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How Long Does A Cat’s Heat Cycle Last

How Often Do Heat Cycles Occur

How Long Do Cats Stay in Heat? Cat Lessons

Female cats will have multiple cycles throughout the breeding season, which will differ depending on where they are geographically located, the temperature, and how many daylight hours there are.

For those countries north of the Equator, when theres typically 14 to 16 hours of daylight, cats will regularly go into heat, usually from about the middle of January to the middle of October.

During this time, as long as a cat does not become pregnant, she can go into heat at least every 2 to 3 weeks. She will continue going through the heat cycles as long as she doesnt mate or until she is spayed.

Reproductive Cycle Of Cats

The estrous cycle of cats has four stages: anestrus, proestrus, estrus, and metestrus.

  • Anestrus is when the queen doesnt come into heat, and her ovaries are inactive. In most of North America, this means from late September to mid-January. The short length of daylight, low light, and the temperature of the season are factors that suppress the heat cycles in cats during these months. However, indoor cats could be stimulated by artificial light sources, which means that they could start cycling even in the middle of winter as if it were early spring.
  • Proestrus is the stage that immediately follows anestrus. In this stage, the cats ovaries start to become active, and they form follicles. This can take anything from one to four days. No discharge comes out of the cats vagina in this period, unlike what youd see in a female dog. This is the stage at which the queen becomes restless, has less appetite, is more affectionate, and utters short, low calls.
  • Estrus is the time when the cat can become pregnant. It is the period when breeders notice classic heat symptoms such as the cat yowling. This time span can last for 10 to 14 days or more. Once again, there are no modifications in terms of the cats vaginal discharge.
  • Metestrus is what follows the estrus. Once the heat period has ended, the cat returns to her normal self and does not pay attention or accept males.

How Long Does Estrus Last

Each heat generally lasts several days with the average length being six days. If the queen is not mated during estrus, she will go out of heat for a short period of time. Therefore, the complete estrous cycle of a cat can range from anywhere between one to six weeks, with the average cycle length being about three weeks.

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How Your Cats Heat Cycles Work

A cats heat cycles consist of various stages. A females first estrous or heat cycle takes place when they hit puberty at about six months old. Depending on the time of year, your kitten may reach puberty when they are a bit younger or a bit older.

The estrous stage of a female cats cycle is technically the days that they are in heat.

Each of these heat cycles lasts about six days.

If your cat doesnt mate during this time, they will go out of heat for an average of 14 days. This is the next stage of estrous.

After this time, your cat will again go into heat for about 6 days.

On average, then, an estrous cycle lasts about three weeks. However, the heat cycle can be as long as six weeks.

During the time that your cat is in heat, you may also find various tomcats in your yard. They will spray the area with their urine to mark their territory.

The tomcats may also try to get into the house to mate with your cat, even spraying the doors of the house with their urine.

Should your cat get pregnant, they will go through a gestation period of between 64 and 71 days, with an average gestation of 9 weeks. Once your cat has given birth, they will again go into heat some two to three weeks later, once the kittens start to wean.

Does A Heat Mean My Cat Will Get Pregnant

How Long Does a Cat Stay in Heat?

If your cat mates during her heat, yes, pregnancy is a possibility, even during their first heat.

To prevent pregnancy, separate your female kitty from any male cats in the household .

Also, be sure doors and windows are secure. This will prevent your kitty from escaping to look for a mate, which will avoid not only pregnancy, but also the risks of getting lost or injured while outside.

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Your Female Cat’s Heat Cycle

The feline heat cycle has four phases: anestrus, proestrus, estrus and interestrus.

Anestrus is when your cat is not in heat and does not have heat cycles, during cold winter months. If you’re in the United States, this would typically be between late September and early January.

Proestrus comes right after anestrous, lasting just 1-2 days. It’s when your cat is coming into heat but isn’t receptive to mating yet. Your cat may become unusually affectionate, rubbing up against you or vertical surfaces around your home. She may also assume the mating position, raising her hind end and crooking her tail to the side.

Estrus is when your cat is truly in heat. During estrus, your cat can mate and become pregnant. Unlike a dog, your cat will not bleed when she’s in heat. Behavioral changes are the biggest indicator of your cat’s cycle. Your cat may yowl as though she’s in pain. She may roll around, mark vertical objects with urine, and constantly demand for attention. All of these are normal signs that will disappear when estrus is over, in about 1-2 weeks.

Cats are induced ovulators. This means they release eggs when they mate. This can happen multiple times during a heat cycle. If a cat mates with more than one male, her litter can be made up of kittens with different fathers.

Interestrus comes after estrus. Now, your cat will no longer act out mating signals; she’ll be back to her normal self. However, she will go into estrus every 2-3 weeks until the breeding season is over.

What Is Heat Like For Cats

While it’s logical to assume that a cat in heat will have the same physical symptoms as a woman having her period, the reality is very different. First, cats do not shed the lining of their uterus. So contrary to popular belief, heat should not involve vaginal bleeding. If your female cat is bleeding, contact your vet. Since human females shed the lining of their uterus every month, cramping, bloating, and related symptoms can be present. Cats do not experience cramps or other physical symptoms, despite their howling and need for attention during this time. Instead, a surge of hormones will make your cat extraordinarily eager to mate. She may rub against you, pace back and forth, and assume a mating position if you pet or stroke her. You may notice your cat loses her appetite during this period, as well, or she may lick her genitals often and mark her territory by spraying. She may also attempt to run out the door, escaping to find a mate. This is all normal behavior during heat.;

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When Is There Something Else Wrong With My Cat

If you find that your spayed cat displays some of the signs of being in heat listed above, you need to look for other reasons why your cat is acting the way they are.

These signs may include not urinating in their litter box or meowing a lot more than usual.

After checking the common reasons for not urinating in their litter box , you should take a closer look at your cat and:

  • Make sure that your cat isnt hurt If your cat is in pain, they may also try to alert you through meowing or even yowling. Check to see if you can find what is wrong before taking them to the vet. However, if you find them hiding , you can be sure that they are feeling very under the weather and they need a vets attention as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that your cat doesnt have a urinary tract infection If your cat has been spayed and they suddenly lick at their genitals, it can be a sign that they have a urinary tract infection. This can be very serious, so get them to the vet as soon as you can.

Now that you know what to look out for when your cat goes into heat and what you can do to calm them down, you can start to speak to your vet about the options you have like spaying that will not only help your cat, but also help you keep your sanity during cats mating seasons.

How To Get A Cat Out Of Heat

how long is a Cat in Heat ? | Cat Heat cycle

Multiple episodes of heat cycles can be bothersome, both to the pet and to the owner.;

If you have no intention of subjecting your female kitty to breed, having her spayed is the best way to go.

Spaying is a surgical procedure for removing a pets ovaries. When a feline ovulates, an egg is produced in the ovaries and waits for fertilization.

If the ovaries are removed, a female cat can no longer produce eggs.;

In some spay procedures, the uterus is also removed along with the ovaries to make sure that there is zero chance of pregnancy.

Generally, domestic felines reach sexual maturity by 5 or 6 months of age. This stage is the best time to spay your furry pet.

Some veterinarians also recommend pediatric feline spay which is usually done at 6 to 8 weeks of age.

During the surgery, pets are fully anesthetized so they wont feel any pain. Young or old kitties alike, they can safely undergo this procedure without implications.

The only thing that can prohibit them from spay procedure is when they have medical conditions that make it impossible to perform operations.

Having your pet spayed doesnt only prevent your kitty from getting into heat and getting pregnant. There are other benefits of spaying other than this.

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Spaying And Other Long

  • 1Spay the cat. Spaying a cat removes her ovaries and prevents the heat cycle from occurring. It prevents her from getting pregnant, and reduces the risk of certain cancers and other diseases.XResearch source
  • If you can’t afford the surgery, look for low-cost spay services. Many clinics offer this service at a reduced price because it reduces the population of stray cats.
  • Look up your area in the databases listed on the USDA website.
  • There is a small chance of leftover ovarian tissue sending the cat into heat even after the surgery. If this occurs, consult a veterinarian.
  • 2Consider waiting until after the heat is over before spaying. A vet can perform the spaying procedure at any point in your cat’s hormonal cycle even when she’s in heat. However, there’s a risk of increased blood loss at that time. The procedure is possible, but consult an experienced veterinarian for advice.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • Can You Prevent Your Cat From Becoming Pregnant

    If your cat hasnt been spayed and she lives with an unneutered male or goes out and has access to any tomcats, it is quite likely that you cant do anything to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. There are medications that can interrupt a cats heat cycle, but many of them come with side effects. One of the most significant adverse reactions to such medication would be your cats ovaries developing cysts.

    While copulation in cats typically lasts for 10 seconds or even less, its often more than enough to ensure a pregnancy. This happens because cats are induced ovulators, which means that breeding stimulates the ovary to release the eggs. Besides, most females that are in heat will repeatedly mate over one to two days, making it even more difficult for pregnancy not to happen.

    The only sure and safe way of preventing a cat pregnancy is getting your pet spayed when she has reached the age of 6 months. Doing this before she has her first cycle can prevent ovarian cancer.

    Possible complications

    If you do want your cat to become pregnant either because you breed cats or because you have found a suitable male for her, you might want to know that queens typically have little reproduction issues.

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    How Many Times A Year Do Cats Go Into Heat

    If you have a female cat that has not been spayed, your cat has probably had at least one heat cycle. If you also feel like their heat cycles seem to be never-ending, you may start to wonder how many times your cat can go into heat during the year. Heres what you need to know.

    Female cats go into heat every two to three weeks during the mating season which can last from spring to fall. Every heat cycle lasts an average of six days. Because of this quite rapid reproductive cycle, one cat may have as many as 3-5 litters in a year.

    However, cats heat cycles are also influenced by the number of daylight hours and not just other natural elements, for example, temperature.

    It is possible for especially indoor cats to go into heat year-round. This is because cats are exposed to so many hours of artificial light every day.

    If youre a new cat owner, you may want to know which signs to look out for when your cat is in heat. This will help you to make sure that your cat doesnt get pregnant and have an unwanted litter that you will need to find forever homes for.

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    At What Stage Of The Estrous Cycle Is The Cat Able To Get Pregnant

    Argh! My cat

    The queen can be bred at any time when in heat. Cats are induced ovulators, which means that the act of breeding stimulates the release of eggs from the ovaries. Most females require three to four matings within a 24-hour period for ovulation to occur. It only takes a minute or two for cats to mate, and cats may mate multiple times in a short period of time. Queens may mate with several different tomcats during this time, so it is possible that a litter of kittens may have several different fathers. Once ovulation has occurred, the queen will go out of heat within a day or two.

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    Control Of Estrus And Reproduction

    Contraception for the cat must be safe, reliable, convenient, and affordable. Surgical methods are well described, although not without risk. However, there are various reasons why surgery may not be available, affordable, or appropriate for every cat. Even if a cat is not intended for breeding, owners may have negative attitudes toward surgical sterilization. For these reasons, safe and effective methods of nonsurgical contraception are necessary. A list of drugs for control of estrus and reproduction in the queen can be found in .

    What To Expect When Your Cat Is In Heat

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    Like most female mammals, cats go through physical cycles that prepare their bodies for fertilization and birth. In humans, this cycle is called “menstruation.” In felines, it is called “estrus.” When female cats are experiencing;estrus;they are said to be “in heat” and are hormonally receptive to both intercourse and reproduction. Cats can go into heat in late kittenhood, making it necessary to spay them if a pregnancy, and the responsibility of raising and finding good;homes for kittens, is unwanted.;

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    What If My Cat Gets Pregnant

    Should your cat get pregnant, there are some signs that you will notice during the first month of pregnancy:

    • 2 to 3 weeks after mating, her nipples will enlarge and redden,
    • About a month after mating, her belly will be visibly larger as the pregnancy starts to show,
    • During the first few weeks of their pregnancy, your cat may lose their appetite or vomit often, especially in the mornings . Should this continue or they really struggle to eat or stay hydrated, you must take them to the vet.

    If youre not sure whether or not your cat is pregnant, take them to the vet for a checkup that consists of the following:

    • The vet will feel their tummy, although this is not always the best way to find out if theyre pregnant very early on in the pregnancy.
    • Your vet can also do an ultrasound to see if your cat is pregnant. This can be done from about two and a half weeks after conceiving.
    • X-rays can also be done from a certain point in the pregnancy and should show the number of kittens that your cat is carrying.

    Even if you are sure that your cat is pregnant, you should also take them to the vet for a checkup of their overall health and to make sure that their vaccinations are up to date.

    That their vaccinations are up to date is very important because some illnesses can spread from the mother to the kittens.

    Your vet may also be able to help you with someone to contact with regard to getting the kittens forever homes once they are old enough.

    Phases Of Heat Cycles In Cats

    How Long Does A Cat Stay In Heat | Spay Your Female Cat Or Find A Male To Mate Her With

    A cat goes through five phases during a heat cycle:

    • Proestrus: Only lasts one to two days; typically no change in behavior

    • Estrus : Lasting an average of seven days , this is the stage where you will see behavioral changes in your cat. This is also the stage where your cat will be receptive to male cats and can become pregnant.

    • Interestrus: This period occurs if a cat has not ovulated. It lasts 13-18 daysuntil proestrus starts again.

    • Diestrus: Occurs when a cat has ovulated

    • Anestrus: This is the absence of any heat cycle. It can occur as a result of fewer daylight hours .

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