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Good Wet Cat Food For Kittens

Wet Cat Food Has Lower Plant Content Than Dry Food

Best Wet Cat Food Brands: What I Feed My Cats and How I Organize Them

Most dry cat food manufacturers use high-carbohydrate ingredients like corn, wheat, potatoes, or tapioca. These starchy ingredients are binders and help the kibble to maintain its shape.

Wet food manufacturing works differently. You can make wet food with nothing but meat, water, and supplements. Therefore, wet foods are usually relatively simple and species-appropriate.

Consider Quality And Quantity

Many wet foods for kittens come in packs that offer a discount for buying the product in bulk. Additionally, certain stores have rewards programs for regular shoppers. Buying in bulk may not offer as much variety however, it could potentially save you money over time. If your kitten is eating wet food continuously, you may favor the option to buy a few weeks worth of food at once.

The benefit to buying individual cans of wet kitten food is the mix-and-match potential. Having more variety may appeal to your kitten and will give you the flexibility to try out different brands if necessary, to discover what your kitten likes best.

Disadvantages Of Wet Food For Cats

The biggest disadvantage to feeding wet food to your cat is that it is messy and requires more clean up compared to the best dry cat food. Wet food also should not be left out for long periods of time as it will quickly spoil and begin to grow bacteria, which is unhealthy and unappetizing for your cat. After opening a can of wet food, it should not sit out for more than 20 minutes before being refrigerated.

Because wet food is lower in calories than dry food, youll also need to feed more of it to make up your cats daily calorie intake. This can quickly become more expensive than feeding dry food, which is why many pet owners choose to feed some dry in addition to wet food.

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Best Wet Cat Food : Reviews And Cat Food Guide

The best wet cat food is made with your cats diet and nutrition needs in mind. It needs to be the best canned cat food for a carnivore. That means it will be rich in fresh animal-sourced protein and free from plant-based fillers. It will be manufactured by people with a reputation for making safe, trustworthy products. And of course, you’ll want it to be absolutely delicious for your kitty.

In this buying guide, youll learn which ingredients to look for and which to avoid. Youll find out why the first ingredient rule is wrong and how to evaluate cat food ingredient lists instead. Well talk about meat byproducts, recall history, sourcing, and other controversial topics.

At the end of this article you’ll know how to pick the healthiest wet cat food.

How do we know what’s the best wet food for cats?

Because we’ve done the research and testing for you!

We’ve tested more than 100 types of wet cat food in the last year. We’ve also talked to cat food experts as well as our resident vet to gather all the research on what makes the best wet cat food. We’ve combined that data and the canned cat foods we pick below are trusted by us and proven to be some of the best you can choose.

Best Wet Cat Food Formulas Of 2022

FELIX AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS OCEAN FEASTS Fish Selection in Jelly Wet Cat ...

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, Great Pet Care may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

When you bring a new cat home, one of the first decisions you have to make as a new pet parent is what type of cat food to feed your feline. And while there are hundreds of foods and cat food brands on the market, most cat owners will choose between two types of formulationswet cat food and dry cat food.

While there are benefits and drawbacks to both, wet cat food can offer a variety of benefits to our feline friends. In general, wet food tends to be higher in fat and protein and lower in carbohydrates compared to dry food, says Dr. Ericka Carroll, a San Francisco-based veterinarian who works for Hello Ralphie, a telehealth platform. Wet food also has significantly high moisture content compared to dry food.

Finding the best wet cat food for your four-legged companion will come down to your cats individual needs and preferences. But this guide will provide information about what to look for and consider when shopping for wet cat food and which brands and formulas you should consider for optimum nutrition.

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Foods/ingredients You Should Never Give Your Kitty

It is of course important that you know what your kitten needs in order to have a healthy kitten.

BUT, it is also important that you know what to avoid. There are a lot of ingredients and additives hiding in many mass produced pet food, even in the organic and healthy brands that are simply no good. Ingredients to look out for include:

  • Dyes
  • Dairy products
  • Fat trimmings from your raw meat or raw fish, eggs
  • Grapes
  • Garlic and/or onions

For a complete list of potentially harmful substances and an explanation of why they are harmful, check this article from VetsNow.

Feeding Both Canned And Dry Cat Food

To balance the benefits and drawbacks of both options, you may choose to feed a combination of both. This may be particularly useful with cats who require a higher water intake but enjoy eating dry better than canned.

If you are looking to mix wet cat food and dry cat food, talk with your veterinarian to find the best balance. Your veterinarian can help you calculate how much your cat should be eating and how to portion out the two food options.

Every cat is different, and the amount you feed a day will depend on the age of your cat, your cats current body condition, and the presence of any underlying diseases.

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How To Chose The Right Food For Your Kitten

While there are many good products out there, you should make sure and do some research, to ensure the best feeding experience for your cat. While choosing the best canned cat food for purchase, you should consider the following:

Read The Labels- Reading the label of wet cat food is key. That way you will have better knowledge of the best food to buy for your cat, and will be aware of the main ingredients of the product you purchase. As the most abundant ingredients of your purchased product are stated first on the list of ingredients, you should expect them to read contents such as salmon meal or deboned chicken.

Cost and Budget If you can afford to buy premium cat food, you should do it when youre certain you are getting the best product possible . However, if premium cat food is an issue due to budget constraints, you should ensure that you purchase a little amount at first, to make sure it suits your cat, and only then buy in bulk. Better food may be more expensive, but it will save you a ton of money on your veterinarian bill, due to poor nutrition.

Additional Resources:

How Wet Kitten Food Delivers Nutrition And Hydration

Wet Cat Food Reviews

Wet foods for kittens usually contain real meat, other healthy ingredients, and water content to help keep your cat hydrated. The water content is especially helpful because many cats instinctually avoid stagnant water, which can be a source of diseases and bacteria outdoors. This makes wet foods helpful for cat owners who struggle to keep their kittens hydrated.

Wet cat food also tends to be easier to chew and digest, making it ideal for kittens with sensitive stomachs or other issues. When you feed your cat healthy, nutritious, wet food, you support their dietary needs, digestion, and the health of their coat, heart, eyes, and more.

You can get healthy wet cat food in various types and flavors, so even if you have a picky kitten, youre sure to find juicy, delicious options your cat will love while getting the protein, water, and other nutrients they need to stay healthy.

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Best Kitten Food For Healthy Baby Cats

Theres nothing better than inviting a sweet kitten into your home and heart. Their infinite energy, crazy zoomies, and adorable snuggles are unbeatable.

You might be wondering what type of food is best for the unique nutritional needs of kittens.

Your sweet baby is completely dependent on their mother for the first few weeks of their life. As soon as those little teeth come in though, your kitten will be antsy to start using them.

Your kitten needs a diet thats full of the right ingredients to provide them with the energy and nutrients they need for healthy growth.

Your run-of-the-mill department store brand cat food wont fit the bill here.

Weve taken a thorough look at some of the top wet and dry kitten foods on the market today.

With veterinary input, here are our top choices for the best kitten foods to keep your kitty healthy and growing strong.

Our review process is unbiased and based on extensive research. If you buy through the links on our site, we may earn a commission.

Kitten Food Vs Cat Food

Kittens have unique dietary needs that are kept in mind when companies develop their kitten food formulas. They need more of the key nutrients than fully grown cats. For example, they need almost twice as much Vitamin A in their diet as adult cats. They will also need more protein and the amino acids Lysine and Tryptophan.

There are some foods designed for all-stages of life, but kitten foods are more likely to provide your feline friend with the proper things to make sure they grow up healthy and happy.

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The Top Iams Wet Cat Foods: Reviewed And Ranked

  • Cat Pet Guide
  • The Top Iams Wet Cat Foods: Reviewed and Ranked
  • This post may contain affiliate links to our partners like Chewy, Amazon, and others. Purchasing through these helps us further the A-Z Animals mission to educate about the world’s species..

    Iams reliably costs less than most other options on the market. Therefore, they are a perfect option for those on a strict budget. While these foods are often cheaper for a reason, they still provide complete nutrition, ensuring that your cat stays healthy.

    This company creates a wide range of pet food, including wet cat food. Many cats benefit specifically from wet cat food because it provides extra moisture. Cats often have a hard time consuming enough water by themselves, so having food that also provides moisture can be essential for some cats.

    However, not all Iams wet cat food contains the same ingredients or nutrition. Some of their recipes may be best for certain cats. Below, well review some of their top wet cat foods so that you can choose the best option for your feline.

    Can You Ace This Quiz?

    Will you be the 24th?
    • Chicken is the first ingredient
    • Also includes poultry liver and chicken broth
    • Grain-free
    • Includes added vitamin E and antioxidants for immune system and eye health
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Chicken is the main ingredient, however, this recipe includes lots of tuna
    • Tuna provides extra omega fatty acids that support skin and coat health
    • Grain-free recipe

    Should You Feed A Dry Or Wet Kitten Food

    FELIX AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS Kitten Mixed Selection in Jelly Wet Cat Food ...

    Cat experts and veterinary sources generally say that very young kittens need to have at least some canned food as part of their diet. Young kittens have tiny teeth and they cant chew hard, dry food very well. Without some canned food in their diet they wont get enough calories and nutrition to grow the way they should.

    Cat experts today recommend that cats and kittens should eat a good canned food for several reasons:

    • Canned foods have more meat protein, which cats need.
    • Canned foods have more moisture, which is also important for cats because they are prone to developing urinary tract problems if they dont get enough moisture in their diet.
    • Canned foods have fewer carbohydrates. Foods high in carbohydrates have been associated with weight gain and diabetes in cats in recent years.

    The primary reason most people feed a dry cat or kitten food is for convenience. Dry foods can be nutritious but they are still not recommended as highly for cats and kittens as canned/wet foods. So, if possible, we recommend feeding your kitten primarily a wet food.

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    Home Remedies And Treatment Options For Constipation

    When it comes to treating constipation in cats, there are two different ways you can go. One option is to try at-home cat constipation remedies, and the other is veterinary intervention methods.

    If your cat is severely constipated or if it is a chronic issue, your veterinarian might recommend one of several intervention methods. Medication is sometimes prescribed to improve the function of the large intestine, boosting its ability to move food through the digestive tract. Another option is manual evacuation of the bowels to remove an obstruction. When the obstruction is severe or life-threatening, this might become a surgical problem.

    In cases where your cats condition is still stable, or in cases where youre trying to prevent constipation from recurring, at-home cat constipation remedies are a good option.

    Here are some of the best home remedies for cat constipation:

    The remedies above are largely designed to increase the bulk of your cats stool so it can move through his digestive tract more smoothly. Once youve resolved your cats constipation, you may want to think about ways to prevent it in the future. Keep reading to learn more about what to look for in the best cat food for constipation.

    Does Wet Food Cause Dental Disease

    A common misconception is that dry food is better for a cats teeth than wet food. We now know that this is not the case! Unless you are feeding a prescription veterinary dental diet, the type of food you provide for your cat has little to no impact on his or her teeth. The propensity to develop dental disease is influenced far more by factors such as genetics, conformation, and your home dental care routine. The best way to prevent dental disease for your cat is by brushing his or her teeth daily. This practice removes food particles and prevents plaque buildup. If you are unable to brush your cats teeth daily, doing so at least a few times a week is still beneficial.

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    Best Wet Cat Food For Picky Eaters Runner Up: Almo Nature Hqs

    Human grade animal protein for a fresh taste

    4 flavors to reduce boredom

    Chunky real meat pieces for a great smell


    Lets take a look at Almo Nature HQS Variety Pack.

    Theres a lot to like about this offering. I like that this food uses limited ingredients of human-grade animal foods including seafood and chicken. This is a fresh smelling and authentic-looking product that looks like something you might get in your tuna can.

    Unfortunately, despite the variety of flavors, the brand has a lot of seafood flavors. If your cat hates fish, tuna, and seafood then theres not much on offer for you here. Also, the fat profile is low in most of the flavors which may not give your cat enough calories by itself. This food would work well as an occasional protein source.


    Atlantic Tuna: Tuna, Watersufficient for cooking.

    Mackerel:Mackerel, Water sufficient for cooking.

    Chicken & Shrimp:Chicken, Shrimp, Water sufficient for cooking.

    Trout & Tuna:Trout, Tuna, Water sufficient for cooking.

    Caloric Content: Atlantic Tuna: 674 kcals/kg, 47.2 kcals/can Mackarel 560 kcals/kg, 39.2 kcals/can Chicken & Shrimp 620 kcals/kg, 43.4 kcals/can Tuna & Trout 710 kcals/kg, 49.7 kcals/can

    Is All Meat Created Equal

    Top 11 Best Wet Cat Foods (We Tested Them All)

    No. While its important to choose a food thats packed with meat, some meat is definitely better than others.

    You want a food thats full of high-quality cuts of meat. Look for ingredients that plainly state what the meat is: chicken, tuna, turkey, etc. This means theyre using some of the best parts of the animal, which in turn, means that your pet is getting all the nutrition they deserve.

    Organ meats are also important, as they have essential amino acids that lean cuts dont. If a food has liver or other internal organs inside it, thats a good sign.

    Some foods use meals, which are ground-up mashes of several internal organs and bones. This sounds disgusting, but its full of things that your cat needs. Just make sure they specify which animal the meal came from.

    What you dont want to see is animal by-products. This means theyre using the cheapest meat that they can find, and it often comes from sick animals or discarded carcasses. Its not meat that youd ever want to serve your cat, so dont buy them a food thats full of it.

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    Hills Science Diet Kitten Healthy Cuisine

    A premium choice for all kittens is the Hills Science Diet Kitten Healthy Cuisine. This product provides your young kitty with a high-quality protein diet to build strong muscles. It includes antioxidants and vitamins to support your kittens immune system. And at the same time, a well-balanced set of minerals promote kidney and heart health.

    Getting a new kitty? Check out my guide to How to Look after a Kitten, 6 Best Kitten Wet FoodOptions and 8 Best Kitten Dry Food Options

    With 71 calories in a 2.8 oz can, your kitty will find this delectable cuisine, made with natural ingredients, absolutely scrumptious.

    This Hills product presents a delicious flavor of roasted chicken and rice medley in a mouthwatering sauce perfect for your little kitty. Whats even better is that its free of artificial flavors and preservatives.


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