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Cat Person Cat Food Reviews

Smalls Cat Food: Our Verdict

Cat Person Cat Food Subscription Review: We Tried It

So heres the bottom line

After researching how Smalls is sourced and made, without question, it is one of the healthiest cat food options around. While you will have limited options compared to other cat food brands with several flavors, the all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, and freshness cant be beat. While Smalls costs more than the typical canned cat food variety, the fact that its delivered to your door is a definite plus and may also be worth the budget. Just be aware that if you switch cat food to Smalls , there will be a transition period where your cat may eat very little of it. Theyll come around.

Nom Nom Cat Food Review

Many people start looking for kibble alternatives when their pet starts having health issues. And the same went for Nom Nom co-founder, Alex Jarrell. Her pup had severe immunity issues that led to many hospital visits, but no long-term solutions. Alex eventually switched her dog to a fresh food diet and was amazed at the health transformation. She and her co-founders hope to bring the same benefits to other dogs and cats through Nom Noms fresh food delivery service.

These Treats Are Packed With Good Stuff

This is a special holiday recipe for your cat, but that doesnt mean these treats lack essential vitamins and minerals. Just four ingredientsand no grain, gluten, or dairymake up this easy-to-make, all natural treat. They are:

Nutritional Yeast. Instead of cheese, your cat can enjoy the special flavor of a little ingredient called nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that has a salty cheddar cheese flavor and yellow color. Good for human and kitty consumption, nutritional yeast is often used sprinkled on top of cat food to help finicky cats eat its also a source of amino acids and B vitamins.

Egg. Eggs are a great of protein and fats and are also rich in vitamins A, D, choline, biotin, and essential amino acids for cats. The fat in yolks can also prevent or decrease hairballs in cats. Egg whites contain avidin, a protein that binds with biotin, a B vitamin. According to studies, too much egg white could cause a biotin deficiency in your cats diet because the avidin in egg whites binds with the biotin a cats body naturally makes, causing a deficiency. So, avoid feeding your floof egg whites without the yolk unless discussed with your vet for other dietary reasons.

  • Yield:714 individual treats 1x
  • Diet:Gluten Free

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Are Cat Owners Happy With The Cat Person Cat Food

Most of the cat owners have given it an excellent rating of 4.6/5 stars out of 278 reviews. They approve of the product because of the following reasons:

  • The product is easy to order and a prompt return service with 100% return policy.
  • It increases the cats vitality.
  • Stools are firmer with insignificant odour so easy to clean.
  • It is a value food which is convenient and less time consuming.

So, overall it is an excellent choice for those cats that require a high protein diet.

How Much Does Cat Person Food Cost

Cat Person Cat Food Review

You can try out a starter Cat Person subscription for $20, originally $37.50, which will supply you with enough food to feed your cat for two weeks. Otherwise, prices vary depending on the size of your subscription, taking into consideration how many cats you have and how much they eat.

For individual food products, the Cat Person food price for wet food is $7 for five cans, while dry food is $11 per 2 lb bag. You can delight your furry friend with the $16 carton of 14 treat pouches.

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Whats Great About Nom Noms Fresh Cat Food

Nom Nom is dedicated to providing meals with the right nutrition for your cat and heres how they do it:

  • All ingredients are USDA-approved and human-grade. Meaning its even good enough for you to eat!
  • Meals are gently cooked so that maximum nutrition can be maintained.
  • There are no harmful hormones, preservatives, fillers, meal protein, or animal by-products that are often found in commercial cat food.
  • With the help of specialists like veterinary nutritionists, microbiologists, and geneticists Nom Nom ensures that their meals are balanced and optimal for cat health.

How Much Does Smalls Cat Food Cost

Every customer gets a week sample pack containing 5 packages of fresh food about 23 meals discounted by 25%. This puts the total price at $33.75, or about $1.50 per meal.

Unlike some other fresh pet food companies, Smalls doesnt portion out your cats meals according to his body weight. Instead, the company sends out a monthly shipment that they deem appropriate for your cats needs.

Depending on your cats size and calorie requirements, Smalls fresh food will cost between $1.00 and $3.50 per day. The most expensive plan contains freeze-dried and fresh food for about $4.90 per day.

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Tiki Cat Born Carnivore Chicken & Herring Ingredient Summary

All 6 of the first ingredients are animal-based protein sources which instantly helps this food stand out as one of the better dry cat foods available. The Born Carnivore line from Tiki Cat also comes in at a reasonable price point. That makes it a great option for cat owners that want to feed a high-protein kibble without spending a fortune. You can .

What Is Cat Person Food

Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food Review (We Tested It)

Cat Person food is a meal plan subscription for your cat. You can conveniently receive meals catered to your cats liking once a month. Alternatively, you can also purchase cat food by the cart without subscribing to a plan. On top of selling clean cat food, Cat Person offers additional accessories, including bowls, beds, treats, and toys to buy for your furry little friend.

The companys motive is to connect with your cats specific requirements and accommodate them accordingly. Cat Person began because its founders believe regular pet stores overlook the needs of cats, almost treating them as small dogs. The brand chooses to focus on the entire anatomy of cats to understand them on an intricate level. With this understanding, Cat Person can design food and products that will benefit felines more than ever.

The company prides itself on using straightforward branding without excessive fine print and labeling. It aims to provide cat owners with peace of mindknowing whats in their cats food, serving them high-quality diets.

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I’m On The Fence About Cat Person

I’m on the fence about Cat Person. I have two cats and one loves wet food and one only likes dry food. Both cats like the dry cat food. The Chicken & Turkey, and the Salmon & Tuna flavors. The kibble is very small. Neither cat liked the wet food, they smelled it but would not even taste it. I just donated the rest to the local animal shelter. However, both cats love the cat treats in the pouches. All of the flavors. It does have a strong odor but I think they have oils in them, they are very runny. I know cat food can be stinky. The customer service is prompt and helpful. My biggest complaint is the shipping. It takes forever to receive the products. Twice I placed an order to ship on a specific day but it didn’t even ship until a week later, and taking a week to arrive, leaving me with no cat food and having to go to the store to buy different cat food in the meantime. And like several reviews about excessive packaging I agree, I may get one item in a large box.

Reply from Cat Person

Best For Cats On Special Diets: Chewy


Why We Chose It: Chewy is a marketplace for pet supplies, but its subscription service allows you to pick whatever food works best for your cat and have it delivered every month.

  • Few raw or organic options

  • No custom offerings

Chewy is an online marketplace filled with nearly any pet product you could ask for. For cats on special diets, it’s a great choice because you can find nearly any type of food imaginable. With nearly 3,000 wet and dry options, Chewy is the best choice if your vet has specified a certain diet for your cat.

Shipping is free over $49 and will arrive within one to three business days. You can purchase over-the-counter pet food options or prescription-only cat foods which allow your vet to send in a script so you can get a veterinarian diet delivered directly to your door. Prices will vary based on the food you select, but Chewy offers economical options as well as higher-end selections.

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What About Vegan And Vegetarian Cat Food

Its understandable to have misgivings about the impact of the livestock industry and the amount of meat used to produce pet food. While we dont recommend any vegan foods, you can learn more about them in this article.

Many cats seem to do well on vegan food. A combination of plant ingredients and synthetic additives are capable of, at least according to our current understanding, recreating the mix of nutrients your carnivore requires. But it may be foolish to believe that we can recreate a perfect facsimile of the nutritional profile found in cats prey. Doing so may lead to unexpected nutritional deficiencies or overloads.

Has Smalls Ever Been Recalled

Cat Person Cat Food Review

In June 2021, the founder of Smalls posted a statement on the companys website explaining that several recipes had been voluntarily recalled. This recall affected select Fresh Chicken and Fresh Turkey products labeled as:

  • Ground Bird, Chicken Recipe
  • Ground Other Bird, Turkey Recipe
  • Smooth Other Bird, Turkey Recipe

The recall was issued after Smalls received feedback from several customers who received products that looked spoiled and had an unusual odor.

The company has thoroughly investigated its inventory and sent out samples to an independent lab for testing. As of June 2021, we dont have specific details on what happened or whySmalls is still investigating.

As of yet, Smalls hasnt received any reports of illness related to the products affected by this recall.

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What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Cat Person Offer

Cat Person offers a total of 19 cat food recipes in both wet and dry varieties.

On the wet side, you have two texture stylespaté and shreds in brothand each of those textures come in 8 flavors.

Those flavors are:

If youre interested in dry cat food, you can choose from 3 recipes:

  • Chicken & Turkey
  • Duck & Turkey
  • Salmon & Tuna

All Cat Person foods are formulated to meet AAFCOs nutrient guidelines for all life stages. While Cat Person doesnt claim that their foods are human-grade, being manufactured in a human food processing facilityparticularly one in the United Statessuggests a level of quality that you wouldnt find in your typical feed-grade pet food.

With no animal by-products on any of their ingredient lists, Cat Person foods appear to be made from highly-digestible, high-quality ingredients. Whether wet or dry, their recipes feature animal proteins as their primary ingredients. Theyre made without controversial ingredients like corn, wheat, soy, carrageenan, and artificial colors.

What Did We Look For In The Best Cat Food

Choosing great food involves a variety of factors, including company reputation, ingredient quality, and more. There are many things to consider, but it starts with knowing what your cats needs are and how a diet can meet them.

Dr. Chris Vanderhoof, DVM, MPH recommends that cat owners ask themselves several questions before they choose food for their cats.

  • What life stage is my cat in ?
  • If a senior, does my cat have any specific nutritional needs that a diet can address ?
  • Is this a cat food that is nutritionally balanced ?
  • Does my cat have any medical conditions that can be addressed with a particular diet?
  • Does a particular cat food have a moderate caloric density, especially for indoor cats?
  • Is this a food that my cat loves and will gladly eat?

In addition to these personal considerations, there are certain qualities that define all of the best foods you can buy. All of them stem from your cats dietary needs as an obligate carnivore.

With that in mind, heres what we looked for when choosing the top 10 best cat foods on the market.

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How To Choose The Best Cat Food

First, read the label. The FDA and AAFCO together enforce the required labeling of pet foods. All pet foods must be labeled with:

  • Ingredients
  • Guaranteed analysis
  • Nutritional adequacy statement

All manufacturers of cat food must comply with the FDAs regulations to sell their product. As long as the manufacturer follows the rules for labeling, they are free to add virtually any ingredient to their cat food.

What You Should Know Before Buying Smalls Cat Food

Sheba Cat Food Review (Analysis and Taste Test)

Smalls did have a voluntary recall in June 2021 on their Human-Grade Fresh Ground Bird Chicken recipe, Ground Other Bird Turkey recipe, Smooth Bird Chicken recipe, and Smooth Other Bird Turkey recipe. The recall was in response to customers saying they received orders that looked spoiled and had an unpleasant order. The company stated that they investigated their inventory and sent samples of their products to an independent lab for testing. The recall is still under investigation, yet there have been no new recalls.

Since Smalls uses fresh ingredients in all of their products, its vital to remember their foods will spoil and expire faster than traditional canned and dry food brands. The dry foods can last up to 18 months in an unopened bag, but only up to 30 days once the bags are opened. Since Smalls makes their wet food without preservatives, it is suitable in the fridge for up to seven days in a sealed container. However, if you buy the food in bulk, you can freeze it for 12 months.

Its also important to note that the packages dont come preportioned, so you must measure meals to ensure your cats have enough food to last them the week until the next subscription arrives.

Cats on a special diet because of health concerns are not recommended to switch to Smalls without veterinary approval. Not all cats digest fresh foods easily, so if you notice any changes in your cats behavior, appetite, or stool, talk to your vet to decide if Smalls is right for them.

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What Does The Product Creation Process Look Like

Wang: Being a cat-first brand, we always start with the consumer â which, in our case, is cats and their people â and we get feedback from them to understand what needs they have that are not being addressed. After that, we team up with experts in a particular field to design the product and then conduct extensive testing with real cats â including those on our team. Finally, we find the best manufacturing partners to produce them.

Wu: With our Canopy Bed and Mesa Bowl, we talked to a lot of cat parents and found that there was a lack of well-designed, modern beds and bowls for cats. We worked with a renowned design studio based in London, whose designers had cats themselves. As part of the design process, the designers tested different iterations of the products on their own cats, which ultimately produced the best design. Finally, we found a global manufacturing partner with extensive experience in pet products and with incredibly high-quality standards to help us make them.

Are Cat Food Delivery Services Better Than Shopping In Pet Stores

A cat food delivery service will save you the time and stress of shopping in-person at a pet store and can also provide much higher-quality food for your beloved feline. If youre hunting for customizable cat food to suit your cats needs, a cat food delivery service can be a great option.

That said, most cat food delivery services are more expensive than buying a bag of cat food at your local big box store. For a more affordable option, some pet owners supplement their name-brand cat food with a fresh cat food delivered to their door.

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My Kitty Is My World And Deserves The Best

My kitty is my world! I will only feed him the best and have always done so. However, between the food shipping issues in the last couple of years and him seeming to be not interested in the two high end cat foods I was feeding him, I realized it was time for a change. I first saw an ad for Cat Person on Instagram. I loved that I was able to get a trial pack first. Well let me tell you, my cat devoured it. He loves both the wet and dry foods. I now get my monthly shipment. I loved the things they included like lids, serving spoons, a dry food scoop and even The box that it is shipped and can be turned into a cat toy! I also splurged and bought him the tray and bowl set. I had to contact customer service a couple of times a question and the answer me back almost immediately -that is very impressive!I love knowing I am feeding my baby incredibly high quality food!

How Do We Rate Cat Food Brands

Cat Person Food Review

The Were All About Cats Standard is at the heart of all our brand reviews. This rating system has six equally-weighted dimensionsspecies appropriateness, ingredient quality, product variety, price, customer experience, and recall history. Brands in our cat food database are rated in each of these areas on a scale of 1 10 for a total score of 6 60.

Heres how we rate cat food brands according to the Were All About Cats Standard.

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