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Why Is My Cat Suddenly Pooping Outside The Litter Box

How To Prevent Litter Box Aversion

Why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box?

Has your cat suddenly started leaving their pooperdunkles around the house?

Annoying eh! Especially if your foot finds it before your eye!

Most cat owners will go through this to some extent with their cat pooping on floor from time to time so you are not alone.

If your cat is choosing to go outside their litter box on a daily basis, they are definitely trying to tell you something. In their own delightful little way of course!

It’s our responsibility to provide proper bathroom equipment to our feline companions. Cats are clean creatures, and they deserve a clean bathroom. They spend 30-40% of the day grooming themselves. So, using a clean litter box is what your cat prefers. You prefer to use a clean toilet too, right?

We can also use environmental enrichment and playtime to help reduce stress.

In this article, we will discuss different reasons cats refuse the box, suggestions to improve the litter box area, and additional cat stuff that can help your cat stay happy indoors.

PLEASE NOTE: The vast majority of litter box problems turn out to involve a cat with a medical problem. This can be anything from stress, a stomach issue, diabetes or even an injured leg or elbow that makes getting into a litter box difficult and painful. Any behavior changes should be noted and checked with your veterinarian immediately. Cats are creatures of habit and thrive on routine. Sudden changes in their routine should not be taken lightly.

Basic Steps To Stop Your Cat From Pooping On The Floor

Lets go through the options. It wont hurt to try each of these options to help your cat use the litterbox again.

Keep in mind that fixing a medical problem and reducing your cats stress need to be your #1 priority.

The vast majority of my recent litterbox cases have turned out to involve a cat with a medical concern, like GI issues, diabetes, a broken elbow that made stepping into the box painful, or a UTI.

The cleanest boxes in the world wont help if your cat has a UTI!

Cats Not Using Litter Box Anymore: Reasons And Solutions

  • Furry Butt Syndrome Some long haired cats do not like the feel of remnants of feces sticking to their fur. They associate this feeling with the litter box, so they try to solve the problem by pooping elsewhere. This issue can be easily resolved by keeping the fur around the cats bottom nicely trimmed so it stays clean.
  • The litter There are a variety of reasons why a cat might reject a certain type of litter for pooping, but not for peeing. Since cats poop in a different position that they pee, it might be a simple matter of the level of litterthey might want it lower for pooping. It could also be a matter of the type of litter. The cat might prefer an unscented option, such as wheat or clay unscented litter. You might also try Cat Attract Litter, which is designed to appeal to cats who are having litter box problems with its ideal particle size, texture, and herbal scent.
  • The litter level Do you have enough litter for your cat to bury poop? It can be a challenge to figure out but most cats prefer around 2-4 inches, and then top it off as the depth drops below what the cat prefers. You can always tell when its too low as they will leave half of it exposed. On the flip side, sometimes the litter level is too deep and readers have reported that a cats hind legs sunk in too far into the litter and the poos would stick to their pantaloons. You can reduce the litter level or change litter brands to a heavier litter.
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    Common Reasons For Litter Box Issues

    Reasons your cat stops using the litter box generally fall in three categories: medical, stress, and environmental.


    Diabetes, intestinal problems, and thyroid issues are common medical issues that can cause litter box issues. Any time your cat starts going outside of the box, it’s a good idea to schedule a visit with the vet to rule these and other conditions out.


    While most dogs are more equipped to go with the flow, cats get stressed out very easily. Stress can be triggered by a small change, such as rearranging the furniture or by a significant event such as the death of a companion cat. As the stress is alleviated, the behavior often stops on its own. If not, you may have to ask for advice from an animal behaviorist.


    Cats don’t like using a dirty litter box, and many don’t like sharing. Try adding additional boxes , and always make sure the boxes are clean. You can also try adding additional boxes in new locations and removing the lids from covered boxes.

    Sadly, some pet owners rehome their cats over a litter box issue rather than searching for a solution. There are many possible ways to curb the behavior from resolving a medical problem to changing the environment. It may take time to find what works for your pet, but it’s worth the effort.

    Why Does My Cat Poop Outside The Box

    Why Is My Cat Suddenly Pooping Outside The Litter Box?

    Homeยป Why does my cat poop outside the box?

    A common, frustrating problem many cat owners experience is inappropriate elimination particularly pooping outside of the litterbox.

    There can be many reasons a cat may stop using the litterbox. Some reasons are medical cats with diarrhea or constipation may not have time to get to the box. Some arthritic cats may have difficulty entering the box. A visit to the vet is in order if your cat has been pooping outside of the box to help rule out medical causes.

    In many instances, behavioural causes lead cats to poop in inappropriate locations. These can be because they dislike their box or they like their alternative location better.

    To ensure your cat likes the box as much as possible, here are a few pointers:

    You can also take measures to make the area your cat is defecating less attractive:

    • Clean the area thoroughly using an enzyme based cleaner such as this one. Enzyme based cleansers break down the scent markers, which should help prevent your cat from returning to the scene of the crime
    • Place tin foil or double-sided sticky tape over the area your pet is eliminating. Cats generally dislike the feeling on their paws.
    • Motion detecting sprays can be placed near the area of inappropriate elimination. These products emit a harmless spray to startle a cat when they walk by and should help prevent them from eliminating in this area.

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    Consider A Jumbo Litter Box

    There are a lot of larger litter tray designs on the market. These jumbo litter boxes are big enough for two cats to share comfortably. But make sure you keep on top of the cleaning.

    Also keep in mind that cats will probably not use the litter box at the same time. So, even if you get a jumbo litter box, you should still have multiple options for a multi-cat household.

    This will help them feel more comfortable and less stressed.

    Clean The Litter Boxes

    If your cats poop outside the box, the first step of action is to ensure that your cats litter box remains clean.

    If it smells bad for me, it smells bad for kitty.

    Ensure you scoop out your cats litter box daily.

    Frequently deep wash the cat litter tray with mild soap and warm water, then rinse and let it air dry. This will keep the box smelling fresh.

    After which, refill the litter pan with a fresh supply of clean and unscented litter.

    You must be extra cautious when using scented litter as it may be stressful for choosy cats.

    PS: Be keen to use a face mask and rubber gloves each time you handle your cats litter tray just to remain protected from the litter dust and small bugs that may have invaded.

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    Test Different Kinds And Levels Of Litter

    A cat may not cover his poop because the litter hurts his paws or he just doesn’t like the smell or feel. So try a variety of litter, from pine to shavings to granules. You can also try fragrance-free litter.

    Long-haired cats might get litter granules caught in the fur that sticks out from their paws. Try “crystal” litter designed for long-haired felines. Long-haired cats can also get mats on their bums, so check for this too.

    You might even try different levels of litter and cleaning it more frequently. Some cats won’t cover their poop if the litter is too shallow or too deep. Others won’t cover if it’s too dirty.

    The Cat Box Is Smelly And Unhygienic:

    How To Stop Your Cat From Pooping Outside The Litter Box

    Is the litter box clean? If not, this is a problem and your cat wont poop in the litter box anymore.

    Cats are clean animals and they like their poop litter boxes kept clean.

    Your cat may turn up her nose if her conditions, particularly the smell, dont meet her standards. She may result to use your carpet to relieve herself.

    You must ensure that the litter box is kept nice and clean otherwise your cat wont poop in the litter box.

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    Establish A Reward System For Good Behaviour

    If you happen to catch your cat going to the toilet outside of the litter tray, pick it up, so “no” in a firm but not loud voice, and then put it in the litter tray. Stroke the cat and let it know it is being good. If it uses the tray, then make an even bigger fuss of it. Tell it how good it has been in a quiet, calm voice. Whatever you do, never shout at your cat . Making a huge deal out of the cat pooping on the floor will only make matters worse.

    Tip: Think reward, not punishment.

    Reduce Their Space And Restrict Favoured Areas

    Depending on where they are pooping, a starting solution would be to block off the areas they are regularly using. Directing them into a small area where the litter box is located can help with their litter box habits.

    Since cats are clean creatures they prefer to ‘go’ in appropriate areas. Blocking off inappropriate areas can help train your cat to ‘go’ in the desired area.

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    How To Stop Cat From Pooping Everywhere

    How to Stop Inappropriate Pooping

  • Reevaluate the Litter Box. Cats want to use ultra-clean litter boxes and tend to prefer roomy, open boxes.
  • Consider the Litter.
  • Deter Your Cat From Using Inappropriate Areas.
  • Reduce Stress in Your Home.
  • Improve Your Cats Environment and Play With Your Cat Daily.
  • Be Patient and Consistent.
  • How Can We Make The Litter Litter Box And Area More Appealing

    Why Is Your Cat Urinating or Pooping Outside the Litter ...

    Besides making the location where the cat has eliminated aversive or inaccessible, the litter box needs to be made attractive to the cat. From the history, it may be possible to first determine some of the reasons that might be deterring the cat from using its litter box or litter area and these can first be resolved to increase the appeal of the litter. For example, more frequent cleaning, or switching litter materials may be useful, for other cats offering a different type of box is necessary. Then, try to determine what litter, location, and type of box might be preferable to your cat.

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    Did You Adopt A New Cat

    Why does my cat poop on the floor all of a sudden?

    A new kitty could take weeks or even months before adapting to the routine in your home. Cats dont just reveal their full personalities to anyone.

    The new cat may take time to feel comfortable and adjust to the new conditions. Theres a tendency that the new cat is a bit uncertain in sharing the litter box with the conventional boss.

    What Can I Try First

    Although correcting house soiling can take a great deal of time and effort and may require a fairly extensive behavioral assessment, there are cases when a few simple suggestions might do the trick. You can start with determining whether you made a change to the litter or litter area around the time the problem started if so, switch back to the preferred litter or site. Alternately try a different type of litter such as one that is clumping. Many cats dislike kitty litter that contains strong deodorizers or perfumes. Cleaning the soiled spots with odor eliminators may help prevent re-soiling. Ensure that you provide one more litter box than the total number of cats in the home, in at least two different locations . Consider putting one of the boxes near to the area where the soiling occurs. Clean the boxes daily and change the litter in the boxes weekly. If after a couple of weeks the problem has not resolved, then a more intense evaluation of the factors that might be causing the problem will be required and other treatments may be needed.

    “The first step you should take is to review the basics of litter box training.”

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    Add Cat Attract To The Litterboxes

    This little product is made to help remind cats to use their box. Theres frustratingly little information about whats in Cat Attract or why it works. The website just says that its natural, they tested it, it works, buy it. Id be skeptical, but we use it at the shelter and I know several people who swear it makes a difference. Cant hurt to try.

    How To Wean A Cat To Poop On The Floor

    WHY Is My Cat PEEING/POOING Outside Litter Box?! PART 1: Litter Tray Issues

    To wean a cat to poop on the floor, on the carpet, in the corners of the apartment, it is necessary to understand the reason for this behavior of the cat. Specify

    What has preceded the pooping on the flooring?

    New cat, dog or human join your home? New carpets or furnishings added? If another animal or individual has actually entered into your life, with felines being one of the most territorial types on earth they will indeed deficate outside the box to claim he or shes own area. With new carpet or furniture it comes with chemicals in the material. Flame retardant or the chemicals In the wood and material or glue its created with.

    If none of this has taken place the next route would be your felines health. If they are having diarrhea or constipation and it hurts, its a possibility they are relating stated pain or discomfort to the litter box. Worms are likewise a possibility. And last but definitely not least how clean is the litter box?

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    Why Would A Cat Poop On Carpet

    Behavioral Causes Undesirable Litter Box: Perhaps your cat dislikes the size, style, or location of the litter box. Or maybe he doesnt like the cat litter you use. Stress in the Environment: Have you recently moved? Territory Marking: If youve recently brought home another cat, your cat may be trying to mark its territory by pooping on the rug.

    Recent Posts

    Focus On The Location

    If your cat is going to the bathroom outside of their litter box, then you will need to cover up the scent. You can use an enzymatic cleaner so your cat wont detect the smell and consider it OK to do his business there again.

    Once its clean, block the access. This way, its clearer for your cat that this is not the place to do his business. Once you do that, encourage your cat to use his litter box again. Change the location to a place you think is accessible for him and one that gives him a sense of privacy.

    Yes, cats love their privacy

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    Cat Pooping Outside Litter Box: What Should I Do

    Ah, I have found cat poop in the room again! What have I done to deserve such tricks? Shes been such a good girl until recently, why is my cat pooping everywhere all of a sudden? common words for cat owners.

    Discovering that your cat poops outside the litter box is at least unpleasant, at most threatening. Did you know that theres a multitude of reasons for such behavior? The truth is, when you see your cat pooping outside the box, its done not out of meanness and is not an attempt to take revenge for something. In many cases, it is a sign of some problems with health, psychology, or the facilities provided.


  • In a word
  • How Do I Determine Which Cat Is Eliminating When I Have More Than One Cat

    Cat pooping in litter box on May 17, 2020

    When there are multiple cats in the home, it may be difficult to determine who is actually soiling. Confinement of one or more cats may be necessary to discover who is not using the litter box. However, if social conflicts between cats contribute to the problem, separating cats may make the problem diminish or stop.

    “Therefore, the best solution may be to place a video camera in the area where the soiling occurs.”

    A fluorescent dye can be administered to one cat, and the soiled areas can then be evaluated with a black light to determine if that is the cat that is house soiling. However, results are not always consistent and the dye may stain some carpets. Therefore, the best solution may be to place a video camera in the area where the soiling occurs. For stool elimination a small amount of a nontoxic colored crayon can be chopped and mixed into the food of one of the cats.

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