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Cat Food To Help Constipation

Too Much Fiber: Side Effects

Kitten & Cat Care : How to Relieve Cat Constipation

Too much fiber added too fast can cause digestive tract cramping, diarrhea and excessive gas. Excessive soluble fiber eaten over a long period of time can interfere with absorption of important minerals in the diet.

Add fiber to the diet slowly and gradually increase the amount over several weeks time. If your cat is currently eating food with 2% crude fiber, you might change to a food with 5% crude fiber rather than jumping directly up to 7% crude fiber.

Nulo Freestyle Recipe Grain

Nulos Freestyle Recipe canned cat food is packed with premium ingredients so you can trust giving it to your precious cat. The formula is made with real turkey, which is also the first ingredient. The next is chicken, followed by turkey liver, turkey broth, and then tuna.

Beyond the highly beneficial ingredients that take up the lists primary positions, others include fiber-filled pumpkin and additional sources of vitamins, like tomato and dried kelp. It also has taurine in it to help keep your cats heart healthy.

The can is simple to open with an easy-pull tab and is highly palatable. It is grain-free to make it easier to digest, although beyond that, it does not include many specialized ingredients for gut health. This high fibre canned cat food is made in the U.S.A. and comes conveniently portioned.

  • Not specifically for gastrointestinal health

When To Contact Your Vet About Cat Constipation

Sometimes, constipation is caused by a serious underlying health issue, such as kidney disease . Other times, a defect in the colon or rectum makes a cat more prone to repeated or severe bouts of constipation. These are issues to address with your veterinarian. These are not appropriate for home remedies.

If at any point in time your constipated cat isnt feeling well, eating and active, then activate plan B, which is going to the veterinarian. If 24 to 48 hours of hydration, diet change and fiber supplementation doesnt create a nice, large stool in the litter box, then activate plan B. If your cat experiences several bouts of simple constipation that you have managed at home but it keeps recurring, then activate plan B.

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Homemade Cat Food To Relieve Constipation

Thankfully, homemade recipes are available to ensure your kittys proper bowel movement. Canned or pureed pumpkins have been long known as an effective remedy for constipation in cats, and are hence highly recommended by veterinarians.

Canned pumpkin contains about three percent fiber and 90 percent moisture, so it does not really act as a bulker. Instead, it provides a laxative effect when mixed with cat food.

There are many recipes you can follow that use canned pumpkins to feed your constipated cat. If you are feeding your cat with raw food, you can try the recipe below:


  • 900 grams raw meat
  • 100 grams raw liver

This recipe is really simple and straightforward. The first step is to heat the canned pumpkin. Then add the melted butter, raw meat, and raw liver. Mix it well and make sure it is served warm. As you may notice, this raw recipe includes lots of fat. The reason for this is that the high amount of fat allows for the smooth and fast passage of stool through the digestive tract.

Another way to help your kitty poop is to bake homemade pumpkin treats. Cats love this recipe, so you will not have a hard time feeding this to your pet. Just like the first recipe, these pumpkin treats are also high in fat for easier passage of stool. Here is how to do it:


  • 4 ounces canned salmon, without oil or salt
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons avocado oil

Causes Of Constipation In Cats

The 5 Best Cat Foods for Constipation In 2021

Constipation may occur regardless of the cats age and health status. Cats are notoriously poor drinkers and, especially when fed a dry kibble diet, they are at higher risk of developing constipation. Any condition that leads to dehydration can also lead to constipation. Being sedentary and overweight are also risk factors. There is a very serious condition that can occur in overweight, middle-aged cats, called megacolon. Other issues that can lead to constipation include:

  • Hairballs or ingestion of foreign material
  • Pelvic pain or pelvic injuries resulting in a narrowed pelvic canal
  • Avoiding the litterbox
  • Breed, especially Manx

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Nulo Canned Wet Food For Cat Constipation

The best-canned cat food for constipation is grain-free, so Nulos Canned Cat Food is a very good choice. They have many flavors of cat food like beef and lamb, chicken and herring, duck and tuna, and many more.

They offer complete grain-free cat food without corn or wheat. Its quality nutrition helps cats thrive as healthy and free creatures of the wild. Nulos food comes in minced and shredded recipes to fulfill the preferences of cats.

Having animal-based crude proteins, your kitten will be full of energy to do all the running and jumping they want to do. These activities will further help their digestion and decrease the chances of constipation.

Moreover, this high-quality cat food cures constipation in cats. In addition to that, they give much more content than other brands and make them tastier for our beloved catastrophes. It is one of the best canned cat food for constipation and is highly rated, values for money cat food.

To conclude, we think this is the overall Best Cat Food for Constipation



  • This canned food does not have added probiotics for enhanced reduction of constipation in cats. However, the food in itself is sufficient enough to stop your cats constipation.
  • There is the absence of immunity-boosting vitamins like C and E in the Cat food.

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Constipated

Cats normally visit the litter box at least once every 24 to 36 hours. More infrequent defecation may be one obvious sign that your feline friend is suffering from constipation.

Other symptoms linked to constipation are:

  • Vomiting
  • Presence of blood in the stool
  • Signs of distress or pain in the abdomen
  • Lack of appetite
  • Defecating small, hard, or dry stools

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Heres A Preview Of Our Most Popular Recipes

Besides being nourishing, Untamed recipes are also super tasty and irresistible to even the pickiest eaters. Here are some popular gravy and jelly formulas:

  • Tuck-in Tunatuna whole meat, fish broth
  • Chocka Chickenchicken breast, chicken broth, chicken liver
  • Full-on Fishy in Gravytuna whole meat, fish broth, sardine, mackerel
  • Chocka Chicken with Duck in Jellychicken breast, chicken broth, duck

If you want to give our products a go, fill out our online questionnaire, and we will prepare a personalised menu for your feline companion. Tell us about your pets age, food preferences, or sensitivities and order a starter pack at a special price with no additional shipping fees!

The goods will arrive every month around the same date. You can also pause, skip, or change the order from your account whenever you like.

Untameds Chocka Chicken in Jelly is pawsitively scrumptious and great for the tummy!

Image Untamed

When To Speak To A Veterinarian

Constipation in a cat. Why, what and how to treat and avoid.

With laxatives and stool softeners available over the counter, it might be tempting to try treating your constipated cat yourself without a veterinarian.

Mild cases of constipation may resolve with over-the-counter laxatives, especially if you try to reduce your cats stress and increase their water intake. However, because constipation can quickly become a vicious cycle, its essential to seek veterinary advice sooner rather than later.

If your cat hasnt passed any feces at all for two days, you should contact a veterinarian. If your cat is straining and in distress, you should speak to a veterinarian right away. Its useful to remember that the symptoms of a blocked bladder can be very similar to constipation, and this is a medical emergency. Therefore, if you are uncertain whether your cat is passing urine, its best to get them checked over by a veterinarian.

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What Is Megacolon And How To Treat It

Megacolon is a medical term for the dilation of a feline’s colon. When it occurs, the organ can expand up to three times its normal size. The stretched muscles of the colon are unable to contract and push the excrement out of the digestive tract, resulting in an obstruction. Its one of the more common causes of constipation in cats.

The condition can be brought upon by:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Hairball accumulation
  • Strictures

In case the exact cause remains unidentified, the correct term for the condition is idiopathic megacolon. Its pretty common in senior cats but can also happen to younger felines.

The clinical signs of an enlarged colon are:

  • Straining and painful pooing
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Tender abdomen
  • The most accurate way to diagnose megacolon is with a thorough physical examination of both the abdomen and the rectum. Your vet will run a series of tests, including X-rays, ultrasound, and a colonoscopy. Theyll most likely take blood and urine samples as well.

    For treatment, your cat will probably have to take stool softeners and laxatives. In addition to medication, your vet will also recommend a special cat constipation diet rich in fibre, moisture, and animal protein.

    In more advanced cases of idiopathic megacolon, the organ is removed in a surgical procedure called subtotal colectomy. The aftermath of the intervention is increased bowel movement and softened stool. Since the anal sphincter isnt affected by the surgery, your cat wont lose their faecal control.

    Merrick Purrfect Bistro Indoor Senior Chicken Recipe Canned Cat Food

    Our Top Pick for the Best Cat Food for Seniors with Constipation: As your cat gets older, his metabolism slows down and so does his body. You may also find that your senior cats digestion slows down, making him more prone to constipation. This Merrick Purrfect Bistro Indoor Senior Chicken Recipe Canned Cat Food is a great high fiber cat food for constipation that is uniquely formulated for senior cats. This recipe features fresh chicken as the main ingredient with grain-free carbohydrates to ensure digestibility. Overall, it provides 2.5% crude fiber and 81% moisture, and it is supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals to ensure complete and balanced nutrition.

    • Pros: Formulated for senior cats, fresh chicken as main ingredient, grain-free digestible carbohydrates, rich in fiber and moisture, blend of omega fatty acids for skin and coat
    • Cons: Contains some plant protein , main source of fat is plant-based

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    How To Choose The Best Cat Food For Constipation

    If your cat is having frequent problems with constipation, your vet may recommend that you find a new cat food that is friendly to cats with constipation. However, with so many wet cat foods out there, how do you know which one is best or that will work for your cat?

    We get it. Theres a lot of noise out there and it can be hard to identify products that are going to work well for your cat and you. Your cats health is the priority, and there are other factors that youre going to want to know as well before you commit to cat food.

    Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Gastroenteric Formula/ Naturals

    Best Cat Foods for Constipation in 2021 + Supplements

    Not only is this food designed to help cats with gastrointestinal conditions, but it also supports urinary health. Purina Pro Plan tastes great and is specially formulated to be easily digestible. An ideal solution for cats with gastrointestinal conditions.

    Its high in protein while also being energy-dense, allowing for optimal nutrient absorption.

    Purinas Naturals food has all the same benefits as the Gastroenteric Formula food but makes use of high-quality ingredients without any corn or wheat. This food is also free of artificial colors and flavors

    You will need a veterinary prescription to purchase this food.

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    Etiology Of Feline Constipation

    The pathophysiology of feline idiopathic constipation is incompletely understood but is most likely multifactorial contributing factors include dehydration, GI neuronal signaling, and GI-microbiome interactions. An in vitro study showed that the colonic contractile response to neurotransmitters is less in cats with end-stage disease than in healthy cats.17 Studying cats with megacolon limits the ability to interpret whether dysmotility is the underlying cause of disease or secondary to chronic distention. The same study found that decreased contractility was not related to decreased colonic muscle mass and that smooth muscle histopathology was normal.17

    A recent study found that, in cats with constipation of varying severity, GI pacemaker cells were decreased, numbers of myenteric neurons were decreased, and myenteric neurons were degenerate.4 Together, those findings suggest disordered enteric nervous system stimulation rather than a primary muscular disorder, which enables selection of therapies that could improve response to enteric nervous system signaling.

    Additional evidence supports a self-perpetuating process, wherein retained feces become progressively dehydrated as a result of normal colonic water absorption.18 Recurrent constipation contributes to permanent distention and dysmotility.2,10,19

    Weruva Cats In The Kitchen Grain

    Weruva is a relatively unknown brand that prides itself on creating cat food with a home-cooked flavor that your cat will love. This formula is meant to provide them with all the nutrition that they need while giving them a taste for something slightly different. It is called Kitchen Funk In The Trunk Chicken in Pumpkin Consommé.

    The formula is entirely grain-free, meaning it is free from difficult-to-digest ingredients like wheat, corn, and rice. It is made with a lean chicken breast and has wholesome pumpkin added as a primary ingredient. Each bite gives your cat high protein levels from the chicken and healthy sources of fiber from the pumpkin.

    The formula is meant to be perfectly balanced to give your kitty a healthy blend of vitamins and minerals. It also includes taurine, which should be an essential ingredient in cat food to keep their heart healthy. It can be served as a whole meal itself or added as a tasty topper on kibble. There are zero starches in it, nor GMOs or ingredients with MSG.

    • Wet food tends to be more expensive than dry

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    Best Cat Foods For Constipation In 2022 Reviews & Top Picks

    Cats with constipation benefit from a high fiber, moisture-rich food that contains a good source of probiotics. Typically, this means feeding wet food to get things moving again, but there are hundreds of cat foods on the market. The food also needs to be palatable, otherwise, it will sit in the bowl until you empty it and find an alternative.

    Below, we have included reviews of ten of the best cat foods for constipation, including food for cats at different life stages, owners on any budget, and some dry foods for those felines that cant stomach wet food. Choose the one that best meets your needs or read our buyers guide for tips on what you should be looking for.

    Systematic Food Trial For Your Constipated Cat

    Importance of INdigestibility in Cat Food – Raw Cat Food and Constipation

    Its impossible to know which food is best for your individual pet without trying it for a couple of weeks. Some do better with high fiber foods while others thrive on low-carb diets.

    As for how to choose which food to try first, start with wet cat food thats higher in fiber than the current food. You can use dry kibble with similar qualities if you absolutely have to.

    If there is no improvement after 2-4 weeks of eating 100% of the new food, move on to low residue cat food for 2-4 weeks. If that one fails to get things moving, a hypoallergenic prescription diet is the next stop in this experiment.

    To summarize, the best cat foods for constipation are preferably a wet version of food from one of the four categories mentioned above. Change to the new food gradually over 7 days and continue feeding it for at least 2-4 weeks.

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    Nutrition And Feline Idiopathic Constipation


    Dr. Jugan is an assistant professor in small animal internal medicine at Kansas State University. She received her veterinary degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She completed an internship at Texas A& M University and a residency in small animal internal medicine at The Ohio State University. Her research interests include canine and feline chronic gastrointestinal diseases and therapeutics targeting the GI microbiome.

    Constipation is characterized by prolonged gastrointestinal transit, associated with dry stool and difficult or absent defecation.1 Although cats of all ages and both sexes can be affected, middle-aged to older male cats are over-represented.2-5 Constipation can occur secondary to local GI or systemic diseases . After predisposing causes are excluded, the diagnosis for an estimated 60% to 70% of cats is idiopathic constipation.16 Cats with recurrent constipation require lifelong therapy some with refractory disease need periodic hospitalization or surgical intervention. This article describes the diagnosis and medical management of feline idiopathic constipation, with a focus on nutritional strategies.

    Best Food For Constipated Cats Options

    A simple dietary adjustment can do wonders for your cats constipation. Choosing the right cat food will depend on the reason for their constipation.

    After all, if theyre having tummy trouble because of high fiber, a food chock-full of fiber definitely wont help.

    Here are my top cat food picks for constipated kitties:

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