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Does Lowes Carry Cat Litter

Best Cat Litter For Odor Control: 8 Top Picks

How to Clean Kitty Litter in 10 Seconds

Your cat may be sweet, but chances are what they leave in the litter box is decidedly not. Many cat litter brands promise to banish stinky odors and leave your home smelling fresh, but which ones can pet parents count on to suppress those oh-so-smelly smells?

That question has been occupying the minds of cat lovers ever since the earliest domesticated felines started squatting over sand or sawdust to do their business. As the industry has evolved, so have the answers from the clay granules Edward Lowe first introduced 75 years ago to everything from wheat to walnut shells, pinewood to paper, clumping clay to crystalsand beyond.

According to a recent Research and Markets report, the global cat litter market is set to exceed $10 billion within the decade. Yet the question remains: Of all the options available to pet parents, which cat litter is best for covering up the smell of your kittys business or better yet, neutralizing the stench completely?

The answer is likely to vary based on the factors that matter most to you, your cat, and your household. That is why weve rounded up the best cat litters for odor from formulas developed with all-natural ingredients to those safe enough to use with kittens and strong enough to leave for weeks at a time.

Heres everything you need to know about this sweet-smelling segment of the kitty litter market, so you can choose the best cat litter for odorand for your particular feline.

Respiratory Problems Like Feline Asthma

Did you know that the clouds of dust that flies up when you pour litter into your cats box? Well, your cat gets a dose of that experience every time he or she buries her waste. Over time your cat breathes in more and more dust which leads to irritation, allergies, and even asthma. These breathing difficulties can get worse over the lifetime of your cat.

Your Health Could Be Affected

Clay cat litter even affects cat parents health. How? From increased allergic reactions to cat urine and complicating asthma, the dust and holding power of clay litter can lead to human health concerns. Remember that bacteria we talked about earlier? Well, cat waste can contain Toxoplasma gondii which is a one-celled bacteria found in cat poop. When you empty or clean your cats box, this bacterium can be carried in the dust and inhaled into your body. Toxoplasma gondii is the reason doctors tell pregnant women to steer clear of their cats box!

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Edward Lowe Dies At 75 A Hunch Led Him To Create Kitty Litter

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Edward Lowe, whose accidental discovery of a product he called Kitty Litter made cats more welcome household company and created a half-billion-dollar industry, died on Wednesday at a hospital in Sarasota, Fla. He was 75 and had divided his time between homes in Arcadia, Fla., and Cassopolis, Mich.

His son, Tom, said the cause was complications from surgery for cerebral hemorrhage.

Cats have been domesticated since ancient Egypt, but until a fateful January day in 1947, those who kept them indoors full time paid a heavy price. For all their vaunted obsession with paw-licking cleanliness, cats, whose constitutions were adapted for arid desert climes, make such an efficient use of water that they produce a highly concentrated urine that is one of the most noxious effluences of the animal kingdom.

Boxes filled with sand, sawdust or wood shavings provided a measure of relief from the resulting stench, but not enough to make cats particularly welcome in discriminating homes.

In a story he always relished telling, that began to change in 1947, when Mr. Lowe, a 27-year-old Navy veteran who had been working in his father’s sawdust business, received a visit from a cat-loving Cassopolis neighbor named Kaye Draper, whose sand box had frozen.

What About Crystal Litters

PawsMark Pet Litter Pan

While crystal litter may seem prettier and totally different from clay litter, theyre actually quite similar. Crystal litter is made of silica dioxide sand .Most crystal litters also contain sodium bentonite which is the same material mined for clay litter. So, crystal litter poses the same health and environmental drawbacks as clay litter.

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Different Types Of Cat Litter

While youre most likely to find clay-based cat litter on store shelves, you can find all sorts which come with their own set of pros and cons. Here are just a small handful of the more common varieties:

  • Clay Litter

    The most common litter used by pet owners. Pros are affordability, likability by cats, and the ability to form cat litter clumps that are easily scoop-able. You can find it everywhere. Cons include the creation of a lot of dust particles, the ease by which the litter gets tracked onto floors, and its heavier weight.

  • Silica Gel Litter

    This variety is growing in popularity. It creates less dust, has less odor, and no cat litter clumps because it traps the urine inside. However, it is more expensive per pound.

  • Pine Litter

    Yup, this ones created from pine trees. Pet owners like that its more environmentally friendly, creates less dust and is pretty good at controlling odor. It also comes in clumping and non-clumping varieties.

  • Paper Litter

    This type has more cons , but it does serve a special purpose. Its great for cats that have paw injuries because it is softer, more absorbent, and creates less dust to get into wounds.

  • Flushable Cat Litter

    There are a number of brands that claim to make a flushable litter. All are manufactured from biodegradable products, the most common being Corn, Wheat, Wood Products, and Shredded Paper. Continue reading and well answer the question, Are flushable cat litters a good idea or a good idea that you should avoid?.

  • Can You Flush Cat Litter Down The Toilet

    Since the day kitty litter was invented, every feline pet owner at one time or another has been tempted to flush cat litter clumps even if you use flushable cat litter down a toilet. While doing so, youve probably also wondered, is this going to be a problem? The answer isnt as simple as you might think.

    So, once and for all, lets find out if you can dump some clumped litter down a toilet without causing problems in your drains or sewer pipes. Lets start with the basics.

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    Aren’t Some Litters Compostable

    The very first compostable litter was actually a type of clay called Fuller’s clay. American businessman Ed Lowe realized that since this clay is able to absorb its weight in water, it would make a great substrate for cat’s to do their business in. Since Lowe’s original eureka moment in 1947, a variety of different materials are used for different kinds of cat litter. Clay is no longer the only option. There are different biodegradable substrates, from compressed paper to corn to wheat. Some sources like these biodegradable options because, since they are biodegradable, they can be composted. However, there are real concerns I have with this.

    Cat feces can carry things a lot scarier than bacteria like E. coli. Cats that are infected by the protozoal parasite Toxoplasma gondii readily shed this parasite in their stool. Once shed into the environment, it can easily infect other animals and people as well. Some sources say that composting biodegradable cat litter for use in flower gardens only, never vegetable, is fine, it’s not recommended to be so cavalier about something that could be a potential pathogen.

    Best Unscented Cat Litter For Odor Control

    Wood pellet kitty litter system

    We prefer litter to be unscented after all, isnt that the point? No one honestly wants to detect any smells coming from the litter box. ExquisiCat offers totally unscented paper pellets that promise 10 full days without any odors.


    • Made from paper, this formula eschews the dust from clay and claims its three times more absorbent plus, its tough to track
    • Three ingredients make this litter a straightforward pick, recycled paper, baking soda, and zeolite a hydrated aluminosilicate that is great for absorption
    • Made from paper, it couldnt be lighter to handle

    Things to Consider

    • Some reviewers claim the larger pellets make it hard for some kitties to move around in the box

    Buyer Review: Ive tried so many litters over the years and each one had its issues. I really wanted to find a dust-free, natural litter for my and my cats health. I love this litter! Cant believe I can stop searching. I dont notice dust. The very few pellets that get outside the box are easy to see and sweep up. No scooping. Once a day I stir. If any poops, I just toss in a baggy so no smell. Went cold turkey and completely switched and kitties adjusted. Once a week I slip the box into a trash bag to dump all litter. Its not heavy. Then add all new. I actually spend less time now and its easier. I just bought my second bag.

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    Does Home Depot Carry Cat Litter

    Cat LitterCatHome Depot

    Considering this, does Home Depot have cat litter boxes?

    1 – Litter Boxes& Houses – Cat Litter& Accessories – The Home Depot.

    Subsequently, question is, how much does a bag of cat litter cost? Cost of Clumping Cat LitterA 40 lb box or bag of clumping cat litter has an average cost of $17.05. The recommended level of cat litter to pour into a cat litter is 3 inches. The standard size of a cat litter box is usually around 18 x 24.

    Also to know is, does Home Depot carry pet supplies?

    Pet Grooming SuppliesPet Supplies& Wildlife – The Home Depot.

    Do they sell cat food at Home Depot?

    Cat Food Bowls – Cat Feeding Supplies – The Home Depot.

    Does Costco Sell Wild Bird Seed


    Hereof, does Home Depot sell wild bird seed?

    Wagner’s 40 lb. Four Season Wild Bird Food-25016 – The Home Depot.

    Also Know, does Walmart sell bird seed? Pennington Classic Wild Bird Feed and Seed, 40 lbs – –

    Beside above, does Costco Canada sell bird seed?

    Canadian Home Wild Bird Seed ~ 15 kg – Costco, algary Grocery Delivery | INABUGGY.

    Does Lowes sell bird seed?

    Garden Treasures 40-lb Bird Seed at

    Here is the best bird seed you can buy:

    • Best wild bird seed overall: Valley Splendor Black Oil Sunflower.
    • Best wild bird seed mix: Wagner’s Greatest Variety Mix.
    • Best no-mess wild bird seed: Lyric Sunflower Kernels.
    • Best bird seed to attract finches: Wagner’s Nyjer Seed.

    What to Feed Wild Birds

    • Sunflower seeds. Many small birds prefer black oilseed, especially in northern latitudes.
    • Millet. Most small-beaked ground-feeding birds love white and red millet.
    • Cracked corn.

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    Does Pergo Ever Go On Sale At Lowes


    Besides, is Pergo flooring good?

    Pergo says that their laminate is water resistant, giving you a 30 minute window to clean up spills. If wood floors aren’t your thing, Pergo offers laminate flooring in stone and ceramic styles as well. Essentially, Pergo offers everything except for the kitchen sink they’re a flooring company, after all.

    Furthermore, what is the best laminate flooring? Top 5 Best Brands of Laminate Flooring

    The inventors of laminate flooring Expensive
    Not great board quality

    Keeping this in consideration, is there a difference between Pergo and laminate flooring?

    Laminate flooring is type of product where layers of materials, including photos of the material are stacked and compressed together to give the look of natural finish, like wood. Pergo is a manufacturers product name – one type of laminate flooring that can be purchased.

    Does Lowes carry Shaw laminate flooring?

    Shaw Wood Look Laminate Flooring at

    What Is Cat Litter

    Cat Litter Box History: From Sandbox to Self

    Pet owners love their indoor cats. But no one loves when they urinate or poop in the house. Kaye Draper didnt love it either. Back in early 1947, she ran out of what was commonly used back then: sand. So she asked her neighbor, Edward Lowe if she might borrow some.

    Not having any on hand, Lowe gave her fullers earth to use instead. Its a clay material thats highly absorbent. Draper was ecstatic with how well it worked. By the end of that year, the enterprising Lowe had created the modern equivalent of cat litter a completely new market based on what would become a multimillion-dollar product that he sold in 5-pound bags.

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    How Does Clay Litter Affect Our Planet

    “Remember the profound idea Mr. Lowe had to use clay as cat litter? We bet he never thought that the mining of the clay would lead to the ravaging of our natural environment.”

    Strip Mining for Litter

    The clay used to produce cat litter is gathered from the process known as strip mining. This is as ugly as you may imagine. Bulldozers clear all the plants and topsoil to be able to reach the clay beneath the surface. Then the mining shifts into high gear. Load upon load of clay is trucked away, leaving massive cleared areas where nothing can grow and wildlife cannot thrive. This process can also push minerals into water sources making the water undrinkable for wild animals and uninhabitable for fish.

    Filling Our Land Fills

    Once the minerals are stripped from the Earth for cat litter, they cannot be replaced. These stripped areas are ugly, but the tons of cat litter sent to the landfill daily is even uglier. This litter usually sits trapped in plastic bags that do not biodegrade and neither does the litter itself. As trucks of clay is hauled out of pristine land, trucks of used litter is hauled to the dump where it adds to the mountains of waste that are unsightly and unpleasant.

    Considerations For Litter Types

    There are a few features shoppers should consider before making that purchase. Do you have multiple cats? Is your home on ground level or a lower level, since boxes need more height for some types of litter?

    Do you want clumping or not, lightweight, natural options, fragrance-free options, clay litters, or solid general-purpose litters.

    Does the type of cat litter matter? Yes, the type of cat litter you use in the litter box matters because it can affect other aspects of cat parenting which include odors, cat preferences and comfort, and cat health.

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    Best Cat Litter For Odor: Our Top Picks

    We chose the following odor-control cat litters based on a comprehensive analysis of customer reviews, availability, price, and personal experience as the head of a two-cat household with very high standards when it comes to maintaining a stink-free home! Heres what made the list.

    Hard-working, budget-friendly, and widely available at nearly every grocery store, Tidy Cats is not only the #1 best-selling cat litter brand, its also the very first. Launched in 1954 by Ed Lowe, the inventor of cat litter, Tidy Cats has been at the forefront of cat litter trends ever since. And its Free & Clean formula is no exception. This unscented clumping clay cat litter uses odor-absorbing activated charcoal to banish bad smells instead of just covering them up. We didnt detect any suspicious scents from our two cats. Plus, its dye-free, fragrance-free, and low-dust, which makes it a well-rounded best overall in our book.


    Things to Consider

    • As is the case with clay litters, some tracking can be expected

    Types Of Cat Litter: Pros & Cons

    Edward Lowe 99% Dust Free Kitty Litter Commercial

    In multiple surveys, cats voted with their paws to tell humans what they want in a cat litter. The finer the substrate, the better cats like it. Sand-like consistency allows for paw-digging ease. Lightweight choices, though, may mean more tracking or flinging the litter out of the box when the cat covers up her waste.

    Humans hate the scent of waste, but cats hate the smell of strong perfumes. Remember that kitty noses are much more sensitive than ours. When choosing types of cat litter, look for odor control without perfume-like added scent. Activated charcoal, baking soda, and proprietary odor neutralizers prove helpful.

    Disposing of cat waste properly can be a challenge. While the eco-friendly natural options may promote flush-ability, check with your local septic and sewer authorities. Some locales, like California, have concerns about cat waste entering the groundwater and impacting local wildlife.

    Somelitters add natural cat attracting herbal or other ingredients. These can be helpful for retraining kitties with hit-or-miss litter habits or health issues that lose litter box allegiance.

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    Types Of Cat Litter: How To Pick The Best One For You And Your Cat

    February 9, 2022// by Amy Shojai, CABC//

    Today there are many types of cat litter, with over 58-million results when you type that phrase into search engines. The different cat litter types offer a variety of benefits depending on your preferencesand more importantly, what your cat likes.

    Way back in 1947, most cats did their business outside. The rare indoor cat made do with pans of sawdust, sand, or ashes. When winter froze up the sandpile, Edward Lowe of Cassopolis, Michigan packaged up some Fullers earth that his hardware store sold to mop up oil spills. Cat owners loved the absorbent clay he named Kitty Litter.

    That first commercial product birthed a billion-dollar industry. Cat lovers have hundreds of products and dozens of types of cat litter from which to choose. So, whats your pick of the litter? Heres what you need to know to pick the best cat litter for your cat.

    All Pet Voices may receive commissions from affiliate links included in this article.


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