FDA issued a warning about the potential for salmonella contamination in cat food. On May 14, the FDA sent out a recall notice for all Friskies products for dogs and cats.

    The FDA is concerned that these products may be contaminated with Salmonella. People who buy and feed Friskies dog and cat food products should throw them away or return them to the place of purchase, the agency wrote in the notice.

    According to the NRDC, the FDA has received reports of more than 1,000 illnesses related to pet food. The NRDC has also reported that the problem isnt limited to a specific brand.

    While we are seeing a lot of reports of Salmonella in cat food, this is not an isolated issue, and it is affecting multiple brands and lots of different pet food products, said NRDC senior

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    Lives Cat Food Vs Purina Cat Chow Cat Food

    Dry Cat Food

    Crude Protein Comparison For Cat Food

    Protein is an extremely important part of your cat’s diet. Without sufficient protein, cats can develop a wide-range of serious health problems.

    According to our data, Purina Cat Chow guarantees 2.90% more protein than 9 Lives. Although this difference is relatively small, it’s still a notable difference.

    Crude Fat Comparison For Cat Food

    There are many ways in which dietary fat contributes to the overall health of our feline friends. Here is a short list of benefits provided by fats :

    • Fats help with the digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
    • Reduce inflammation associated with arthritis
    • Slow the growth of yeast infections
    • Prevent or reduce the likelihood of certain heart problems.
    • Aid in the development of the retina and visual cortex.

    There is a small difference between the fat content of Purina Cat Chow and 9 Lives. We can see that Purina Cat Chow guarantees about 3.15% more fat than 9 Lives.

    9 Lives and Purina Cat Chow both provide roughly the same amount of crude fiber.

    Where Ingredients Are Sourced From

    The best cat food brands source their ingredients from the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and sometimes France.

    Not-so-high-quality brands will typically source ingredients from China or other places in Asia, or they might not even say where their ingredients come from.

    Its a major red flag if a brand doesnt state where their ingredients come from, or where the food is made.

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    Is 9 Lives A Good Canned Cat Food

    5.0 out of 5 stars Breakfast for our 6- cats and they love it. We try to keep the cats on grain free dry foods after one had some health issues but they all love canned wet food and Friskies is the most popular though 9 Lives is also a good one. The Shreds have a lot of liquid at the expense of the meat/fish portion.

    Lives Cat Food Review Summary

    9Lives Indoor Complete Cat Food, 20
    • Overall CatFoodDB has reviewed 40 9Lives cat food products.Together they average 4.2 / 10 paws,which makes 9Lives a significantly below average overall cat food brandwhen compared to all the other brands in our database.
    • The 34 reviewed wet foods scored on average 4.5 / 10 paws,making 9Livesa significantly below average wet cat food brandwhen compared against all other wet food manufacturer’s products.
    • The 6 reviewed dry foods scored on average 2 / 10 paws,making 9Livesa significantly below average dry cat food brandwhen compared against all other dry food manufacturer’s products.

    At CatFoodDB, we calculate two scores for each product, each represented from 1 – 5 paws.The first score represents the quality of the ingredients in the product.The second score represents our analysis of the product’s published nutritional information.The 2 ratings are then added together to give each product a final score between 2-10 paws.For more information on our cat food analysis techniques, please .

    Please note that CatFoodDB may earn a small commission on purchases made via links on this site. Thanks for your support!

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    Who Makes Friskies Cat Food

    Friskies is an American brand of cat food and treats owned by Nestlé Purina PetCare Company, an auxiliary of Nestlé global. Friskies first came into place by Carnation Company during the 1930s as a dog food brand.

    When Friskies feline food was presented during the 1950s, it was the principal dry pet food item explicitly for felines. Nestlé procured the brand in 1985. From the 1970s to the 2000s, varieties in Friskies feline food multiplied as the opposition for customer burning was strengthened.

    A History Of Customer Complaints

    Thanks to blogging, social media, and sites like ConsumerAffairs, customers have a louder voice than ever before. A web search will give you the consumer pulse in moments.

    The worst cat food brands earn thousands of complaints. Youll know if people have found pieces of bone or metal in the food, noticed their cats getting sick after a meal, or have other negative experiences with the brand.

    Sometimes things go wrong. When your company is huge and sells to millions of customers each year, the likelihood that youll have complaints increases. In this sense, numerous customer complaints arent always indicative of a bad company. Look at the consistency of the complaints and pay attention to the brands response to them.

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