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Best Urinary Dry Cat Food

Best For Overweight Cats: Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Urinary Care For Cats

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Obese cats are at a higher risk for a myriad of health issues, including those connected with urinary health. But in addition to treating their urinary problems, you should also try to help them get the weight off. Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Urinary Care for Cats is formulated to do both: this prescription diet promotes healthy weight and optimal pH urine levels. The low-kcal kibble has low levels of fat and is also enriched with L-carnitine which supports weight loss, and at the same time, it has controlled mineral levels and the addition of DL-methionine to acidify your pets urine and prevent crystals and stones from forming. Grain-free and protein-packed it is made with deboned chicken as the first ingredient and has a savory flavor that your chubby kitty will like. The trick is that the formula also has increased fiber levels so your pet will feel fuller for a longer time, which essentially puts a stop to overeating, even though it tastes great.

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Best Dry Cat Food For A Lustrous Coat

The best dry food for cats has more to offer than just nutrition some help with a little kitty glamour, like a more lustrous coat. Did you know your cats coat is composed mainly of protein? If a cats diet lacks adequate, high-quality animal protein, their coat may be more predisposed to falling out or being dry, weak and brittle, says Dr. Bernal. She suggests Wellness CORE RawRev . The recipe contains one of the highest protein amounts sourced from animal-based ingredients and optimal amounts of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. This combination ensures that a cats coat both looks and feels great. The purring you hear while hes grooming may not be contentmentheres why cats really purr.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Urinary Tract Health Best For Urinary Health

Purina Pro Plan has developed this food to protect your cats urinary tract. If youre looking for the best Purina cat food for urinary tract health, this food has been formulated to produce a low urine pH, which Purina has proven reduces the occurrence of some crystals in the urine. This means its less likely that your cat gets the most common types of bladder crystals or stones. They also reduced sources of dietary magnesium this should reduce the chance of struvite crystal formation.

Although this diet has lots of great benefits, its not a replacement for a prescription diet, which can actually treat urinary conditions. If your vet recommends a prescription diet that your cat wont eat, you should ask them for alternative suggestions to ensure your cat is still getting the benefits they need. Its also often best to increase water intake for cats with urinary issues, so a wet diet is preferable to a dry one.

Whilst the vast majority of cats do not need to gain weight, elderly cats or those recovering from illness may benefit from extra calories to regain condition. And just giving them extra portions of their usual diet wont necessarily be enough- sometimes their tiny stomachs cant take in all the nutrients they need unless the food youre feeding is calorie-dense. Kitten food is higher in calories and can be fed to adult cats for a short time to help them gain weight.

  • Not suitable for long term feeding

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Iams Proactive Dry Cat Food Best For Indoor Cats

Does your feline friend remain indoors most of the time? If so, then Iams Proactive Health is one of the best dry cat foods for your little lion.

Since indoor-only cats tend to have weight issues, this food for indoor felines assists with weight control. Additionally, the formula helps to reduce instances of vomiting because of hairballs. This is made possible due to beet pulp, a natural laxative that does not cause diarrhea, but aids with the reduction of hairballs.

The chicken contained is protein-rich to ensure your cat enjoys strong muscles, whilst boosting your cats energy.

For those with exclusively indoor cats, grab a bag of Iams to tackle any indoor-related health issues.

Best Overall Dry Cat Food: Dr Elseys Clean Protein

Purina ONE High Protein Dry Cat Food, Urinary Tract Health Formula, 22 ...

Dr. Elsey started producing cat litter in 1987 with the goal of helping cats stay in their home by preventing inappropriate urination. They still make great litter today and theyre still focused on helping cats by donating their litter and other resources to shelters in need.

Theyve also made their way into the world of cat food with their exceptional line of protein-focused recipes featuring chicken, turkey, salmon, duck, or rabbit-centered recipes.

But what makes them deserve the spot as the best overall dry cat food?

Their focus on high-quality proteins that are perfect for your carnivorous cat! If you include gelatin then all 5 of the first ingredients are animal-based ingredients. Thats almost unheard of in dry cat food.

This focus on carnivore-friendly ingredients gives them an exceptionally high protein content of 67% by dry matter and a carbohydrate of around 9%. Again, youre not going to see protein and carbohydrate content like that in many other dry food brands.

Additionally, at the time of writing, Dr. Elseys brand of cat food has never been recalled.

It also helps to know that theres a real person who actually cares about cats behind the brand. Before he ever got into cat food or litter, Dr. Elsey started a feline-only veterinary practice in Denverso hes the real deal when it comes to caring about cats. That doesnt guarantee great food but it does give me a little peace of mind.

1. Chicken

2. Dried Egg Product

3. Pork Protein Isolate

4. Gelatin

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Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Formula

  • Made with real chicken protein
  • Inexpensive wet food
  • Small cans
  • Does contain by products

Pro Plan Adult Urinary Tract Health Formula Chicken Entree Canned Cat Food is made with real chicken.

It is specially formulated to help support the feline urinary tract system, and bolster your cats key protective systems the immune system, digestive system and skin & coat systems.

All while it meets all the energy and nutritional needs of a healthy cat. Each serving provides 25 essential vitamins and minerals plus taurine, an amino acid, to help support overall health and wellness.

Best Dry Food For Mama Cat And Kittens

Nourish mama and her kitten with Iams Proactive Health Kitten food . Even though the label says kitten, this food has the whole kit and kaboodle of healthy ingredients for a momma cat and her kittens. Chicken is the primary ingredient in this protein-rich food which helps support pregnancy and kitten development. Omega-3 DHA and vitamin E support strong immune systems, skin and bones, as well as brain development, says Dr. VanDuzer.This tasty, small bite food can be continued during nursing and until she has weaned her kittens and the kitten can also eat the food.Heres what you need to know about essential oils and your pets.

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Purina One Indoor Urinary Tract Health Cat Food

This is a cat food designed for indoor cats from Purina. Their ONE formula reduces urinary pH and is low in magnesium, two things that help cats with urinary tract concerns.

The crunchy kibble doubles up as being good for teeth and digestive systems, along with the urinary tract formula to reduce the risk of stones and crystals.

Choosing between brands is difficult. If you have a fussy cat that likes his food, one of the selling points from Purina is the flavor .

Made with real chicken they say its a winner in the taste tests. It has a good all-around balance of nutrition, one of the best offerings on the market and worth considering.

Faq To Cats Urinary Tract Health

Top Shelf Dog: Restaurant-Quality Dog Food

Here are some frequently asked questions about treating a cats urinary tract problems.

While you can optimize your cats water intake and diet via specially formulated cat foods for urinary tract health, not all UTIs will just wish themselves away.

To reduce your cats discomfort and suffering as much as possible, always consult a veterinarian. The UTI might be a side effect of another underlying illness.

It is best to visit your veterinarian to treat your cats UTI. You just dont know if the UTI is worse than your cats symptoms lead on. Also, to effectively eliminate your cats urinary infection, oral antibiotics will likely be administered.

However, you can help treat your cats UTI at home holistically by adding a 1/4 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar to your cats water bowl. The acidity can help break up any present UTI crystals and disinfect your cats urinary tract.

Apple cider vinegar also supports healthy bacteria like a prebiotic, which will help replenish healthy bacteria in your cats gut.

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How Much Moisture Is In The Cat Food

Whats the percentage of moisture in the cat food youre considering? The higher the number, the better for your kitty. More moisture means your cat will urinate more. Increased urination will flush out any crystals that may be trying to form in your cats urinary tract. Canned cat food has a higher moisture content than dry.

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Hills Science Diet Dry Cat Food

This happens to be one of the costliest ones on the rundown of best dry cat food for urinary health. However, you wouldnt fret a little cost for the exceptional quality that you are getting. Hill is one such brand that makes premium quality feline nourishment and addresses the requirements of grown-up felines with/without medical problems. This exceptional formula is made for felines with hairball issues. The primary ingredients are chicken, wheat, corns feast, pork fat, and cellulose. It additionally contains nutrient enhancements including the nourishment and omega unsaturated fats for skin and coat of the cat.


Where to buy it:

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Our Top 9 Picks For Best Urinary Cat Foods

  • Works to lower urinary pH levels
  • Contains low levels of magnesium
  • Made with high-quality salmon and meats
  • Fortified with minerals and vitamins
  • High moisture content

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Purina Pro Plan Focus is specifically formulated for urinary problems. It is a great urinary cat food non-prescription substitute. This low-magnesium formula works to reduce urine pH levels and help maintain overall urinary tract health.

Made with high-quality protein sources like real salmon, and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals Purina Pro Plan Focus promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

This soft paté contains small, chewable pieces and a high in moisture content to keep your cat hydrated and improve their urinary health.

Besides salmon, Purina Pro Plan offers a variety of other flavors including ocean whitefish, beef, chicken, and turkey, and giblets. Purina Pro Plan is sold in packs of 24 cans.

  • Helps to dilute already formed crystals and bladder stones
  • Reduces the likelihood of crystals and bladder stones forming
  • Prevents peeing outside the litter box
  • Lowers ion concentration in urine
  • Increases urine production

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet is best for adult cats with urinary crystals. The manufacturer developed this formula to support urinary tract and bladder health.



Wysong Uretic Dry Cat Food

Fromm Cat Food For Urinary Health

Are you looking for urinary cat food on a budget? If yes, this Wysong Uretic Dry Cat food might be your answer. Wysong has earned itself a special place in the pet food niche with its commitment to quality foods, and this food is a testimony to that.

The food is natural, nutrient-dense, and contains balanced minerals that help to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections. Although this food has a low price tag, its formulation is remarkable and would no doubt fit a higher price.

When preparing the food, Wysong excluded excess minerals that are associated with mineral crystals in felines. Furthermore, the food contains methionine, which helps to prevent bacteria from sticking on the urinary tract cells. You will like this formulation because it also helps to reduce other fungal and bacterial infections.

As well as helping to keep urinary tract infections at bay, the food is also rich in vitamins from wholesome veggies and fruits. These vitamins work with omega fatty acids, and antioxidants to help keep the cats immune system in top condition.


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Hills Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control Dry Food

Again, with this dry variation of the Hills Science Diet Urinary & Hairball cat food, you get much of the same benefits as with the Royal Canin.

You get more for your money, a longer lasting product, and the same nutritional value. Its down to you to ensure your cat has a constant supply of fresh water and that theyre drinking it, something which some owners find hard to accomplish.

With Hills dry cat food, you get a considerable amount more for your money than you do with the Royal Canin, but the reasons are much the same as they are for the wet foods reviewed above.

You still get the same increase in fiber content that the wet food offers, and an optimal level of magnesium to help correct any imbalance in your cats urine pH levels.

As with all Hills products, there are no artificial colors or preservatives, just healthy natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids .

Its one of the best dry cat foods out there, and the added benefits of dissolving urinary crystals and hairball reduction make it a food worth trying for any loving owner.

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Ur St/ox Urinary Formula Dry Food

For cats that fancy dry food, this Veterinary Diets UR St/Ox Urinary Formula Dry is an irresistible treat. Like other foods from Purina Pro Plan, the food is formulated to help promote better health of urinary tract health in felines. It encourages your canine to take more water, helping to keep the problem of bladder stones away.

Another notable thing about the food is that it helps to raise the acidity of the urinary system, dissolving the crystals that could have formed in the bladder.

Because of its low level of magnesium, and balanced minerals, vets recommend this food as one of the top options for all-round health of the urinary system protection.

In addition to helping your cat keep its urinary system in top shape, this food also supplies all the nutrients that the feline needs for good health. It contains essential vitamins, including vitamin B-12 that supports healthy metabolism and antioxidants that help to reduce toxins in the body.


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Best Wet Cat Food For Urinary Health

  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Urinary SO Canned Cat Food
    • Great for all cat life stages, and its purrfect for different breeds
    • The first ingredient is organic chicken for plenty of natural protein
    • Uses fruits and vegetables for fiber and easier digestion
    • Fortified with lots of useful nutrients, this is a natural recipe that targets your cats urinary system but still promotes overall health and
    • Its a hit with picky felines!


    • None, this is a very popular formula with cat owners and a great recipe for pets with FLUTD.
  • UroMAXX Urinary Tract, Kidney & Bladder Formula for Cats
    • Glucosamine for urethral lining support
    • Vitamin C for urinary health


    • We cant find any! This seems like a wonderful addition to any urinary diet.

    What Does The Best Urinary Cat Food Contain

    buy best IAMS Minichunks Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken

    Prescription recipes focus on alleviating your cats discomfort, using specific ingredients and formulas to prevent the problem from recurring. But what are those special ingredients, and can kitty still have a balanced diet?

    Heres the truth: prescription recipes wont always contain the most natural ingredients. Therefore, you will have less choice when youre restricted to shopping for veterinary formulas but your cats health should always be your #1 priority. You will sometimes need to settle for a kibble with the odd animal by-product or filler if it means protecting your cat against painful and potentially fatal urinary conditions.

    Warning aside, the best urinary tract cat food usually contains:

    • Regulated mineral levels to support good urinary health
    • This generally means balanced magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium to prevent crystal buildup
    • Ingredients to lower your cats urine pH and
    • Controlled calories overweight kitties are generally more prone to developing FLUTD.

    Ready to look closer at the best urinary cat food brands? Lets see!

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    Best For Weight Loss: Blue Buffalo Weight Control Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

    Weight: 1 pound| Form: Dry | Flavor: Chicken & Brown Rice | Life Stage: Adult

    • Bag isn’t resealable

    If you’re looking for dry cat food to support weight loss, we suggest Blue Buffalo Weight Control. It’s developed with an optimal blend of animal protein and calories, which helps your pet achieve and maintain an ideal body mass. Real deboned meat is the first ingredient. After that, you’ll find brown rice, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, vegetables, fruit, and vitamins. The round kibble contains a blend of specially-formed bites that are processed with less heat, which the manufacturer says helps preserve the nutritional value of the ingredients.

    “The food is entirely free of corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, and preservatives. It also meets the nutritional standards established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials , meaning that itâs a well-balanced and complete meal.” âNick Ingalls, Product Tester

    Weight: 11.9 pounds| Form: Dry | Flavor: Cat & Kitchen | Life Stage: All

    • 85 to 90 percent animal-derived ingredients

    • Expensive


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