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Do Golden Retrievers Get Along With Cats

Tips To Introduce Your Golden Retriever To A Cat

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Cats?

If youve decided that bringing home a new dog or cat is a good idea, then the next most important thing is to introduce them properly.

If you dont take your time doing this, it could potentially be dangerous.

However, most cats and golden retrievers can learn to live together peacefully if you set them up for success.

Here are some tips for introducing your golden retriever and cat:

  • Keep the animals separate for the first 3-4 days so that they can get used to each others smells and sounds
  • Feed them on opposite sides of a closed door
  • Keep your dog on a leash for the first few meetings so theyre easier to control
  • Have plenty of toys and treats for both animals during the first few meetings to help facilitate positive experiences
  • Do not hold either animal in your arms and let them come and go as they please during the first few face-to-face meetings
  • Keep the first few meetings short
  • End each session on a good note
  • Thanks to the Animal Humane Society for the tips above.

    Golden Retrievers Make Excellent Cuddling Companions

    Although the Golden Retriever has earned a reputation as an energetic and playful breed, it does love to lounge around from time to time. The breed can also be surprisingly warm and friendly toward other animals.

    And he will readily sidle up to your cat, especially when the weather is particularly chilly.

    Do Adult Golden Retrievers Fur Coats Change As They Age

    Yes, Golden Retrievers fur coats change as they age.

    Once in adulthood, Golden Retriever fur coats usually get darker as they age. With this darkening, there are also certain areas of their body where Golden Retrievers may lighten or grey. These areas that include the eyes and nose, are a normal part of aging. This can be regarded as growing again, from adult dog to senior or elderly dog. This normal process has subtle changes happening again to the adult Golden Retrievers body as they age.

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    How To Introduce The Cat To Your Golden Retriever

    Chances are good if you have never done this before your imagination is running wild.

    While puppy to a kitten is probably the trickiest introduction to make, as over-exuberance meets fragility, there are methods of making sure the experience is as disaster-free as possible.

    Having chosen a good breed of cat hopefully to introduce to your golden retriever, this process should be easier than it might be

    A good prerequisite for introducing a cat is to have some places marked for the cat to escape to. Knowing that they can quickly get to safety is a key part of cat interaction with dogs, especially in the early stages. If they want to run away but are limited in doing so you will give rise to a panicked cat, and this is not ideal as a first reaction

    High places or a room where they are comfortable would be ideal, and in the very early stages, it is recommended that you make a safe space for the cat and prevent your goldie from interrupting them.

    Setting the expectation of patience is also prudent at this point. Expecting them to be the best of friends within an evening might be unrealistic. They might take to each other immediately, its certainly possible, but it takes as long as it takes. Be patient and dont rush anything, its likely to backfire.

    So after getting the house ready for the introduction, and being prepared for the encounter, there are several stages that seem sensible.

    Introduce Your Golden And Your Cat Gradually

    Golden Retrievers and Cats (Are They Good Together ...

    Friendships dont happen overnight. Theyre built gradually, even for pets. Forcing the dog and cat to like each other is not going to bring you much success. So, consider introducing your pets in this pattern:

    Week 1

    Let your cat and Golden Retriever hear and smell each other from far. You could bring a cloth with the smell of one to the other so that they get used to it.

    Week 2

    Allow the dog and cat to see each other. Ensure that there is a barrier between the two. The cat could be caged and the dog free, but leashed. Notice any attempt to bark, puff, or jump at each other and use the No command to discourage them.

    If hostility is not manifested from either side, reward with a treat, a hug, or a compliment. Do this daily for the entire week. And if it gets unpleasant for one pet, you can split it up into multiple short sessions.

    Week 3

    The face-to-face meeting day is here! Ensure your dog is leashed, and the cat has plenty of options to jump or crawl under should Golden decide to unleash the wolf in them. Make the cat feel secure with many escape routes.

    Reinforce their efforts to befriend with a treat or compliment and use leave it commands when attempts are made to jump on each other.

    Week 4

    Be vigilant. You will let your guard down when your cat and Golden are already friends. But at this later stage, total vigilance is a must whenever the two are loose and when they are feeding.

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    Do Golden Retrievers Like Cats

    Considering to get a Golden Retriever and need to know if Golden Retriever Dogs get along cats or how do you introduce a Golden Retriever to a cat in the house?Well, Golden Retriever Dogs score out of 5 in the scale of dog breeds that are good with cats.

    How Would I Introduce A Young Golden To A Kitten

    If I was going to introduce a young puppy, like 8 weeks old or so, to a kitten about the same age, I think that it is reasonable to have a couple of people help you and introduce them to each other by hand. See what happens. Most of the time, they will be excited to see each other. They are both too young at this point to hurt one another, although anything is possible.

    I would just sit on the floor with them and monitor them and let them sniff each other and play for a while. Over time you can let them near each other more and more until you feel they are comfortable with each other. Again be sure to give the cat a place where the dog cant go.

    So this is the way that I would go about introducing Goldens to cats of varying ages. Like I said earlier at the beginning of the post, its really hard for me to tell you exactly what to do because Ive honestly never seen your cats or your dogs and I have no idea how they may respond.

    Most Golden Retrievers are really good and sensible with other small animals, but you know there are some out there that can be quite aggressive, especially if theyre intact or they have anything to protect like food, babies, etc. Final words are to be very very cautious.

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    Introducing Your Pets To One Another

    Meeting another pet can be stressful for the resident animal. As such, you should never allow your cat and dog to meet each other immediately.

    Instead, start by introducing your pets to each others scent. This will help the resident pet and your new one get acquainted with each other without seeing one another. Keep both animals separate for at least one day.

    After a few days, introduce the two animals by keeping them separated but visible to one another. You can use a baby gate or keep one of the animals inside the crate. Monitor the behavior of each animal and watch out for signs of aggression.

    Keep the first session quick. If the two do not show signs of aggression, repeat this step while increasing the time the animals spend together. Continue this for a couple of days. If one shows aggression, repeat from the start.

    Once a few days have passed, you can let both animals interact with one another. Ideally, this should be done in a room with plenty of escape routes for the cat.

    Keep the dog on the leash while allowing the cat to roam freely. Encourage the two by praising them and offering treats.

    Other Ways To Keep Your Golden Retriever With A Cat

    Can Golden Retrievers Live With Cats?

    As well as introducing them properly, there are also other things you can do to make sure your golden retriever and cat will be great friends! Here are a few things you should try.

    Give Your Golden Retriever Plenty Of Exercise

    The first thing you should do is make sure youre giving your golden retriever plenty of exercise. Your golden retriever should be getting a minimum of 2 hours of exercise a day, however, more is always better.

    Tiring your golden retriever out is essential as theyll become a lot less boisterous. And of course, if theyre too tired, theyre not going to want to bother your cat nearly as much.

    Try To Introduce Them To Each Other When Theyre Young

    Its often a good idea to introduce the two of them together when theyre young . If they meet each other from an early age, theyll become so used to each other that its a lot more likely theyll just want to be friends. And as an added bonus, theyre also a lot easier to train at a younger age.

    Reward Them When Theyre Being Good

    When your dog and cat are being good around each other, make sure youre rewarding them. This is going to reinforce the positive behavior. You should do this even when they havent been specifically told to be food. Using treats is the easiest way to reward them, however, you can also stroke them loads as well!

    Make Sure Youre Leading Them By Example

    Also, doing this consistently will help them get used to the idea of sharing you and not getting jealous of each other.

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    Do Goldenretrievers Like Cats

    Golden retrievers are friendlier dogs than most. They are good family dogs that get along well with other pets and children. They arent an immediate danger to your cat, although this depends on how well trained your dog is and how friendly your cat is.

    Whether your dog will like your cat depends on your behavior. If you treat your cat with kindness, your dog will likely do the same. The main issue with retrievers is that they like to chase and fetch. According to the Golden Retriever Club of America, they were originally bred in Scotland for hunting parties. Dogs of all kinds enjoy chasing animals smaller than them, but retrievers especially so.

    This can be an issue if your dog isnt well trained. But by reinforcing good behavior and keeping your pets apart most of the time, you can avoid this issue. Golden retrievers can be well trained, so if you put in the effort, your goldie will get along with your cat.

    Training Your Adult Golden To Be Around Cats

    Unlike the old wifes tale, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Dogs can learn to be around cats, even if they havent even lived with one before. Some dogs need a little bit more time and patience to learn that living with a cat doesnt mean they will get any less attention and snuggles .

    Older dogs that have been in the household are more accustomed to the routine and flow with everyone already living in the house. Changing that up will take some time for them to get used to but Goldens have an amazing temperament that is sure to make adjustments over time.

    One good thing about older dogs is they have less energy and curiosity than a younger puppy may have. This is good because the calmer both the dog and cat can be during the meeting process, the smoother it can go.

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    Maine Coon Editors Choice

    When talking about popular cat breeds, on any list that you care to look at, the Maine Coon comes pretty near the top, if not the very top of most polls. This is for a good reason.

    Mr. Crookshanks, the cat in Harry Potter is in fact, a Maine Coon to emphasize that fact.

    With it also being the official cat for the State of Maine , this a large cat, robust and built for the hardy climates with which it came into the US.

    Much like the Norwegian forest cat, its personality completely belies its history. It has medium to long hair, a double coat, and tufted feet and ears. Perhaps the very definition of a cat.

    They are also known as the dogs of the cat world, such is their nature, and are perhaps the most ideally suited for those who possess a golden retriever.

    Maine Coons are intelligent and are good hunters naturally. Say goodbye to any pesky rodent problems you may have. The very opposite of the more docile Ragdoll when it comes to pests.

    Being doglike makes the Maine Coon come with a whole host of traits that are ideally suited to dog owners in general. They are loyal, quite vocal, and will follow their humans around the house endlessly.

    These are big cats as well, one of the biggest on record, in fact, so be prepared to feel a definite presence on your lap should it choose to snuggle up.

    Maine Coons are likely to play right back with any dog that is interested, but isnt aggressive or ill-tempered unless you are a rodent.

    Give The Two Pets A Chance To Get To Know Each Other

    Do Golden Retrievers Get Along with Cats?

    New introductions are made a lot easier when your dog is well socialized. Socialization can be achieved by bringing your Golden Retriever on adventures with you. They love to be a part of family hikes, trips to the beach, and brought along to vacations. When this is done, they slowly learn to become more adaptive.

    Socialization is a perk however, a cat might be a new experience for some dogs. When it comes to introductions, remember to be patient with your pets. It can be overwhelming for both the dog and the cat so try to ensure that youre at home for the first week of the two species being alone together.

    If cats are new to the environment, its good practice to let them settle in a room for about a week. Once they start getting familiar with the environment, you can slowly introduce them to your Golden Retriever.

    You can introduce the two through glass doors or when the family is at home to keep an eye on things. If necessary, you can always keep your Retriever on a leash for the first few encounters.

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    Feed Them On Opposite Sides Of Closed Door

    The goal is to get them to associate pleasant things such as food with the presence of each other.

    Each feeding should include you moving their food bowls closer and closer to the closed door.

    You are moving the bowls closer and closer to the door until your Golden and cat can eat calmly right beside the door.

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is part of the American Kennel Club Toy Group. They were bred to be loving, loyal lap dogs and all-around friendly companions. The Cavalier is as sweet as they come. This breed can get along with almost every person and animal imaginable, including cats. They are adaptable and gentle little creatures.

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    Why Golden Retriever Gets Along With Icelandic Sheepdog

    Icelandic Sheepdogs are perpetually perceived as being happy due to their big smiling faces, which is enough to win hearts. Their personality is very similar to the Retriever because they are both playful and happy. Icelandics, like Retrievers, are fond of children and love to have them as companions.

    Best Dog Breeds That Are Good For And That Get Along With Cats

    Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

    Maybe youre already the proud pet parent of a precious little furball, but youre longing for more furry love. Or maybe you want to get a guard dog for your house or apartment, but youre not sure if the canine will fit properly with your finicky feline.

    Both those situations beg the question: is there some ultimate dog breed which will suit life with a cat?

    Cats and dogs are natural enemies. They have different nutritional needs, different behaviorisms, and you cant train them to be obedient using the same strategies.

    However, this doesnt mean that cats and dogs cant get along. On the contrary you can see plenty of pictures and videos of canines and felines acting friendly and being affectionate towards each other regardless of their predatory instincts and their usual natural intolerances.

    Interestingly, some dog breeds are more prone to becoming friends with cats than other breeds.

    Heres our list of the best dog breeds for cats to get along with.

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    Will Golden Retrievers Kill Rabbits

    No, Golden Retrievers will not kill rabbits. Goldens do not have a prey drive that makes them kill chase or kill smaller animals, and they are one of the best dog breeds to get along with rabbits because of their cheerful and loving personality.

    However, introducing them right is still crucial, and you should always supervise your dog around any small animal.

    Laws Regarding Missing Pets

    1. It is against the law to keep any animal that you find.2. Pets are generally considered property and it is illegal to take and keep someone else√Ęs property.3. You must call your local animal control unit and file a FOUND AN ANIMAL report for any dog or cat you find.4. To reclaim your lost dog, cat or other pet from the animal shelter you must pay a release fee.5. If your dog or cat is unregistered, you will have to register your pet before you can take it home.

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