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Cat Litter What Is It

Studies And Ftc Ruling

Pretty Litter Cat Litter Review (We Tested It for a Month)

Biodegradable bags seem like a great idea, but unfortunately, they dont always perform as they should. In a 2019 study conducted by the University of Plymouth, researchers took five kinds of plastic bags and exposed them to air, buried them in the ground, and submerged them in the sea for three years. Three years later, the biodegradable, oxo-biodegradable, and conventional plastic formulations were still strong enough to carry groceries after being in the soil or the marine environment. This raises a lot of questions about whether these biodegradable bags can actually deteriorate enough to make them a viable substitute for standard trash bags.

According to a press release put out by the Federal Trade Commission in 2015, manufacturers and marketers of dog waste bags were told that their biodegradable, compostable, and other environmental claims may be deceptive. Do your due diligence before buying compostable bags. You can look up ASTM International standards to figure out the level to which plastics are biodegradable make sure the poop bags you purchase meet their strictest criteria.

Positive Customer Reviews For Pretty Litter Cat Litter

I love it. Its light. Easy to use. Gato took to the change very easily. It let me kno in the middle of the month with a slight color change to blue that his urine was becoming more alkaline. Not good. We were able to take action and change his diet accordingly. Youve made believers out of us. Shelley V.

Its great, I have a small in-home Sphynx Cattery, with 4 large litter boxes, I transferred two over to pretty litter and the cats are using them instead of old litter, very little tracking and no smell, light weight so easy to clean boxes instead of heavy clumping. Beth C.

How Much Does Pretty Litter Cat Litter Cost

A single 6-pound bag of Pretty Litter retails for $22 on the company website. Depending on how many bags you purchase at one time, you may receive a discount.

For example, two bags cost $40 and three bags costs $60. Expedited shipping is always free.

Pretty Litter frequently offers discounts and promotions, plus you can contact the company via email to ask about bulk discounts. Even so, Pretty Litter is fairly expensive.

Its also worth noting that one bag may not be enough to fill a large litter box and may not last the full month in a multi-cat home.

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Cats Pride Unscented Complete Care Litter

This is a super-fine clumping clay litter, both lightweight and easy for cats to dig in. A win-win! Christine Sellers, the veterinary advisor at Cat Person, agrees. My go-to litter for my five cats at home and my top recommendation for my clients is Cats Pride Complete Control. The clumps are not too sticky and dont adhere to the box when scooped daily. And its lightweight.

Scratch Off Spray Paint

What is Cat Litter Made Of?

Spray paint can be extremely difficult to remove, especially from paved surfaces. So, if you find yourself needing to remove spray paint from the sidewalk, you may need some help from cat litter. Just grab some litter and a scrub brush to get started.

First, youll want to clean the concrete as best as possible, by using a strong soap solution, a broom, and water. Once all the dirt has been removed, you can start getting to the paint. Make a paste of kitty litter by mixing it with water in a one-to-one ratio.

Apply the paste to the concrete. Rub it in gently with a scrub brush, especially if its a rough concrete surface. Then, after its been sitting for a six to eight hours, use the scrub brush again, this time scrubbing hard. Rinse away the litter, then repeat as needed until all the paint has been removed.

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Is Inhaling Cat Litter Dust Harmful

Have you ever gotten an accidental whiff of cat litter? Whether you are scooping the litter or pouring a new batch into the box, its easy to become engulfed in a cloud of cat litter dust. Not only can we acknowledge taking in accidental whiffs of cat litter dust, but we are also constantly exposed to microscopic particles that are present in the air.

Even when we are unaware, we are inhaling cat litter.

Anytime we inhale something in the air around us, we give it a direct path to our lungs. With litter containing known carcinogens and irritants, it is extremely concerning to know that these chemicals can sit within our lungs. With multiple ingredients in cat litter having the ability to make us ill down the line, it is clear that breathing in cat litter dust is harmful to humans and cats alike.

What Can You Do

Switch your litter!

Marina Michaels from has a list she recommends as alternatives for you to get instead. Looks like it was last updated around the mid-2000s.

Were all going for a clumping, non-clay litter thats scoopable Now understand, these options dont control odors 110% either even though thats what it might state.

Also, understand that I will mention types of litter that doesnt clump but are still great for your cats.

But for a quick recap for what she recommends: Clump and Non-Clump

1.CareFresh Its soft bedding that will definitely soak up the urine and states #1 in order control.

2. FelineFresh These are the pine pellets that are biodegradable/flushable. (Although, I would still just throw them out.

You dont want to run the risk of clogging your plumbing or septic tank.

This litter doesnt clump but will turn into like a sawdust form that you can carefully remove.

  • Absorbs 4X more odor-causing liquid
  • No dust and no tracking
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • Pine neutralizes odor on contact
  • Longer lasting than clay litters
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Feline Fresh cat litter is clean, sterile and safe for pets

3. sWheat Scoop This is the litter I personally use for my 4 cats but in the process of changing to Feline Pine.

I switched to this while doing the research for this article. The cost is more but Im ok with it for my peace of mind.

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What Is In Cat Litter

If youre a cat parent, cat litter is probably the Number 1 feline necessity in your home other than cat food, of course. But as critical as it is to everyday life with your kitty, you may not know whats in it. In fact, you may have even asked yourself: Is the litter I buy completely safe? How do I know which type is best? Are there environmentally-friendly varieties? Can I make my own?


Cat litter comes in a wide variety of materials with bases made from everything from clay to corn to crystals. Heres the scoop on some of the most common types of cat litter:

Clay-Based Cat Litter

Cat litter is a fairly modern product. Even though cats have been human companions for nearly 10,000 years, it was only this past century that we started bringing them indoors with us fulltime. Prior to World War II, cat parents used boxes of sand or furnace ashes as indoor toilets for their felines but that solution proved undesirable. Housewives of the 1940s were none too enamored with cats tracking ashes or sand through their homes, says the ASPCA.

Fortunately, an effective solution was discovered shortly after World War II. A businessman named Edward Lowe recommended that a neighbor fill a box with absorbent, granulated clay a mineral Lowes fathers company used as an industrial absorbent. The neighbor found that the clay was successful in absorbing her cats urine, as well as at reducing both tracking and odor.

Bentonite and Silica for Clumps

  • Newspaper

Cat Litter Buying Guide

A Guide to Cat Litter in Australia // Review of The 5 Common Materials

In order to choose the best cat litter for you and your cator cats, its important to compare the different types of cat litter and their benefits.

The chart below will help you make a decision about which cat litter is right for your feline family member:

Litter Type
– May be more expensive than other litters- Some cats may not like the feel of crystal litter on their paws

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The Best Cat Litter Is Easy To Clean

Clumping cat litter is usually the easiest to keep clean and dry, but not all clumping litter works equally well.

Some products create soft blobs that crumble when you scoop, and others yield firm clumps. You dont want to feel like youre scraping chunks out of a bowl of cookie dough. The clumps should be cohesive, firm, and easy to remove.

If your litter creates loose, crumbly clumps and leaves chunks of waste behind after every scooping, think about finding a better litter. Move on to another product that creates firm, beautiful clumps.

If youre using a non-clumping product, it must do its job well. Any non-clumping litter should be insanely absorbent and not completely saturated after a days use.

How To Safeguard Against Toxoplasmosis

While the numbers show that you’re unlikely to catch toxoplasmosis from your cat’s litter tray, if you’re pregnant then you won’t want to do anything that could risk the health of your unborn child, no matter how long the odds may be. So, what can you do to keep yourself and your baby safe?

The most certain approach is to get someone else to clean the cat’s litter tray. That way you can be sure you won’t be coming into contact with contaminated cat poo, and as an added bonus you’ll be spared the hassle of cleaning out a litter tray for a good few months a double win!

Sadly that may not be an entirely practical approach for some, but that’s okay because with a little care you can still minimise the risks by wearing disposable gloves whenever you clean out the litter tray, and of course wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Another way to prevent toxoplasmosis infection is to go the extra mile in keeping the cat’s litter tray clean. The Toxoplasma gondii microbe can take a couple of days to become active after it hits the dirt, so to speak, so if you make sure to wash the litter tray with hot water daily, you’ll seriously reduce any risk of infection. To ensure you’re doing it properly, see our guide to how to clean litter boxes.

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My Cat Ate Litter What Should I Do

Has your cat eaten some litter? Are you worried the litter will make your cat sick? If so, then youve come to the right place!

In this article, weve put together some information about cat litter and whether or not it can make your cat sick. Lets get started!

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The Cat Litter Industry Is Constantly Innovating

Best Clumping Cat Litters

Almost 40 years after the advent of Kitty Litter, biochemists made a discovery which revolutionized cat litter into the scoopable substance that is most popular today.

In the 1980s, they recognized that sodium bentonite clays propensity to expand in contact with water made it the perfect cat litter ingredient.

Although traditional non-clumping clay litter still has a following, its clumping clay litter that leads the pack.

Its the most popular type in North America and Europe by a large margin.

In the 1990s, silica gel crystal cat litter hit the market, offering a lower-maintenance solution.

Despite its strengths, however, silica gel crystal litter hasnt caught fire the way that clay litter did.

Recently, natural and biodegradable cat litter emerged from the underground.

Celebrity cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy reflects on the changing biodegradable litter scene:

Early in my career, when I recommended a change to my cat guardian clients, the cost was prohibitive, they had to conduct a bit of a scavenger hunt to find it, and, sadly, the clumping and odor control was just not up to the standards they were used to.

Today, natural and biodegradable litter is not exclusively for the impractical granola vanguard.

Our options are diverse and a number of the products available are both effective and affordable.

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Treatment Of Intestinal Blockage In Cats

At the vets, they will perform a complete physical exam of your cat. This will include lab work and x-rays . The images will help the vet see where the cat litter is inside your cats digestive tract.

If the litter is still in the cats stomach, the vet may induce vomiting or perform an endoscopic procedure to remove the cat litter from the cats stomach. Another option is to use gastric lavage to wash the cat litter out.

However, if the cat litter has made it to the intestines, then your fur baby may require emergency surgery to remove the blockage.

In most cases, if a cat receives prompt medical care, she will make a full recovery. The vet may also try to determine why your cat is eating litter and treat the underlying cause, too.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Clumping Clay Litter

Despite its ability to outperform the competition in so many areas, clumping clay litter isnt perfect.

The key to its strength is also its greatest weakness.

Because clumping clay litter expands when it comes into contact with moisture, the risk of clogged plumbing makes this one product you should never flush or pour down the drain.

Because clumping clay litter typically has small granules, it tends to track more than other types of litter.

Like other clay products, clumping clay can be dusty.

The silica dust can lead to respiratory issues.

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Management Issues With Litter Boxes:

Whats going on with my cats bowel movements? He wont use the litter box if he doesnt feel at ease in it. Its also a good idea to have the litter box within easy reach. If you dont, you wont want to use the litter box at all. Litter box issues include, but are not limited to:

If you dont clean the litter box on a regular basis, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

In the absence of separate litter boxes for each cat, many cats may refuse to use the same litter box. As a result, ensure that each cat has a separate and additional one-liter litter box.

If, in the cats opinion, the litter box is getting too small.

if the cat has difficulty accessing the litterbox.

Because of the litter boxs hood and liner, the cat does not want to use the litter box.

In spite of the fact that the litter box is deeper, cats may not be able to use it. Cats prefer litter boxes that are one to two inches deep.

For more on common feline illnesses, continue reading this article.

Fresh Step Simply Unscented Cat Litter

Sustainably Yours Cat Litter Review (We Tested It For 2 Weeks)

Fresh Step is my go-to brand, shares Sarah Wooten, a veterinarian who works with Pumpkin Pet Insurance. Cats have moderately sensitive noses. While the research is mixed as to what cats prefer, my recommendation for unscented is also based on hygiene. A person may not clean a litter box as often as needed if there is perfume covering up the smell.

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Remove Smells From Old Books

Another thing cat litter can deodorize is old books. Although the smell of old books can be intoxicating in a good way, some vintage tomes take on a less-than-desirable odor. To reduce or remove that smell, you can place these books in a closed container with some cat litter for a few days.

This trick can also be used with other vintage items like clothes. If you sell vintage items regularly or are having a garage sale, taking this simple step to make your items smell better can help you sell more things, and more quickly.

What’s The Greenest Way To Dispose Of Cat Litter

  • MA, Southern Studies, University of Mississippi
  • BS, Advertising, University of Texas
  • University of Tennessee

Treehugger / Ellen Lindner

There are multiple green and eco-friendly ways to dispose of cat litter, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Because of the wide variety of cat litters, the different wastewater treatment and sewer systems in each municipality, and the difficulty in composting cat waste, there isnt one solution that will work for everyone.

Youll first need to research what kind of litter will work best for you and your fluffy friend. Litter these days is made out of a wide range of materials, from potentially toxic to all-natural materials. Youll then have to decide how you want to dispose of the litter.

Cat waste is different from dog waste. If not properly disposed of, cat waste has the potential to be hazardous to you and the environment. Being a green pet owner isnt always easy, but its important to be aware of every option before you purchase cat litter in order to make the most sustainable decision.

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When Was Cat Litter Invented

Remember: cat litter has helped transform the way we live with our cats.


Cats have been a part of human society for at least 4,000 years.

Since the advent of grain storage, these small predators have been hunting and purring their way into our hearts and homes.

Yet it wasnt until the last century that we had any consistent means of providing indoor toilets for them.

In the attempt to trace the history of cat boxes and litter, youll find a surprising lack of documentation on feline potty habits before the creation of the first commercial cat litter.

We can speculate that the trivial matter of cat waste wasnt worth anyones paper and that using an indoor cat box was directed by common sense and word-of-mouth wisdom.

Pet historian Kasey Grier observes that:

As I did research on these early versions of cat-box filler, I was struck by how little anyone talked about it. Even a 1903 volume on breeding and showing cats, whose author was obsessed with cleanliness, failed to offer specific instructions for creating and keeping a sand box.

Though we cant place a date upon the first usage of a cat toilet box, we know they existed before the creation of the first commercial cat litter.

By the early 1940s, progressive cat people could purchase the E-Z Klean Kitty Toilet a heavy porcelain pan lined with waterproof disposal sheets.

Charmingly, the toilet came with a decorative screen to keep kittys powder room private.


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