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Cheapest Place To Spay A Cat

Which Other Organizations Provide Spay And Neutering Services

Huge Feral Cat Neuter

Animal Humane New Mexico


  • Spay or neuter services are offered to qualified low-income clients by appointment only.
  • Costs for cats are $50 for males and $55 for females.Costs for dogs are $75 to $140 based on weight and gender.* If a pet is pregnant, in heat, or encounters unforeseen complications, the cost of surgery will be more.
  • Proof of income and a picture ID are required at pre-surgical exam
  • All sources of income must be provided for every member of the household.
  • Payment is due at time of drop off.
  • Please withhold food from your pet after 10 pm the night before surgery leave water available all night.

Street Cat Hub

Offers help with trapping and surgeries for unowned street cats

For Bernalillo County residents:

What It Means To Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

Spay means to surgically remove the ovaries of a female animal and neuter means to castrate a male animal, thereby making it impossible for them to reproduce. This process is sometimes referred to as fixing or sterilizing as well. It is a very safe, common procedure and vital to controlling the animal population in our community.

Where You Can Go

The Winnipeg Humane Society is NOT a public veterinary clinic. We recommend you seek out a local veterinarian to fix your cat. It is a good way to establish a relationship with a doctor who will be very important in your animals life. Veterinarians can be found in the phone book or online. The cost is reasonable, and it will pay off in the long run. If you absolutely cannot afford to see a veterinarian, you can email our Subsidized Spay and Neuter Assistance Program at: to see if you quality. No phone calls please.

The Winnipeg Humane Society is the City of Winnipeg Animal Service Agencys service provider for cats in our community. The services include:

  • Stray cats in Winnipeg
  • Low cost spay & neuter program
  • Emergency pick-up

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How Much Does It Cost To Spay Or Neuter A Pet

The price to spay or neuter a pet will vary based on several factors, such as weight, breed, species, and age .

To give you a better idea of the ranges you might encounter, here are a few examples of spay and neuter costs for dogs and cats throughout the U.S. They include low-cost options such as nonprofits and voucher programs.

Spay/neuter base price for dogs

$289 $225

Keep in mind the above prices may not include everything associated with your pets surgery, so you may end up paying more when the bill comes due. For example, you may have to pay a general examination fee or pay separately for medications used during your dog or cats surgery.

Organizations That Serve Multiple Counties

Spay Neuter Network will fix your dog or cat for dirt ...

Athens Regional Spay and Neuter Center

1781 Mars Hill Road, Watkinsville 706-353-CATS ext 6 serving Oconee, Clarke, Madison, Oglethorpe, Barrow, Morgan, Gwinett counties. Web: www.athenshumanesociety.org Cat Neuter $35 Cat Spay $45 Dog Neuter $55 Dog Spay $65 Feral Cats $35. *Current rabies is required otherwise a $7 rabies vaccine will be given.

Carroll County Humane Societys West Georgia Spay/Neuter Clinic

678-840-8072 Email:.Web: www.westgeorgiaspayneuter.com Located off I-20 in Villa Rica, which is located between Carroll, Douglas, Paulding, and Haralson Counties

Friends of Animals

1-800-321-PETS Spaying and Neutering Certificates may be purchased on-line. Or to order by mail, call the 800 number and request an application. Web: www.friendsofanimals.org/spaying/cover.htm, Cats male $61, female $85. Dogs male $74, female $110, National Website: friendsofanimals.org/spaying/htline.htm. Vaccinations, if required by veterinarian, are not included.

The Georgia Animal Project

770-704-PAWS , Web: www.theanimalproject.org : E-mail:

Georgia Department of Agriculture Spay and Neuter License Plate Program

404-656-3680, Ext. 3623 Georgians who want to participate in the program may also download the files and take them to their Vet, if he/she is licensed/accredited and participates in the program. Or, they may E-mail at the following address and a participating Vet will be found in their area. E-mail: , Web: www.agr.georgia.gov

Pit Bull Rescue Central

Spay Georgia

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Why Was The Eligibility Of The Program Limited

The low-cost spay/neuter clinic was specifically targeted in order to have the most impact in our community. Specifically:

  • Barn cats: GHS consistently see barns filled with dozens of cats, whose owners recognize the overpopulation problem but cannot afford multiple spay/neuter surgeries.
  • Community Veterinary Outreach clients: There is a constant wait-list of Community Veterinary Outreach clients with cats and dogs who would benefit greatly from subsidized spay/neuter surgery. Community Veterinary Outreach helps to provide veterinary care for pets whose owners are homeless or are vulnerably housed. To learn more, or to inquire about becoming a Community Veterinary Outreach client, visit the Community Veterinary Outreach website!
  • Are There Any Low

    Yes, but the availability of low-cost spay and neuter options will depend on your individual circumstances and location. The Humane Society provides a database of national and state-based financial assistance programs for pet owners. There are also state- and county-based programs that may be able to help, particularly in areas where cat or dog overpopulation is an issue.

    And the ASPCA has free and low-cost spay and neuter options in select locations that may be of interest:

    Cats: $35 or $50 Dogs: $65

    Its important to know, however, that you may have to show proof of low income or that you receive government benefits to qualify for some low-cost options. There might be other requirements to qualify, like animal age and species as well as your pets health. Some clinics will only work with animals in good health.

    Keep in mind, if theres a lot of demand for the services or you live in a remote area with only one clinic, you may have to put your pet on a waiting list. That extra wait time for a spay or neuter procedure can lead to an unexpected pregnancy or a roaming male animal. Make sure to supervise your pet at all times when theyre around other animals or outdoors until theyve been spayed or neutered.

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    Why Should I Care About Spaying Or Neutering My Pets

    Every year, thousands of animals are born into short lives of suffering and death in Albuquerque because people did not spay or neuter their pets. There are simply not enough homes for the dogs and cats that are born because of this type of neglect.

    Spaying and neutering provide health benefits in addition to preventing litters. Spaying helps prevent uterine infection and breast cancer, which is fatal in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats. Neutering can prevent testicular cancer if done before 6 months of age. Neutering also reduces roaming, and nuisances such as foul odors in spraying by cats. It can reduce aggressiveness and fighting among both dogs and cats.

    Under most circumstances, it is against the law in Albuquerque to own a dog or cat unless you have it spayed or neutered. There are programs that can provide the services at no charge for low-income and moderate-income residents. There also are programs that will help you arrange for the free spay and neuter of the street cats in your neighborhood, to help control the cat population while providing humane treatment of the animals.

    How Can I Find Low

    Where’s the cheapest place to spay and neuter in Nepal? #Rs.2500forspay #Sterilization

    The Petsmart Charities database is a good place to start looking for low-cost options near you. You may also want to see if there are any local, county, state, or breed-specific programs that could help cover the costs. Or, if youre taking in a feral cat, there may be free and low-cost programs available as well.

    Another option to consider is vet schools: They may run low-cost clinics for individuals with low incomes. If you arent near a traditional low-cost option, like a clinic, pop-up option, or animal welfare organization, contact your local veterinarian. See if they offer any discount programs or if theyd be willing to arrange a payment plan.

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    Take A Look At Cats Protection’s Regional Neutering Campaigns To See If You’re Eligible For Free 5 Or 10 Neutering Offers In Your Area

    Stray cats may also qualify for assistance where exhaustive efforts have been made to find an owner. The regional campaigns are ongoing while funds allow.

    Don’t worry if you are not in any of these areas. We offer support with branch-specific funding and campaigns as well as assisting with national neutering.

    Use our postcode tool to find your local Cats Protection branch, or call the neutering helpline on 03000 12 12 12 and choose option 2 for more information.

    What Do I Need To Bring With Me At The Time Of My Scheduled Voucher Appointment

    • Driver’s license or official ID card
    • Proof of low-income or moderate-income status, unless you sign and submit an affidavit swearing that your income is within the figures listed on the table above for low income or moderate income.
    • Proof of vaccines within the past year if you do not want your pet revaccinated. Proof is a rabies certificate, not a pet health record.
    • An alternate contact number for the microchip registration: someone who has a different phone number than yours. If your pet is already microchipped, please tell us.

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    How Do I Obtain The Free Spay Or Neuter Service Voucher

    Qualified low-income and moderate-income residents who reside within the City of Albuquerque with DOG and CATS who have no medical issues:

    • Apply to the Spay/Neuter Lottery anytime in English or Spanish.
    • If your application is selected during an upcoming lottery, you will be contacted by AWD via phone and email.
    • You will have one week to respond to AWD and claim your voucher. If you do not respond within one week, you application will be put back into the pool of lottery applicants.
    • Proof of qualifications including ID, proof of residence, and proof of income eligibility MUST be presented at the time of your appointment.
    • Vouchers are subject to the participating veterinary decisions about the condition of the dog.
    • Vouchers surgeries are performed at a private veterinary clinic who are partnering with AWD. Citizens may incur additional costs not covered by AWD, including additional charges for non-routine surgery, antibiotics, or testing. AWD cannot cover these costs, they are the responsibility of the citizen who owns the animal receiving surgery at the time of services.
    • Residents are reminded that the City of Albuquerque Free Spay/Neuter services are for City of Albuquerque residents ONLY.
    • If you reside outside the city limits in Bernalillo County, you may obtain a spay/neuter voucher by visiting the Bernalillo County Animal Control Office at 3001 2nd St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105.

    When To Spay Or Neuter Your Pets

    Cheap Fix Clinic Saves Lives with Low

    It is generally best to perform dog or cat neutering or spaying when animals are young and healthy. Healthy pets can be sterilized as young as 8 weeks if they weigh more than 2 pounds, but dogs are commonly spayed or neutered anywhere from 2 to 9 months. Most shelters will perform cat and dog neutering and spaying as close to 8 weeks old as possible so the pet can be adopted into their forever home as soon as possible.

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    Is Spaying More Expensive Than Neutering

    Spaying refers to the procedure to remove a female pets reproductive organs. Neutering procedures remove reproductive organs from male animals. In general, it tends to be more expensive to spay a pet than it is to neuter one. Thats because neutering tends to be less complex.

    Spaying involves opening your dog or cats stomach to access the animals reproductive organs. Male sex organs are more accessible because they are on the outside, making the procedure less invasive. So, neutering is faster and requires fewer resources. But thats only one factor that can impact costs.

    Nhs Spay & Neuter Center

    The Nebraska Humane Society Spay & Neuter Center is dedicated to providing you and your pet with affordable, high-quality spay and neuter services. Our center is staffed with highly-trained, caring individuals who will treat you and your pet with the utmost care and respect. Due to Covid-19 we do have some social distancing procedures to follow so check in and check out may take a bit longer. We appreciate your patience!

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    What Are The Factors That Can Impact The Cost Of Spaying Or Neutering

    Your pets age, weight, size, and existing conditions may impact the cost of their spay or neuter procedure. In fact, many vets and clinics charge different rates depending on the weight of the animal. And anything that may complicate the procedure will often incur its own fees as well. For example, if your male pet has a condition where a testicle has not descended, its a more complex surgery that will cost more.

    Your dog or cats spay and neuter appointment might also include other preventative services that impact the cost. You may see the following listed as separate fees on your final bill:

    • Microchipping

    • Required vaccinations such as rabies

    • Flea, tick, and worm preventative medications

    Its best to ask what is included in the quoted cost up front. That way youll be able to gauge whether or not the figure is accurate, and you can budget accordingly.

    How To Get In Contact With A Free Spay And Neuter Clinics For Cats Near Me

    Cheap spay surgeries in January working to prevent overpopulation of cats

    In order to get in touch with the spay clinic, you need to rely on Google. You can search on google and you will be provided with a list of spay and neuter clinics near me. There are many organizations that host various stay clinics too. You can contact those organizations too in order to get access to a clinic. These types of clinics are mostly available state-wise. Each state has a different agenda when it comes to neuter and spay clinics.

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    How To Take Care Of Your Pets Post

    Following neuter or spay surgery at Petco, your pet will need time to recover. This helps them avoid complications that can require further treatment. Here are some tips to help your cat or dog through their recovery period:

    • Make sure your cat or dog refrains from strenuous activityincluding running and jumping for at least two weeks or for as long as instructed by your veterinarian.
    • Find your pet a quiet place indoors to rest, free of other animals that can cause distractions or excitement.
    • Avoid bathing your pet for at least 10 days following the operation.
    • Check the incision and stitches daily to ensure that the incision is healing and not infected.
    • Prevent your cat or dog from licking the incision, as this can cause infection. You veterinarian may recommend using a recovery cone.
    • Follow any instructions on administering medication or other at-home care from your veterinarian.

    If you see any redness, swelling, discharge, popped stitches or an open wound, or notice any lethargy, decreased appetite or diarrhea, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

    Low Cost Spay/neuter Programs In Florida

    In addition to the low cost spay/neuter services The Cat Network provides, periodically, we are asked if we are familiar with other low cost spay/neuter programs in Florida. We have compiled this list, but please keep in mind that it is not complete. If you are interested in finding a low cost spay/neuter program in your area, we suggest doing a search online.


    Humane Society of Greater Miami

    North FacilityNorth Miami Beach, Fl 33160305-696-0800

    They provide low cost service at both locations.

    Animal Welfare Society

    Dream Lake Animal Clinic 225-3116

    These clinics have a limit of two free spays or neuters per household. Must be a recipient of Medicaid andbring card and photo ID.

    VCHS, a non-profit low cost Spay/Neuter service offers male cat neuters for $25.00 and rabies vaccines for $7.00. Please call 305.202.0545 to make appointment. Drop offs are at 9 am and pick ups at 5 pm. The surgeries are performed at either of the two clinics listed below:

    Veterinary Care Clinic

    2330 SW 67 AveMiami, FL 33155

    Veterinary Care Clinic also has all of the other vaccines at low prices. It is open on Saturdays, 3:30 6:00 pm for vaccinating only. No appointments needed.


    They provide affordable spay/neuter services for domestic or feral cats.

    Humane Society of Broward

    This service of the Humane Society of Broward provides low cost spay/neuter on their van.

    Broward County Animal Care and Regulation1870 SW 39th Street

    DPC Vet Hospital

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    Subsidized Spay And Neuter Assistance Program

    Low income families can apply for the SNAP program to get their cats, dogs or rabbits spayed or neutered for a discounted rate.

    SNAP is open to low income families and individuals. The program is based on:

    How many family members reside in the household

    The total gross earnings for spouses, partners, and/or guardians combined

    If the family is on Social Assistance they automatically qualify, but must provide their 6 digit case number.

    There are many ways to qualify, so e-mail: to see if you do .

    You will be required to provide proof of household income or proof of social assistance in order to participate in SNAP.

    We recommend that your pet be spayed/neutered any time after the age of four months and ideally before the first heat.

    Subsidized spay and neuter surgeries are also available for dogs and rabbits living outside of Winnipeg. While not part off the SNAP program, out of Winnipeg participants may qualify for spay and neuter surgeries according to their household income.

    SNAP Fees within the City of Winnipeg*:Dog Spay: $115


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