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Small Pet Tags For Cats

The Importance Of Cat Microchips Tags And Collars

How to Make Orgonite, Pet Tags for Small Animals (cats & small dogs)

Twenty-five percent of cats who go missing from their homes are never found, according to a study about lost pets conducted by ASPCA researchers. The majority of lost cats in the study werent wearing a collar or tags. Owners of indoor-only cats felt their pets didnt need them, but 40 percent of the lost cats identified in the study were indoor cats. Collars and ID tags or humane trapping could be valuable approaches, the authors concluded.

Microchips the size of a grain of rice can be implanted by the vet on any routine visit and are relatively inexpensive . Once your kitty has a chip, any vet or shelter can scan the cat for information that links back to the veterinarian who microchipped the cat and to you. This Rover article explains what you need to know about microchipping.

Unfortunately, not everyone who finds a cat knows about microchipping. Often, they just adopt the stray.

Thats why you need a collar and a tag for your kitty. Tags start at just $7, so its an easy investment that could save you days of worry and cat-hunting.

There are several types of tags out there, and each has its own appeal to cats and their humans. There are heavy-duty metal tags or lightweight plastic and silicone tags that make less noise. Some tags are reflective, which is helpful if you have a cat that goes outdoors at night or in low light.

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This item Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags – Small or Large Personalized Anodized Aluminum Pet ID Tags in Bone, Round, Star, Heart, Hydrant, Paw and Cat Face Shapes and 9 Colors for Dog Tags and Cat Tags
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4.7 out of 5 stars

The Importance Of Dog License Tags

Getting a dog license tag is something you should make sure is on your to-do list whenever you get a new dog. While the specifics of regulations vary depending on the state you are in, counties and cities all over have license requirements. Pet ID tags are a good investment for your cats and other animals as well. They make it easier for lost pets to find their way home and help authorities keep track of what pets belong to whom in the community. Dog ID tags and cat ID tags are perfect to help with your peace of mind and the safety of your furry friends.

Dog License Tag FAQs

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The Best Cat Id Tags For Helping Your Lost Cat Get Home

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Few things are scarier than realizing that your cat is missing. Visit any neighborhood social media group and be amazed by the number of local cats that manage to disappear. Its pretty much inevitable that your indoor cat will slip out of the house when a guest arrives or your curious outdoor cat will get stuck in someones garage. So weve hunted down the best cat ID tags that will help the person who finds your furry friend get them back to you quickly.

Cat Tag Cat Id Tag Personalized Cat Tag Small Pet Tags Stainless Steel 03

Small Cat ID tagPick your designSimple Cat Name TagHand ...

This beautiful shiny cat ID tag is made out of good quality stainless steel. It is equipped with a split ring to allow easy attachment. Comes in one size: S that will fit cats, puppies and small dogs.

Made out of 1 mm thick polished metal, this tag has rounded edges to ensure your cats safety. Stainless steel will not lose its shine in time and doesnt rust. Engraved design is durable.

This cat ID tag with guitar pick design will make any collar look extra special!

We can engrave up to three lines of contact information on this cat ID tag, which can contain: pets name, your contact number, address esc.

S – 19,06 mm × 19,08 mm in size. Ref 90411.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Tagme Breakaway Id Collars

Heres an affordable solution that builds the tag into a reflective collar. The highly visible collars come in packs of two and a choice of eight colors. The engraved stainless steel plate can be placed anywhere on the collar. It gets great reviews, though some people noted that these collars are a bit large for kittens under six months of age.

What Is A Cat Skin Tag

A skin tag is a fleshy skin mass that can appear anywhere on a cat’s body. They are generally composed of blood vessels and collagen and covered with skin. Skin tags are typically soft, flesh-colored bumps that are slightly raised or dangle from a stalk. Some skin tags start small and gradually grow larger while others remain the same size. Most are non-painful and benign . Benign skin tags in cats are usually only a problem if they’re in a location that bothers the cat.

The actual cause of skin tags in cats is not known, but there are several theories out there. One thought is that friction plays a role in the development of skin tags, but they do not always occur where normal friction occurs .

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Treatment Of Skin Tags In Cats


Many skin tags are harmless and do not need treatment. Some need to be removed if they are painful or irritated. Skin tags may become irritated when they are rubbing against another part of the body or a collar. Cats may also irritate skin tags while grooming themselves.

Never attempt to remove a skin tag yourself! Although some people are comfortable removing their own skin tags at home, trying to do this to your cat is almost definitely going to backfire. Your cat will be in pain and may bite or scratch you.

If you find a mass that looks like a skin tag, watch it closely. Note the size, shape, and color of the skin tag and check it frequently for changes. If the skin tag is unchanged and your cat is not showing any signs of illness, it can probably wait for your next annual or biannual routine veterinary checkup. If there are changes to the skin tag, contact your veterinarian for advice and to schedule an examination.

Your vet will talk to you about your cat’s history and perform an examination on your cat. The vet will look at and palpate the growth in order to determine the next step. If the vet thinks it is nothing to worry about, then there should be no treatment needed. If the growth seems suspicious or problematic, then your vet will recommend the next step.

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Personalized Pet Id Tags

Keep Your Dog Easily Identifiable

The ID tag on your pet’s collar helps ensure they can make their way home safely in the event you become separated. To protect your furry friend and find peace of mind, you want to choose a high-quality tag. These engraved pet name tags for dogs and cats are both fun and functional â they will accent their collar while communicating the essential information your pet needs to get home.

Create A Tag As Unique As Your Pet

Whether you have a cat or dog, your pet’s personality is unique. Their name tag should reflect that. When you have one of these aluminum pet ID tags personalized, you will have the opportunity to customize several things about the tag. These customization options include:

  • Shape
  • Size
Metal Split Ring Included

Each custom-engraved pet tag comes with its own metal split ring, so you can attach the tag to your pet’s collar or harness as soon as it arrives. The ring will keep the tag secure, and the tag’s durable aluminum construction will allow it to stand up to wear, even when worn by the most energetic animals.

Aluminum pet ID tags cost less than many options available in pet stores.

Customized Options:

  • Shape: Paw, Star, Heart, Cat Face, Hydrant, Round and Bone
  • Color: Blue, Red, Pink, Silver, Black, Purple, Green, Gold and Orange
  • Size: Small or Large


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