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Diamond Naturals Canned Cat Food

Diamond Naturals Chicken Dinner

Diamond Naturals Cat Food | Chewy

Diamond Naturals Chicken Dinner for Adult Cats and Kittens has real chicken as the first of its ingredients.

Made even tastier with flavorful chicken liver and chicken broth, this canned cat food can be served on its own or as a meal-topper to incorporate more moisture in your cats diet.

This wet food has taurine, which is one of the essential amino acids. Enriched with superfoods such as kale, cranberries, quinoa, and others, it contains natural antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system. It has no artificial enhancers such as flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Diamond Naturals Chicken Dinners first five ingredients are chicken, chicken liver, chicken broth, carrots, and brown rice flour.

Guaranteed Analysis


High-quality ingredients. Cat parents love that Diamond Naturals Chicken Dinner has only high-quality ingredients. The first ingredient is real chicken, which is a high quality source of protein.

It contains superfoods that provide antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Cat owners are confident that they are feeding their cats natural and good quality meals with this cat food.

Gentle on sensitive tummies. This chicken dinner in a can has been great for cats with sensitive stomachs. They are able to keep this food down without throwing up. Cats who previously had diarrhea have been doing well on this cat food.

The probiotics in this chicken dinners ingredients have been proven quite beneficial to these cats digestive systems.


Individual Recipe Review Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Formula

The Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat formula is specially formulated to provide for the everyday nutritional needs of indoor cats while also promoting healthy weight and body condition. This recipe is balanced with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help promote healthy skin and coat, plus it is supplemented with plenty of dietary fiber to ensure healthy digestion. Like all Diamond Naturals products, this recipe is completely free from corn, wheat and soy ingredients and it doesnt contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. In general, this recipe doesnt appear to include any harmful ingredients or anything that can be considered a low-quality or non-nutritive filler. Generally speaking, this Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat formula seems to provide quality nutrition for adult cats.

In terms of fat content, this Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat formula seems a little low with a crude fiber value of just 14%. The main source of fat in this recipe comes from chicken fat, though flaxseed appears later down the list. Chicken fat may not sound like an appetizing ingredient to you but it is actually a high-quality addition to cat food products because it is animal-based and a highly concentrated source of energy. Flaxseed contains omega-3 fatty acid which is beneficial for cats, but it would be more beneficial if it came from an animal-based source. Plant-based proteins and fats simply are not as biologically valuable to cats as animal-based sources.

Diamond Naturals Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food

The Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food is our favorite choice overall and is loaded with superfoods like blueberries, carrots, and kelp, as well as guaranteed probiotics for optimum gut health. Real cage-free chicken is the first two listed ingredients, which is an ideal, ethical, and natural source of protein, and the food contains a crude amount of 32% minimum. This is followed by healthy whole foods, like kale and coconut, and the food is packed with essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, which are essential for healthy skin and coat. Like all the food in the Naturals range, the food is free from artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors.

Unfortunately, the food does contain a high percentage of carbohydrates at almost 30%, which is not ideal for cats. It also contains a fair bit of filler ingredients, including rice and powdered cellulose.

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What Other Users Are Saying

Its always helpful to see what others are saying about a cat food brand to help better assess its quality and whether your cat is likely to enjoy it. Here are opinions from other leading cat food experts.

  • com: The product line is superb. All six formulas are free of synthetic preservatives, colors, and flavors. Each recipe is nutritionally balanced and complete, evidenced by the AAFCO Statements on labels. While comparison shopping, I found that this product line costs less than most other brands of wholesome cat foods.
  • com: The Diamond Naturals range comes packed with adequate nutrients that will improve your cats health.
  • com: Diamond Naturals Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food is a good quality product which focuses on the core needs of your indoor cats diet.
  • Amazon: A ton of pet food gets purchased on Amazon and, and we always give an in-depth look at customer reviews on these sites. You can check out Amazon reviews here and Chewy reviews by clicking here.

Where To Buy Diamond Cat Food

Diamond Naturals Chicken Dinner Adult &  Kitten Formula ...

We recommend purchasing your pet products from They continually prove that they walk the walk while talking the talk, and Ive never dealt with a more dedicated pet-parent base of people than those who work at Chewy.

Plus, they offer 20% off and free shipping on lots of orders.


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Diamond Cat Food Review: Affordable Food For Sensitive Tummies

Diamond Pet Food was established in 1970 by brothers-in-law Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter. They believe that premium pet food should not necessarily be expensive.

According to their website, every formula is made in the USA with nutritionally sound ingredients of exceptional quality. To help you find out if they have the right food for your pet, we have created this 2022 Diamond cat food review of their top-rated products available at

Diamond Pet Food has makes all of their products. They have five manufacturing facilities all located in the US. They have two facilities in California, one each in Missouri, South Carolina, and Arkansas.

To ensure the safety and quality of Diamond pet foods, the company uses the following methods:

  • On-Site Product Testing
  • Air Quality Control
  • Test and Hold Program

The brand makes both wet and dry cat foods. They have 3 main product lines: Diamond, Diamond Care, and Diamond Naturals. Both Diamond and Diamond Care have dry foods, while Diamond Naturals offer both wet and dry cat foods.

Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

Our readers rely upon the cat food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. We also routinely update and review our own reviews ensuring that any changes by manufacturers are brought to your attention.



Who Manufactures Diamond Cat Food

The Diamond Pet Foods brand is owned by Schell and Kampeter. The company was started in 1970 by brothers-in-law Gary Schell and Richard Kampeter who set out to create a premium pet food brand that was also affordable. Today, Diamond Pet Foods is one of the largest manufacturers of pet foods in the United States and they sell their products all over the world. Diamond is a family-owned company with its headquarters in Missouri and it has three US-based manufacturing plants one in North Carolina and two in California. Though there are only three pet food brands that carry the Diamond name, Diamond Pet Foods is responsible for producing and manufacturing a number of pet food brands including Chicken Soup, Kirkland, Natural Balance, Premium Edge, Solid Gold, and Taste of the Wild.

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What Did Our Test Cats Think

Overall, our test cats had no qualms about eating Diamond cat food. They were most interested in the Diamond Naturals wet food formula, though they found the dry foods appealing as well.

The primary issue in testing this brand is that one of our test cats is allergic to chicken, so she wasnt able to eat any of the recipes Diamond had to offer.

Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Hairball Control Dinner Canned Cat Food

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  • Made for indoor cats with real cage-free chicken followed by other whole foods for lean nutrition and to help support strong muscles.
  • Natural recipe with added vitamins and powerful antioxidants from real fruits and vegetables support overall health, while omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat.


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Overall Diamond Cat Food Review

According to their website, Diamond believes that pets deserve the best when it comes to nutrition. Not only that, but they also believe that pet owners desert the best value when they buy premium pet foods. When it comes to pet food, Diamond Pet Foods offers three different product lines: Diamond, Diamond Naturals, and Diamond Grain-Free. There are dog food products available for all three lines but cat food products only come in the Diamond and Diamond Natural lines. Each of Diamonds products is designed using the highest quality ingredients available and their recipes are produced in the United States in state-of-the-art facilities. Diamond formulates their recipes very carefully to ensure ideal levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrate, relying on quality ingredients to provide quality nutrition. When pets are fed the best food they experience enhanced performance, improved appearance, and increased health and wellness on every level.

The Catological Verdict On Diamond Naturals Wet Cat Food

From top to bottom, this is an average wet product.

Meat is the first ingredient, filler quantities are moderate, and protein and carb levels are reasonable.

This is an okay example of a dry food you should be feeding to your cat.

Based on the ingredients and the macronutrient profiles, meat likely plays a major role in the recipe. We can therefore say that it is likely a meat-based cat food, which is appropriate for your carnivorous feline.

To review, on a dry matter basis, this food is 45% protein, 23% fat, and 16% carbs.

As a group, the brand has an average protein content of 45%, and average fat content of 22%, and an average carb content of 16%.

Compared to the other 2000+ foods in our database, this food has:

  • Average protein.
  • Above average fat.
  • Average carbs.

Because meat is the first ingredient, but moderate fillers are used, our average rating for this brand is 3 stars.

Somewhat recommended.

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Diamond Care Weight Management Formula

Specially formulated for cats in need of weight maintenance, Diamond Care Weight Management Formula for Adult Cats contains real chicken for high quality protein.


Good for weight maintenance. Overweight cats who have been put on a diet of this cat food have been able to lose excess weight. They feel fuller for much longer and do not feel the need to overeat.

According to reviews, cats do not beg for food after their meals. They have been able to maintain healthy weights with this cat food.

Silky, shiny coats. Cats who have been fed Diamond Care Weight Management Formula had a significant improvement in their coats. They are noticeably softer and shinier than before.


Plant-based ingredients. According to a handful of reviews, this dry food is contains a lot of plant-based ingredients. While it is grain-free, it contains ingredients such as chickpeas, lentils, peas, flaxseed, and dried chicory root. While these are all nutritious ingredients, some feel that they offer little to no nutritional value to a cats health.

According to reviews from cat parents, Diamond Care Weight Management Formula has been proven to help overweight cats shed excess weight, and even maintain a healthy weight.

They feel fuller for much longer, and do not beg to be fed in between meals. Their fur have also significantly improved. Their coats are softer and shinier.

However, some find that it contains too much plant-based ingredients that could contribute to its carbohydrate content.

Diamond Cat Food Recall History

Diamond Naturals Indoor Canned Cat Food

We do not believe that a recall indicates a low quality food or company, and we respect the fact that sometimes things happen that cause a manufacturer to recall a food.

Usually these things are non-life-threatening, and we think its important to take a moment to be thankful about just how few recalls there really are in the industry, considering the enormous volume of food produced.

However, we do believe that a history of recalls may point to a larger issue with a company, and that discerning consumers want to know who theyre buying from, especially when it comes to something as important as the food you feed your beloved cat.

Here is a list of recalls that have affected the Diamond brand in the past:

  • Low thiamine levels 1 recipe affected
  • May 2012 Potential salmonella Many recipes affected
  • Potential salmonella 1 recipe affected
  • Possible aflatoxin contamination Multiple recipes affected

If you want to stay up to date on the latest recall information affecting your cats food, sign up to our email list and receive an email every time a recall is announced. Well also let you know about any updated ratings, recipe changes, or new cat foods on the market.

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Diamond Naturals Dry Dog Food Ingredients

Pet Food Recalls and Warnings Tuffys Pet Foods is recalling approximately 1,600 cases of Pure Vita Salmon Entree Dog.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Green Pea & Chicken Formula Dry Cat Food.

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The Pet Food Market is Segmented by Pet Type , Food Type (Dry Food, Wet Food, Treats & Snacks, and.

Ideal For Dogs That May Have Food-Related Skin Sensitivities · Real Salmon is First Ingredient · Grain-Free · Enhanced With Guaranteed Probiotics And Superfoods.

Diamond naturals light adult dog lamb meal & rice formula is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the aafco dog food nutrient profiles for the maintenance of adult dogs. Keto fit is made of healthy fats and ingredients like omega 3 fatty acid and more which promote healthy skin and the overall health, of course.

For some its a concern that foes beyond Dry January.

that kombuchas natural acidity helps to pair it with white meat. Kombucha, a fermented tea drink, is perfect with food, she explained.

The humanization of the pet food has increased usage of fruits & vegetables in form of blended premixes. Further addition of natural colors along with nutraceuticals health ingredients has also.

Diamond Naturals: Diamond Naturals are all-natural.

dog biscuits packed with tasty yet healthy ingredients,

Made With Ingredients Of Exceptional Quality Diamond Naturals Dog Foods Provide Complete Holistic Nutrition For Every Pet

Diamond naturals cat food near me. Diamond premium recipe complete and balanced dry dog food puppy. This is why we select award winning 5 star rated dog foods produced by family owned and operated pet food facilities where production is never outsourced. Diamond naturals dry food for adult dog.

Diamond naturals chicken & rice indoor cat dry food. Diamond naturals grain free real meat recipe premium dry dog food. Welcome to meow & growl pet supplies unleashed, conveniently located at 59 main st in lee, ma.

Choose from quality pet food brands including blue buffalo, eukanuba, iams, purina, fancy feast, newman’s own, pedigree, and more. And offers a significant upgrade over the standard diamond product. $12.98 list price list price $10.98 member price view price in cart why we do this?

This dry kibble is 40% protein and 20% fat. The first is this diamond naturals dog food for adult dogs Omega fatty acids and antioxidants help support ideal.

Diamond naturals kitten chicken & rice formula is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your growing kitten. Local delivery available, restrictions apply. It is made with real protein from cattle that are raised in a pasture.

With vitamins, minerals and superfoods, this canned cat food is easily digestible. This formula is also ideal for pregnant or nursing adult cats. *91% of the protein comes from chicken and egg ingredients.

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Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Chicken And Rice Formula

Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Chicken and Rice cat food is specially formulated for the nutritional needs of indoor adult cats. It is made with cage-free chicken.

This product is enriched with omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat health. Chicken fat is also added for extra flavor. The first ingredient is chicken meal.

It has insoluble fiber to help control hairballs common in indoor cats. Diamond Naturals dry foods have Viables Probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that support digestive and immune systems. Superfoods such as kale, chia seeds, pumpkin, and blueberries provide antioxidants to help boost the immune system.

The first five ingredients of this indoor formula are chicken meal, chicken, ground white rice, cracked pearled barley, and grain sorghum.

Guaranteed Analysis


No more hairballs. Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Chicken and Rice formula has helped in reducing hairballs in indoor cats, according to cat parents.

The insoluble fiber helps move hairs along the digestive tract. The probiotics also helps cats digestive system. Cats who have sensitive skin and stomachs have thrived on this product.

Soft, healthy fur. Cat owners have noticed that their pets fur have grown softer and shinier since being fed this indoor chicken and rice recipe. It is rich in omega fatty acids that support skin and coat health.


Diamond Naturals Indoor Cat Chicken and Rice formula has been great for reducing hairballs in indoor cats.

What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Diamond Offer

Diamond Naturals Dog Food and Dog Treats | Chewy

Diamond offers a variety of dry food and wet food products for cats in three product lines: Diamond, Diamond Care, and Diamond Naturals.

The original Diamond line of products includes a single Maintenance formula while Diamond Naturals includes several dry and wet food formulas. This product line includes dry food recipes for kittens, indoor cats, and active cats as well as canned food for adult cats and kittens.

The Diamond Care line of products features two recipes formulated by veterinarians to support your cats urinary health and weight.

The Diamond Pet Foods brand also manufactures a number of other popular pet product brands including Taste of the Wild, Kirkland Signature, Solid Gold, 4Health, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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